Xperia Active Demonstrated by Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova

Sony Ericsson has announced two surprisingly popular devices this morning, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active being one of them, this one made for high action ladies and gentlemen, able to withstand even the harshest beatings and underwater adventures. I say popular because – take a look – that original post is already in today’s top ten posts, and with a cool demonstration from a known sports star like Maria Sharapova, Sony Ericsson is set to grab a significant portion of today’s eye time.

What you’re going to see here is Maria demonstrating some of the features on this newest of Sony Ericsson phones including the unique Sony Ericsson music player, photo gallery, and the Pulse Band which works with iMapMyFitness which tells you your heart rate and can automatically send the information to your trainer – if you’re that sort of person, that is. Then there’s the water action which I’m sure everyone will be clamoring about the most — though if you’ll recall some months ago, we had a device that did essentially the same thing – the Motorola Defy!

Have a look below this paragraph to see our own dunking of the Motorola Defy in some water and note that although this device can be dunked, it’s still not as rugged as the Xperia Active claims to be. Then there’s the even newer Casio GzOne Commando – will it beat the Xperia Active for hardcore active ability to stay in tact? I’m afraid we won’t get the opportunity to bash these phones around until they break – but that’d be a fun test, yes?

ALSO have a look back at this “leaked” photo and see if Sony Ericsson is now having a laugh at us all!


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