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Knockr lets you unlock your phone with a double tap on the screen


Most of us envy the double tap to wake feature from the LG G2 and the HTC One M8. But what if this feature was enabled with an app? Well, it was about time as a new app on the Play Store called Knockr allows users to use an array of gestures when the display is turned off. This includes double tap, swipe up, down, left, right etc to perform a wide range of functions.

This is very similar to the HTC One M8 as it allows users to open certain apps with a preset gesture on the screen in addition to unlocking or locking the device. But there’s a caveat with this app. As of now, it seems like devices which use an OLED screen are the only ones that can use the app efficiently. So if you own a Moto X or any wide number of Samsung Galaxy flagships, you’re in luck.

The reason it’s incompatible with LCD displays is due to the strain on battery life it has. Since the app has to keep the display on at all times to judge the gestures, it will be a huge strain on a conventional LCD panel. But as OLED displays are very efficient, especially when on a black screen, this isn’t a major concern. So while you can surely download the app on a LCD packing Android device, it probably won’t be as practical since the battery life will be taking a severe beating. Hit the link below to download the app and let us know what you think.

Source: Play Store

Via: Cult of Android

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LG bringing double tap to wake screen feature to its L Series II smartphones


The LG G2 comes with numerous software tricks, and one of them includes the ability to wake up the device with a double tap on the screen. It’s a feature that Nokia introduced in its now-cancelled MeeGo operating system (it’s used in Sailfish, an OS a few MeeGo developers are working on), and LG was the first manufacturer to take cue and put it on one of its devices, under the name “KnockON.” Now, the Korean manufacturer has renamed it to just “Knock” and also announced that it will be making Knock available on its LG L Series II smartphones, thanks to a positive response from LG’s customers in South Korea.

Knock is currently available on the LG G Pad 8.3 and the LG G Flex as well, and the L Series II models will be gaining the feature through a maintenance update in January. “Knock is distinctively an LG UX and a great example of what happens when you marry the latest in mobile technology with consumer-centric insights. No one ever thought that a power button needed to be improved until our engineers wondered why they couldn’t turn the entire screen into a power button,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO, LG Electronics’ Mobile Communications Company. Of course, considering Nokia was the first to think of the double tap to wake function, it’s not really an idea LG’s engineers came up with, but it’s still a very useful one that every manufacturer should be implementing on its smartphones.

Source: LG

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Falcon Pro Updated – YouTube Integration, Double Taps, and Spam Reporting

The Falcon team released a major update to their app today, which brings a large list of new features and improvements. Included in the update is YouTube api integration, the option to enable a double tap on tweets, a logout button (that’s handy), added slider for refresh rates, and a whole lot more. Get a [...]

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Nova Launcher 1.1.3 now available from Google Play, WidgetLocker updated to version 2.2.5

Nova Launcher has a new update headed our way, bringing several new features and enhancements to the homescreen replacement software. The update to version 1.1.3 brings even more customization and a few new gesture controls, including rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise, and double-tap for Prime users. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Unread counts via TeslaUnread (Prime)
  • New Gestures: Rotate Clockwise, Rotate CCW, and Double-tap (Prime)
  • Support for selecting icon from Go Launcher icon packs
  • Set default screen by dragging checkmark on preview screen
  • Hide scroll indicator
  • “Reverse” wallpaper scrolling mode
  • Animation/Scroll speed preferences
  • Show Recent Apps Nova Action
  • Support for Cyanogenmod nightlies “Launcher” setting
  • Misc fixes

Also receiving an update is WidgetLocker, which gets a bump up to version 2.2.5. Some changes stem from the update to NovaLauncher such as Go Launcher icon packs, but there are some other tweaks as well. The full list:

  • Unread counts via TeslaUnread (Supports Gmail)
  • Support for selecting icon from Go Launcher icon packs
  • Fix rotation issue on some devices
  • Fix tint issue on some devices

Both can be found in the Google Play Store today. Hit up the links below to download.

Google Play Link: Nova Launcher

Google Play Link: WidgetLocker

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[MIUI Theme] It’s all about the Wallpaper

We haven’t had a whole lot of time to dig out many MIUI themes that aren’t surrounded around Ice Cream Sandwich. As much as I love talking about ICS, I am over it already. I am certain many of you are too, at least until the real ROMs start rolling out to our devices. Until that happens we are still all about customization for both functionality as well as looks. This is just a MIUI lockscreen theme that I found by Youngunn2008 from MIUI Android.

