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BillGuard expands internationally, now available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

Popular finance tracker, BillGuard, has today announced its first international expansion bringing it’s service to folks in Australia, New Zealand and the UK for the very first time. Most major local banks and credit card providers are now supported to use alongside it’s simple, yet powerful features to help you keep track of your spending. And all that in a really nice Android – or iOS – application.

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Pricing of the LG G3 revealed in Europe and Australia


While the LG G3 was announced yesterday, the company failed to give away pricing related information. But that part of the puzzle has been solved today as well with some other retailers in the UK and Europe giving away pricing details. In Australia, the LG G3 has been listed on the company’s official site carrying a price tag of 799 AUD  ($737).

Clove UK has the smartphone for £499 ($836) which is expected from a flagship product while Amazon Germany has listed the handset for €549 ($747), which is in line with the Australian pricing. So going by the initial pricing info, it seems like customers in the UK will end up paying a premium for LG’s new flagship compared to other regions.

Clove mentions that the first stocks will arrive on July 1, so we have a brief idea as to when the smartphone could be available in the markets. American carriers have already announced the availability of the G3 although they are yet to point towards a specific launch date.

Source: LG Australia, Amazon Germany, Clove UK

Via: Android Beat

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Finally: Google Chromecast is available in Australia for $49 AUD

Google Chromecast is available in AustraliaIt looks like somebody was definitely a bit trigger happy at retailer Dick Smith. A few weeks ago, we were given our first indication that the Google Chromecast media streaming device would be made available in Australia after a listing was made on Dick Smith’s website citing availability on the 28th of May. And sure enough, Google has today officially announced that the Google Chromecast is available in Australia.

The Chromecast is slowly being made available around the world now, first making its presence in the Asia Pacific known in Korea, and now Australia. While Australia isn’t quite the hotbed of media streaming that other parts of the world are, media providers like Quickflix, Foxtel and even the ABC have promised that Chromecast capabilities are coming to their apps soon. Unfortunately, there has not yet been word from Telstra about any content being made available for Chromecast or even any bundle deals despite rumours that they were in discussions directly with Google.

If you’re hoping to pick up a Chromecast, you can hop over to the Google Chromecast site here which lists all the available retailers, or you can purchase it on Google Play itself.

Source: Google via Ninemsn, Dick Smith

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The Chromecast Is Now Available In Australia And Japan


So far the Chromecast dongle has been limited to being available in about a dozen countries, with most being either in North America or Europe. Now more countries can get one today, specifically Australia and Japan.

This is the same device as in other markets, but tailored for content available in these regions. In Australia the Chromecast costs AU$50 and is available directly on Google Play and retail outlets JB HiFi and Dick Smith.

In Japan the Chromecast costs 4200 yen and is available from Google Play and a few other places as well. To see where, read the official post on the Google Japan blog.

It’s always good to see more devices being available in more places. If you live in Australia or Japan, will you buy a Chromecast now that you can officially get one in your country?

Source: Google Japan and Ausdroid via Android Police

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Withdrawn Dick Smith listing suggests Australian Chromecast release is just around the Corner

Australian ChromecastThe Google Chromecast has slowly been making its world tour around the globe, most recently being released in Korea courtesy of the large mobile YouTube consumption there. One place that hasn’t gotten the Chromecast yet is Australia, despite recent rumours that Telstra was in negotiations to include additional content onto the media streaming device before the Australian Chromecast release. Well, the land Down Under might be getting one step closer to getting the Chromecast as retailer Dick Smith posted a listing for the device before abruptly pulling it down; not before some clever people were able to take a screenshot however.

As the image above shows, the device was listed for $49 AUD, which is roughly $10 more than what the device would be worth in the U.S., though this appears the norm for the Chromecast’s release away from the States. The listing also said it would become available on May 28th, and while it’s hard to tell whether this was a cruel joke or someone pulling the trigger early, there isn’t long to wait before we see whether this was a genuine listing or not.

