Mod: Go tablet mode on CyanogenMOD 9 for the Atrix 4G with this simple Hack

Some people may have negative things to say about XDA, but let’s face it — it’s an amazing resource, and it can be a great place to go for community support, provided you can deal with a few bad seeds here and there (as is the case with any online forum or social network). In most cases, all it takes is the ability to read and carefully follow directions to make your phone do things you never dreamed it could do. That’s exactly the situation we’ve got here with this handy little mod for Motorola Atrix 4G owners, thanks to XDA Senior Member, AndroidON. If you’ve got a rooted Atrix running CyanogenMOD 9, AndroidON’s guide will allow you to run a Tablet UI on your phone.

In comparison to some modifications, this one is rather simple with only 6 quick steps that don’t require you to be a computer scientist or master coder to complete. Furthermore, if you just want to test it out for a few minutes and then return to your phone UI, the process to revert is just as easy.

I don’t personally own an Atrix, so I can’t confirm this mod works, nor can I offer assistance if you can’t get it to work. What I can do is point you to the original thread where you’ll find all the juicy info you need to apply this mod and start rocking a miniature tablet-style Atrix 4G with CM9. If you decide to try it out, let us know what you think, and be sure to thank the developer if you like it.


Source: XDA

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