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Gamevil releases Zenonia 5 for Android, the next big action RPG you need to Have

The next great RPG game from Gamevil is finally available for all to get their hands on. Zenonia 5 has finally made its way to the Play Store. Obviously this is the 5th installment of the RPG series from Gamevil and the third free version to be released.

Zenonia 5 brings in 4 new classes of characters to choose from. The Wizard, a Berserker, a Mechanic and a Palidin. Giving any action RPG lover a variety of characters that they are sure to love having. It continues with a story line of good versus evil battle. The rich elites began to exploit the poor and a great darkness fell over the land once again. When will mankind learn. As with any great RPG you will have the ability to level up, equip new weapons and armor and much more. Gamevil kept the global PvP action in the latest release as well. Letting you go head to head against other players from around the world.

 The video preview of the game looks pretty stellar. There is one oddity in the game upon first launch though, it does ask for root permissions if you are rooted. I am still all stock, so it didn’t ask me anything. We aren’t sure why or what the cause of this would be, but we will see if we can find out for you guys. If granting root for a game is not your style then you might want to hold off until we get an answer on that one.

If you have been a fan of the previous titles then this is a must have. If you are a fan of action RGP games that will keep you busy for hours on end, then this is a definite. Pick up Zenonia 5 below by clicking or scanning the QR code below and enjoy.

Application: Zenonia 5
Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.
Cost: FREE

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Locked and Loaded – The Hunters: Episode One Review

hunters1PC gamers alive in the 1990′s will remember the XCOM series of games as bastions of the strategy genre. In each, you took control of a global organization that was tasked with defending the Earth from aliens; you did so in turn-based missions, where you killed enemies, escorted VIPs, and defended objectives.

Now imagine that (with some tweaks, of course) on Android.

The premise of The Hunters: Episode One is relatively simple: you are the leader of a team of mercenaries, and you can take different contracts on a daily basis. Completing these contracts nets you money, which can be spent upgrading your mercs with equipment and armor.

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Locked and Loaded – The Hunters: Episode One Review was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Zombie Driver game splices Mad Max with undead apocalypse

Android Central

Zombie Driver launched on Google Play for $6.99, giving players with Tegra devices the pleasure of running over undead with a wide variety of vehicles. Of course, nitro boosts can help a bunch when the hordes get a little thick, plus military-issued weaponry can thin the ranks from range. Beyond the story-based campaign, there's a race mode where you compete with other survivors to complete three laps, or you can try to weather an endless tide of zombies in the slaughter mode. Over time, players upgrade their various vehicles according to their playstyle. Like to get up-close and personal? Crank up your armor and dozer ratings. Prefer to hit and run? Upgrade your nitro and get a fast car. 

I played the first few levels and the graphics are beautifully gross on the Nexus 7. My only serious qualm is that the controls aren't that awesome. The game came to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam first, and it really shows. The default control scheme lays out WASD-style virtual keys with some awkward diagonal movement. At least there's support for keyboards and gamepads if you've got either handy. 

In any case, if you can't get enough gruesomeness this Hallowe'en, Zombie Driver is a nice change of pace from the deluge of other slaughterfests out there. 

read more

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Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay featured in latest trailer

We’ve seen a lot of trailers for Angry Birds Star Wars recently, but so far none of them have featured any actual gameplay. Instead of showing us what we’d really like to see, Rovio took famous clips from the movies and inserted its famous birds into them. Some of them were cute, others were silly, but now its time to cut out the funny business and get down to the nitty gritty: it’s time for gameplay, baby!

This latest trailer features some actual gameplay footage, but sadly, the look we get doesn’t last very long. Still, some is usually better than none, and in this case that holds true. It appears that the gameplay in Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t all that different from Angry Birds installments of the past, but there are enough differences to make it stick out from the rest.

For starters, the style is Star Wars-themed (obviously), with the birds dressed up as the heroes from the movies like Luke and Leia, while the pigs have donned their best suits of Stormtrooper armor. We also get to see the pigs driving an AT-AT at one point, which is definitely cool. Power-ups are Star Wars-themed as well, with one of the birds unleashing its lightsaber on the pig-built structures as it soars in for a collision.

In short, if you happen to be a fan of both Star Wars and Angry Birds (we’re assuming there are at least a few of you out there), this should be right up your alley. We look forward to seeing more gameplay in the coming days, but it won’t be long until the full game arrives at last. Angry Birds Star Wars launches on November 8 – are you picking this one up, or will you be skipping it?

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First Gameplay Video Of Angry Birds Star Wars Is Released, Fans Cry Out In Terror And Are Suddenly Silenced

angrybirdsstarwarsYou knew it was coming. It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. Angry Birds is journeying to a galaxy far, far away. Today, a gameplay trailer was released that, in addition to revealing a pink Princess Leia bird (excuse me while I check off number 7 on my list of “Phrases I Never Thought I’d Have To Write”), shows our avian heroes wielding light sabers and shooting lasers out of their eyes to bring down AT-AT walkers. Which is ridiculous. Everyone knows that armor’s too strong for blasters.

There’s not much to see in the video beyond a couple of shots, but if you were wondering just what a Star Wars version of Angry Birds would look like, well, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect.

