Naught to Lose with “Naught” for iPhone

NaughtJust when you thought there were no creatively inspired free games left to discover for iPhone, Naught appears. Not nothing, but something – something simple, artistic, and better yet, free to play. Naught is a silhouetted platformer that is gyroscopic free-falling fun just for the heck of it. Naught is the name of the game and presumably this cat that resembles Felix and whom players must move from the start of each level to the exit. Rotating your device 360 degrees to control gravity, Naught must avoid the silhouetted enemies and find the swirly exit.

Developed by Blue Shadow Games, this game has no in-depth storyline, no color, and yet it has an eerily artistic appeal and gameplay of a semi-addictive nature.

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© 2011: written by Jennifer for AppCraver.

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