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Motorola’s 2012 DROID devices still slated to get KitKat in a few more weeks


Whenever Google releases a new version, or major update, to Android one of the most common questions for owners of existing phones is whether their device will ever benefit. Owners of the Motorola DROID  devices from 2012, the DROID RAZR HD, DROID RAZR M, and DROID RAZR MAXX HD has some reason to be concerned when Android 4.4 KitKat was released last fall as their devices were already “old” in terms of smartphones. They probably breathed a sigh of relief when Motorola announced they would make KitKat available for their devices at some point. After months of no updates though, some were questioning whether Motorola was really committed to the effort to make KitKat available for their devices. The good news for most, if not all, of these owners is that David Schuster with Motorola posted over the weekend that the update was only “a few more weeks” away.

In his post on Google+, Schuster indicates the team has made “great progress” in preparing KitKat for the “2012 DROID family” of devices. He does list the RAZR HD and RAZR M specifically, but left off the RAZR MAXX HD. Hopefully leaving off specific mention of that third device was merely an oversight. Schuster indicates the version to be released will be Android 4.4.2.

In a response to some questions, Schuster also reported work in continuing on Android 4.4.x for the 2013 DROID devices. However, the team has been dealing with “a number of different and unfortunately changing requirements.” He does think the challenges are behind the team at this point, so those devices appear to be on track to get an upgrade in “a few more weeks” as well.

source: +David Schuster

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Next Motorola DROID refresh is on track for Q4


Motorola has been launching new DROID phones every year since 2009. This year is no exception, especially since they signed that exclusive agreement to continue to make DROIDs for Verizon Wireless.

This year’s model(s) will hit around the 4th quarter and will sport a larger screen ratio, meaning less bezel. The latest DROIDs have sported Kevlar, and it looks likes Motorola will continue that trend. However, they will update it with supposed next-gen materials.

Of course Motorola will also launch an updated Moto X over the summer, and just like last year, we expect the new DROIDs to have the same software and features.

It still amazes me that the DROID line is still around, but I guess Big Red thinks it is still pretty lucrative. They are the only U.S. carrier to have their own branded phone.

source: Weibo
via: G4Games

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Motorola drops device exclusivity from Droid Zap photo sharing app

Would Twitter, Instagram or Vine be any fun if you couldn’t participate in the social experience? No, probably not. This is the problem that Motorola’s Droid Zap had: it was a unique, localized photo-sharing service that left non-Droid owners out to dry. Users of any Android phone could call up the app and see what other users in a 1,000-foot radius were sharing, but were barred from sharing anything unless their device was Droid-branded. Now, Motorola is finally letting other phone owners become part of the conversation, opening the app’s photo-sharing features to all Android devices. Unfortunately, the full experience still isn’t available to everyone: the new Zap Zone feature (a timed, live and shared photo album) is exclusive to Droid devices, as is the ability to send videos and regular files. Still, with the ability to participate at least a little, non-Droid users finally have a reason to try the app.

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Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play

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DROID Zap update brings image send support to all Android devices

Motorola has updated the DROID Zap app, and this time those using the app will notice a new feature. Perhaps more important though, Motorola has opened things up and the app will now work with quite a few additional devices. Simply put, the app will no longer be limited to those with a Motorola DROID branding, though, some features will be device specific.

In this case, the new feature that has come along with this update is Zap Zone. This will allow multiple users to share pictures in a group setting. Say, at a party. Users begin by inviting others, and once the invitation has been accepted, the sharing can begin. From that point, all pictures you take will automatically be shared for the duration of the Zap Zone.


The other device aspect is simple. DROID Zap has opened up and any Android handset will be able to send and/or receive images. The update is nice to see, if for no other reason than existing users will now be able to be friends with share images with those who aren’t using a DROID. The real question here will be whether those non-DROID users will adopt the app.