It is clean and simple. Its main focus is all about your lockscreen wallpaper. Giving you as much screen space as possible with as much information as you absolutely need. You have a clock located at the lower left that even counts seconds. On the right is the day, date and month. In the bottom center is and off/on switch. This is where you actually unlock the device. Just slide from ‘Off’ to ‘On’. This took me a second to figure out. To access the music controls simply double tap on the clock.

The dev has a 12 hour formatted version that isn’t quite finished up yet. The spacing on the clock and date are slightly off and there are no music controls. There is also no notifications available yet for it either. The 24 hour clock version is up and running quite nicely though. If you like it, then be sure to download it below.

Download – srzSHORTY v1.1

The file will come as a zip. Just remove the .zip and name it .mtz and move it to the MIUI/Theme folder on your SD card. To apply it you will want to open up the theme app on your device and then select ‘Customize’ located at the bottom. Choose ‘Lockscreen’ and select and apply srzSHORTY. All set. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Source: MIUIAndroid

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ROM – @DesignGears Perception for Samsung Galaxy S II/ AT&T

designgears has released an update to Perception. The latest version is now v1-RC2.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
- Samsung Galaxy S II: AT&T

Perception v1-RC2 (10/21/2011)
Entropy`s Current Daily Driver Kernel
Extended power menu
Fixed home button lag (disables double tap features)

Head over to designgears’s CommunityRelease Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.

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[MIUI Theme] TypoPhone Negative keeps things BIG and Clean

There isn’t a whole lot for me to say about this lock screen. It is super clean and offers a very big, but minimal look. I like how the music player looks best of all. To access the music controls you simply double tap on the clock. This theme was originally for the iPhone and named similar, TypoPhone. Carlspr21 on Deviantart has graciously ported it for our enjoyment.

You will want to head over to Deviant art to pick up the file needed. It can be located on the top right of the page. It will come as a zip file and you will want to rename it from zip to mtz before you can use the lock screen. As a reminder, this is a lock screen, not a full theme. You will place the file inside MIUI/Theme on you SD card. Using the Theme app you will select ‘customize’ then ‘Lockscreen’ to apply it.

Source: Deviantart

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Koi Live Wallpaper

It looks like today it is a good tradition to talk about live wallpapers. Some people find them useless and do not pay serious attention but trust me that today live wallpapers is not just something to put on your screen but rather a serious and exciting entertainment one can imagine. Koi Live Wallpaper is another great live wallpaper that is offered for free with a certain number of features and for 99 cents with the full package. So, Koi Live Wallpaper puts koi pond with fish swimming around in it. You are able to create different tings like ripples on the screen by tapping or with a double tap drop some food flakes into the water and all the fish will come out to eat some grub. Also, in donate version you’ll get a possibility to customize your pond in every possible manner starting with the number of fishes and finishing with their colors and sizes.

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Android Wallpaper Review: Koi Live Wallpaper

 Koi Live Wallpaper

There’s a live wallpaper for everyone, and if you’re looking to be soothed by a tranquil, digital koi pond, then this is the one for you.

Koi Live Wallpaper does exactly what the name implies: puts up a koi pond with fish swimming around in it. At first glance it’s just decent. The background image doesn’t look quite right and the fish look a little too pixelated and on the foreground for it to settle correctly. Fortunately, once you actually select the wallpaper, it’s harder to notice those details.

You’re able to create ripples on the screen by tapping, although it doesn’t do much (anything) to the fish. A double-tap drops some food flakes into the water and all the fish come out to eat some grub. It’s a nice little bit of interactivity that at least offers some moments of entertainment.

One of the strongest parts of the wallpaper is its settings menu. The settings menu is only available if you buy the donate version, but it’s pretty comprehensive. From the settings menu you can choose your ideal background, modify things like rain speed (if any), plants in the water (if any), and edit your fish.

The fish editing is probably the coolest single option, if only because it showcases how many different koi you can have, and you can edit their sizes, too. The wallpaper defaults you around six fish (and only two or three colors) when you first download, but I quickly changed that.

The Koi Live Wallpaper is free in the Android Market, or, if you’ve just gotta have access to the settings menu, 99 cents. We’ve got download links and more screenshots after the break.

