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Samsung Galaxy S IV tipped for May release

While we all know Samsung is preparing their next generation smartphone, today the folks from Samsung Lebanon posted to their Facebook Page and revealed some information — of sorts. During some discussion the release date of the upcoming device was brought up, and was clearly detailed as May of 2013. For those expecting a CES reveal, sorry to let you down. More details are available after the cut.


We probably won’t see it at MWC either as Samsung will hold their own event for the Galaxy S IV specifically, just as they did with their new flagship Galaxy S III. They want their own stage, and the smartphone rightfully deserves one. The actual comment on Facebook was “The Galaxy SIV won’t be released before May 2013.” Which not only confirms the name, but also confirms its existence — even though we all know it’s coming.

Their yearly release schedule shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. Samsung released the Galaxy S III around the same April time frame, followed by the exact same thing with their Galaxy S III. Just like many others, they will release a new flagship each year around the same time. So this only makes sense and is no way anything extremely exciting.

“Hello guys,

What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and Early May, yet there’s no way for anyone to know the exact release date :-) ” – Samsung Lebanon

Then after a few blogs went wild with the news, Samsung’s Facebook page updated with the comment you see above. Basically stating exactly what we all thought. That the comment wasn’t trivial and we should all relax. With that news, we’ll just let you check out the multiple links, details, and leaks below that we’ve gathered on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone. Hopefully we see a few leaks soon and can all get excited.

[via SlashGear]

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Apple acknowledges Do Not Disturb bug, says it will magically fix itself on January 8th

Apple acknowledges Do Not Disturb bug, says it will magically fix itself on January 7th

Well, it’s no “you’re holding it wrong,” but we can’t say we’re 100 percent satisfied with Apple’s response to the recent discovery of a bug affecting iOS’s Do Not Disturb feature. Starting January first, ringers failed to turn back on after the predetermined silent period. Today Cupertino seemed to acknowledge the existence of the flaw but, rather than offer a patch, it simply told customers to be patient:

“Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.”

Understandably, it’ll probably take longer than five days to find the offending code, whip up a fix, test it and roll it out to users. Still, a thorough explanation is always appreciated and the iOS faithful have already been patient enough.

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Source: Apple

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Acer, Asus Will No Longer Make Netbooks In 2013

The days of the netbooks are slowly coming to an end as the last two manufacturers have already announced that they will no longer be making this line of computing devices this  2013. Asus and Acer are the two remaining manufacturers still making netbooks as Samsung, HP and Dell have already dropped this line and concentrated on tablets.


Asus said that they will no longer be producing the EeePC line starting January 1 ending the 5 year existence of this line. The very first netbook was an EeePC 701 which had a 7 inch display at 800×480 resolutions, 4 GB of SSD storage space and used a 900 MHz Celeron processor. The company has in fact already dropped the EeePC brand since middle of 2012.

Acer on the other hand has not released any new models for quite some time now.

Netbooks however will still be sold continuously by both companies until the existing inventory is consumed. Sales are still strong in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and South America where its low price is its main selling point.

Due to the portability and cheap price of this device it became popular back in 2007 that other manufacturers began making their own versions.  From 7 inches the screen size was bumped up to 10 inches on other models. One common feature among these various models is that they are using an Intel Atom processor.

Intel has no plans of ceasing production of their Atom processors despite the fact that netbooks are about to become extinct. The company has plans to introduce this energy efficient processor in mobile devices and set top boxes. Currently, there are Atom processor models that are used in servers.

The demise of netbooks is primarily caused by the popularity of tablets nowadays. These touch based devices have longer battery life, are portable and are even more powerful compared to netbooks.

via guardian

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3 Hilarious iPhone Related Videos From Kimmel, Ellen, Fallon

iphone message
For those of you with short attention span, here’s a few short clips that should draw a few lighthearted laughter.

Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 First Look

Classic Kimmel clip interviewing people on the street about the iPhone 5 before it was released.  Hope we see another clip like this when the iPhone 6 release date nears!

Disable Autocorrect On Your iPhone!

Ellen had a few great segments showing some funny iPhone autocorrect fails.

To avoid these mistakes, I would recommend turning off autocorrect on your phone!  I personally found it more annoying than helpful most of the time.  If you would like to  disable Autocorrect on your iPhone, follow these quick steps.

