HTC might update the Flyer with Ice Cream Sandwich in ‘Few Months’

The HTC Flyer is fairly descent tablet that came out with less than a desirable OS version. Over the last few months HTC has been making updates to various world-wide version to bring it up to Honeycomb 3.2. Even though it was nice to see the tablet finally get an update to a newer Android version, it still is never enough for most people. Of course everyone wants the device to see Ice Cream Sandwich.

Those of you that are eagerly waiting for another update, or are dissatisfied with Honeycomb altogether, will be happy to hear the following news. Apparently a customer service rep from HTC let out a little bit of news regarding an Ice Cream Sandwich Update -

Those not satisfied with Android 3.2 on the HTC Flyer can revert it back to its out of the box experience or they can simply wait for the Android 4.0 update (Ice Cream Sandwich) which should be available within the next few months.

Of course we don’t like hearing the first part of the comments, bu the second half is rather nice to hear. We have heard rumors that the Flyer would see and ICS update by the end of Q1, meaning they only have 2 months left to start pushing the update out. The remaining question that lingers is who will see it first. The Flyer is a world-wide device, updating all the various version will be tricky and time-consuming. Even if HTC manages to start the update say in late March, we don’t expect all Flyers to see an update at that time.

Until we get an official statement released from HTC we can only hope that this rep was indeed correct and not just trying to keep a customer happy and off his back.

Source: HTC-HUB via XDA

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