Snap into a Snapseed

Google Snaps Up Another One

Hello All,

You may, at the moment, be asking yourself “What is a Snapseed?”  It is an app similar to Instagram, but hopped up on steroids.  This app allows photo “snapping”, adjusting, sharing, and best of all…enjoying.  Take any pic you like, change it to where you like it more and once you’re completely happy you can either keep it for yourself or share it with the world.  

NIK Software are the original proprietors of this great app and while it was originally offered to iDevices it has found a new and better respected home here with Android.  While we are awaiting the release to the Android world Googles VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra snapped a pic while on his way to Baltimore and it was Tagged with the fabled app Signature (Snapseed) in the G+ tagline.  When will this app land down for us in the Android world?  I’m hoping soon, I’m a fan of Instagram but when an app comes along, has better functionality, provides a better user experience, I’m all for a changing of the guard and moving to what works best.  One of the best things I’ve noticed as well while digging through the Play Store and trying stuff out, when its free its not thing to download 20 apps and keep 2, having that capability of choice and freedom to try them out with wanton disregard…Awesome in my book.  So, will Snapseed for Android fly with 4.2 or will we be graced before that.  According to history every 6 months we’ve been blessed with a new flavor of our favorite operating system, and it just so happens that next month marks another 180 day mark, so whats in store?  I’m hoping some Key Lime Pie…(Rumor IDK)? and maybe some Snapseed right behind in tow.

Sources:  Android Guys, Snapseed, Digital Trends

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