Third party app GTasks syncs Tasks with your Google account

Not too long ago we looked at how you can use Google Taks on your Android. Most major mail platforms contain tasks, but I especially enjoy Google’s. It’s just a chat window in my Gmail. My only issue is that Google doesn’t have a dedicated app for it on Android. I suspect that, like Google Docs, it will come eventually. Until then you can use the mobile web shortcut described in the above link, or you can try a third party app. From the xda blog comes what might be the best of them: GTasks.

As you might expect, this app works in a straight forward manner. (If it didn’t, I wouldn’t say that it’s probably the best tasks app.) The main screen contains your master list. You can scroll to the left or the right to get sub-lists. When you click into a task screen you’ll see a notepad-looking screen. Here you can not only type out the name of the task, but also all the steps that go along with it. That’s good for project management. You can see when your tasks are due, and then see each individual part. It’s kind of like Getting Things Done in that way.

I also find that the app, as styled, is good for note taking. That the note exists in my tasks list ensures that I’ll actually look at it, which is the whole point. Then, when I no longer need it, I can just check it off and it’s gone. I also like that you can drag items around and change the order, so that those notes can go right on top. Best yet, you can set reminders, so that you really won’t forget about the task or note.

Of course, the app syncs with your Google Tasks, so you can make sure you have the same information in multiple places. Of course, sometimes you might not want to sync. GTasks gets this. They have options for auto sync, manual sync, or sync when you open or exit the program. You can also sync with multiple Google accounts, if you want to, say, combine your work and personal tasks lists (though I just create sublists on one account).

If you’re looking for a quality app solution to your Google Tasks, there are plenty of options. I would, however, recommend GTasks. You can get GTasks for free in the Market. That’s an ad-supported version. You can drop $6.95 to get the ad-free version.

This post originated at – home to all things Android! Also a great source of info about Android Phones.

Third party app GTasks syncs Tasks with your Google account

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