Contract Killer is a Good-Looking FPS Coming to Android [Video]

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On my way out of the Moscone West today I ran into a gent from Glu Mobile named Clancy. He was nice enough to show me a name game of theirs called Contract Killer that will be headed to the Android market this Friday. It’s a first person shooter which has you taking on contracts to assassinate or capture whoever your client needs assassinated or captured.

It’s not an open-ended FPS – you’re sent to a predetermined vantage point as you wait for your soon-to-be dead (or tranq’d) foe to come into view. It’s then when you take a shot and hope to finish the deed and collect your reward. Killing a hostage in certain missions will cause you to fail, but others are a bit more tolerant and will instead take away from your reward after the job is finished.

There are a ton of weapons to choose from with most of them being sniper rifles. I didn’t have much time to play it at the booth so I don’t know how much of an advantage it is having one weapon over another. (Rest assured I’ll be playing a lot before the night is over.) The graphics look good and it may seem shallow at first glance, but we won’t pass judgment having not played it fully for ourselves. Look out for it on the Android market this Friday. (Pricing has not been disclosed.)

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