Twisted Arrows provides entertainment for your brain

The luster of Angry Birds has worn off by now, right? I mean, I was addicted as the next guy, but after a while I just got sick of shooting those birds into those pigs. Yet I always need a game or two on my Android to keep me occupied when I don’t have signal strength to watch Futurama on Netflix. I’ve looked at some games on here in the past, and the common theme is that they involve a bit more thinking than your average game. The same is true of Twisted Arrows, the latest in my collection.

Found via the xda blog, Twisted Arrows has a simple premise. Just move the ball from its current position to the finish circle. Of course, if it were that easy you wouldn’t have to think much. Each square is a different color, and it has a set of arrows on it. You can only move in the direction an arrow points. Now comes the part that makes you think. Each color square rotates to a different degree when you land on it. Orange doesn’t rotate, green rotates 90 degrees, yellow rotates 180 degrees, and blue rotates 270 degrees. So you’ll see those arrows pointing in various directions, but they’re going to flip the second you land on them.

What really sold me on the game was the d’oh sound you get when you fall off the edge. Not that it makes it any more fun. But it kept me entertained while I got a hang of the game. If you want to give it a shot, you can grab Twitsted Arrows in the Market for free.

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Twisted Arrows provides entertainment for your brain

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