More teasers from ASUS hints at dual-booting Transformer

When a large tech event gets close to starting, many manufacturers drop teasers and hints at to what they will be unveiling. The first video we saw was pretty cool, but didn’t give us a whole lot to go on. Most think ASUS will be debuting the Transformer Infinity. That could very well be what they have up their sleeves, but a new set of videos offer ups something a little more interesting. At the end of one of the new videos there is a water drop that splits in two. On one side is a faint Android logo while the other side has a Windows 8 logo.

Could ASUS be planning on a dual-boot device that will bring both OS’s to one machine? Maybe they just want us to think that and are actually going to release two devices, one on each OS. They state “All-in-One is no longer in one…” which really makes no sense at all. The third teaser released brings home the idea of dual boot though. On one side of a piece of board is Tai and on the other is Chi. It starts to spin until both words appear next to each other, sort of, and the hint phrasing at the end is “When two sides unit.” With both videos we think ASUS really is going to bring Windows and Android together on one device.

We know there are ways to make dual boot possible, we saw something similar at CES with one of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 Hybrid. While it wasn’t a full fledged Android OS with all the access to market and such, it still worked pretty nicely. We have also seen the T-Mobile HD2 boot windows and run Android as well. Will this new device offer an OS choice at boot, or will it be an app or some sort of VirtualBox type of set up. The real question is would you be more inclined to drop your hard earned cash on a windows 8/Android machine? We will know more about what ASUS has planned when they they take the stage on June 4th. Until then, feel free to talk among yourselves about the idea.

Source: Android and Me

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