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First Gameplay Video Of Angry Birds Star Wars Is Released, Fans Cry Out In Terror And Are Suddenly Silenced was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Minecraft “Pretty Scary Update” Has Released

Alright Minecraft fans, the Halloween update is finally here! Developer Mojang has posted an info-graphic on their website slightly going over all of the new additions to the game. One thing players are going to be particularly excited about is the new Anvil feature. While you can not craft your very own “Dragon’s Tooth of Wisdom” weapon, you certainly can name your weapon that. There’s also the ability to repair your weapons, which is probably a godsend for most everyone. No more need to constantly create the same weapon over and over again, right? Definitely an improvement that should of been in the game a long time ago.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a feast of goodies? An array of pixelated goodies have been added into the game. Pumpkin Pies? You bet! Potatoes? Definitely!

Some other things you’ll be seeing is a couple of new monsters integrated into the game, including an all-new boss to fight! The new boss is called “Wither,” but the info-graphic does not go into detail as to what he actually does, where he can be found and so on. Another monster that was added is called a Wither Skeleton, I am going to assume that those are the “Wither’s” henchmen of some sort.

Bats and Witches have also been added to the game. Witches will be throwing potions at you and the bats will swarm you annoyingly and chirp in your ear! Perfect. Keep in mind that Witches will only spawn at Witch Huts and no where else. That said, you’ll have too go searching for them across the world of Minecraft. Hopefully they are more frequent than NPC villages when they were first released.

There are a few more items and features added to the game, but those are the most notable ones. Still, there’s one more you should be aware of before going off to play Minecraft. Monsters have improved AI and can now carry equipment. That Diamond sword you dropped when you died? Yeah, you may not enjoy it so much that the monster now has it and is proceeding to slash at you with it. Fun times. The info-graphic does not mention if it picks up your armor either, so that will definitely be quite a surprise. I assume that they won’t as I think it would imbalance the game with Zombies wearing diamond armor and all.

This has definitely been quite an improvement over last years Halloween update. I actually really like this one, especially the new boss and mobs to fight. It definitely gives a variety to what you see in Minecraft everyday. Fighting regular zombies and creepers do get quite old after a while.

Although, creepers tend to always give me quite a surprise after blowing half my creation up.

Have you gotten to try the new Halloween update in Minecraft? Are you enjoying it so far? Have you renamed your sword to “Dragonslayer of the North” yet? Err, I mean crafted such a sword yet?

source: Mojang


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Minecraft 1.4.1 Provides An Extreme Amount Of Fixes

This upcoming patch to Minecraft is due to hit players clients on this Thursday, October the 25th. It seeks to fix quite a number of bugs that have been experienced as of late, including “wet wolves looking way too scary.” It is obvious that someone had obviously complained about these wet wolves looking too scary or the developer, Mojang, just didn’t like the design they took with it and are looking to take a different direction with it. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s even more weird that they are doing such a thing. Definitely not a complaint here, I just find that the emphasis on this is rather odd. On the other hand, it is pretty awesome that such a successful indie studio is being so outward and non-caring about this.

On a different note, the patch seeks to fix some more practical issues such as certain bugs causing mobs to — for some odd reason — fall through wooden floors and even suffocate. Definitely no game breaking bug, but definitely quite an odd one at that. With that said, this is an issue that they have fixed in this upcoming patch. Another thing they fixed is when the case that the Redstone Repeaters gets stuck on its ‘on’ state. Bats are now spawning less frequently as opposed to the masses that they were originally spawning in. There has also been a minor amount of fixes with the text font in the game. One of the more notable fixes is that tweaking of naming costs found in the Anvil, tweaking enchantment point rewards for smelting and fixing mob spawners that were spawning extremely too swiftly.

There has also been a rather major bug that allowed any item to be placed in any of the armor slots in your inventory. Thankfully this has been fixed and now only armor can fit in your armor slots! Overall this has been a good patch with a lot of the more major features being fixed within the game. I do have to say personally, that the bat reduction is something that I have been looking forward too. The amount that spawn in caves and underground dungeons have been extremely ridiculous.

Another thing that I am personally excited about is the issue with the Redstone Repeaters getting stuck on the ‘on’ state. Now user created contraptions and experiments can finally start working properly without spending quite a bit of time just trying to get it to work. I’m very glad that Mojang continues to support Minecraft despite Notch, its original creator, stepping down from the game.

Is anyone looking forward to this update? Are you looking forward to October 25th when it releases, or are you just waiting waiting on another content update? Content updates are great and all, but with any new addition to a game, there are many different bugs to follow with that.

Let us know in the comments below, surely we have some Minecraft players out there that can comment on this!

source: eurogamer

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Angry Heroes Online [MMORPG - Arcade & Action]

Angry Heroes Online is a brand new MMORPG from Artibus that blends comic-style art and humor. In this world of fantasy, you will create your own character, deal with evil and clumsy bosses, go on exciting quests, play mini games, and fight other online players.

When creating your character, you have your choice of three different races: humans, elves, and orcs, You can dress him or her up anyway you wish and purchase protective gear and weapons. This is where things get interesting  and comical because the first weapon I used was a plunger, and it wasn’t too shabby because I won with it. As to the armor, again it’s not going be quite what you expect. Cardboard armor and paper bag masks usually don’t get the job done, but in Angry Heroes it does.