Some brief testing shows the app works well enough, but along with wondering how many non-DROID users are going to be excited, we aren’t exactly sure if this will be more attractive as compared to simply sending an email, or sharing the images with Facebook or Twitter. DROID Zap can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Droid Zap app now supports more phones


Droid Zap

The Droid Zap app just rolled out an update that lets more users enjoy its features. The app, which was released alongside three Motorola Droid phones, the Ultra, Mini, and Maxx, previously allowed only the users of said phones to instantly share photos with users of any of the three devices. A later update also added support for older Droid smartphones.

The update, however, now claims to let users of all Android phones receive and send photos easily by means of the app. Some users on r/android, however, noted that the app does not work for their phones, because it is incompatible with their countries.

For those whose phones, however, are compatible with the Droid Zap app, using it is easy. One simply swipes the screen to have the app look for other Android phones in the vicinity that have the Droid Zap app installed. Sending can be public, or private with the use of a PIN.

Owners of non-Droid phones, at the moment, will only get to share photos, but Droid users have the option to send videos, as well.

For owners of the three abovementioned Droid phones, Droid Zap throws in one extra feature: Zap Zone. Zap Zone lets users form a special group whose members can easily share photos or videos with the other members of the group.

The app requires the use of a Google ID, a data network to download the content, and the GPS/Wi-Fi functionality on one’s smartphone to identify location.

It may be recalled that back then, the app received some positive feedback for eliminating the need to send videos or photos via e-mail or social networks, as well as for its ability to send such content in just a few number of steps. Some even compared it to Apple’s AirDrop, which required more steps to share content than Droid Zap did.

Take note, however, that because Droid Zap depends on your location, you need to be generally near, that is, within around 300 meters, of the person with whom you are sharing your files.

Download Droid Zap here.

via reddit

source phonedog, mashable

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Android 4.4 rolling out to Verizon DROID users now

After a soak test, Verizon DROID owners are set to get Android 4.4 soon. The update is rolling out gradually, and affects all new DROID devices via Verizon. With that, you can expect your DROID Ultra, Maxx, and Mini to get KitKat soon, but don’t get overly excited. The update comes with a few catches.


The KitKat experience on the DROID lineup will differ slightly from that found on the Nexus 5. Users will still have the blue icons up top, and be relegated to the Jelly Bean dialer and home screen. Though not a huge deal, no reason has been given for Verizon’s use of “expired” aspects of Android on a new iteration.

Aside from those three things, the KitKat experience will remain the same as with other handsets. You can choose which service hosts your messaging, go between ART and Dalvik, and the new transparency framework is around. Of course, you won’t get the new Google Now launcher, which is still left to the Nexus 5.

If you don’t yet have the update, don’t fret. Verizon is rolling it out in stages, and you’ll be getting yours soon enough. Also, keep in mind this affects those DROID handsets introduced last year, not all DROID devices. Though not the fastest update we’ve ever seen, and keeps some Jelly Bean touches, it’s good to see DROIDs finally getting the update love they deserve.

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Here are the Changelogs for the Newest DROID 4, RAZR, and RAZR MAXX Updates

Here are the Changelogs for the Newest DROID 4, RAZR, and RAZR MAXX Updates

Just before 2013 ended, a couple of soak tests began for the DROID 4 and original RAZR/RAZR MAXX. We assumed, knowing the age of each device, that the updates would be incredibly minor and probably include connectivity fixes and bloatware. We were right on the connectivity part, however, Verizon has surprised us by not removing or adding any new services that few find useful. Hands to the sky, as updates for all devices are rolling out now.

There are connectivity fixes in store, though, for all three devices. Each has been given a fix to improve connectivity “while roaming abroad.” Data roaming in Canada on GSM/UMTS networks is also now supported. And last, security fixes were tossed in, meaning root users should proceed with caution as always.

The full changelogs are below. 


DROID 4 update


droid razr update

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Motorola Readies A Roaming Maintenance Update For The Original DROID RAZR And DROID RAZR MAXX

drGood news, Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR users: there’s a new update coming your way. Bad news: it’s not KitKat, or any kind of Android version upgrade, Nope, this is a humble maintenance update, meant to address a few niggling bugs and nothing more. Try to contain your excitement. DROID RAZR MAXX users should get this update as well, since the software on that particular phone is identical to the DROID RAZR.