Are you excited to see the Chromecast finally make its way to Australia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: TechGeek via OzBargain

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Secret’s anonymous confession box comes to the UK, Ireland, Australia and NZ

Ever wanted to tell the world that you stuck your genitals into a bowl of jam (or vegemite) without compromising your reputation? Secret, the app that lets you anonymously bare your soul to the world has landed in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. While you’re likely to see the odd eye-rolling confession of sexual misconduct, Secret was also the venue that first broke the story that Google’s Vic Gundotra was leaving the company. At least when you’re caught using the app, you can say that you’re hunting around for more of the latter, not contributing that time you were seen doing something unspeakable to a toasted sandwich.

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Source: Secret (Medium)

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Google Opinion Rewards expands to the Canada, Australia, and the UK

Opinion Rewards, a Google app that pays its users to fill out surveys, has just expanded beyond the U.S. into Canada, Australia, and the U.K.


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Google Opinion Rewards Launches Today in Canada, Australia and the UK

Were you intrigued by the launch of Google’s Opinion Rewards app, but unable to get in on the action due to your location? The small, yet awesome survey app that Google launched a few months ago has gone through more testing, and is now ready to branch out farther into the world.

When it was first introduced, Google was apparently only interested in the survey answers from the U.S. Today, however, the app expands to 3 more countries; Canada, Australia, and the UK. Once signing up and giving Google a few bits of information about yourself (age, sex, and occupation), you can start taking surveys that will get you credit to use on Google Play. 

Other than launching in new countries, the app and premise stay the same. If you don’t want to take needless surveys, you don’t have to, but you can try and earn as much credit at your leisure.

If you don’t have a problem filling out somewhat personal information and opinions for Google, hit the link below and get your download on.

Play Link

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Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in Australia, pre-orders start March 27

Samsung has been throwing a little shindig down in Australia where it has officially announced the new Galaxy S5 for launch there. Pre-orders will go live tomorrow, March 27, and an outright purchase will cost $929 ahead of launch on April 11. Pre-orders will be taken first in the Samsung Experience Stores in Melbourne and Sydney.


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Homegrown Apps in Australia get their own Play Store Page

It looks like Google might be experimenting with some location based style app marketing in the Play Store. At least in Australia anyways. A new section was recently made available to the user down under simply titled “Made in Australia” It offers up a list of games and apps that were created by local developers in the country.

Homegrown Australia Play StoreThe section opens up as a Homegrown list of free and paid games and apps that have all been developed locally. Some titles you will easily recognize, like Pocket Cast, Jetpack Joyride and LinkBubble. Interesting to learn where some of these devs originate from.

You do need to be in Australia, or at least fake it that you are there, in order to pull up this section. At the time of writing this there hasn’t been any other locales showing up with their own lists, yet. It is possible that this is a promo, but we are thinking it is more likely a test to see if it is well received or not. We all love to support our favorite developers, but we also like to support our local communities and our country. Some might be more inclined to buy an app if they know the developer is local.

Any thoughts on this?

Via Android Police

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Moto X Launches In Australia Without Moto Maker


Australians rejoice! Seven months after launching in the United States and two months after launching in the UK, the Moto X is now available for purchase as an unlocked device. Unfortunately, Moto Maker isn’t coming along for the ride, nor is it expected to come soon.

The Moto X is available for AUD$549 outright. Since there’s no Moto Maker, your only choices are the Black or White models. According to Ausdroid, this Moto X works on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

So you have options to choose for which carrier you want your Moto X to be on. Motorola’s site still says the Moto X is “Coming soon” and there are no carrier or retailer announcements, but that should change shortly.

Now that the Moto X is in Australia, we can expect it to launch in more countries, which according to Motorola’s roadmap include India and Germany. Moto Maker will be expanding to the U.K., Germany and Mexico as well. And maybe Australia too, if Motorola updates their road map.