In order to level up, you will need to go on quests and fight to the death in the arena. Both of these circumstances will also yield you coins to buy more armor, weapons, potions, and skills such as how well you attack, your agility, luck, health, and defenses. Probably the best way to earn coins is by guarding. This is something you can do while you sleep or when you are at work or school. You can really rack up some coins to better your position in the hierarchy. You also have your own personal mansion, which can be built up to make you stronger. For example, the tower allows you to add more slots for your inventory, building up the stable reduces the time you spend on quests, building walls increases your defense, building your road will allow you to earn more coins per fight, and building up your landscape increases your chance to avoid battles. It just a matter of having the right amount of coins to increase these areas.

Speaking of battles, you can attack anyone online, but you can also be attacked. The only way you can escape attacks is by building up your road or by guarding. All fights are in the arena and if you want to attack someone, you can check out the character first and see how strong they are. You can search by weaker, even, or stronger opponents. Obviously you will earn more if you fight and defeat stronger opponents. The fighting is probably the only negative in this game because it’s automated. You don’t have any control, but on the other hand, casual gamers will like this because it simplifies things and isn’t so daunting.

Probably the most desirable type of currency is shrooms. You have to reach level 7 to even get into the shroom cave. Like coins, they can be used to buy items, but they can also allow you to travel in time and skip quests as well as give you more energy allowing you to fight more often. You can still earn some shrooms before level 7, but it will be tough.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg as there is so much to this game, but at the same time it doesn’t feel so daunting. You can play at your own pace and it’s simple enough for the casual gamer. Angry Heroes is Free so check out my hands on video, as well as their trailer video, and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.

Key Features:

  • The game is a MMORPG fantasy genre, featuring premium comic-style art awesome visual effects.
  • An unique balance system allows thousands of players to challenge each other online.
  • Innovative in-game economy, that balances the strong and weak players in a single game world.
  • Over 300 types of cool items which can be used in millions of unique combinations.
  • Hundreds of different quests.
  • Dozens of cool bosses.
  • Co-operative multiplayer, enabling groups to fight each other or against computer generated opponents.
  • More features to come!


Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link

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Rigonauts announced as Snapdragon exclusive with Verizon

Verizon and Snapdragon just announced that Android phones on Verizon will be the first to get access to Rigonauts. The new game, developed by Engient, will be exclusive to Verizon customers for a two-week period from 10/9 through 10/23. After that, the game will be available on the Google Play app store for everyone. The game is Snapdragon optimized, so it will only work on devices with these types of processors installed.

The game is a strategy game where players build ships outfitted with armor and all kinds of weapons. The game features over 30 levels, and it requires players to optimize their ships in order to make it through the game. According to Qualcomm, “The game will show off the best in class technologies driving capabilities of inside Snapdragon processors.”

Some devices that can play this new game include the Motorola Droid Razr M, the Samsung Galaxy S III, and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Snapdragon has a device finder that will show you all Verizon devices with Snapdragon processors. If your device is not compatible, two-weeks is a short time to wait.

The game looks promising, so even if you don’t own a Verizon device, it looks worth checking out when it hits other devices in two-weeks. It sells for $2.99 and looks like it has enough gameplay to keep hardcore and casual gamers happy.

Google Play Link

[via Qualcomm]

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Indestructible brings free multiplayer demolition derby to Android

Android Central

Glu has just launched a free-to-play multiplayer game on Google Play called Indestructible. It puts players in the driver's seat of some dangerous vehicles, and pits them against others online. More often than not, they're just cars with all manner of dozer blades, laser cannons, and armor plating riveted to them, but you'll also see armored personnel carriers, hovercraft, and semi trailers. game modes include the good old-fashioned deathmatch, capture the flag, and a collection game type called recover the charge. As you play through, you earn experience points, level up, upgrade skills, and unlock new gear for your various cars. 

Those of you that are worried that this is a pay-to-win scenario, don't be. I hopped into a game last night, and came out on top even though I was using the bare-bones entry-level vehicle. Some of the upgrades are really sweet, and the four-player action ran nice and smooth on my Nexus 7. 

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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Melds Traditional Turn-Based RPG’s With Modern Touch Screen Gaming

This image has no alt text

Since the G1 days (that is a completely accurate description of an era), I’ve been expecting a surge of turn-based RPG titles to hit the Play Store running. But despite having touch-based controls on our smartphones that would perfectly compliment RPG gaming, titles have been few and far between. And that makes me a sad panda.

Maybe that’s why I was so hyped to see the fresh-off-the-Play-Store “Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering” — a new to Android title from developer Games. The game blends traditional RPG exploration and leveling up, with 1-on-1 turn-based combat. Players will choose between 6 different character classes, 12 classes of armor, 4 schools of magic along with 12 fighting spells, and 30 levels of progression.


Instead of choosing a command and sitting back as your avatar executes it, combat is a lot more involved. Players are forced to tap, swipe and use combos to obliterate their opponents and combat stays fresh thanks to 3 in-fight minigames. If you really want to finish off your enemy, each character has their own “execution” moves that can be performed similar to fatalities ala Mortal Kombat. Don’t even get me started on the trailer which looks even better than the game sounds. Check it out below.