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ROM – @DesignGears Cognition S2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

designgears has released an update to Cognition S2. The latest version is now v1.5.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
- Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Cognition S2 v1.5 Changelog: (8/21/2011)
Based on I9100XXKH3
Removed modified email (causing me issues with my mail, wakelock)
Removed call recording (another wakelock, and it makes the dialer look ugly)
Home button lag fix (disables double tap)
Added txt/mms back into call logs (discovered I like this feature)

Head over to designgears’s CommunityRelease Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.

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Android Quick App: Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper


This one’s pretty simple, folks. If you like stars, space, spaceships, or Star Trek and/or Star Wars, I’ve got the live wallpaper for you. It goes by the name of Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper, and it’s about as straightforward as they come.

Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper has a settings of menu of only give choices: Stars, Speed, Background, Battery, and Reverse. Stars and Speed are fairly obvious: adjust the slider to determine how many stars are on the screen at once and how fast you’re blazing by in your ship (X-Wing? Starship Enterprise?).

Background is a simple check box, and enabling it adds a static image of about six galaxies that are far, far away. It kind of detracts from the overall slickness of a solid black background, but if realism is your thing, the option is there.

Battery is quite possibly my favorite choice, as it makes your default flying speed tied to your battery level. Have a charged battery, zoom right along. Have an almost dead battery, though, and expect to drag along in deep space, just waiting for a Klingon Star Destroyer ambush. Reverse is just that: the stars all go the opposite way, as thought your boosters were pushing you in reverse.

There’s also the excellent double-tap reaction of going into warp speed, and I dig it. It reminds me of the Millennium Falcon scene in Star Wars when they’re on the run. Nerdy, sure, but at least it’s there!

Scrolling is smooth, with no performance problems on my end. Perhaps it’s the newness of the EVO 3D, but with the popularity this wallpaper has already seen, I’m almost positive it runs on everything pretty well.

At the whopping price of free, there’s nothing in your way to keep you from downloading this stellar wallpaper. Well, maybe trying to get a girlfriend, but if you’re reading about Android, that ship has probably sailed. May the Force be with you/live long and prosper, friends.

Download links are after the break.

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Screen Grabs: Nokia X7 scores cameo in third Transformers movie, joined by N950 lookalike

Screen Grabs chronicles the uses (and misuses) of real-world gadgets in today’s movies and TV. Send in your sightings (with screen grab!) to screengrabs at engadget dot com.

Nokia’s hookup with the new Transformers movie runs deep — some of its international X7 launches have been themed around the Dark of the Moon three-quel that’s just come out in cinemas — so it’s no surprise to see plenty of the company’s handsets in the film itself. The metal-backed, 4-inch X7 gets the most screen time, quickly showing off Ovi Maps in 3D, but there’s also a portrait QWERTY device which may be the recently launched E6 or an earlier model such as the E72. A lot of consternation has also arisen regarding a third Nokia handset glimpsed in Transformers 3, which could well be an N950 running MeeGo, though if you ask us, there’s no way a MeeGo phone would take 157 minutes to save the world. We’d expect a double-tap to kill the baddies, an edge-to-edge swipe to get the girl, and a simple flicking gesture to turn the lights out.

[Thanks, Nicholas]

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Skype 2.0 brings two-way video calling to Nexus S, Desire S, Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro

The latest update to Skype’s Android application has just been rolled out and a big part of its goodie delivery is two-way video calling. Only a quartet of phones are supported right now: Google’s own Nexus S, HTC’s Desire S, and the Xperia Neo and Pro from Sony Ericsson, all handsets that shipped with Android 2.3 installed. We suspect the rest of the Android world won’t be far behind — Thunderbolt users will surely be wondering why they’re not included in this first batch — but for now it’s just that fearsome foursome. Also included in Skype v2.0.0.45 is a UI overhaul and support for SMS messaging, neither of which suffers from any handset restrictions. Hit up the Android Market on your phone (the web Market still lists version 1) to get at the latest software.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: We’ve just spent a little quality time with Skype 2.0 and its newfangled video calling. Notably, we couldn’t get a video call to work between the Xperia Neo and a desktop version of Skype — it was only possible to get video when calling between the Neo and the similarly compatible HTC Desire S. Once we did establish a connection, though, frame rates were smooth and buttery and the UI is simple and unintrusive yet offers quite a few functions. You can mute the call, choose between the front- or rear-facing camera, reposition the small window that shows your video feed anywhere on the screen, or — with a double tap upon that window — switch focus so that your own video output dominates the screen and your buddy’s feed is relocated to the smaller preview. It’s a great looking implementation of video calling, though we did only test it over WiFi, 3G performance may be materially worse.

