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The NFC-enabled oven of the future is coming from LG


The LG Light Wave DIOS oven marries technology with the culinary arts via near-field communication

We've all dreamed of having an NFC-equipped oven, and LG aims to make that a reality. The LG Light Wave DIOS is a convection oven that uses NFC to talk to your smartphone, allowing the luxury, elegance, and delicious food that only an oven with NFC capabilities could deliver.

Tapping your phone, which has the LG Light Wave Oven DIOS app installed, to the oven sets up a line of communication that allows you to choose from over 220 different ways to cook your food, including a healthy Air Fry mode that uses only a small amount of vegetable oil and reduces fat intake by up to 77 percent. The NFC-wielding chef of the future will also be able to look for recipes specific to the type of food they're cooking with, or by the type of cooking they would like to do.

Mrs. Hildenbrand is less than enthusiastic about the oven of the future, which still requires her to walk up to, and stand in front of it to cook, but i see it as one step closer to the jet packs we were promised as children. No word on when (or if) this one will be in your local home-improvement center or what it will cost. 

For more information visit the source link.

Source: LG (Korean)


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WhitePages Localicious App Hits Android, Doesn’t Wait for Apple’s Approval Process

WhitePages has just today launched a new app called Localicious for Android, an application that will help users find delicious food locally right in your neighborhood hence the name Localicious. WhitePages has been very clear that they’ve been planning this launch for Android and iOS but Apple’s long and difficult approval process makes planning a launch impossible.

WhitePages currently has a popular app for Android called Caller ID that was also first to launch on Android because of the long and drawn out approval process Apple currently has in place, eventually iOS did get the app and it is now available for those iDevices as well.

I think we are going to see a lot of people start to ship Android first,” WhitePages Chief Operating Officer Kevin Nakao said. “You can’t be held hostage.”

Nakao went on to mention that even when Apple does approve an app they don’t give any sort of clear time frame, and that too makes planning a launch or any sort of event difficult to say the least. This all sounds pretty familiar and goes right along with recent comments by Android Co-founder Rich Miner basically saying developers should target Android first given its success.

When talking about the new Localicious app Nakeo made clear that its most distinguished feature from similar apps is the ability to search locally by neighborhoods and streets rather than a geographic location. This way users can find “What’s Good in the Hood” as WhitePages calls it, right around the corner rather then heading over the bridge or into the valley.

For those that want to find some tasty food and give Localicious a try, it is available now in the Android Market for free. All those iDevice users will have to wait til Apple deems the app worthy of their neighborhood.

Download: Localicious

[via AllThingsD]


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Samsung Rocks NYC with Phandroid Readers

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Last night in NYC, a lucky bunch of Phandroid readers and AndroidForums members joined Samsung with an exclusively awesome event featuring the Galaxy Tab 10.1. About 500 people gathered to check out the unreleased Honeycomb Tablet, meet other Android enthusiasts, and eat some awesome food.

A HUGE line was gathered outside and this was the inside when only a few had entered. Perhaps the coolest part of the event was the fact that this was TRULY a behind the scenes look into the press world. Whenever we attend exclusive press events for device releases, we have a press conference and presentation, followed by the hands-on demonstrations in rooms decorated and filled just like this. For those who attended, they got an awesome glimpse into our world, complete with a device that hasn’t yet been released.

Above is our very own Contributing Editor, Kevin Krause, along with Steven58 and TwoSpirits – two moderators of the very best Android Forums in the world. The gentlemen on the left is Manny, an AF member who ALSO walked away with a 7-inch Galaxy Tab. BOOYAH!

There were a couple tables of delicious food and we couldn’t eat it quicker than they brought it out. It was always stacked to the brim with mouth watering treats- one of our favorite parts of attending press events! The drinks were all non-alcoholic- since anyone could sign up for the event we needed to keep it safe and sound- but MAN did they serve some amazing diet coke.

The headliner of the show was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will be launched on June 8th. If you weren’t at the event and want to know more, I suggest you read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review. Spoiler: our very own Quentyn Kennemer says, “the hardware is unmatched by any tablet manufacturer regardless of what operating system they use.”

We didn’t get nearly as many pictures as we would have liked, but that’s because we were busy having an awesome time and meeting the great people who read Phandroid and post (or lurk) on AndroidForums every day.

We would absolutely love to have more events like these – and we will – but PLEASE show your thanks to our partners by tweeting something like:

@SamsungMobileUS @Netshelter @Phandroid Awesome #nycGalaxyTab Event! Next time come to [Insert Your City Here]

If you’ve got pictures or videos from the event that you’d like to share with others, please post them in the comments or E-Mail them to me and I’ll add them to the bottom of this post as they come in. Thanks everyone, great meeting you all and thanks SO much for being the best readers, members and community on the planet. You guys seriously rock!

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