Promising over 30 hours of gameplay and gorgeous 3D artwork, Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is an instant download for Android gamers looking for their RPG fix. To get started on the 440MB download, head on over to the Play Store where the game can be downloaded free of charge.

[Play Store]

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Juggernaut: Revenge of the Sovering crosses over to Android, brings more wonderful RPG style gaming to Us

Formerly only available for iOS, the popular MMORPG Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, has made its way to Android. This is the first Android title that Games has released for us, and boy does it look like a doozy.

Offer players 6 characters to choose from, all of which have unique skills, back stories and weapons. 12 Classes of armor, 4 schools of magic and 12 fighting spells to cast along with 30 levels of progression for each hero. Using various gesture controls like swiping an element design, tapping or combo-hit, you will battle your way through over 100 terrifying monsters. The graphics look stellar and the battles look intense. Offering up a little timing, and strategic game play style that is sure to keep a lover of turn based RPGs playing for hours.

Checkout a few screenshots and trailer below.

  Looks pretty slick right? We think so. If you want to give the game a whirl and see how you like it, then head on down to the handy little QR code below. As always, just click or scan it to head to the Play Store and pick it up. Be sure you have plenty of space and a good Wi-Fi connection a head of time though. The game will eat up a good 440mbs of space.

Application: Juggernaut: Revenge of the Sovering 
Developer: Games
Cost: FREE

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Shake Spears! Review

Shake Spears! is an interesting game created by Alawar Entertainment. It’s a really good game though. It’s something interesting and engaging, it requires speed and accuracy. With it requiring both speed and accuracy, this game is actually to an extent, pretty difficult to master. I can tell you right now that you won’t be getting the best possible outcome on your first try (unless you’re some scientific genius). To my surprise, this is actually one of the few games that would keep me engaged in the world. I didn’t feel like I needed to put it down (until I realized I was late for work, oops!), and was definitely not wanting to put it down even after beating most of the worlds (mind you, I still need to go back and get my best possible outcome). To my surprise, the game was not flooded with a constant spur of adds either, that right away made me appreciate the developers.


Shake Spears! has a different way of doing gameplay. It’s not something like Angry Birds where you point and aim, it’s not something like Amazing Alex where you put all the puzzles together and hope for the best. This game requires strategy and like I said earlier, it also requires both speed and accuracy. The goal of the game is to knock your opponent of his horse. Essentially it’s a jousting tournament, if you think about it. You only have three things to manage in the game. The first being where your shield is, the second being where your lance will hit and third will be managing your various abilities and power ups. I find the game quite difficult in later levels, thus I rely on power ups to get me through the level a lot, which is not what I think they intended for the game. It really does take a lot of strategy and a lot of retries until you will finally be able to finish one of the four worlds this game has to offer.

Now, four worlds really does not seem like a lot to play through, but really it is a lot. Every level gets more difficult and every level you might just find yourself facing a different opponent. It could either be a human being or a mechanic. I’ve found that the mechanics are a whole lot more tough than the regular human in the jousting matches (it’s pretty self explanatory as to why the mechanic would be a tougher opponent). In each world you’ll be given four stages and then a final stage making a total of five levels per world. Each level is very fun and has its own unique strategy due to how stinking well these guys were able to program the AI. You never know where the AI will end up with his lance or his shield, so if you want to outsmart the AI, quick movements and accuracy is very much needed. I haven’t found a way to really outsmart the AI without using quick movements, accuracy and/or power ups. That said, if you’re able to do that, I think we may just need to start up a Shake Spears! jousting tournament for big cash prizes!


There are numerous upgrades that you’ll be able to use in Shake Spears!, some of those upgrades consist of enlarging your shield to cover more of an area, adding a magical influence to your shield to shatter the opponents lance, or even destroy every last bit of armor your opponent has except his shield. A lot of the upgrades are really fun and don’t affect the gameplay all that much (it seems as if they’ve done this to keep the game challenging while adding some fun content to the game). You’ll have four different categories of power ups to choose from starting with the Knight. You then can either choose Mechanic, Warlock or Alchemist. While the Warlock and Alchemist skills are really cool, I have found that the Knight power ups are the most useful when it comes to jousting in the various cities. Warlock and Alchemist skills are mostly useful when it comes to bosses, but aside from that they’re just fun power ups to use every so often.

Power ups aren’t the only upgrades you’ll be able to get though. The other thing that you can upgrade is your lance, armor and health, thus giving you an advantage over your opponents even if you decide to not use upgrades (I still use them, it keeps me sane after retrying over and over again). Each upgrade costs coins (just like the power ups do) and will increment every time you upgrade (i.e. first upgrade costs 400 gold, second upgrade costs double that amount or 800 gold). While upgrades aren’t mandatory if you’re able to use all the power ups correctly, it is still very helpful and will be very needed by the time you get to the end of the game.

