[Updated: Motorola and AT&T Devices Work On Sprint] PSA: CDMA Carriers Probably Won’t Activate Your Nexus 6 Unless It Was Purchased From Google Play Or That Carrier (And What You Can Do About It)

Nexus 6

Update: Motorola has announced that all Nexus 6 devices should be able to be activated on Sprint now. People are reporting successful activation of Motorola-purchased devices, and I was personally able to activate my AT&T Nexus 6 on Sprint by simply calling Sprint, giving them the MEID (IMEI minus the last digit) and the SIM card number I wanted to use. The device shows up under my account as a Nexus 6 and appears to be working beautifully.

[Updated: Motorola and AT&T Devices Work On Sprint] PSA: CDMA Carriers Probably Won’t Activate Your Nexus 6 Unless It Was Purchased From Google Play Or That Carrier (And What You Can Do About It) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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United Airlines providing entertainment content to your Android device during flights


The flying experience is far from smooth for anyone, but United Airlines has a plan to make things a bit more enjoyable. The airline has launched an entertainment service for flyers’ personal devices. The United Airlines app received an update yesterday that brings hundreds of television shows and movies to Android phones and tablets. The service works with almost two hundred aircraft and United Airlines will add hundreds more next year. By the end of 2015, on-demand entertainment content should be available in “most” aircraft.

Hit the break for download links.

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Play Store Download Link

United Airlines Enables Personal Device Entertainment for Android Users

CHICAGO, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – United Airlines customers using Android devices can now use the latest version of the United app to access the airline’s complimentary personal device entertainment service, which enables passengers to view hundreds of movies and television shows in flight on their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices and laptops.

United launched a beta version of its personal device entertainment system earlier this year for laptop computers and Apple devices.

Content, stored on on-board servers, is available on nearly 200 United aircraft, including the carrier’s entire Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Boeing 747 fleets and its Boeing 777 aircraft that operate primarily between the continental United States and Hawaii.

In the coming year, United will further expand personal device entertainment availability to hundreds of additional aircraft, including two-cabin regional jets and domestic and international aircraft that do not currently offer customers an on-demand entertainment option. By late 2015, most United and United Express aircraft will offer customers personal device entertainment, personal on-demand entertainment via seatback monitors, or live television.

“Travelers increasingly want to watch entertainment on their own devices, as shown by the measurable improvement in satisfaction among travelers who fly on aircraft with personal device programming,” said Tom O’Toole, United’s senior vice president of marketing and loyalty and president of MileagePlus. “By expanding our personal device entertainment to Android users, we now offer many more customers the ability to enjoy their favorite movies and television shows on their own devices while onboard.”

Travelers may confirm whether a flight offers personal device entertainment, along with Wi-Fi and in-seat power, by checking Inflight Amenities under Flight Status and Information on United.com. On the United app, travelers find that information in Amenities under Flight Status.

To watch United’s personal device entertainment, travelers should download the latest United app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store before boarding.

About United

United Airlines and United Express operate an average of 5,100 flights a day to 374 airports across six continents. In 2013, United and United Express operated nearly two million flights carrying 139 million customers. With U.S. mainland hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., United operates more than 700 mainline aircraft. This year, the airline is taking delivery of 35 new Boeing aircraft, including the 787-9 as the North American launch customer, and is welcoming 32 new Embraer 175 aircraft to United Express. The airline is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides service to 192 countries via 27 member airlines. More than 85,000 United employees reside in every U.S. state and in countries around the world. For more information, visit united.com, follow @United on Twitter or connect on Facebook. The common stock of United’s parent, United Continental Holdings, Inc., is traded on the NYSE under the symbol UAL.

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[Deal] Grab the LG G Watch R for $210 from T-Mobile with promo code


If you’re in the market for the LG G Watch R, we have a tremendous deal for you. T-Mobile has it for the normal price of $299.99, but if you use promo code ACCOFFER18 at checkout, you will get 30% off, bringing the total to $209.99. You will also get Free shipping. I tried the code myself so I know it works at the time of this post.

Unfortunately this code doesn’t work for the Moto 360, but my favorite of the two watches is the G Watch R due to better battery life and the “Always On” display.

We’re not sure how long this deal will last, so don’t fall asleep at the wheel on this one.

Click here to order

source: Reddit

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HTC Desire Eye Review: Welcome to the (selfie) machine

Marketed as the “phone made for selfies”, the HTC Desire Eye forges a new path for HTC. It’s not all metal, and definitely not a flagship device. After leaning on the One series for two years, HTC is now looking to the mid-range segment, dominated by younger buyers stateside. Is the Desire Eye a new phone that can compete with the likes of a Moto G? Better yet, can it keep pace with an iPhone 5S, or 5C? The short answer: almost.