Source: Motorola via Ausdroid

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Angry Birds goes medieval in upcoming sequel – launching first in Canada and Australia [VIDEO]

Angry Birds medieval teaser

We’ve seen Angry Birds travel to Rio de Janeiro, we’ve float through space. We’ve even seen them race each other in go-karts, and battle the Republic in a galaxy far, far away. If you didn’t think there was anywhere else left for the birds to travel to, it appears Rovio might soon be sending them back into time.

Over the weekend, Rovio uploaded a teaser video to their YouTube channel, showcasing knights armor with their trademark red bird inside. While there were little details provided in the teaser, a look back at a Rovio 2014 preview video from December shows this medieval version initially teased, but managed to fly under the radar for most. In the video, a variety of upcoming Angry Birds games being plastered on a wall as an aggressive Razor scooter skater does x-treme tricks. In one scene, an image of the birds outfitted as a wizard, knight (or viking?), and archer was revealed, leaving us to wonder if Rovio will stick to their tried-and-true slingshot formula, or go with something different altogether like an MMO RPG, tower defense, etc..

Angry Birds Medieval

One could make the claim (as so many often do) that Rovio is simply beating a dead horse when it comes to their Angry Birds franchise, first they’d have to prove that Angry Birds is dead. Well, it isn’t. The games (in their vast many iterations) are still very much alive and well, topping the charts in the many different app stores you’ll find them available.

There was no word on exactly when we can expect this new medieval version of Angry Birds to hit the Play Store. Rovio only mentioned that, similar to what we saw with Plants vs Zombies 2, a soft launch would begin first in Australia and Canada, followed later by other regions. We’ll keep you posted.


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Google Chromecast launching in the UK and Australia soon


Speaking at the SXSW conference, Google SVP and chief of the Android team, Sundar Pichai has claimed that the Chromecast media dongle will soon make its way to more regions. He said that users of the UK and Australia can soon expect to get the dongle soon, with support from plenty of content providers.

He also spoke about how well the Chromecast has been doing in the U.S. and other parts of the world with the sales figure somewhere in the millions, although he refrained from giving away actual sales numbers. Pichai also announced the arrival of Android SDK for wearables in a couple of weeks, which would open doors for stock Android based smartwatches and plenty of other wearables. He even spoke about a possible “Smart Jacket” with sensors attached to it. But it seems like we will see the company’s smartwatch first by mid-2014.

The success of Chromecast can be accredited to the pricing of the device. With the initial pricing of $35, Google ensured that almost every home in the country could afford it for their streaming and other media needs. We expect the company to follow a similar sales model in the UK and Australia as well.

Via: The Next Web

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Google Play TV Shows Launch In Australia



Google Play TV shows are now available in their fourth country worldwide today. Now Australia joins the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan in being able to watch TV shows through Google Play. So now you have both TV shows and Movies available to rent and buy.

So now Australian Google Play users have access to almost all of Google Play, including Apps, Books, Magazines, and Music (including All Access). It’s good to see Australian users get parity with users in other countries.

TV shows are usually very hard to get rights to in varying countries, so the fact that it has been slow to roll out isn’t surprising. Hopefully over the course of the year, more countries will continue to get access to TV shows in Google Play.

Source: Google via Android Central

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Joy of joys: TV Shows now on Google Play Store in Australia

TV Shows now on Google Play Store in AustraliaIt’s relatively common knowledge that all the good stuff available on the Google Play Store is usually only available in Google’s native America. Occasionally the U.K. gets some love, but the rest of the world is generally left waiting long after features are implemented in the States. When they do arrive elsewhere though, it’s a time for celebration; TV Shows can now be purchased on the Google Play Store in Australia, finally adding the last missing piece to the Google Play Movies & TV puzzle Down Under.

The current library available on Play Movies & TV isn’t that extensive right now, but you will still be able to find your Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fix there, and as far as I can tell, it is also up to date. For around $3 an episode for the newer TV Shows, this might seem a bit expensive for some, but considering how much season boxsets often cost in Australia, you could be forgiven for giving in.