Graphics & Music

The graphics are fantastic. While it isn’t specifically for Tegra 3 devices, it still has some pretty dang good graphics and proves you don’t have to have a Tegra processor to make a game look good. I’m really not sure what category to put it under, but the game does not look like a cartoon and neither does it look like it’s realistic or something. The game boasts of a medieval theme as you would expect from a jousting tournament. They do it really well though, the style of the game is just all round good. It has some fantastic high resolution textures, which I was thankful for because on some games that don’t provide that luxury makes it look kind of lame on the tablet but pretty good on the phone.

The colors in Shake Spears! is pretty vibrant too. That said, Shake Spears! is no dark themed game and that’s just not what you should expect from it. I think it was a fantastic choice from the developers to choose that route though. It made for awesome environments to look at, and the map was especially beautiful even though that’s probably the most minimal part of the entire game.

As for the sound, it was really good. I like it when games decide to not make their sound effects clash with the background music. That said, the background music was wonderful. I could leave the game open and listen to it for the day (I am sure that my battery levels on the tablet would run out by then though). I think that the background music is probably one of the best parts of the game. While I imagine it would fit well for many other games of this style, its a perfect choice for jousting tournaments and browsing the armory and magic shop. A job well done, I say. It definitely is one of the more well-done background music, it’s not some clunky dubstep that you might hear in other games that I have reviewed in the past.

That said, downloading this free game just for the music might even be well worth your time. You will not be disappoint. I promise.


It’s your standard Prince loves the Princess and wants to marry the princess type of story. The only thing as (as you would expect) she wants you to win the various jousting tournaments across the country in order to gain her hand in marriage. It’s not a whole lot of story, but the 20 second black and white slideshow to introduce the “story” was pretty cool. Aside from that, you won’t really see much of a building story in the game at all. It sort of just seems there to give you a “goal” I guess. The best way to say it is it is essentially just a stage setter, you won’t find any type of epic plot in the game.

I haven’t gotten to the end of the game just yet, so I don’t know if there will be any type of “continuation” of the twenty second slideshow at the beginning of the game. If there is though, it wouldn’t surprise me and it’s probably just another twenty second wrapping up slideshow. If there isn’t, that would surprise me, though. Starting something up, and then not continuing it at the end, kind of weird you know?

Final Words

Shake Spears! is a fantastic game that should be played by everyone that enjoys a difficult and casual experience. Not to mention playing a free game is always a bonus. The only payments you’ll be experiencing in the game are to buy coins and/or crystals with real money. But even then you’ll be able to earn both currencies freely by completing offers and downloading suggested apps. You know, the standard start a Netflix free trial and get awarded 5000 crystals? Yeah, it’s that type of offers.

I highly recommend looking into this game as it is really fun and worth your time. If you don’t take my word for it, you may want to take the 40,000+ people’s word for it that it is indeed a very good game.

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DynaFlo LIQUID-ARMOR nano technology screen protection available now

If you’re the type that likes to protect your investment when it comes to your smartphone or tablet we have something just for you. Surely many of you all use screen protectors, but I’m personally not a fan. There are tons of products out there, but DynaFlo has something that is completely invisible. This isn’t your regular screen protector film.

It’s called LIQUID-ARMOR and it is exactly that. It comes in a spray bottle and you simply rub their nano technology screen protector liquid on your phone for the ultimate armor. This has actually been available for a little while, but starting today is available nationwide at many retailers and online.

“This is the world’s first truly invisible non-film screen protector solution,” says Tony Huang, CEO of Dynaflo.

Using their patented nano-technology you simply spray a nano liquid on your device and rub it with the included microfiber cloth, and you’ll have invisible protection for 6 months. What’s even better is the bottle lasts for tons of uses. For $25 you get an entire bottle that will last for multiple devices, not a one-use case scenario here. Their nano-coating makes an invisible layer of ultimate protection that won’t mess with screen sensitivity, dull colors, or cause your smooth touchscreen surface to have that “orange peel” look that most films do.

DynaFlo works on smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras and more. Anything with glass can be easily protected. It protects your screen from scratches, repels water and dust, and is completely invisible. Sign me up now! Starting today you can get LIQUID-ARMOR in stores nationwide at Walmart, Target, Fry’s Electronics and more, as well as online. We’ll be giving it a try shortly so stay tuned for a detailed review.

[via DynaFlo]

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Gameloft hyping up first Unreal Engine based game; No title, no specifics, just Artwork

Here is a first from Gameloft. They are well into development of their very first Unreal Engine based game. What is it, don’t know. It is a secret. Looking at the image they provided though, you can bet it is going to be a bloody one. They have created a dedicated Facebook page to for the unnamed game, where they plan to keep the hints and clues coming. The first clue states that there is a clue hidden in the artwork. We studied the image for a good long 10 minutes or so and saw a few things that could lead to what the game is, but not being mega gamers leaves us at a disadvantage, but we did see a few bits that looked familiar.

The image that one can see on the closest skeletons armor looks an awful lot like images from Assassin’s Creed. Could be some new variant of that game, but doubtful since it was all about stealth and sneakiness and this is definitely all about killing and wielding a huge sword.

The sword also has a number of symbols on it that look  rather familiar, but we can’t place our finger on from where.

You guys see anything that jumps out at you that could point us all in the right direction? Maybe some of you crazy Photoshop wizards can mess about with it and find something buried in the shadows.

