Could LG-E960 at FCC be the new LG Optimus Nexus?

Earlier this week we reported on news that Google was getting close to releasing a new Nexus device, consistent with apparent plans to release five such devices to celebrate the five year anniversary of Android. Possible candidates for Google’s next Nexus device include LG hardware, possibly an LG Optimus G based device. With that in mind, a new LG device passed through the FCC this week with model number LG-E960. Some are wondering whether this may be the next Google Nexus device even though the device is not consistent with the Optimus G specs.

According to the FCC filing, the LG-E960 is a tri-band GSM device. The filings only indicate bands consistent with AT&T, but not LTE bands. The lack of LTE seems to rule out the device being based on the Optimus G which does have LTE capability. The LG-E960 does include NFC, which may quickly be moving toward a minimum standard for decent hardware.

What do you think? Will we see the LG-E960 presented sometime this month as the latest Google Nexus device or is this something else about to be released by LG?

source: FCC
via: DroidLife

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