Keep your ringer volume in check with Volume Control+

How many times have you gone to adjust the media volume on your Android, only to accidentally adjust the ringer volume instead? This has happened to me hundreds of times, so I’m sure it’s far from an isolated problem. The issue is that when you open up a media app, such as Pandora, you have to wait until the app is fully loaded before you can adjust the media volume. Adjust it a little too soon and you’ll end up adjusting the ringer volume, which can cause you problems later. I’ve also had problems on the lock screen, where I accidentally mute the ringer. This can lead to unnecessarily missed calls. Thankfully, there is an app that can help you keep that under control.

There aren’t many instances where I really have to change my ringer volume. It typically goes from ring to vibrate to silent, with no real volume increments. Yet because the volume rocker changes the ringer volume on any non-media screen, and because there’s a mute slider on the lock screen, sometimes I inadvertently switch something that I’d rather not. That might be turning the ringer all the way down to silent, or it might be flipping the handset over to silent mode. Worse, I sometimes accidentally switch my phone out of silent mode, which can create all sorts of problems.

With Volume Control+, that’s not a problem. The app takes over the ringer volume function of your device, allowing you to define it within the app and then lock it. That way, when you hit the volume rocker just before Pandora loads, or you just hit it accidentally in your pocket, the ringer volume does not get adjusted. Nor will you accidentally awaken your phone in your pocket and accidentally switch on or off silent mode. Everything will be locked up, changeable only when you go into the app itself and make the changes.

Volume Control+ also has a homescreen widget, which you can use for even easier switching of ringer profiles. There are a bunch of different options, too, so you can get a real custom experience. You can even use the widgets to switch between various profiles (color coded). As long as you use the app properly, you should never have another problem with accidental volume changes.

And yeah, it’s free, so you can head to the Market to check it out. I’m quite impressed, too, as it’s in the one- to five-million download range.

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Keep your ringer volume in check with Volume Control+

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