The Desire Eye isn’t an HTC phone like you’ve come to expect one to be. It’s not metal, and the design philosophy found on HTC’s flagship One (M8) is missing. The Desire Eye is a pill, more closely resembling an iPhone 6 than an HTC One.

It’s also plastic. Very plastic. The entire phone, save for the screen and camera/flash assemblies, is plastic. It’s not the sheen stuff you’ll find on a One (E8), though. It’s a matte finish, with a colorful accent around the edge. It looks youthful and bright.


You do get front-facing speakers, though they’re housed in this odd gap around the screen where it doesn’t quite meet the plastic shell. The sound isn’t branded as “Boomsound”, either, which should tell you it’s lacking. It is. The gap looks more like a manufacturing fault than a speaker grille.

The plastic might be matte, but it’s not “cheap” as I’d define it. The colored band around the edge is a different plastic-y material, and has a very slightly tacky grip. If anything here is “cheap”, it’s the screen not meeting the plastic bezel on the top and bottom flush.


The “Desire Eye” name doesn’t hide what HTC’s goal is here, and that’s pics. Lots of pics. The front and rear camera are identical 13MP shooters, so you’re not going to struggle with the decision to take a blind-side selfie or suffer the poor quality of a front-facing cam.

That does mean you’ll have a massive camera staring at you all the time, though, so keep that in mind. If you like your device fronts to be clean and uninterrupted, the Desire Eye won’t please you.


For the spec-hungry, here’s the full list of what you’ll find with the Desire Eye. It’s basically a re-packaged HTC One:

Display: 5.2-inch, 1080 x 1920, 424 ppi
Processor: Snapdragon 80, quad-core, 2.3GHz
GPU: Adreno 330
Memory: 16 GB, expandable via micro SD (up to 128GB)
Camera: 13 MP, 4208 x 3120, autofocus, dual-flash (front and back)
OS: Android 4.4.2


There isn’t much more we can say about HTC’s software. They’ve properly democratized their services into apps, and their Android overlay, dubbed “Sense”, makes sense. Blinkfeed, which is a social hub of sorts, is still pretty awesome, even for a purist like me.

HTC has made just enough tweaks to Android to make it their own, but still keep it very “Android”. Sense is one of the only Android skins I see both newbies and seasoned vets falling for, and that says a lot.



You want ‘em, we’ll give ‘em to ya. I always run benchmarks, and present them without comment. They speak for themselves.



This is what you’re all here to see, right? Front or rear, you can’t really miss with the Desire Eye’s cameras. I’ve taken selfies, and even used the front-facing cam to take some traditionally “rear-facing camera” pics in an attempt to “spoof” it, if you will.

I tried to find a vulnerability, hoping the marketing chatter of the cameras being identical was all talk. It’s not. The front-facing camera is pretty special. It’s not perfect by any means, but it will definitely get the job done.

Below is a gallery of both front and rear pics, front-facing pics tagged accordingly. I left my face out of the mix to give a better idea of what the selfie cam was capable of. The Desire Eye takes really good selfies, but the point here was to make a point about how good the camera is without duck-lips and sorority girl group poses.

Front camera
Rear camera
Front camera
Rear camera
Front camera
Rear camera
Rear camera
Rear camera
Rear camera
Rear camera
Rear camera
Rear camera


The Desire Eye is a solid phone, through and through. It’s not perfect, though.

The volume and power buttons on the right side are very slightly raised, and are made of the same plastic-ish material as the band. I’d be fine with their having a bit more pronouncement, and even taking on a more rubber-y feel. The opposite side of the phone houses your SIM and microSD card tray, and are a pain to get into.


HTC claims the Desire Eye is waterproof, but the screen gap where the speakers are is still concerning. Unless they’ve gone with Liquipel to coat every component involved coated, I won’t be taking this for a swim.

The screen isn’t quite as good as I’d hoped for, and seems muted; almost like a sheen is over it all the time. It just doesn’t “pop”, and that’s a shame. When you have two really great cameras, it’s a let-down to not have pics accurately displayed on-screen.



The Desire Eye is meant for people who want to take great pics, and that crowd will like it quite a bit. If you find yourself snapping pics all day, every day, the Desire Eye is for you.

I really do enjoy the design aesthetics, too. The rear is delightfully toned-down, sparse save for the typical branding and camera/flash duo and tiny microphone hole. The red band (on my tester, at least) around the edge is pretty neat, too.


I don’t mind plastic one bit, either. Though metal phones are the rage, the Desire Eye wisely takes most of the flagship guts and slaps them into a plastic shell, giving you a really good phone and a positive bank account balance.