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Motorola Readies A Roaming Maintenance Update For The Original DROID RAZR And DROID RAZR MAXX was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Android 4.4 confirmed for DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini users

Details of a soak test for the Verizon DROID lineup surfaced earlier in the week. While those in the test groups aren’t able to post publicly with details, there was hope the update was bumping the handsets to Kit Kat. More to that point, there was also hope Verizon would take this from soak test to a public rollout as quickly as they did with the Moto X.


Well, it looks like that is exactly how things have played out. Details coming by way of Albert Aydin, @VZWalbert on Twitter, mention how “starting today” the Android 4.4 Kit Kat update is rolling out to DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini users. The key with the update, this one is said to be rolling out in phases.

There wasn’t anything further in terms of how many devices will be seeing it today, or alternatively, when the rollout is expected to be completed. Needless to say, that leaves users with one of two options to consider. The first is to sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive. The second is to go looking. We suggest the former approach with some patience, but we realize many will not want to wait for Kit Kat.

We understand the desire to update as quick as possible, however we do look towards the past and that includes having seen updates that start rolling, only to get pulled because a last minute issue was discovered. We cannot say that will happen here, but on the flip side, sometimes it may be better to wait a bit longer for the update — just to be safe. Bottom line here, the Kit Kat rollout has begun for the DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini smartphones.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless

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Android 4.4 KitKat update hitting Droid Ultra, MAXX and Mini


Update rolling out 'in phases' starting today

Verizon has taken to Twitter to announce that the Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX and Droid Mini will start receiving their over-the-air updates to Android 4.4 KitKat from today. The update is rolling out "in phases" according to the carrier, following a short soak test over the weekend. In addition to the new Android OS features, today's Droid update includes a new version of the Droid Zap sharing utility with a revamped interface, according to the official changelog.

It's a remarkably quick turnaround for the Verizon-branded handsets, coming a month to the day after the Moto X KitKat updates started, and less than two months after the Android 4.4 open-source code drop.

If you're seeing KitKat on any of the 2013 Droid phones today, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: @VZWNews; More: Verizon Changelog (PDF)


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Verizon confirms KitKat for DROID phones today


Earlier this morning, we were tipped off to news that Motorola would begin the soak test upgrade for Motorola DROID Mini, DROID MAXX and DROID Ultra users. The company didn’t give us any clue as to what the upgrade would be after their last snafu, but our KitKat senses have been tingling ever since we heard an upgrade was coming.

Now, Verizon has taken all the mystery (and fun) out of it by announcing that it’s KitKat on Twitter. Verizon noted that the upgrade is going out in phases, which means not everyone will be seeing it right away. We imagine the aforementioned soak test gang will be the absolute first in line, though if the upgrade to KitKat on the Moto X is anything to go by it might not be a long wait for the rest.

We’ll be feverishly checking for the upgrade, but if you happen to grab it before we can be sure to let us know in the comments section below. It might be a good idea for you to get on WiFi and charge your battery before giving it a go.

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Verizon Pushing Out Android 4.4 To The DROID MAXX, Mini, And Ultra Starting Today

DROID-ThumbAfter being the first carrier to deliver KitKat on the Moto X, Verizon is now following up with OTA updates for its own line of exclusive Motorola devices. Starting today, DROID MAXX, Mini, and Ultra owners will start to see the latest version of Android arrive on their devices. According to a tweet sent out just now, this update will be going out in waves.

Starting today: Android 4.4, #KitKat is being pushed out in phases to #DROID Ultra/ Maxx/Mini

— Verizon Wireless (@VZWnews) December 19, 2013

Verizon has already posted support documentation of what to expect.