If you somehow have managed to get your hands on a Chromecast in Australia, Play Movies & TV joins as one of your only options of streaming this kind of content to your Chromecast. And if you’ve already bought into the Google ecosystem, this is just another reason to stay with them.

Do you see the need for TV Shows to be on the Play Store? Have you used it before and what are your experiences? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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TV Shows Go Live In The Australian Play Store

tvBig news down under – Australia has become only the fourth country to get access to TV shows through the Play Store. This will give you Australian folks one more thing to do instead of going outside. Really, why would you want to go out there? The country seems to be crawling with poisonous… umm… everything. I kid (mostly).


Our Australian friends will get a selection of international and local content, all priced in Aussie-bucks.

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TV Shows Go Live In The Australian Play Store was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Google Play Store offering freebies celebrating its two year anniversary

Play Store

As the two year anniversary of the Google Play Store approaches, the Mountain View based company is reportedly offering a set of freebies. According to users in Australia, the Play Store is showing some apps and titles with a discounted price.

Although the American Play Store is yet to reflect these discounts and offers, it should eventually make its way there. It is hard to ascertain if Google will offer the same discounts in the U.S. as it does in Australia right now, but it goes without saying that there will be plenty more offers and deals for users in the U.S.

Since the Play Store is accessed globally, it is possible that Google would make this promotion available around the world as well. If you’re in Australia, you can access these titles with a discounted price or even free:

  • FIFA 14 (free)
  • Theme Park (free)
  • Disaster Movie (AU$0.99)
  • Thirteen (AU$0.99)
  • Vanity Fair (AU$0.99)
  • Bejeweled Blitz (free)

Source: Reddit

Via: Cult of Android

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The Motorola Moto X will be coming to India and Australia in a few Weeks

Motorola Moto XWhen the Motorola Moto X was first launched, it showed itself to be a tantalizingly different device than anything on the market at that time, but probably the greatest shame at that time was the fact that the Moto X would only be sold in Motorola‘s native America. While the Moto X has made its way to the U.K. between then and now, Motorola has been relatively quiet regarding plans to launch the Moto X anywhere else in the world, until today. Motorola tweeted earlier today that it plans to start selling the Moto X in India and Australia within a few weeks, and hopefully this is a sign that the Moto X may see its way to many other corners of the world in the future.

Despite the Moto X’s relatively pedestrian hardware specifications, Motorola’s mobile smarts allowed it to create a device that challenged every other flagship device in speed during day-to-day use as well as introducing voice-command centric software that showed us a way to use Google Now never seen before. Unfortunately, it never sold as well as its innovations might suggest, probably the reason why it has taken so long to leave American shores, however now that Motorola is backed by Lenovo, perhaps it now has the backing to get the Moto X the sales it deserves.

If you live in India or Australia, are you excited to hear that the Moto X is finally making it over the Pacific Ocean? Let us know if you are going to get one in the comments.

Source: Twitter via Phone Arena

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Moto X and Moto Maker expanding to new countries


Moto X will arrive in India and Australia, Moto Maker coming to Europe and Mexico

Mobile World Congress

More news from Motorola’s Bareclona press dinner, and this time it’s all about the Moto X.

The handset itself will be crossing a few new borders and is headed to India and Australia. We’ve no details on availability dates or pricing, but we expect things to happen relatively soon.

For folks across Europe and in Mexico, who want a custom Moto X, Moto Maker is also expanding. Starting in Q2 in both the UK and Germany, you’ll be able to custom create and order a Moto X in a variety of colors, very much like U.S. customers have been able to. Hooray! We’ve no details on when we’ll see this in Mexico just yet.

Talking about Moto Maker, the wood backs make up about 25 percent of all Moto Maker purchases. Moto feels this will continue, and has a couple of new options planned. They have no new materials to announce, but wanted us to know there will be more to offer in 2014.