The screen is the only real loser here. The muted color tones disappoint, and that gap still looks more like a manufacturing flaw than speakers. Desire Eye’s screen just isn’t my favorite, but blacks are true to form and yellows look yellow. It’s not terrible, it’s just not great. The pixel density is fine, but the odd opaque overtone just puts me off.


The camera duo are really nice, though. You’ll find a better rear-facing camera elsewhere, but you won’t find a better duo of cameras anywhere. If you’ve ever gone to snap a selfie or groupie and thought “man, this picture is going to SUCK because of this stupid camera”, the Desire Eye is worth your consideration in a big way. The Desire Eye is also spec-heavy, which is a huge plus.

The Desire Eye is a really good phone, and could put HTC on the “upper-tier-but-still-mid-range” map. I hope it does, too. Of all the mid-range devices around, the Desire Eye is the one that will find a dedicated audience. Unless you’re going to buy an HTC One (M8) or LG G3, the Desire Eye is worth a hard look.


You can find the Desire Eye at AT&T, with subsidized plans starting at $149.99.

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Google Apps Update Roundup: YouTube, Play Music, Play Services and more updated with new goodies

Google Apps UpdateYes, I know the logo above isn’t technically for the same apps we’re talking about, but it seemed appropriate anyway. Another week is now over and as always, there was a big Google apps update on Wednesday (Thursday for some) with a few updates trickling in a day later. In case you missed any of them, we’ve got them all rounded up here for you to pick up.

The most notable updates during the week included Google Play Music, which added YouTube support for playing music videos, and Play Services, which added quite a few new services for developers to work with (more details at the Google Developers Blog here). There were a few minor updates to Google Slides, Google Keep, YouTube, and even an Androidfy app update. For those that you’re interested about, and for some reason you haven’t seen the update for yet, we’ve provided APK download links below:

Google Play Music 5.7.1781Q APK download

Google Play Services 6.5.85 (-034) APK download

Google Play Services 6.5.85 (-036) APK download

Google Play Services 6.5.85 (-038) APK download

Google Slides 1.0.952 APK download

Google Keep 3.0.03 APK download

YouTube 5.18.5 APK download

Androidify 2.1 APK download


Source: GappsEarly

The post Google Apps Update Roundup: YouTube, Play Music, Play Services and more updated with new goodies appeared first on AndroidSPIN.

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Samsung asks the US government to block NVIDIA’s chips

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards

The patent war between NVIDIA and Samsung isn’t going to wind down any time soon. Samsung has backed up its countering lawsuit against NVIDIA with a US International Trade Commission complaint asking the agency to block imports of NVIDIA’s GeForce graphics chips and Tegra mobile processors. While it’s not clear just which parts are under scrutiny, the dispute names a slew of third-party device makers who’d have to stop selling hardware in the US. Most of them are video card designers, such as Biostar and EVGA, but the action would also affect Tegra-based gadgets like OUYA’s mini console and the Wikipad gaming tablet.

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Via: Bloomberg, Reuters

Source: ITC

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Weekly poll results: Did Lollipop come to you, or did you go find it?

Earlier in the week we asked about you, your phone (or tablet) and Lollipop. Specifically, how you got the two together if you could. Every year we see the same scramble to try and get the new version of the operating system on devices that have a build, and custom ROM makers always make things fun. This year is no different.

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Best Android apps and games of the week: The Banner Saga and more!

It’s been another week, and another batch of awesome Android apps and games are ready for the downloading. There’s a big dose of communication apps this week, and a healthy mix of action, strategy, and physics games to dig into.

Grab your closest Android device and dive into our top ten new apps in the Google Play Store. As always, sound off in the comments with your favorite recent Android apps and games.

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How to add a U2F Security Key to your Google Account

Your Google Account is important. “One login, all of Google” also means one login will not only get you into all of your services and data, it potentially could let someone else in, too. And that’s why, as we’ve told you over and over again, you need to use two-step authentication. That way, even if your password is cracked or — god forbid — stolen, any would-be trespassers have to obtain this secondary piece of verification in order to do anything. For most of us, that second step is provided by Google Authenticator, but Google has given us another method: U2F Security Keys.

Ready to unlock your key to the kingdom?

Let’s rap.

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[Deal Alert] Get The LG G Watch R For $210 From T-Mobile (That’s $90 Off)


The LG G Watch R, which David thinks is the best Android Wear has to offer for now, is an interesting device – it’s an Android Wear device that has a circular screen, one that’s actually a circle, escaping the “flat tire” design choice Motorola had to make for the Moto 360. But it also has a big funky angled bezel with numbers on it (like some real watches). Still, it’s a solid device for the burgeoning category, with a 1.3″ POLED display and 410mAh battery.