Head over to Gamelofts unnamed new game page and get your vote placed to get the YouTube teaser trailer unlocked so we can all, hopefully, see something in action.

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[New Game] MEGATROID Boasts Old-School Gameplay And 3D Visuals – Just Don’t Call Her Samus

unnamedA headstrong female space marine in powered armor, with a gun for a hand. Miles of twisting, turning passageways to explore. Double-jumps, power ups, and huge, terrifying bosses. Stop me if you’ve heard all this before. You’d be forgiven for thinking that MEGATROID is a Nintendo 3DS title that somehow made it onto the Google Play Store: the game wears its inspiration from the likes of Metroid and Castlevania on its sleeve. But that’s no reason to ignore it. And here’s one to do just the opposite: MEGATROID comes from Triolith Entertainment AB, the developer of the well-received Wisp.


If MEGATROID is inspired by gaming’s past, it certainly isn’t restrained by it.

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[New Game] MEGATROID Boasts Old-School Gameplay And 3D Visuals – Just Don’t Call Her Samus was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Dungeon Hunter 3 adds multiplayer support

Dungeon Hunter 3 adds multiplayer support

Gameloft's free fantasy hack-and-slash game, Dungeon Hunter 3, now lets players team up or duke it out online with new co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. 

As usual, you chose one of multiple standard classes, and defend against waves of monsters for as long as your weapons, armor, and powers will allow you. 

As with most of Gameloft's free titles, this one's rife with in-app purchases, but I never found them particularly intrusive in the time that I put into Dungeon Hunter 3. To start slaying some dragons with buddies, hit up the download link below. 

Download: Dungeon Hunter 3 (Free)

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Dead Trigger teases new weapons


Android Central

New weapons are on the way to Dead Trigger, the zombie gore-fest launched by Mad Finger Games a few weeks ago. The teaser trailer for update 1.1.0 includes a chainsaw, some kind of lawn/face mower, a lever-action shotgun, and a WWI-era machine gun. Best of all, there are going to be zombies wearing body armor – you can expect that they'll be tough to kill the second go-around. There are a few other nice little gems nestled in the feature list.

  • experience personally four new savage weapons (including two melees): Chain Saw, Lewis Heavy Machine Gun, Marine Engine with sharp-edged blades and Repeating rifle, a classic of the American West
  • enjoy the new funny and handy gadget — the Head-Flator X100 enables to inflate the heads of zombies to XXL size and… Headshot!
  • meet new zombie creatures — mutated mobsters or armoured SWAT members
  • explore new fantastic environments — underground car park or secret research base institute
  • try out new gadgets or get more money – reveal deadly survival arena, that is tailor-made for massacre of hordes of zombies
  • visit Casino and try your luck with a slot machine
  • and finally safe game data with cross platform cloud backup
  • This huge update brings Dead Trigger also to Adreno 205, including Sony Xperia Play!

I'm pretty excited about new Dead Trigger content since a lot of the time Mad Finger's titles feel more like tech demos than games. Dead Trigger in particular is a little pushy with the in-app purchases, but on the whole, it's just some great, solid zombie-killing. Besides, it's hard to go wrong for a buck. How much time have you pumped into the game? Which of the new Dead Trigger weapons are you itching to try out?


Source: @MadfingerGames

Download: Dead Trigger ($0.99)

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Google Buying Magnolia Broadband’s Patent Portfolio

So looks like Google went shopping today and added Magnolia Broadband’s patent portfolio to its shopping bag. A press release put out by Mooreland Partners states that they will be heading up the financial advisory position for Magnolia during the sale of their patents to Google.

Magnolia Broadband holds many RF technology and networking patents, which should fit quite nicely in Google’s arsenal of legal weaponry and armor. Hopefully they can also use the patents for developing even more innovative products.

source: mooreland partners
via:  android central


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Griffin, Threadless again team up to bring community art to your iPad, iPhone

Griffin, Threadless team up to bring community new art to your iPad, iPhone

Mobile accessory purveyor Griffin Technologies and artist collective Threadless have unveiled the latest updates to their iPad and iPhone case lines. The co-op — now in its third year — is bringing a new form-factor to the fold with the Ethan Folio for iPad ($50, pictured above), and is making a handful of new designs available for its “super slim” iPhone armor ($25). If the run-of-the-mill coverings available at your local Apple Store don’t jive with your laid-back steez, mosey on over to Griffin’s website and have a peek at the new wares.

Continue reading Griffin, Threadless again team up to bring community art to your iPad, iPhone

Griffin, Threadless again team up to bring community art to your iPad, iPhone originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 01 Jun 2012 10:08:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Electronic Arts Releases Mass Effect: Infiltrator Into The Play Store, Brings ME3-Style Gameplay To Your Mobile Device


Fans of the Mass Effect series can now enjoy all the action of the big boys on their mobile device in EA’s newest entry to the Play Store: Mass Effect: Infiltrator.

ME:I features an “all-new original Mass Effect storyline” set in Cerberus base, where you, agent Randall Ezno, decide to go renegade and take the whole base out. You have an arsenal of insane weapons and armor at your disposal throughout the game, and can use in-game credits to upgrade all your gear along the way.