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Verizon Pushing Out Android 4.4 To The DROID MAXX, Mini, And Ultra Starting Today was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Soak test invites heading out for Verizon’s DROID trio, could be for Android 4.4 KitKat


With the Moto X having received the Android 4.4 KitKat update less than a month after Google unveiled the latest version of its OS, everyone has been expecting that Motorola will be pushing out quick updates to other devices as well. Now, it looks like the company will be living up to those expectations, as it has begun sending out soak test invites for a forthcoming upgrade for the DROID Maxx, Ultra, and DROID Mini on Verizon, and considering the similarities in hardware between the three devices and the Moto X, this upgrade is almost certain to be the KitKat update.

Motorola is being rather secretive about the update’s details, giving us all the more reason to get excited about the possibility of it being an update to Android 4.4. Of course, it could always turn out to be just a regular update for bug fixes and the like, but again, considering Motorola’s new found focus on releasing quick software updates, owners of the DROID Maxx, DROID Mini and DROID Ultra could be breaking off a piece of KitKat very soon. As always, the soak test will be available only for a select group of people, and if everything goes according to plan, the general Android 4.4 rollout should begin in the next week or so.

Android 4.4 KitKat features faster performance, reduced memory usage, white navigation and status bar buttons and the option to hide them in apps via “immersive mode,” inbuilt printing and NFC tap and pay support, option to specify default text messaging and home (launcher) app in Settings, and more.

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Motorola starting software soak test for Verizon Droids

Motorola Droid Ultra

Attention, owners of the Verizon Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx: Motorola has just sent out invites for a software "soak test" for the trio of devices. Nothing definite, but that could well mean Android 4.4 KitKat is on its way. (Or it could be a lesser version. We've got our fingers crossed.)

It generally takes a few days for the soak test update to push — and it's entirely possible the update will push to everyone — soak test or not — at the same time. It's happened before.

Stay tuned.

More: Verizon Droid forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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DROID DNA Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 rollout expected today

We have seen a handful of dates in regards to the HTC DROID DNA update. Not to mention, some reports stating Android 4.3, and some stating Android 4.2.2. Both however, came with mention of Sense 5. Well, it looks like we have those answers and it looks like the update is going to begin today. First things first though, DROID DNA users will be getting Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.


The changelog has been posted by Verizon and the timeline has been shared by HTC’s Executive Director, Product Management. The details were shared on his @moversi Twitter account and came as follows;

“DNA Owners! We have received technical approval from Verizon on OS 4.2.2 + Sense 5!! Thank you for your patience, the OTA will go out soon!!”

That was then followed with word the update “should” start today. We will see if Verizon is able to keep the schedule, but in the meantime, there is the changelog. Along with 4.2.2 and Sense 5, this update will have your handset going to software version 3.06.605.4 with baseband

Perhaps more important than a few changes in numbers though, this is actually a rather big update. To that point, it is one that will be noticeable right from when your handset first reboots. DROID DNA users will be seeing an updated People app, Calendar app, Dialer app and Gallery app. This update will also add Video Highlights and BlinkFeed as well.


Along with these changes, there are nearly twenty items listed in terms of issues that will be resolved. That full list can be seen above. Otherwise, it doesn’t appear HTC and Verizon are done with the DROID DNA either. Further comments from the @moversi account mention that 4.4 (with the latest Sense update) are on track for Q1 2014.

VIA: Droid-Life

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DROID DNA Gets Android 4.2.2 With Sense 5 OTA Update Four Months After Verizon Spilled The Beans

DroidDNA-ThumbVerizon posted details surround an incoming update for the DROID DNA several months ago that would bring the device up to Android 4.2.2 and dress it up with Sense 5, but an OTA never came. Now that’s changing, as Verizon has officially announced it and provided a detailed overview of changes owners can expect. The update will provide an experience similar to that on the HTC One, with features such as BlinkFeed, quick settings, and improved Sense apps making their way over to what was 2012′s best DROID.

