APK Batch Installer Restores your Apps from your PC

After flashing a brand new ROM with hopes of turning your phone into a beast, restoring your apps back onto your phone can be a tedious process. With all the backup apps out there, it just becomes a real pain at times to get that backup app back on your phone then getting each app back into the swing of things. I use Titanium Backup and restoring one appat a time gets annoying. Well XDA forum member hamsteyr has created a windows-based tool to restore your apps right off your PC.

It is a simply process really. After running the program you will choose a file where all your apk files will be stored. Next, you will be given the choice on which apks you would like to install on your device. Then click install, and those files will be installed to your device in a ADB-like manner, and that is it my friends. I think I might give this a try on my netbook. Click the thread link below and let us know how it is.

Source: XDA Developer

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