[Deal Alert] Get The LG G Watch R For $210 From T-Mobile (That’s $90 Off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Chromecast support comes to TED app for Android

TED app for AndroidTED talks have become one of the world’s most popular intellectual mediums and their library of video and audio clips spans some 1,700 items. While you can watch a lot of their videos on YouTube, the best place to find the latest and best library of TED talks is from the TED app for Android. Until now, the app has just been a standalone for you to enjoy on your mobile device, but the latest update which takes it up to version 2.3.1 adds Chromecast support, allowing you to get smarter and watch those talks while sitting on the couch.

For those interested, TED was started in 1984 by the Sapling Foundation as a conference in California which emphasized technology and design. Under the slogan of “Ideas Worth Spreading, TED has since grown into a much broader, intellectual platform, giving voice to plenty of presenters from all walks of life in countries all over the world. If you want to check out the updated app with Chromecast support, be sure to hit the download link below.

What’s your favourite TED talk? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: TalkAndroid

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Password managers on Android are not as secure as one would think


A password manager is expected to be secure, right? Just because it is expected does not mean that is necessarily the truth. There are password managers on Android that have a security flaw in which usernames and passwords can be picked up. It happens when the password manager uses the device’s clipboard to enter information. The security flaw was identified in early 2013 and a fix has yet to be issued.

The blame is not on individual password managers but rather Android itself. Other applications, such as proof of concept ClipCaster, can swoop in and snag usernames and passwords with ease. They do not require any permissions when installing, so it is not like there is anything to be weary of. An app like ClipCaster silently takes what was attached to the clipboard.

One password manager known to be affected is LastPass. There are others, but CEO Joe Siegrist has stepped forward to make it clear that this is a problem within Android: This is an OS-level issue that impacts everything running on Android. If you use the clipboard to copy any data, a malicious app could obtain it—like installing a clipboard monitoring software on Windows or a keylogger on Windows. You can compromise your security by installing bad software.” Siegrist follows by advising users of password managers to only install apps they trust.

Google does have measures in place to scan apps for authenticity, but that can only go so far. If you are feeling uneasy about how secure your device is, go ahead and install a mobile security app. One of the best out there is Lookout, but there are other options such as Avast or AVG.

Source: Ars Technica

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[Deal] Nexus Player with $20 Google Play credit


On the fence about purchasing a Nexus Player? Now there is a little incentive that may push you to seal the deal. Customers purchasing a Nexus Player through Google Play will include a $20 credit to the store. An email with the promotional code will be sent as a followup for ordering the Android TV device.

The deal runs through December 31, and the Google Play credit must be redeemed by January 31 of next year.

Source: Google [Play Store Link]

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Android One phones reportedly not welcome at many Indian retailers

A recent report claims that many brick-and-mortar retailers in India have refused to sell the three current Android One smartphones, because Google and its hardware partners decided back in September to give online sales a head start.

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HTC Desire 820: The Android Central casual review

HTC’s second ‘mid-range flagship’ this year is a solid improvement in almost every area

The past year has seen the HTC Desire range — the Taiwanese manufacturer’s line of mid-range handsets — expanded to cover everything from the super-cheap Desire 510 to the selfie-centric Desire EYE. And with it, HTC has introduced a new, unashamedly plastic design language, while keeping software performance and features mostly in line with the flagship HTC One.

Earlier this year we checked out the Desire 816, finding it to be a solid mid-range flagship with just a couple of minor flaws. For late 2014, the 816 has been succeeded by Desire 820, a revamped incarnation of this compelling mid-ranger boasting upgraded internals and a sharp new design. On the outside, the new two-tone chassis introduces bolder colors into the mix. And on the inside there’s a faster 64-bit capable CPU, along with upped storage and RAM, and a significantly upgraded camera setup.

We’ll dive deeper after the break, in a casual review of the HTC Desire 820.

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Plan And Organize Every Inch Of Your House With Home Design 3D


When it comes to interior design, there are three categories of people: those who will get any item and place it anywhere, those will do their best to make things look good without going to extremes, and those who will agonize over every angle, size, color, and texture. If you fall somewhere between the second and third category, you’ll be happy to know that iOS-famous Home Design 3D is now available on Android.

Plan And Organize Every Inch Of Your House With Home Design 3D was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Showtime Anytime Adds Chromecast Support


Showtime Anytime, the cable network’s Android app, has just received an update that adds Chromecast support. Essentially, the only change you will see in the app is that cast button, which lets you send your current screen and video streams to the television. By definition, TV series belong on the TV, don’t they? So now you can enjoy Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan’s riveting performances in Masters Of Sex on the biggest screen in the house.