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DROID DNA Gets Android 4.2.2 With Sense 5 OTA Update Four Months After Verizon Spilled The Beans was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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The QWERTY Lives on – LG Optimus F3Q for T-Mobile Render Leaked

While many have accepted the fact that phones with QWERTY keyboards are basically dead, there are still a few folks out there who would love to see them return to the mainstream. The last time we talked about a QWERTY keyboard was the DROID 5, a device we never quite saw come to fruition from Motorola, even though evidence pointed to its existence. Regardless of that, a new QWERTY-toting device looks to be making its way to T-Mobile from LG, a device named the F3Q

Beyond the name, not much is known. From what we would assume, the device doesn’t appear to be anywhere near a flagship model, given the capacitive buttons on the device and an overall “plasticy” look to it. A release date has still yet to surface as well, so until we get more details, a press render is all we have to work with.

We know you may not pick up the F3Q, but if the DROID 5 came alive, who here would jump all over that?

Via: @evleaks

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Deal: Daily Steals has the Incipio Ghost 100 DROID Wireless Charger for 50% Off or $20

Cyber Monday, Black Friday, the Moto X fiasco, and the rest of the holiday weekend may be over, but deals continue to flow in since the holiday shopping season is only now getting under way. For those with a phone that can utilize wireless charging (Nexus 5, DROID MAXX, LG G2 on Verizon, etc.) yet haven’t purchased a wireless charger because most are overpriced, feel free to check out today’s deal through Daily Steals.

They are currently selling the Incipio GHOST 100 wireless charger that was made specifically for the new DROID family of phones at 50% off or $20. Well, it’s “DROID” branded anyway. The good news is that it’s Qi-enabled, so it should work with almost any phone that has wireless charging capabilities. It should work with all of the phones I mentioned above, along with the Galaxy S4 (with a wireless charging back), DROID DNA, DROID Mini, and others.

Daily Steals Link

Cheers Mike!

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LG G2, HTC One Max and DROID Ultra all on special offer from Verizon

If you’re on the Verizon network, and want to keep that unlimited data plan, we have good news. Three of their more popular handsets have been discounted by about $100, giving you extra incentive to purchase your device outright. The deals aren’t node as being Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, either, so we’re not sure if this is a temporary markdown, or permanent.


The LG G2 and HTC One Max have been knocked down to $500, and the DROID Ultra has been dropped to $450. Both pricing schedules are for off-contract devices, meaning you can upgrade without changing your plan. You could also purchase the device and go prepaid, which often saves quite a bit of money.

The $70/month plan with Verizon prepaid offers unlimited calling, texting, and MMS messaging with 4GB data. With prepaid, there is no credit check, and no suspect charges on your monthly bill. If 4GB is a bit much, you can get 2GB data monthly for $60.

Those pricing schemes are in line with Verizon’s Shared Everything plans, thought here are no other fees associated. No taxes, and no per line access fees. With prepaid, you end up saving over $40 month, meaning that after a year or so you end up ahead. Rather than $2,640+ over two years with a shared everything plan, you spend a flat $2,180 going prepaid — phone and all.

Of course, if you’re already a Verizon customer with unlimited data, you know that an upgrade with a new contract will probably void that plan and put you into a new shared data plan. Either way, these are very decent deals on three really good phones. We hope Verizon customers jump on this one.

VIA: Phandroid

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Verizon DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI arrive in white

Verizon has added a new color for the DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI handsets. As of today, both handsets are available in white. This new white model joins the previously available black and red and is basically, the same handsets, just in a new color. Simply put, the pricing and the specs each remain the same as had been.


The DROID ULTRA is currently priced at $99.99 on a new two-year agreement, and the DROID MINI is $49.99, also with a two-year agreement. Otherwise, those looking to make monthly payments can expect to pay $18.97 for the ULTRA or $16.81 for the MINI using the Edge program. There is also the option to pay full retail. In that case, the ULTRA would be $449.99 and the MINI would be $399.99.

While these handsets both sport different size displays, the share many of the same features. They each have 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM along with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera and 10 megapixel RGBC rear-facing camera with quick capture. They both also have the Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System which means some extra perks.

