If you have Spotify, you need Spotimote for Android

A few weeks ago Spotify took the US by storm, sending out invites and getting thousands of people to try the service that has swept Europe. After a few minutes of using it, the hype is understandable. It not only has an enormous library of music, but it also allows you to share playlists with friends via Facebook, as well as send URLs of specific songs. Sure, the ads are far more obnoxious than Pandora’s, but it’s a small price to pay for free streaming music. In fact, it’s great to get going during a party or other social gathering. But what if you want to change it up? With your Android, you can do it from wherever you are. The Spotimote app is absolutely essential.

If there’s one flaw in the app, it’s that you cannot access your playlists unless you’re a premium user. That’s unfortunate, because Spotify gets much of its power from playlists. But it’s not as though this is a bug. Spotify has guarded many features as premium, and they’re in their rights to hold those back from free users. That does make a premium account that much more attractive. But don’t worry, you can still control music in many ways with Spotimote.

The ability to search through the Spotify database and play songs is quite useful. It means you’ll be playing albums and collections rather than playlists, but it’s better than going to your computer every so often and changing things up from there. You can obviously track forward, track back, shuffle, repeat, volume up, and volume down. If any of those features were absent this would be a useless app indeed.

Spotimote is free, so you can just grab it from the Market. If you’re a Spotify user, basic or premium, there’s really no downside to grabbing this one.

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If you have Spotify, you need Spotimote for Android

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