Motorola Rumored To Launch DROID RAZR HD And DROID RAZR MAXX HD In October


Motorola’s upcoming DROID RAZR HD sure is doing its best to tease us isn’t it? We’ve seen a leak here and another there… a benchmark here and another there. Heck, we even know it’s on its way sooner than we think because of how it just finished taking a stroll through the FCC. But now we may have a better indication of when exactly it is to arrive. According to Hot Hardware (via our friends at DROID Life), MOTO is intent on bringing not only the DROID RAZR HD smartphone— but the DROID RAZR MAXX HD variant as well sometime in October. The rumored October launch sounds about right because of the fact the original DROID RAZR was launched around that time last year. There’s also no word on what carrier(s) it will launch with, but given Motorola’s success with its DROID RAZR line on Verizon’s network, it’s probably a safe bet it will launch there first.

Naturally, this could be pure speculation and we may see the device launch earlier or even later. But we suspect Motorola doesn’t want to wait too long— especially with Apple expected to release its new phone next month and ummmm… Samsung’s hot-selling Galaxy S III dominating the market share.

source: DROID Life


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