Showtime Anytime Adds Chromecast Support was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Android Wallpaper: Winter Wonderland

snow wallpaper

See past editions of Android Wallpaper

I don’t want to believe we’re already 3 weeks into November, but Mother Nature is making a compelling argument. The snow has already started piling up in many places. Winter is here, weather we like it or not. A lot of nasty stuff comes with winter: icy roads, delayed flights, cold toes, and sore throats. But winter is not all bad.

Winter can be one of the most beautiful times of the year…if you’re warm and don’t have anywhere to go. Enjoy the these 6 HD wintry wallpapers. To get one of these wallpapers on your phone, tablet, or even PC, simply tap or click on the image to see it at full resolution. Then long press or right-click to save the image. Let us know which one is your favorite, and be sure to share a screenshot if you use one of these wallpapers! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Push new Android Wallpaper to your Android device with our Pushbullet channel.

close snow

frozen creek

purple snow

tall trees


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Verizon Moto X (2nd Gen) Soak Test Incoming – Lollipop? VoLTE? Both?

Last year, Motorola pushed out a freshly announced Kit Kat update to the Verizon Moto X (1st gen) in under three weeks. As you can imagine, we are still impressed by this feat, considering they not only had to test and prep the software for the phone, but it also needed approval by Big Red in order to go live for all on their network. It’s one thing to push an update to a Nexus or the new Moto X “Pure Edition,” both of which do not have carrier ties and can be given new software as manufacturers see fit; it’s a completely different struggle when a carrier is involved.

Which brings us to this year’s Moto X (2nd gen) and its impending Lollipop updates. We have already seen Motorola push Android 5.0 to the “Pure Edition,” but what about all of the carrier variants? Our team has been discussing this subject a lot over the last few days, all the while wondering if Motorola and Verizon would try and repeat last year’s success. Tim was even ready to put money on the updates starting yesterday or this upcoming Monday. While no new software has begun pushing as I type this, he might be right. 

Yesterday afternoon, Motorola began inviting members of its Motorola Feedback Network who own the Verizon model of the Moto X (2nd gen) to test out a “early preview of a new software release.” The invite doesn’t mention Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” but the timing seems right knowing that its uncarrier brother has been running it.

With that said, keep in mind that the Verizon Moto X (2nd gen) is also still awaiting the arrival of Advanced Calling 1.0 from Verizon, which gives the device Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), simultaneous voice and data, and HD calling. Is that the update we are about to see instead? Or maybe Verizon and Motorola are combining VoLTE with Lollipop? I have no insight into this update, but my guess is that this update will bring both Android 5.0 and Voice-over-LTE. Otherwise, Motorola and Verizon would have to do this update song-and-dance one more time when they could just as easily do it all together.

Once the update starts and we hear from testers, we will be sure to pass along the news.

Ready, Moto X owners?

Cheers N, R, M, D, L, M, R, C, M, A, and everyone else!

Verizon Moto X (2nd Gen) Soak Test Incoming – Lollipop? VoLTE? Both? is a post from: Droid Life

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Doctor Who Legacy celebrates its first birthday with lots of plans for new content

Tiny Rebel Games, the developers behind Doctor Who Legacy for Android, are celebrating the game’s first anniversary by offering a look at what’s coming up next.

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Garfield Kart: Fast and Furry now available on Android

If you love to see the irascible feline Garfield battling it out on the race track while using different antics to distract his opponent, then you just had your Christmas wish granted a little bit earlier. Garfeld Kart: Fast and Furry is now available for Android devices, so you can enjoy racing around the track while at the same time, see characters from the comics strip that you’ve grown to love (or even hate).

The multi-player racing game lets you choose to be one of eight characters, including the titular cat, Odie, Nermal, Jon or Liz, each with their own karts and specific abilities and features like acceleration, maneuverability, maximum speed, etc. The game has sixteen circuits available, where you have to try to be the fastest driver while taking out your opponents by some mature tactics, like throwing pie in their faces. You can also upgrade and accessorize both the car and the pilot. Along the way, you also get to pick up bonuses to help you get past the other drivers, like a pie-throwing power or a lasagna booster to make you faster.

There are four different game modes, depending on what you’d like to play that day. Single Race Mode is for when you just want a quick painless game. The Grand Prix mode is when you want to finish racing through all the sixteen circuits. Time Trial mode is when you have to beat the referenced time as you race. Meanwhile, there is also the Challenge of the Day where, obviously, you have to try and finish the challenge set for that day. The game has around 80 goals that you need to complete, like getting the longest skid or throw certain number of pies to your opponents. Because it’s Garfield, we keep coming back to pies.

Garfield Kart: Fast and Furry is available for free download from the Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases available to make your gameplay easier but you can disable the feature as well if you don’t want to spend so easily on this game.


