Have a Thunderbolt? Pick up some extra batteries

Most Android owners I know quickly learned the benefit, and almost necessity, of carrying multiple batteries. This is a bigger issue for LTE devices, which eat through batteries a bit quicker. It’s worth the slight hassle, of course, since the alternatives aren’t that attractive. You either risk killing your battery and losing your phone until you find a charger, don’t get the most out of your Android handset, or, gasp, don’t have an Android at all. Given the choices, I’ll gladly carry around an extra battery. The only drawback, other than restarting your device when replacing the battery (and then again when you replace the battery for recharging) is the cost. Batteries can run $40 or $50 a pop, meaning your wallet certainly takes a hit. As you can see in the screen shot to the right, a Thunderbolt battery sets you back $40. But don’t let that fool you. Verizon has a sale going on, and if I were a Thunderbolt owner I’d probably be buying in bulk right now.

Although they don’t advertise it anywhere, Verizon is actually offering Thunderbolt batteries for half the normal price. That is, after you select the Thunderbolt battery, and after you select the Thunderbolt as your device and add the battery to your cart, you’ll get to a screen like the one you see below. There is nothing quite sweeter than clicking on a product advertised for $40 and seeing an instant discount, no code required, that cuts the price in half. That’s what’s happening here, and I encourage every Thunderbolt user to take advantage. Again, one of the biggest complaints about the device is the short battery life. The solution is to carry an extra battery or two, and if you can get two for the price you’d normally get one, all the better.

Unfortunately, this sale appears to be limited to the Thunderbolt. But hey, a deal’s a deal. Jump on it if you can.

Via Droid Life.

This post originated at AndGeeks.com – home to all things Android! Also a great source of info about Android Phones.

Have a Thunderbolt? Pick up some extra batteries

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