1) Settings

2) General

3) Keyword

4) Auto-Correction –> Off!

Poor Siri

Siri has been picked on since being unveiled in the iPhone 4s.  It has been written off as a novelty for many people. Here’s a short clip on Jimmy Fallon’s show that pretty much sums up how Siri’s existence has been ridiculed.

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Samsung GT-N5100 (Note 7) turns up in GLBenchmark result

Earlier this month the world was tipped off to a possible new entry in the Galaxy Note series. Rumors swirled of Samsung’s desire to bring a note-taking experience to the 7 inch form factor that has swept the tech world off its feet. A result in Nenamark’s benchmark database all but confirmed the existence of a new Galaxy Note device, and today that same device has turned up in another result.

This time, GLBenchmark’s database houses the results of the Samsung GT-N5100. There’s no guarantee that this device is the 7 inch Note we’ve all been waiting for, but it’s a tad early to be talking about a new phone and a new 10 inch variant.

Unfortunately we’re not sure how far off we are from seeing this thing unveiled. Samsung’s CES showing is said to be slim in terms of bombshell announcements. Nothing is certain until it actually goes down, of course, but we’re not holding our breath. We’d look to see something at Mobile World Congress more than anything as Samsung tends to be quite active there.

We’re told to expect 1280 pixels long by 800 pixels wide for the display’s resolution, and we’re almost certain the processor inside will be Samsung’s 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4412. The standard S Pen functionality should be included without much setting itself apart from the Note 2 and 10.1, but Samsung could surprise us with some new features for this release. We’d also be surprised to see anything less than 2GB of RAM if its latest devices are anything to go by.

That said, expectations and reality are two completely different things and we’ll have to wait until more solid rumors flow in (or until Samsung showers us with information itself) before we know what to expect for sure.

[GLBenchmark via SammyHub]

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Ant Raid Now Live At Google Play

Popular mobile game developer Herocraft has just released Ant Raid for the Android platform which you can now download over at Google Play for $0.99.  This title became one of the biggest strategy games when it was released over at the iOS platform. Now, Android users can experience this amazing title in their devices.

ant raid

Ant Raid puts you in control of an ant colony. You will be tasked to advance the colony while dealing with the various predators that threaten your existence. The game is a combination of both tower defense and arcade twitch. One thing that makes this at par with all of the other excellent mobile titles is that it has a story involved which you will get to see at the beginning. The characters are adorable while the graphics are just so wonderfully created.

There are various objectives that you have to accomplish for each game level depending on the scenario. This in my opinion is one way to make it more fun and entertaining, we don’t want any repetitive boring tasks right?

Defeating an enemy entails you to grab some ants and sending them to your enemy. The bigger your enemy the more ants you have to send their way. Some of the enemies include snails which knock down your ants as soon as they’re done and worms which are good at shaking your troops.

You will also have to understand the color of your enemies. Enemies that are blue in color usually have very high defensive skills which will take them longer to kill. Red enemies are very aggressive and can move quickly. The good thing about this is that if you defeat your enemies your ants get to absorb their abilities.

The story mode takes up to 60 levels to finish. Once you have finished those levels you can unlock 40 challenge levels that has 4 levels of difficulty.

Once you have finished the standard game mode there’s the endless mode where you can challenge up to four friends.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting strategy game to play on your Android device then don’t miss out on this title.

via Google Play

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The week in international Android news – Dec. 22, 2012

Android Central

As things wind down for the holidays, and the torrent of international Android news temporarily slows to a trickle, there's just enough time for one last weekly round-up. And despite the incoming festivities, there's been plenty of interesting pre-Christmas news.

The week started with news of a serious security vulnerability in certain Samsung phones, which could allow a rogue app to take complete control of affected handsets. The was exploit discovered in kernel code for phones running Samsung's Exynos CPU, meaning it affects devices like the international Galaxy S3 and S2, as well as all Galaxy Note 2 models. It's a bg deal, and Samsung has acknowledged its existence, saying it's working to deliver a fix "as quickly as possible."

read more

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ASUS Nexus 7 Dock Now Available For Pre Order in the U.S


The ASUS Nexus 7 has been a widely popular tablet across all sections of the market. People have been particularly fond of the tablet since it’s priced very low, hence making it one of the best tablets money can buy. But if there was one thing missing from this tablet, it was the lack of accessories that usually come bundled with the tablet or the ones that are sold separately. Most of us didn’t expect to see any accessories for the Nexus 7 to be honest as it was a budget tablet, but all that was until ASUS unveiled the audio dock for the device in Japan. But while it confirmed the existence of an additional accessory for the tablet, there was no info on a global roll out. And that has changed now with a retailer in the U.S listing the ASUS Google Nexus 7 dock for pre order. The price is set at $39.99 and it’s not all that bad considering the fact that it is sold directly by the manufacturer. It however, doesn’t bring a lot to the table as it is merely a charging/sync and audio dock. Not that you would expect anything more from a dock, which is why it’s better this way.