VIA: Gamasutra

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Verizon brings two new tablets: LG G Pad 7.0 LTE and 10.0 LTE

People are always looking towards to the holiday season not just to receive gifts from loved ones but to also buy new gadgets for themselves (or in younger people’s case, to ask their parents for new gadgets). Verizon has just announced two new products that will vie for your wallet’s attention: the LG G Pad 7.0 LTE and its slightly bigger cousin, the LG G Pad 10.0 LTE.

If you prefer to have a bigger version of your smartphone where you can read books and magazines easily, can also be used on one hand and will fit easily into any bag you bring, then go for theLG G Pad 7.0 LTE. It has an HD IPS display, runs on a 1.2GHz quad core processor and has a main camera with 5-megapixels and a front-facing camera with 1.3 megapixels. The LG G Pad 10.0 LTE has basically the same features, but of course with a bigger 10.1 HD IPS display, making it a great companion for watching videos, playing games, or just writing down stuff you need to do.

Both tablets also come with LG apps and features that make it different from other tablets in the market. The Q Pair app receives notifications on your tablet from your paired LG G3 or actually, any other Android smartphone running on 4.1 or higher. Meanwhile, if you forgot your paired phone at home, your tablet can still receive and send text messages from that number through your tablet when you use Verizon Messages. Both tablets also have a smart keyboard that learns your keystrokes and patterns and can be adjusted to your specifications (height, key arrangement).

The LG G Pad 7.0 LTE is already available on the Verizon store for $249.99, which you can also get for just $49.99 when you activate a new line for two years. The LG G Pad 10.0 LTE meanwhile can be had for $299.99 but you can also get it for as low as $199.99 with a new two-year plan. Verizon has also announced November 26 as Connection Day, where you can get special offers from other partners like Amazon, Boingo Wireless, Conde Nast, JetBlue and Pandora.

SOURCE: Verizon

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Get your Android Central skin case for Samsung Galaxy S4 today—only $2.95!

Made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU, this flexible case provides great protection for the Galaxy S4 from day to day use and accidental drops. The back of each case features Lloyd surrounded by a glossy, easy to grip exterior. Colors include black, clear, smoke and green.

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Samsung showcases S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4 with a little help from Reggie Watts

Samsung has already shown off the features of the Galaxy Note 4 in its “Do you Note?” commercials, and this time around the vendor has recruited Reggie Watts to bring some beatboxing into the mix to highlight the features offered by the S Pen. Samsung also rolled out three other commercials that show how the phablet holds up during everyday tasks.

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Weekend Game Getaway: Kingdom Rush Origins, Soulcalibur Sale

If you’re planning to lock yourself up indoors this weekend, probably to gather up energy for the upcoming holiday (and sale) madness, now might be your chance to catch up on some Android gaming. And you might just be in luck! Aside from the plethora of games we’ve brought to your attention the past days, there are two notable ones that might deserve your glance (and maybe your money) as well.

Kingdom Rush Origins brings back the popular tower defense game and, in its wake, it turns back the clock full throttle. Origins, as the name so obviously implies, takes you back to the time before all the rushing madness started. But worry not, as even back then you are already empowered with weapons of mass destruction. New old towers and troops make their way into your hands, including Elf Archers, Mystic Mages, Stone Druids, and more. Of course, you have new enemies to face as well, including new epic bosses.

Kingdom Rush Origins goes for $3.39 on Google Play Store and still offers in-app purchases to further relieve you of your holiday savings.


Soulcalibur, or SOULCALIBUR, isn’t exactly new, but that might very well be the appeal of the game. It is one of the more popular fighting game titles that have managed to amass a faithful following despite being pitted against giants like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. BANDAI NAMCO brought the first installment of the series to Android, though of course that is a mixed bag. Twitch-based fighting games just don’t really feel all that right on a touchscreen because of the lack of that button mashing feeling. But with the proper gamepad accessory and more recently support for the Nexus Player, that might be a moot point.

For a limited time until December 4, Soulcalibur will be available at 65 percent off, meaning it now only costs $4.43. After the promo period, it goes back to its rather high price tag of $13.99.


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Huawei relents, Ascend Mate2 will get Lollipop next year

Smartphone users who invested in Huawei‘s first big product in the US can now breath a sigh of relief. After receiving no small amount of flak from their users, the Chinese OEM has “reassessed” their update strategy and have now announced that the gigantic Ascend Mate2 will indeed be updated to Android 5.0 after all. The only minor catch is that the update won’t take place until sometime within the first half of 2015.

Huawei dropped a bombshell last month when it announced that the Ascend Mate2 will not be receiving the latest Android version. Now, it’s certainly not unheard of for OEM’s to drop support for some of their devices along the way, but this smartphone hardly deserves that treatment. For one, it was just launched early this year, touted even to be Huawei’s great entry into the US, so it is hardly an aging device. For another, the phone launched with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and never even got an Android 4.4 KitKat update yet.