1 2 3

You can also gather intel and upload it to Galaxy at War for a boost in Galactic Readiness Rating in Mass Effect 3, so all you ME3 junkies are going to want to pick this one up.

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Electronic Arts Releases Mass Effect: Infiltrator Into The Play Store, Brings ME3-Style Gameplay To Your Mobile Device was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Now Lives Up To Its Name, Finally Lets You Craft As Well As Mine

minecraftMinecraft, the wildly popular online creativity toy, has also had a pocket version of itself in development for a while. Up until now, though, you could only really mine. As of today, though, Mojang, the company behind the game, has released version 0.3.0 that finally includes (and you may want to sit down for this one) crafting!


Up until this point, you’ve been able to scavenge around for materials, but if you wanted to do anything with them, you’re stuck. The new crafting system, called MATTIS because things need names, will allow you to craft new materials, tools, and armor. Minecraft is getting significantly closer to the mobile version we’ve all been wanting this whole time.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Now Lives Up To Its Name, Finally Lets You Craft As Well As Mine was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Battleloot Adventures to bring new RPG to Android with 3 on 3 battles in March

Gaming is an addiction, I don’t care what anybody says. Once you get hooked on a game, the rest of life doesn’t matter. I used to be an addict to a few games better left unmentioned. Some of the best games that feed our addictions are RPG’s. They usually take a great deal of time to complete, you have a wide variety of items to collect, buy and equip, and the replay value is usually pretty high.

Battleloot Adventures is a fantasy based mix of role-playing and strategy. Offering up some fantastic looking cartoon style graphics with a humorous story line to keep you laughing and moving forward.

The game will feature touch controls that are extremely simple. Tap on the character to select them, tap on the enemy you wish to tack and you are off to the races. No complicated attack menus to scroll through or furiously hitting the screen to fight. BLA also has special ‘Stars” that you can collect during battle. The more stars you collect from assists and combos the better chance you have at performing special actions. When stars start to fly up of your foe, you will want to be quick to tap it to collect it. One special attack requires one star and some energy to unleash. Each character has his or her own special ability, and one will even feature robot chickens. How cool is that.

On the equipment screen you have your list of character to the far left, and over view of their current stats. Then you have your traditional RPG style selections to choose from. Such as left and right hand, clothing, armor, helmets and objects.

There is much more to the game that what we outlined here. There advanced combat techniques, crazy weapons and armor to purchase and a good time to be had at all hours of the day. Battleloot Adventures is expected to be released to the Android market here in just a few weeks with March 2012 its target. Rumors state the game is set to launch at $0.99, but Digital Tales s.r.l. has yet to determine and confirm a price point yet.

Battle loot 7
Battle loot 6
Battle loot 5
Battle loot 4
Battle loot 3
Battle loot 2

This looks to be a real winner though. What do you guys think of it from you have seen so far? Itching for more information about it?? Head over to their Facebook page to stay up to date and learn the tricks before the game launches.


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Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend hits the market, now in glorious HD

As Mark Dell, our gaming guru pointed out, I will be all over this. Gamevil has just released the fourth installment of Zenonia to our door step. Which is awesome, I was getting tire of Zenonia 3. Those of you that may not be addicted to the Zenonia saga, let us explain.This game has an actual story line that makes sense and brings some us a great action RPG to our devices. You start out choosing your character class ranging from Slayer, Blader, Ranger or Druid. As you progress you level up character, buy new weapons and armor and become an all out badass.

To take it up a notch from your standard action RPG, Gamevil implemented a PvP section. In the previous Zenonia 3 you could challenge other players online to a battle. In Zenonia 4, you now have a new 2-on-2 battle ability. To make the overall experience even better, they have ramped up the graphics to give us a great HD game to play for free.

Full description -

Explore the overworld in vivid HD, now with spectacular visuals and top-notch animations optimized for high quality displays.

Become a force to be reckoned with — unleash powerful combo hits and devastating skills with explosive graphical and aural flair.

Choose the best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader, Ranger or Druid class hero with countless armor options, weapons and items.

Level up through Normal, Hard and Hell mode. Master the Fairy sync system and annihilate hundreds of normal and legendary monsters.

Tackle asynchronous online PvP with the new 2-on-2 arena battles or compete in the Abyss zone for loot drops, and hire other player data as mercenaries. The Execution Room and classic 1-on-1 rumbles also return.

Collect effect-boosting titles as you delve deeper into the secrets of ZENONIA®’s beloved characters.

I am really excite to about this release. I already installed it and am working my way through the intro scene as we speak. Expect me to be missing for a while, :O). Feel  free to snag it below by clicking or scanning the QR code. At least is Friday so you won’t feel to guilty for sitting around playing games.

Zenonia 4c
Zenonia 4b
Zenonia 4a
Zenonia 4
Zenonia 4
Zenonia 2

Application: Zenonia 4

Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.
Cost: FREE

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Gameloft Shows Off New Trailer For Dungeon Hunter 3 – Multiplayer Coming Soon After Release [Video]

This image has no alt text

Gameloft uploaded a trailer for the newest in a series of their “Diablo-style” action RPG’s, Dungeon Hunter 3. Overall, the game seems to offer everything you’d expect from a sequel — more. Higher quality visuals and special effects, new classes, armor, weapons and it’s all free… well, sort of.

