Remove Bloatware on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Phones

Oh that dreaded bloatware. Us die hard Android users hate seeing the carrier smear their apps all over the app drawer. Apps we do not care about, nor do we need. Rooting the device and getting a ROM that does not have any bloatware is the nice luxury that us Android users have.

Now there are certain dangers in removing a certain app the carrier has placed onto the device, because it might hold a higher importance than what we may have initially assessed. Well let’s not think like that. Instead, let’s get that nasty bloatware off your T=Mobile SGSII phone. XDA senior member starskyrob has devised a simple tool in doing just that.

This tool is simply called Automated Debloater Tool. This tool is for Windows XP or higher, so those of you running a MAC or Linux box will not be able to use it. Here are other requirements:

  • USB Drivers
  • Rooted kernel
  • Phone connected to PC with USB Debugging enabled.
  • The Ability to hit Y or N.

After that, you can remove all that you please. So who ever is using a T-Mobile SGSII and want to get rid of that bloatware, give this tool a try. Let us know how it works.

Source: XDA Developers
Automated Debloater Thread

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