The dock is up for grabs from a retailer named B&H. Unfortunately, the shipping info hasn’t been provided with the listing. But I guess it’s a pretty credible listing, and if you have done a fair bit of shopping with the retailer, you’d know better. The Nexus 7 Audio Dock comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and a micro USB port. The dock will make use of the Nexus 7’s pogo pins located on the left hand side of the tablet, which means that you would have to use the device in landscape mode if it is placed on the dock. This could be a hindrance for people who prefer the compact nature of the Nexus 7 and like to hold it in portrait mode more often, especially if there’s some typing involved. Regardless, this dock is a very neat addition to the Nexus 7 and should see a fair bit of takers.

I personally feel ASUS is a little late to launch the dock as it’s almost Christmas now and it could have sold plenty of these docks to existing Nexus 7 customers if launched earlier. But we still don’t rule out the official availability of the dock in retailer stores in time for Christmas. Let’s hope that happens, fingers crossed.

Source: B&H Photo
Via: Phone Arena

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Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Developer Edition confirmed

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 for Verizon it almost immediately let us know that a developer edition would be on its way. You see, Verizon’s versions typically get developer releases because the consumer-ready devices come with locked and encrypted bootloaders.

Since the same announcement wasn’t made immediately following the announcement of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 we feared there wouldn’t be a developer edition of the device coming. Of course, developer Adam Outler put all worries to rest when he unlocked the Verizon Note 2′s bootloader not too long ago.

Still, it would have been nice to have that sort of access straight from Samsung and/or Verizon. Well those looking to get an official developer edition of the device — which will either ship with an unlocked bootloader or ship with a method to unlock its bootloader — can now rest easy because Samsung has seemingly confirmed its existence on its own website.

A new product page for a 16GB developer edition has been published this morning. The page doesn’t feature anything we don’t already know about the device itself — it will still feature 16GB of internal storage, a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and that glorious 5.5 inch HD display with S Pen — and there isn’t even an email sign up form to be notified of its arrival, but there it is regardless. We’ll be reaching out to Samsung and Verizon for more formal word on the release, but until then just know that a developer-friendly edition of one of the biggest (both figuratively and literally) devices of the year is on its way.

[via Samsung]

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Nokia Lumia 505 budget-friendly Windows Phone now official

Nokia Lumia 505

The Nokia Lumia 505 has recently been made official in Mexico where Finnish cellphone-maker, Nokia, introduced its newest budget-friendly, entry-level smartphone. The existence of this model has long been rumored but the company’s radical shift to the production of much cheaper feature phones seemed to have put doubt in the minds of people who have been waiting for the official unveiling.

While Mexicans may be the first ones to get hold of this Windows Phone 7.8-powered device, Nokia has no other choice but to bring it to the U.S. and global market to maximize its sales. For a company that is struggling, there is no point in releasing devices exclusive to one country. It’s just a matter of time now before the company officially unveils it here. For those who might be interested in Nokia Lumia 505, here are the specs:

Nokia Lumia 505 Specs

Display. Somehow, Nokia made a good decision for putting an AMOLED display on this device. The size of the screen was reportedly 3.7 inches sporting 480 x 800 pixels resolution or around 252ppi pixel density. It is a capacitive touchscreen, just like any other AMOLED screens, with multi-touch capability. The display is one of the notable features of Nokia Lumia 505, for sure.

Hardware. Surprisingly, Nokia remains tight-lipped about the chipset within this device. No one actually knows what kind of SoC (system-on-chip) the Finnish manufacturer put into this device and why it hasn’t been revealed during the official announcement. The only thing everyone knows as far as hardware is concerned is that it has a graphics processor and 256MB RAM.

