Day in Android 2/28/11: Thunderbolt, Froyo for Optimus, Incredible 2, Gmail

Late last week we heard a few different repots on when the HTC Thunderbolt would hit Verizon. The first rumor was nice, citing March 3 or 4, while another pegged it about a week later, the 10th. Early this morning Electronista picked up an item from a “well-known Verizon-affiliated tipster” that signaled that “Thunderbolts are go.” The implication, then, is that they’re shipping to Verizon now and could be available in the next few days. That would jibe with the first, and friendlier, set of rumors. The reason for the delay? Unsurprisingly, according to AndroidGuys, it sounds like battery issues. [Electronista] [Android Guys]

The Thunderbolt won’t be Verizon’s only Android handset to debut in the next few months. Despite the arrival of the iPhone, it appears as though Verizon’s Android campaign is as aggressive as ever. Over the weekend we saw some inventory information that points to the Incredible 2 and the HTC Merge showing up in Verizon’s system. It makes sense that both of these devices were ticketed for Big Red. Whether the Incredible 2 = the Incredible S remains to be seen, but it does appear that Verizon does have some sort of Incredible launch in the offing. [Phandroid]

Just this morning we went over a list of Android handsets that will get a Gingerbread update. Not on that list was the LG Optimus One series, though I did note that an update was hinted at before. This morning LG itself confirmed Gingerbread updates for these handsets. That’s going to depend on the carriers, of course, since they have a part in the upgrade, too. Additionally, it sounds as though each of LG’s Optimus handsets will get a one-level upgrade, so if you’re stuck on Eclair for some reason, well, welcome to Froyo. [Android and Me]


  • Missing your Gmail inbox? You and 149,000 others. [CNET]
  • You can now set up your Android to control your PS3. That should make for a nice keyboard substitute. [xda developers]
  • If you’re a Mac user and plan to get an Android 3.0 tablet, you’ll need a MobileCrunch]
  • If you’re an HTC Desire HD, Desire Z, or Incredible S owner, you’ll get Gingerbread in the second quarter 2011. [Slashgear]

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Day in Android 2/28/11: Thunderbolt, Froyo for Optimus, Incredible 2, Gmail

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