Dungeon Hunter 3 makes the transition to the new “freemium” business model a lot of game developers are adopting. This will no doubt be a make-or-break for most. Personally, I’ve never found a problem with paying $3-5 for a quality game on my smartphone but when it comes to new Android users joining our ranks every day, apparently they feel entitled to free games and applications. But I digress…

The Android version of Dungeon Hunter 3 will be released in January with multiplayer support promised sometime in early 2012. Any die-hard Dungeon Hunter fans out there looking forward to this one?

[Via DroidGamers]

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Featured Video of the Day: Camera Battle between HTC Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S [Sponsored Post]

This image has no alt text

Apple made a pretty big deal out of the camera on their iPhone 4S, but can it win a head-to-head battle with the HTC Amaze 4G? And we aren’t just talking a sheer spec comparison. Even if we were the Amaze 4G’s 8MP camera still boasts several features that offer a unique advantage over the same megapixel count on the iPhone, including BurstShot and SweepShot. But you’ll learn all about those when you check out the above video. The 8-bit armor donned by some riled up gamers might be a bit goofy, but the message isn’t. The HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile emerges victorious.

This post sponsored by:

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Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F coming to Japan next year: thick name, thin phone

KDDI‘s au network in Japan has revealed that it’ll be stocking the slender Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F starting January 2012. Fujitsu fans may recall seeing a very similar handset with the same (mostly) 6.7mm profile when NTT DoCoMo’s version sashayed into those stuffy FCC offices. The phone runs on a single core processor, which is responsible for powering the image-stabilizing five megapixel camera and Gingerbread OS. The 4-inch, 480 x 800 AMOLED screen is cocooned in the same water resistant armor found on other Arrows devices, helping to protect those essential keitai functions like the One-Seg digital TV tuner and IR receiver. The skinny smartphone will go on sale in both black and red options on KIDDI, while NTT DoCoMo customers will have to settle for black.

Fujitsu Arrows ES IS12F coming to Japan next year: thick name, thin phone originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 05 Dec 2011 11:10:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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SEGA partners with PapayaMobile to release Fallen Realms

Android Central

A new role-playing game for the Android platform enhanced with Papaya’s social features has been released in the Android Market and for those of you who enjoy classic turned-based battle controls that don't really require a lot of attention– it might be worth a look.

Fallen Realms, places you in a free to play fantasy world where you must earn, discover, or purchase a deep assortment of weapons, armor, and magic to customize your character all in an effort to unearth seven dark artifacts whose powers will save or destroy all.

If you're not really a hardcore gamer and more a casual gamer who likes easy to control touch and play based games, Fallen Realms may be a perfect fit. It's pretty basic in its offerings and for some — may feel repetative. Download link is past the break for you all, as well check out the source link for more info.

Source: VerticalWire

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Gameloft Delivers Movie Game "Immortals" Unto The Humans; The NES Would Be Proud

Image 2

Gameloft, the gaming studio behind such games as Modern Combat 2, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, and Asphalt HD, has recently released a new game for all you mythology and movie fans out there. If you’re familiar with Gameloft’s games, though, this may be a bit different from what you’ve grown accustomed to.

From the movie "Immortals", you play Theseus, a-hackin’ and a-slashin’ through all sorts of fun Greek and Roman mythology, including, but not limited to, minotaurs, titans, and generic disposable guys in strange armor holding swords. It’s a side-scroller and, on top of what I assume…

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Gameloft Delivers Movie Game "Immortals" Unto The Humans; The NES Would Be Proud was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Android Quick App: Wind-up Knight

Wind-up Knight

Stop what you're doing and download Wind-up Knight for Android. Wait. Read this first. Then stop what you're doing and download Wind-up Knight, which has been gaining kudos and buzz since its initial release last week.

Wind-up Knight is a side-scroller that's reminscient of Super Mario Brothers — you'll be collecting coins while dispatching creatures, all in the name of saving a princess. But it's not a mere two-dimensional side-scroller — this sucker's got depth. And the graphics, while simple, also don't overpower the gameplay, a problem we've seen in other games. The controls are simple as well. Your character runs on his own (hint: You'll need to go left sometimes), and you're left iwth jumping and rolling and attacking.

Wind-up Knight is a free game, but you'll need to collect weapons and armor along the way. And you can upgrade as quickly as you want, thanks to in-app purchasing. Want a bad-ass sword without having to save up currency? You can buy 10,000 Rote for a $9.99US. Of course, that's the trick, right? You'll likely end up spending far more within the game than you would if you paid $1.99, or $2.99 — heck, we'd probably easily go $5 for Wind-up Knight — up front. But on the other hand, with 50 levels and great gameplay, you're getting your money's worth.

One downside of all that in-app purchasing, though, is that you can't switch devices. If you upgrade on a tablet, you won't have those weapons and armor on a phone, unless you repurchase them. (Hopefully Google does something about that at some point.

Anyhoo, we've distracted you long enough. Hit up the download links and check out our hands-on video after the break.

Update: Ooo. So after a few levels, you have the one-time option to upgrade to the full version at a discounted $3.99. We're all for in-app purchases, but the upselling is starting to be a bit much here.

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