Swype Beta 3.26 Is Now Available – Improved Features and Layout

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Swype Beta has been updated to version 3.26 but not in the market — no, sir. The only place to get Swype Beta is by registering on their Beta site to become an official “tester.” Really, it’s not as scary as it sounds and if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest Swype features before they’re released in a stable update, Swype Beta is the place to be.

If you’re currently using a device that had Swype (regular) preinstalled, you may want to listen up. Swype Beta cannot be installed over regular Swype and with no way to uninstalling the original app, you’re kinda out of luck. For everyone else, here’s what to expect from the new version of Swype Beta v3.26.

  • Android 1.6 and WQVGA resolution no longer supported
  • Automatic Updates have finally arrived! Once installed, this latest version of Swype will let you install updates on-the-fly via Swype Connect.

    • When an update is ready, you’ll receive an Android Notification informing you that an upgrade is available
    • Install the update right through the Swype Settings window
    • Your user dictionary and settings will automatically be saved during the update!
  • Improved Language Control gives you access to only the languages you use. From Swype Settings you can select which languages will appear when switching languages directly from Swype. Never cycle through a language you don’t use again.
  • The Refined Key Layout brings a better overall user experience, more in line with what users expect. Numbers are now across the top row, and the symbols layer contains several new characters, and a button to switch between 2 pages of symbols.
  • Redesigned Settings & Help makes it easier than ever to control how Swype behaves, and learn how to become an advanced Swype user. Just long-press Swype key to go straight to the Swype Settings window!

[Via SwypeBeta]

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