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[New Game] Disney Interactive Tests Star Wars: Assault Team Card Game In Australia

unnamed (5)Despite the excitement of the newly-announced sequels, Star Wars remains one of the most stale and stubbornly unchanging franchises in science fiction. So clearly what Star Wars needs to get people excited again is… a mobile trading card game.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

The new game comes from LucasArts and… hey, wait a minute, don’t we already have a Star Wars card game on Android? Indeed, Konami released Star Wars Force Collection, a shameless rip-off of other free-to-play card games, back in September.

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[New Game] Disney Interactive Tests Star Wars: Assault Team Card Game In Australia was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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[RUMOUR] Chromecast is coming to Australia soon with additional Telstra Content

chromecast is coming to australiaFor some time now, the rest of the world has looked on as America enjoys its exclusive look at the Google Chromecast streaming device, and unless you have been particularly diligent or optimistic with your wallet, it is actually quite difficult to get one wherever you might be; I myself had to go to the U.S of A itself to get one. We heard earlier this week that the U.K. will be getting the Chromecast, and today, we get the rumour that the Chromecast is coming to Australia soon too.

The rumour comes to us courtesy of the newspaper, The Australian, who alleges that Google and Australia‘s largest telecommunications provider, Telstra, are in talks to bring the streaming device to the land Down Under. Telstra plans to bring the Chromecast to Australia as a different means of accessing its collection of online content which includes movies and sports programs. While I can’t personally speak for the quality and cost of Telstra’s services, I can say that it would definitely be a good thing if the Chromecast arrived over here, particularly since the SDK has opened the floodgates for all manner of apps to start adding Chromecast support.

This is for all the Australian folks: would you get a Chromecast if it were released in Australia? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: The Australian via The Next Web

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[VIDEO] Motorola Moto G Unboxing: 8GB Dual-SIM Australian Version

motorola moto g unboxingUnknown to many people, possibly even people who live there, Australia was the first country where the Motorola Moto G was first released as a dual-SIM model only a few weeks ago. The 8GB dual-SIM model was released in the great country Down Under in late January, and while it isn’t yet available on the Motorola Australia website itself, it has made its way into quite a few retailers like JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys for not much at all. Though, granted that all things are more expensive in Australia, the average price of this 8GB model appears to be averaging about $250 AUD, which when compared to the MSRP in America of $179, does seem a little much.

All the same, we’ve got one now, and we’re going to review the hell out of it. And to start, we’re going to do an unboxing video, so without further ado, here is your Motorola Moto G Unboxing video:

One big thing to note about this unboxing, which I wasn’t aware of before I filmed it, is that there have been many complaints about how the Moto G does not come with a power adapter and instead comes with just a USB cable; as you can see from the unboxing, this issue has been rectified for this dual-SIM version.

Stay tuned as our review of the Moto G will be coming a just a few weeks! And as a side note for anybody interested, if there’s anything you want to know about the phone, or how it performs doing specific tasks, leave a comment down below and I’ll see if I can address it in the review.


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[Deal Alert] Get $100 Off Any Recon HUD (Including Jet) In Celebration Of Australia’s Tour Down Under Through Sunday January 26th


To celebrate the beginning of the pro cycling season (starting with the Tour Down Under in Australia) Recon, maker of HUD devices for athletes, is offering $100 off any of its HUD offerings.

Readers may remember Recon for Jet, the heads-up glasses that run Jelly Bean and compete against the still nascent Google Glass for the hearts and minds of athletes. The glasses debuted last Spring, with “Pilot Edition” units going up for pre-order last June.

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[Deal Alert] Get $100 Off Any Recon HUD (Including Jet) In Celebration Of Australia’s Tour Down Under Through Sunday January 26th was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Moto G finally landing in Australia on January 21

Moto G

Motorola's budget wonder to start at AU$249 for the 8GB model

Motorola's Moto G has caused some serious waves since its introduction in late 2013, and now it seems finally our friends down under in Australia are set to get their hands on it, too. According to the folks at Ausdroid, the Moto G will go on sale on Tuesday January 21, with an RRP of AU$249 for the 8GB model. The Australian model also appears to be the dual-SIM variant. 

