Faster GPS Fix tweak makes its way to the HTC One S

Us Android users might seem a bit greedy at times when it comes to our devices. On the other hand, when our device should do something that is advertised, we want it to do it and do it well. GPS is one of those things that we may not all use on a daily basis, but when we need it it better work fast and accurately. That isn’t always the case though. Some devices seem to take forever to get a lock while others are almost instant. Even some just never seem to get one at all, like the Transformer Prime issue. In times of need most users turn to external apps and developers for solutions. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of XDA member MarcoHD, the HTC One S has a fix available.

We are certain that many of you have used the Faster GPS Fix for the Desire HD, and many developers have incorporated the fix into their ROM’s. We are willing to bet you have used it and never even known at times. MarcoHD took his skills and put them to work to bring the fix to the HTC One S. Not just one of the variants, but to all variants across the globe. Installing the tweak is as easy as getting your regions file, transferring to your memory and flashing through recovery. It is pretty painless. He make mention that after flashing and rebooting you may not see the improvement right away, the device needs to redownload the a-gps data. So give it a few minutes and try it again, bet it locks faster.

To pick up the appropriate file you will want to head over to MarcoHD’s XDA thread and find your region. Happy flashing and we hope it helps.

Source: XDA

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