Get some real copy and paste on your Android with Everywhere Clipboard

If you’ve ever tried to copy and paste text on your Android, you know what a high level pain they’ve made it. Seriously, how hard is it to put an intuitive copy/paste function on a smartphone? Very hard, apparently, because it seems that every smartphone platform has had its issues. Currently the BlackBerry has the easiest native system that I’ve used. But as we’ve learned, it takes just one well-crafted app to overhaul a lacking native system. For copy and paste on Android there are a few apps, but a new one I found via the xda blog, Everywhere Clipboard, seems to have done it the best.

The app takes care of copy and paste in a way that will make sense to anyone who has used on a computer. Which is to say, everyone. You just hit the designated trigger to pull up the clipboard panel, and from there you can make your selection and copy it to the clipboard. It supports multiple entries, up to 20, which is alway a plus. You can edit them and put them into files (and folders for the Pro version). You can then pull from there for easily copyable and pastable text.

But you don’t need me rambling about the nuances of a copy and paste app. You know what it does, and this app does it very well. You can get Everywhere Clipboard at the Market for free. If you want the folder management feature, you can get the Pro version for a buck-0-two.

This post originated at – home to all things Android! Also a great source of info about Android Phones.

Get some real copy and paste on your Android with Everywhere Clipboard

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