Motorola has been noticeably absent from Australia for some time now, so it's a welcome move to see the brand return there. While the Moto G isn't quite the star the Moto X has proved to be, on sheer value-for-money alone the Moto G is virtually untouchable. Ausdroid is advising that the Australian Moto G will be launching with Android 4.3, but with the update to Android 4.4 KitKat having already hit U.S. and European devices, we don't expect it to be too long before it makes it to Australian devices either. 

If you're still undecided, be sure to check out our full Moto G review to help make your decision. 

Source: Ausdroid



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Dual-SIM Moto G now available in Australia

Moto G Australia

A dual-SIM variant of the Moto G was always in future plans for the device, and now it seems as though that day is finally coming. At least in Australia, it is.

Motorola’s Australia site has the information on it already, so this news is definitely confirmed. Pricing is still unknown, as well as availability. Hopefully Motorola will make the dual-SIM Moto G available in the United States soon as well— for such a low price, it could do very well.

Source: Motorola

Come comment on this article: Dual-SIM Moto G now available in Australia

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Dual SIM Moto G headed to Australia

Dual SIM Moto G headed to Australia

The Moto G was announced as a phone that would come in both single and dual SIM variants, but it’s only been the single SIM model that’s been available for purchase since launch. That could change soon, at least in Australia, as the country’s version of the Motorola website now lists the dual SIM version of the Moto G. Retailers and carriers don’t seem to offering the dual SIM Moto G yet, but it’s an indication of its impending release – Motorola had announced that the phone would be arriving in a dual SIM variant in markets like India in January, and it looks like the Google-owned company has managed to stick to that schedule.

As expected, the addition of a SIM slot hasn’t changed anything in terms of hardware – there’s a 4.5-inch 720p display, 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 5-megapixel rear camera, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB of storage, and a 2070 mAh battery. Despite a few months having passed since the Moto G was launched, the dual SIM variant still runs on Android 4.3 out of the box, though it will be upgradeable to Android 4.4 KitKat as expected.

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Amazon rolls out Kindle store and devices in Australia

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon wants to deliver more smiles to the land down under

Amazon has announced the availability of both the Kindle store and Kindle devices for their Australian customers. The new store will offer more than 2,000,000 eBooks, with more than 26,000 being free English-language titles. Customers will be able to choose from more than 700,000 books priced at $3.99AU or less, and more than 1,400,000 titles at $9.99AU or less. To round out the news, independent authors can now use Kindle Direct Publishing to make their books available, and earn the standard 70-percent royalty in the Kindle store.

To read all these books, you need a capable device, and for accessing the Kindle store none are more capable than a Kindle proper. The Kindle Fire HD is available now at Dick Smith and Big W stores across Australia for $189AU. The Kindle Fire HDX in both the 7 and 8.9-inch models will be available from Dick Smith and Big W as well, with the 7-inch model coming November 26 for $329AU, and the 8.9-inch version coming December 10 for $479.

While most of what we call Android has been stripped from the Kindle family, the devices themselves are great for reading. We're happy to see Amazon expanding into Australia. For full details, see the source links.

Source: Amazon (1); (2); (3)


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Samsung Galaxy Round Lands In US (And Australia) After All, Costs North of $1,000

With all the recent hoopla (recent as in the past couple of years) surrounding so-called flexible smartphones, one couldn’t help but feel cheated when Samsung’s Galaxy Round became official at last.


For one thing, the “curve” looked like a gimmick and nothing more. Granted, it does help a little with ergonomics and whatnot, but all in all it’s pretty useless. Besides, several reports pegged the Round as an “experimental” device meant to land only in South Korea in limited quantities, so what good does it do us folks living on the other side of the pond?

Well, as it turns out, stocks may not be so cramped after all. No, we’re still not holding our breaths for wide commercial launches on the Western hemisphere, but if you’re lucky you might just find a dozen or two units via a handful of fairly reliable online retailers.

Like Negri Electronics in the US. The seller that specializes in scoring rare gems like this one (don’t ask how) has kicked Galaxy Round pre-orders into gear a week or so ago and, theoretically, the phone should’ve started shipping this week.