Update 2: Skype’s press release and demo video can now be found after the break.

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Autodesk Inventor Publisher Viewer for Android Now Available [Video]

This image has no alt text

Need a quick and easy way to view those Inventor Publisher instructions on the go? The folks at AutoDesk has just the thing for you. Simply named AutoDesk Inventor Publisher Viewer, it does exactly what its name implies. Alongside viewing a list of instructions for a certain build, you can follow along with interactive tutorials that makes it easier to work your around the process. You can’t make those instructions with these, but we can’t imagine you’d want to do that on a phone or tablet anyway – that’s what the complex and flexible desktop application is for. More information about features and device compatibility are below. (And yes, this one works just great on Honeycomb devices.) Find it for free on the Android market.

�"Simple, intuitive user interface
�"Zoom, pan, & rotate in 3D using Multi-Touch
�" Play or scrub through animated sequences of step-by-step instructions
�" Double Tap on individual components for detailed part information
�" View text descriptions and annotations that can help augment 3D graphics
�" Includes sample instructions and access to an online gallery of instructions right in the app
�" Create, publish, and deliver instruction files to mobile devices using the Publish to Mobile capability of Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop PC software.
�" Store files on your device or Cloud Storage

• Requires Android 2.1 or above. Requires OpenGL 1.1 or above. Recommended devices include: 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM.
• Textures will only appear on Android devices with PowerVR chips when models with textures are published using R2011 and R2012 of Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software.

* Free product trials are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license and services agreement that accompanies the software.


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HBO TrueBlood Live Wallpaper for Android

Summertime is upon us and what does that mean aside from all manufacturers launching new phones? Great shows from HBO and Showtime are starting back up all summer long. I know that doesn’t really have anything to do with Android but the highly popular HBO original series TrueBlood just started the new season last night and kicked off with a bang. All sorts of crazy things going on with shape-shifters, fairies, dead vampires, and even panthers. For those that don’t watch the show I highly recommend it.

HBO is now offering a live wallpaper for all of us Android users that love the show, I bet you iPhoners wish you had live wallpapers right about now huh? HBO just released the TrueBlood Live Wallpaper available in the Android Market now. Give your screen that eerie look of blood and you can tap for drips and see some cool animation effects with the words on screen, or double tap to remove the HBO logo and just enjoy the blood.

This should be a tasty and bloody treat for all you vampires around, I know we have a few somewhere in this crazy mobile world. I did want to mention the app also supports tablets and you can get it for your Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom and it works great at the high resolution of Android 3.1 Tablets.

Now before you go running off to get this live wallpaper feel free to stay a minute and read our Android Community App of the Week Review of HBO GO. You can watch any show from HBO at any moment right on your Android Phone with HBO Go for Android. In case you didn’t know HBO is now showing episodes of popular shows like TrueBlood a week early for HBO GO users only. So last night I watched the new Season 4 premiere of Trueblood on TV then I watched Episode 2 right on my PC streaming to my HDTV using HBO GO. If your not home you can use the HBO GO app I linked to above right from your phone. I had to tie a little Android into this TrueBlood story right? Enjoy the show and stay tuned to AndroidCommunity for all your Android news and rumors.

[via Android Market]


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Android Quick App: QuickPic


If there’s always been one stock app I’ve heard people gripe about, it’s the gallery. QuickPic aims to be your total gallery replacement, eschewing some of the eye candy Android’s gallery offers and giving you heaping bundles of functionality in its stead.

Instead of the slick, floating stack of pictures the normally gallery gives you, you’re granted a static list. No cool effects, no changing angles as you move your phone, nothing. What you do get, however, is speed. The list loads near instantly (at least with my meager amount of albums). I mean, hey, the app is called QuickPic.

Something you lose from the stock gallery app is the ability to long press an entire album, and from there, move it, share it, delete it, etc. Long pressing on a gallery from the main menu only gives you the option to see a slideshow, hide the gallery, exclude it, delete it, or rename it. You also can see the exact location of the gallery from the main menu. It’s not necessary at all, but it is helpful, especially if a lot of your different apps all save in different locations. (For me, that’s ShootMe in one folder and everything else in DCIM.)

Once you actually select a gallery to look at, the quick in QuickPic becomes readily apparent. Pictures scroll without hesitation from a left or right swipe, and a double-tap gives you not one, but two levels of zoom. A third double tap brings you back to the original size. There’s also pinch-to-zoom. That’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s included and it works.