The goodies that come along with the X8 include Active Display and Touchless Control, both features that are also found on the Moto X. The DROID handsets also have DROID Zap and the Command Center, both of which are exclusive to the DROID lineup. Otherwise, the DROID ULTRA has a 2130 mAh battery and the DROID MINI has a 2000 mAh battery, both of which are said to be able to offer up to 28 hours of run time.

Lastly, the DROID ULTRA has a 5.0-inch display and the MINI has a 4.3-inch display. But of course, the main difference for the DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI is simply the new color, white.

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Droid Ultra and Droid Mini now both available in white through Verizon

Droid White

Earlier this week we told you that the white Droid Ultra would likely be coming to Verizon very soon to join the previously leaked white Droid Mini. Now we’re here to tell you that starting today, you can get your hands on these new colors. The phone is obviously exactly the same except for the color change— the Droid Ultra is now available through Verizon for $99.99 and the Droid Mini is now available for $49.99. Looking for a stylish new device? These two are definitely high on that list.

Source: Droid Mini / Droid Ultra


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Motorola Goes Frosty: Verizon DROID Ultra And DROID Mini Now Available In White

dm1Maybe the black slabs of glass and Kevlar that are Verizon’s 2013 DROID lineup aren’t doing it for you. If that’s the case (and you haven’t already bought a customized Moto X), you can now pick up either the svelte DROID Ultra or the pint-sized DROID Mini in shades of white. The capacious DROID Maxx, surprisingly, is still only offered in black.


Unlike some of the early leaks of the white Ultra model, this one seems to be white all over, as opposed to white on the glass panel with a black body.

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Motorola Goes Frosty: Verizon DROID Ultra And DROID Mini Now Available In White was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Verizon Droid Ultra + Droid Mini now available in white

White Droids

Following some recent (and not-so-recent) leakage, the Motorola Droid Ultra and Droid Mini have appeared in white on Verizon's online store. Nothing has changed besides the color of the phones' exterior — you're still basically looking at a Moto X-class device in a different form factor with added "Droid" branding from Verizon. The phones' prices are also unchanged — the Ultra is $99.99 on a two-year plan, $449.99 outright or $18.97 on Verizon Edge, while the Mini remains $49.99 on-contract, $399.99 outright or $16.81 on Edge.

Hit the source links below for more details.

Source: Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Mini; via: Droid-Life


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DROID ULTRA and Mini Now Available in White From Verizon

Earlier in the week, we saw press renders leak for both the DROID ULTRA and DROID Mini in white, with sources of ours telling us to expect both devices to arrive on Black Friday. We’re now in the early hours of Black Friday and both devices have popped up in white on Verizon’s website.  

You aren’t looking at a price drop or anything other than a color change, but both can indeed be had in white. The DROID ULTRA still runs $99.99 on-contract; the Mini is $49.99.

We reviewed the ULTRA shortly after it launched, finding it comparable to the Moto X outside of a cheesy build quality that collects fingerprints with the best of them. But other than build and design, it does all of the things we love so much about the Moto X, only with a slightly bigger display.

Via:  Verizon

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White DROID Ultra leaks, likely joining the white DROID Mini for the holidays


Right on the heels of the white DROID Mini leak, @evleaks has tweeted an image of a white DROID Ultra. Currently both devices, sold exclusively by Verizon, are only available in black or red; however, white could join the fun just in time for the holiday season. We’ll keep a lookout for both the DROID Mini and Ultra are set to be released.

Motorola DROID Ultra, in white, for Verizon

— @evleaks (@evleaks) November 26, 2013


Source: @evleaks

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DROID ULTRA in White Press Render Leaked, “Just in Time for the Holidays”

DROID ULTRA in White Press Render Leaked, "Just in Time for the Holidays"

Just last night, we caught our first glimpse at the DROID Mini in White, making its way to Verizon right in time for the holiday season. This morning, @evleaks posted a press render of the DROID ULTRA in White, also en route to Verizon. Much like the Mini in White, nothing is different about this phone – same 720p display, 10MP camera, Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, etc. 

