PlaylistR moves your favorites to Android streaming apps

Note about Grooveshark included after the jump.

If you use as a music discovery and recommendation tool, then |OP| of the xda developers forums has a must-download app. It’s called PlaylistR, and it lets you build playlists from your favorites. This includes your charts, recommendations, friends, and overall charts. Then you can import those playlists into one of a few services. It works best with Grooveshark, MOG, and rdio, since you can import those playlists right from your Android device. There is also a level of support for Spotify and Deezer, though you can’t really build playlists for them. You can, however, stream individual songs.

With streaming apps, playlists are where it’s at. This is especially true of an app such as Grooveshark, which can get a but cumbersome when searching. does a great job of pinning down music that you enjoy, and so it works well for playlist creation. If I still used Grooveshark, or had any of the other streaming services, I’d be all over this one. The more ways to generate playlists, the better. The app takes that further, automatically generating them for you. I like making playlists as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just want to automatically create one.

My discovery of this app, via the xda blog, coincides with the re-release of Grooveshark for Android. No, it’s not back on the Market, as Google did not have a change of heart overnight. Instead, it’s available as a non-Market app, which you can download from the website and install as any other non-Market app. They’re offering a two-week free trial for newcomers, after which the service costs $9 per month. I still don’t think it’s worth that price, but I know plenty who do. The integration with PlaylistR certainly makes it a bit more enticing.

(Also, if you have a minute read Grooveshark’s statement regarding its removal from the Market.)

The developer has added a ton of functionality to the app, including SD card storage, plus SD card purging to save space on both the device and the memory card. You can get PlaylistR for free in the Market. It works with Android devices running version 1.6 or higher.

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PlaylistR moves your favorites to Android streaming apps

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