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Amazon Enables In-App Purchases for Developers

Amazon has finally enabled the in-app purchase system they’ve been working on for a while now. It allows developers to sell paid content. It’s more convenient for all parties involved, especially developers who won’t need to come up with a content distribution system of their own to sell additional content after a game’s release. Of course, they have the option of declining to use Amazon’s purchase system if they don’t like the 70-30 split their way. We’re sure most developers would’t mind, though. In any case, it’s now available for any developer to implement. Have at it! [via Amazon]

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Netflix Updates Its System

Update is something that progress can’t live without and this is that something people should pay attention to. Today getting video streaming on your smart-phone is something usual and you can watch movies or your favorite TV shows without any problems. But the main idea of those services that bring you that possibility is to make everything look and work nice. So, Netflix is going to bring their latest achievement, the OMAP 4 platform for us to make video streaming a lot better and a lot smoother. Also, you can expect bringing full HD 1080p, 30fps playback on every Android based device that supports one. Here is the official word from Olivier Leger, VP and General Manager, Trusted Logic

“This Netflix certification represents another milestone in our successful work with the TI team. We are thrilled to bring the most advanced features – including premium content distribution and streaming – to various consumer products in a safe, secure manner. Netflix users and stakeholders will benefit from our proven technology, now optimized for TI’s M-Shield, and the best possible experiences on their mobile devices.”

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HTC Play to be Name of Game Marketplace?

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The USPTO comes through in the clutch again! Remember a while back when HTC invested $40 million into on-demand game streaming service OnLive? Back then, I questioned whether or not HTC would be jumping into the content distribution arena, something the company has never done before. This came not long after they invested money into similar technologies for music and video. It would appear that HTC’s set to launch their own iTunes store, so to speak, but we still can’t say for certain this is true.

It’s interesting to note that “HTC Play” may end up being rejected, for obvious reasons. Sony Ericsson has already outed their Xperia PLAY, and while both companies are planning to or are already using the names for completely different things, HTC may have to think up a new one. Another interesting tidbit – they filed to have the trademark registered the same day that Sony Ericsson did the Xperia PLAY. Here’s HTC’s description of the services that they hope to deploy under this name:

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Computer services, namely, providing search engines for obtaining games and related content for computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices, all via a global computer network; Providing a web site featuring temporary use of non-downloadable software for downloading, uploading, purchasing, programming, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, using, viewing, accessing, searching for, sharing, storing and organizing games and related content for computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices

Long story short, HTC Play was definitely a big candidate for the name of this content delivery service, but they’ll most likely end up going with something else. And the important thing is that they are, in fact, bringing a content delivery system. Other choice names to watch out for are HTC Read, HTC Watch, and HTC Listen for books, video and music, respectively. [PocketNow]

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