We can only presume that Huawei thought it had very valid reasons to block the update. They should, at least, be commended for being upfront about it instead of leaving their users hanging. But whatever reasons they might have had, the backlash they got made them reconsider their position and fortunately give in to their users’ admittedly very reasonable demands. So it’s official, the Ascend Mate2 will jump straight from Jelly Bean to Android 5.0 Lollipop, skipping KitKat in the process, in the first half of next year, which could very well mean until late June. Hopefully it will come earlier.

That said, Huawei might want to put the past behind it quickly. The Ascend Mate2 isn’t exactly dated, it isn’t exactly high end either. Especially compared to the new Ascend Mate7, which skipped a few version numbers before it went public last September. That one is pretty much the manufacturer’s flagship and is probably where the company wants to focus its resources on.

SOURCE: Huawei

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OnePlus One Indian launch imminent, Amazon gets exclusive rights

Earlier this year, OnePlus chairman Carl Pei announced that the vendor was looking to launch the OnePlus One in India in December, with country-specific invites available to consumers interested in buying the device. A teaser posted on Amazon India today indicates that the retailer will have exclusive rights to sell the handset in the country. While Amazon did not mention the device by name, the teaser corresponds to the Sandstone Black version of the OnePlus One.

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Soak test invites going out for the 2014 Moto X on Verizon

Owners of the 2014 Moto X on Verizon are beginning to receive soak test invites. We’ve gotten tips from several Android Central readers users that the invites are starting to roll out, and although there is no mention of what the soak test is intended for, it is possible that a Lollipop update is imminent.

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Office Mobile update: support for Dropbox, OneDrive sharing

Mcrosoft has been very generous of late, giving mobile users of their Office Mobile suite of apps more features to enjoy as they navigate Word, Excel and Powerpoint on their smartphones and tablets. The latest update for the apps now brings easier sharing options for OneDrive, their cloud storage service, as well as support for Dropbox, probably the cloud service of choice for a lot of people right now.

When you save your Microsoft Office documents on your OneDrive, as they highly encourage you to do, it is now easier to share these files with the people involved or those you need to collaborate with, doing it all within the app. All you need to do is open a document within OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, click on the menu, choose share and then use the email as link option. It will then of course send a link to the saved file to whoever you want to share it with.


But since Microsoft knows very well that Dropbox has a huge share in the cloud storage market and that support for this is always a bonus point with users, they signed a partnership with them so that users of both the Office and Dropbox will find it more convenient to exchange files within the app. You can now choose Dropbox as a location for new files that you’re working on. You can also already browse your Dropbox files within the Office suite, as long as they’re Word, Excel and Powerpoint files of course. And just like with OneDrive, you can already share the links from within the Office apps as well.


The updates are already ready for updating. If you haven’t automatically received the update yet, you may choose to manually do it. Just head on over to the Google Play Store, and if you’re missing out on Office for Android’s highly convenient way of opening, editing and creating files, go ahead and download it for free.

SOURCE: Microsoft

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Sprint bringing in steep discounts for Black Friday


On Black Friday, prices everywhere are slashed and companies are doing their best to be competitive. Carriers in the United States are launching deals to bring in new customers and capture existing ones. Sprint announced what is to come on Black Friday, but the actual promotion starts on Thanksgiving Day.

Here is a list of what Sprint will be doing for Black Friday:

  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 or Galaxy S 5 Sport for 11.66 per month for twenty-four months with Sprint Lease. This saves customers more than $200 as the $20 monthly fee has been reduced by an $8.34 Black Friday service credit.
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 or Galaxy S 5 Sport for $18 per month for twenty-four months with Sprint Easy Pay. Customers put $0 down and just pay the monthly fee.
  • Sprint Family Share Pack with up to ten lines and 20GB of shared data for $100 per month through 2015. There is also the Sprint Unlimited Plan that has not caps for $60.
  • Buy any JBL or Harman Kardon product to get the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio for $99. Or buy three accessories and get the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio at the $99 price.
  • $140 off JBL Synchros Slate Headphones
  • $100 off Harman Kardon SOHO II NC ear buds

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Sprint Makes it Easy to Save on the Hottest Phones and Accessories This Holiday Season

Customers can save $200 over two years with Samsung Galaxy S® 5 and Galaxy S® 5 Sport Black Friday offer

Black Friday offers include:

  • $200 device savings on Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport;
  • Pricing plans offering the best value in wireless for families who want shared data;
  • Accessory deals including up to $300 savings on Harman Kardon Onyx Studio
November 21, 2014 01:19 PM Eastern Standard Time

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Save big and beat the Black Friday crowds! Sprint’s (NYSE:S) Black Friday holiday promotions give customers the best value in wireless with $200 savings on the popular Samsung Galaxy® family of devices.

