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CrowdCall Offers Free Conference Calls Worldwide

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Developer: Socialdial, Inc.
Price: free
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Being a business owner who has clients in various cities who in turn have offices in several locations, conference calls are a must. Sure, we Skype every once in a while, but having more than a few participants requires that we use a conference line. They’re not super difficult to use, but misplace the dial in number of access code and you’re out of luck. Enter CrowdCall, the free and easy way to connect up to twenty people on a conference call.

Unlike Skype, CrowdCall only needs one person to have the app to work, which is an extremely useful feature as you don’t have to worry about everyone having a smartphone. Yes, there are still those that choose to use a landline or old school type phone with buttons you actually have to push. That’s adorable, but I digress.

Created by parent company Socialdial, one of the founders being Buck French who sold OnLink Technologies to Siebel Systems for $609M, CrowdCall is completely free. And unlike GroupMe and Voxer or any other conferencing service, there are no line or carrier charges for using the service. That means it’s free for any participants throughout the world. No international calling fees.  (more…)

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