Samsung Galaxy Round Negri

No idea if that indeed happened, but if it did the handhelds Negri initially had lying around sold like hotcakes. Thus, for now, the bendy mo-fo is listed as “backordered”, which is not necessarily bad news.

Chances are an extra batch of Galaxy Rounds will be up for grabs sooner or later and all you have to do is keep a close watch on Negri Electronics. That and break your piggy banks open, as the unlocked Round in black costs a whopping $1,129.50.

Clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, aside from the gimmicky curvaceous display, the 5.7-incher touts Full HD resolution, a 7.9 mm thin profile, quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of built-in storage, microSD support, 13 MP rear-facing camera and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Talk about dreamy specs.

Galaxy Round Mobicity

Meanwhile, though no other retailer stateside has been in a position to guarantee Samsung Galaxy Round availability, over in Australia there’s MobiCity which has applied Negri’s M.O. almost to the letter.

Namely, the Aussies have opened pre-orders a while back and now have the curvy beast listed as “out of stock, backorder or contact us for ETA”. That’s the textbook definition of vague, yet you can still add the phone to cart and basically order it for shipping at some point in the future.

Unfortunately, the price tag down under is even more prohibitive for the regular Joe: $1,199.95, or $1,319.95, including all taxes. Oil barons across the world, unite!

Via [Negri Electronics] and [Mobicity Australia]

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[New Game] EA Launches Classic Game Dungeon Keeper For Android, But Only In Canada, Australia, And Singapore For Now

bIf you’re feeling a bit diabolical today, just be patient – Dungeon Keeper has begun its slow rollout on Android. This refresh of the classic strategy/tower defense game is currently only available for download in Canada, Australia, and Singapore, but is slowly hitting more countries over time. Prepare your minions.

1 2 3

This version of Dungeon Keeper has been optimized for tablets with new HD graphics and new gameplay mechanics. All the goodies from the classic title are here, but some of the changes (sadly) revolve around in-app purchases.

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[New Game] EA Launches Classic Game Dungeon Keeper For Android, But Only In Canada, Australia, And Singapore For Now was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Plants vs Zombies 2 Soft Launches In Australia and N.Z.

Plants vz Zombies 2Plants vs Zombies 2, the sequel to the incredibly popular Plants vs Zombies, has been somewhat of an enigma in the gaming world these past few weeks: after releasing exclusively on iOS in August, we’ve been wondering for some time when the Android release would come amid allegations that Apple had paid a large sum of money to ensure an iOS exclusive launch would happen first.

Luckily, the time for wondering will hopefully be over soon as PopCap Games has soft launched the game in Australia and New Zealand. Although PVZ2 was also soft launched in China a few months ago, the same scenario happened when the iOS version was released in Australia and New Zealand first and then launched a month later. Based on this assumption, we should be seeing the worldwide release of PVZ2 in around a month’s time. Fingers crossed.

plants vs zombies 2The new Plants vs Zombies figures to be more of the same but with updated graphics and plenty of new additions. The game will feature:

  •  Meeting powerful new plants that will defend your lawn through time
  • Going toe-to-missing-toe with dozens of new zombies
  • Supercharging your floral friends with healthy doses of Plant Food
  • Firing up amazing Finger Powers to pinch, flick and zap zombies
  • Defeating brain-teasing challenges that will test your zombie-zapping skills
  • Gathering keys to play valuable side mission
  • Collecting coins to purchase potent power-ups
  • Earning stars to take you to new worlds
  • Connecting to Game Services to unlock achievements and compete against friends on the leaderboards
  • and Look out! Zombie chickens!

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, hit the Play Store link below to pick up the game for free now. Don’t be completely fooled by this price tag, though; it’s been widely reported that the game features numerous options to make micro-transations for additional game content, so be on the lookout if you do pick it up, and let us know how you find the game.

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Game: Plants vs Zombies 2

Play Store Link

Price: Free


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