Beginning Nov. 27, Sprint is offering a $200 savings on the Samsung Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport for well-qualified customers acquiring the device through Sprint Lease or Sprint Easy Pay.1

Sprint Lease

Customers choosing Sprint Lease can save $200 when they lease the Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport. Here is how it works:

1) Qualified customers pay zero out of pocket at lease signing.
2) Lease the device for $20 per month for 24 months (excluding taxes), and receive an $8.34 per month Black Friday service credit.

That makes it like you are leasing a Galaxy S 5 for just $11.66 per month. Customers taking advantage of the Black Friday offer will save $200.16 over the course of the 24 month lease. Sprint Lease is the most economical way to acquire a new Galaxy S 5 or Galaxy S 5 Sport.

Sprint Easy Pay

Qualified customers can save $200 on the purchase Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy S 5 Sport with Sprint Easy Pay. Customers will pay $0 down at the point of sale (excluding taxes)1, and 24 monthly payments of $18.75 with Sprint Easy Pay.

The Black Friday promotion will be available at www.sprint.com beginning Thanksgiving Day and in Sprint Stores nationwide, Sprint Business Sales, Web Sales and Telesales at 1-800-SPRINT1 on Black Friday (Nov.28).

Best Value in Wireless

The Sprint Family Share Pack offers the best value for families with its shared-data plans. A family with up to 10 lines can get 20GB of shared data and unlimited talk and text for only $100 a month through 2015.2 For a family of four, that’s a savings of $60 per month versus AT&T’s and $40 per month versus Verizon’s current pricing through 2015.3 Sprint also offers customers unlimited talk, text and data for $60 per month with the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan – a $20 savings per month compared to T-Mobile’s $80 unlimited plan4.

In addition, for a limited time, customers who bring their phone number and activate on the Sprint Family Share Pack or unlimited plans, Sprint will buy out their families’ contracts with a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $3505. This switching offer is available at Sprint Stores and Sprint Telesales.


Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with that new device? Get ready to crank up those holiday tunes as Sprint is offering great deals on Bluetooth® speakers and headphones. Head to your nearest Sprint store because these great accessory offers are available exclusively in Sprint company-owned stores (not online).

Regularly $399.99, on Black Friday6 there are two easy ways to save $300 on the Sprint-exclusive Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker, an ultimate sound companion for any Bluetooth®-enabled device. First, customers can buy any JBL or Harman Kardon product and receive $300 off Harman Kardon Onyx Studio for a net price of $99.997 and second, customers who buy three accessories get $300 off the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio for a net price of $99.99.7

In addition, with the purchase of any product, customers can save 50 percent off the following headphones6

  • Save $140 off JBL® Synchros Slate Headphones for a net price of $139.997. These over the ear headphones feature a lightweight steel headband, JBL Professional Audio Sound with PureBass and LiveStage™ Technology for a realistic sound experience.
  • Save $100 off Harman Kardon SOHO II NC ear buds for a net price of $99.997. Features include accurate bass and sound clarity even at low volumes and active noise cancellation for ultimate listening enjoyment.

About Sprint

Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company dedicated to delivering the best value in wireless. Sprint served 55 million customers as of September 30, 2014 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; leading no-contract brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America for the last four years. You can learn more and visit Sprint at www.sprint.com or www.facebook.com/sprint and www.twitter.com/sprint.

1Req. credit approval & service plan. If Easy Pay, Lease or Service is cancelled early, the remaining payments on the device becomes due; lease customers can pay purchase option. No equipment security deposit required on lease. Sales taxes due at sale on full purchase price with Sprint Easy.
2The $100 offer is available through Jan. 15, 2015, when customers switch to Sprint. Valid when customers port numbers to Sprint. It includes $10, $15 or $20/month/line access charges waived through 2015. Valid only on 20GB or higher data allowance. Data allowance charges still apply. Requires one phone per plan.
3Compared to 4 – 15GB high-speed 3G/4G plans for four lines. Other data options available on other carriers.
4Compared to T-Mobile’s $80 Simple Choice Plan with unlimited high-speed data, unlimited International text and data features, Rhapsody unRadio and 5GB of tethering per mo. See carrier website for additional details.
5All lines must be ported from an active wireless line at another carrier and remain active and in good standing for at least 45 days to receive the prepaid card. Offer available Aug. 22, 2014 – Jan. 15, 2015. Allow 12 weeks for your prepaid card to arrive. Register at www.sprint.com/jointoday.
6 Offers valid November 27, 2014- December 1, 2014
7Accessory prices exclude taxes.

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