Interestingly enough, we were tweeted the below photo, confirming that these devices are right in time for the holidays. Pretty comical.

How are you liking the DROIDs in White?

White ULTRA Mini

Via: @evleaks
Cheers Steinberg5!

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[UPDATE: DROID Ultra, too] Motorola DROID Mini coming in white?

motorola droid mini white

Verizon could be ready to introduce a new color option for folks who spring for the Mini variant in their latest DROID lineup. Twitter leakster @evleaks told us that much with this latest press render of the device in white. It’s an interesting look for the little guy, with Motorola typically sticking to darker tones when it comes to phones in the DROID lineup.

The source didn’t have much more information to share, but we imagine Verizon will want to get this thing out during the season where “white” is usually all over the place in the northern hemisphere. With that, there won’t be much more guesswork to do, as we’ll expect this to be identical to the current Motorola DROID Mini in terms of specs. Here’s what you’ll be greeted to:

  • 4.3-inch 720p display
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Motorola X8 processor with quad-core graphics
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 10 megapixel RGBC camera w/ 2 megapixel front camera
  • WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • 2,000mAh battery

With that, we can also use the current DROID Mini to get a good idea of price. It’s going for $50 on a new two-year contract right now, or about $16 per month with no down payment if you get the phone through Verizon Edge. That’s not a bad price for a device in this size range. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take long for Verizon to unleash this thing for those who long for a brighter smartphone.

[Update]: Looks like the DROID Ultra is also getting the white treatment. DROID MAXX in line too, Verizon?

[via @evleaks]

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Verizon Droid Mini shows up in white in leaked press render

Motorola Droid Mini

It's the Droid Mini you know and love, now with a new color option

Frequent device revealer @evleaks has posted a press render today of a Motorola Droid Mini in white, headed to Verizon. Details on an exact price and availability aren't known, but there isn't much to the imagination here. Verizon often releases new colors of devices to help bump sales, especially around the holidays.

If you've ever wanted a Droid Mini but just can't make yourself pull the trigger on the plain 'ol black or saucy red model, wait it out for this white one to arrive. New colors of phones usually aren't too far behind leaked renders like this.

Source: @evleaks


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PSA: Moto X, Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx now support Square Register and Jawbone Up


When the latest round of Droid phones and the Moto X initially launched, we reported that Square Register, Jawbone Up, and other TRS (tip, ring, and sleeve) plug devices weren’t supported. Motorola told us that support for those types of devices would be coming with a future software fix. The update that hit Verizon’s Droid phones last week as well as last month’s Moto X update have resolved said issues.

Square Register

At the time of this writing, Motorola has not updated their support page to reflect the recent changes. However, I can confirm that Square Register can now successfully read credit cards and the Jawbone Up is transferring data as intended too. Additionally, if you happened to have backed Pressy on Kickstarter, you can now rest easy knowing your little button will be supported when it launches in the Spring.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m loving the new Motorola, Google’s Motorola, when it comes to keeping their word.

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Motorola DROID Ultra, Mini, and Maxx receiving OTA update with camera improvements


The Moto X recently received a software update that drastically improved the camera quality and experience on the device, and now the same update is rolling out to the trio of Motorola and Verizon’s newest DROID lineup – the DROID Ultra, Mini, and Maxx.

The update has been under testing by members of Motorola’s soak test program since the last few days, and now Punit Soni, VP of Product Management at the company has announced its general availability. Post update, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the camera, with faster focusing, consistent exposure, and improved white balance and HDR. Photos should come out sharper and have more detail as well. Also included in the update is 50GB of free Dropbox storage, though as always this will be valid only for a period of two years.

Soni also teased future updates, and while one of them should be the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat at some point, you’ll have to make do with those camera improvements for now. The update should reach all users in the next few days, but while you wait, you can do a manual check from the Settings – About phone – System updates menu on your phone. Remember, the update will unroot your device and likely patch existing root exploits, so if root access matters to you, it would be best to wait for a newer exploit to come along before hitting that update button.

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