Before you can do anything with your pictures (like share or rotate them en masse), you’re going to either want to press the checkbox in the top-right corner of the screen, or press Menu > Multiselect. From there, you’ll notice the stock Android checkboxes appear on each and every picture, allowing you to select them for editing.

Once a picture (or pictures) are selected, you can share them, copy them, move their location on your SD card, delete them, or rotate them. There’s also a double check button that let’s you select everything in an album instantly, so if you were planning to copy or move, that’ll save you a bit of time (especially on a larger album).

Other than that, there’s not much to talk about. QuickPic doesn’t try to be something it’s not, but for what it aims to be, it excels. If your preferred gallery experience is a fast, straight-to-business approach, QuickPic is the app for you. At the whopping price of free, it won’t break the bank, and with nary an ad in sight, there’s nothing to sully the experience that QuickPic offers.

Download links and more pictures are after the break.

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5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers part 5

Best Android Apps Review – Reviews on the latest Android Apps, Widgets, and Games

This is part 5 in our series of “5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Note: Android live wallpapers are currently only available for devices running Android 2.1+.

Remember, to set a live wallpaper, long press your homescreen > wallpapers > live wallpapers.

1.  PacDroid Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.25.2
  • Size: 329KB
  • Price: Free

Keep your Android fed on the tastiest of treats, Apples, in this PacMan style Android live wallpaper! Watch as your Android chases down and consumes each Apple in its path. Now, if your Android is a fan of Apples and would rather not eat them, there are additional items to add to this live wallpaper (via themes downloaded separately). This app will surely get a rise out of your iPhone touting friends!

2.  Live Weather Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.3.1
  • Size: 572KB
  • Price: $1.99

This interactive live wallpaper displays your current location’s weather conditions via HD quality wallpaper images. To setup, use your zip code to define your location (this is recommended for best results from Google Weather service). Also, choose an update interval of either 0.5, 1, 6, or 12 hours. Once the live wallpaper is set, double tap the screen to receive the current temperature.

Note: The developer has pledged to donate all proceeds from this app to cancer patients in need via direct contributions or donations made to charities.

3.  NA Flags Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 5.15MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Price: $0.99 (Free version available)

An elegant 3D live wallpaper of a flag blowing in the wind. Includes North American flags including USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, all 50 U.S. states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Similarly, if you’re located in Europe, there is an EU version of this app with over 40 countries’ flags. Plus, there are plenty of customization settings and full support for landscape and portrait modes.

4.  Blue Skies Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.45
  • Size: 1.97MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Price: $0.99 (Free version available)

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper lets you soar through the clouds right from your Android homescreen. Set options for cloud density, wind speed, lighting based on time of day, and plenty more. You’ll also notice colored balloons and other objects floating through the sky as well (and you can even set the balloons to indicate when you have a new alert).

5.  Pristmatic Live Wallpaper

  • Version: 1.06
  • Size: 1.58MB
  • Price: $0.99 (Free version available)

A beautifully simulated kaleidoscope that shifts with time and each swipe of the homescreen. Create your own hypnotic effect by adjusting the prism geometry, background images/colors, movement speeds, and more. You’ll soon find yourself staring at this live wallpaper over and over again.

5 Must Have Android Live Wallpapers part 5 is a post from: Best Android Apps Review

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Zeam Launcher 2.9.1 Update – Released

With the numerous amounts of launchers being released in the last few months you’d be led to believe that selection would be pretty diverse. While as the numbers show it is, however these new launchers seem to only strike one note, they’re fancy and sport gimmicky animations. So what about the people that want fast, responsive, and minimal?

XDA member cloakt has released an update to the his Zeam Launcher which not only fixes a few bugs but adds a new quickness not seen in past releases. I loaded up the updated launcher on my Epic 4G and I will say it’s pretty good. It’s responsive and speedy without hesitation.


- elastic scrolling
- scrollable dock bar
- 1 to 7 screens with pinch screen previews
- configurable action bindings (swipe up, swipe down, double tap, home)
- long hold uninstall from trashcan
- hide home screen icon labels
- auto rotate orientation
- widget size spanning
- live wallpaper support
- fullscreen mode

minor bugfix
defaulted dock background to dark on new installs

You can grab this launcher for free, and it’s worth the bandwidth. Head on over to the Android Market and take it for a spin.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Zeam Launcher
Developer: Michael Bentz
Cost: FREE

Source: XDA via XDA thread

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