Mobile ODIN Updated to 2.0. Adds More Devices on its List

Back in November we got a first look at Mobile ODIN thanks to XDA senior moderator Chainfire. Mobile ODIN is an app that acts as an on-device ODIN utility by allowing you to fully flash your firmware straight from the device itself. Basically you can do this without connecting to your computer. Pretty nifty tool, yet it was limited to certain devices.

So in comes a nice little update for Mobile ODIN. This update to 2.0, allows a bunch of other devices to jump on the Mobile ODIN bandwagon, as well as updating flashkernels for those who were already compatible. There is a lite version that you can find at XDA-Developers and you can purchase the pro version on the Android Market. Check the list below to see if your device made the Mobile ODIN cut.


The following devices have been added (see changelog for full list):
- Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus, GSM and CDMA/LTE variants
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7″, 3G and Wi-Fi variants
- Samsung Galaxy 5, eight different models

The following variants have been added:
- Samsung Galaxy Note: I9220 variant added
- Samsung Galaxy S2: SHW-M250S variant added

The following devices have been updated and have new flashkernels:
- Samsung Galaxy S
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (the original 7″ tab)
- Samsung Galaxy S2 (2 models)
- Samsung Galaxy Note (2 models)


Source: XDA-Developers

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