Create easy call white lists with Call Filter Siesta

Typically, people have one of two possibly philosophies about keeping their phones on while they sleep. Those who don’t silence their phones don’t want to miss out on one of those important, unexpected phone calls that you’ll never see coming, but you don’t want to miss. Of course, they are left prone to all other nuisances, such as wrong numbers and rude — and drunk — friends. There are others who simply silence the phone at night, but they might miss a fantastically important call. White lists apps provide a quality solution. Via the xda blog, there’s an excellent app that will let you sleep in peace, unless an approved contact tries to call or text you.

There are two ways to use the app. First, you can create groups of contacts and create definitions for them. That is, you can have a business group, a friends group, and a family group. At any time you can set whether their calls and texts will ring or vibrate your phone, or whether they’ll be muted like the rest of ‘em. If you’re in a rush and don’t have a group ready for a certain contact, you can add him or her via a quick activation, which will patch them through when calling. In other words, this app allows you to leave your phone on mute whenever you want, or all the time. Only the people you want to get through will be able to.

There are downsides to this, though at least one of them is already addressed by the app. What if you lose your phone and don’t have an app that will let you find it? (Hint, you should install one.) The app actually has a built-in safeguard for this. You can enter in a secret code through the preference screen. When you text that code to your number, it will take the phone out of silent mode. You can then call it and locate it the way any other forgetful human would.

The other is that you’re shutting yourself off from the real outliers. What if a friend has to contact you from someone else’s phone, or even a new number? What if it’s important? What if you neglected to add an important number to your white list? These are all issues that can arise if you’re muting your phone to everyone except listed contacts. This might represent a rare situation, but the entire point of this app is to help you stay distraction free while still remaining open to rare events.

Still, flaw or not, there are plenty of plusses to installing this app. It’s one that I’ve grabbed and programmed immediately, because it’s of immense practical use. If you want to define who is allowed to call you, you can get Call Filter Siesta from the Market for free. If you have any questions, you can ask the developer on the xda forums thread.

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Create easy call white lists with Call Filter Siesta

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