Nexus 10 and iPad 4 Go Head to Head in Benchmark Brawl

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It is time for a NO HOLDS BAR fight to the death, match-up between the iPad 4 and the supposed iPad killer, the Nexus 10. Yeah we have heard that name many times. Everyone seems to call any new awesome tablet the iPad killer, and when the Nexus 10 started showing its pretty face around the web, it was certain that it was going to be a killer as well. Then the benchmark tests started. Seems that the Nexus 10 might have brought a knife to a gun fight.


The gallery below shows 6 different benchmark tests that not only show the iPad and Nexus 10, but smartphones and other tablets. The main focus, though, is the comparison of the two tablet giants. Sadly it seems that the iPad out-performs the Nexus 10 in nearly every category. Something you do not really want to hear, but then again, who really cares, right? It is really all about preference, and even though certain tests show that the Nexus 10 does not perform as well as the iPad, it is still a very sexy, high-powered tablet. I do not think this would sway any of you not to get a Nexus 10 if you were thinking about purchasing one. I know it has not changed my mind one bit, and I am still hoping Santa Claus drops one down the chimney, my house does not have. Let us know what you guys think.


Source: Android Guys

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