[Game] Are Zombies Coming Your Way?

A Zombie Apocalypse is coming… are you safe? Do you even know where the zombies are? Lucky for you XDA member theblackknight has released a tool that will help you to solve those problems. “Outbreak! Zombies” is a new GPS based game that will allow you to see your fellow survivors and the impending zombie threats.

To play you simply download the app and enter a user name. You will then be randomly assigned a state, either infected or not infected. If you are not infected your goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse, if you are infected your goal is to spread the infection. Each user will be visible on a world map, and to infect someone you must be within 500 metres. Currently Dublin, Ireland is in over-run with zombies.

Each red marker is a zombie, and each green marker is a survivor. The game works best when there are lots of users, which is why I am posting it here. I am also trying to gather as much feedback and test scenarios as I can in order to make the full version a more complete and fun game.

The game is currently in beta stages and any feedback is being used to improve and enhance future game play. That being said those of you that take the plunge must remember to report any issues or bugs you encounter while immersed in the Zombie infected world. If you do run into any issues or just want to thank the developer for a great game please be sure to drop by the XDA thread and share your thoughts.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Outbreak! Zombies BETA
Developer: KBDev
Cost: FREE

Source: XDA

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