Camera. Nokia Lumia 505 comes packed with an 8-megapixel camera sensor with aperture size of F2.8. That is an impressive specification of a camera for an entry-level device. But, it does not feature Carl Zeiss optics like high-end Lumias. It does, however, have exposure compensation, geo-tagging and white balance preset features. It can also record videos with 640 x 480 pixels resolution at 30fps.

Battery. For a smartphone featuring an AMOLED display panel, giving it 1300mAh battery could be a mistake. But that’s not the case for Nokia Lumia 505 because its battery lasts longer than expected–7.5 hours of straight talk time over 3G. It is because it is an entry-level device that it might sport a single-core processor.

Nokia Lumia 505 Pros and Cons

To recap and for the benefit of the people who might be planning to buy this device, here are some of its pros and cons.


  • Nokia Lumia 505 comes with high pixel density display of 252ppi.
  • It also has a high-resolution camera of 8 megapixels


  • It does not have front-facing (secondary) camera.
  • Having 256MB RAM is too little to guarantee better performance and multi-tasking.
  • It records low-resolution videos.
  • It lacks microSD card slot.

The pricing and availability of this device are yet to be announced by the company but it is reportedly being slotted exclusively for Telcel in Mexico. Also, there is no confirmation that it would be marketed in the U.S. market. But so far, this device may just have what it takes to compete in the market it is targeting.

[source: Nokia (translated)| via: Phone Arena]

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Upcoming Game ‘ShaqDown’ Brings Shaq’s Career And Mutant Zombies Back From The Dead To Fight Each Other

2012-12-17_19h43_19I’d like to start this piece Peter Jackson style: with a longer-than-necessary flashback to provide background on this story. Back in the 90s, kids were all about two things: basketball and fighting games. We loved Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Space Jam and Shaquille O’Neal. Or so the legends go. As a result, in 1994, some genius marketer aimed to put the two together to create Shaq Fu. It did not fare well. In fact, it was so bad that there is an organization devoted to “liberating it from existence.”

Now, 18 years later, the developer of Go Ninja wants to resurrect the…

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Upcoming Game ‘ShaqDown’ Brings Shaq’s Career And Mutant Zombies Back From The Dead To Fight Each Other was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Netflix Ranks ISP Speeds, Google Fiber Beats Out Comcast and Verizon’s FiOS

Not that this is a total shocker and given that Google Fiber currently only serves a single city, Netflix has ranked America’s Internet service providers based on their average streaming speeds. Currently, Fiber outperforms all of America’s other offerings like FiOS, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and basically everybody else in existence by a hefty margin.  [...]

Click through to continue reading…

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Google Now Heading To Chrome In The Future, ‘Skeleton’ Framework Already In Place

googlenowtinyI hope you like Google Now, because it looks like this product is here to stay for a long time. As we speak, Chrome developers are working on bringing Popular Science’s Innovation of the Year to the desktop, instead of keeping it trapped just on your phone or tablet. As it turns out, a “skeleton” framework is already in place for the search product to move in.

Google’s not being shy about the existence of this product, but also isn’t in a hurry to announce it, either:

Google confirmed that it’s working on the project, but stopped short of committing to it.

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Google Now Heading To Chrome In The Future, ‘Skeleton’ Framework Already In Place was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Toshiba reveals 13MP CMOS camera sensor, low-light shooting, reduced noise may come natural with it

Japanese multinational electronics company, Toshiba, announced Thursday the existence of its new 13-megapixel CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) camera sensor that promises to bring better low-light shooting minus the noise. Toshiba expects this 1.12 micrometer sensor to become a hit especially for smartphone and mobile device manufacturers. Only a few of the devices nowadays sport considerably high megapixel sensors due to lack of innovation in this field.

Of all handsets released this year, only Nokia 808 PureView features 41MP snapper and majority come with below 15MP sensors even high-end devices. Toshiba’s innovation may not be put to waste and while it could be the first to use the CMOS for its own devices, its per-unit price may not hurt OEMs if they, too, will package it with their devices.

The “new CMOS image sensor created with on-circuit color noise reduction lowers pixel noise and improves image quality on smartphones, mobile devices,” according to Toshiba. Revealing the technology it used to produce the sensor, it reportedly “implemented back side illumination (BSI) technology and integrated color noise reduction (CNR) to develop its newest CMOS image sensor that fits into an 8.5mm x 8.5mm size camera module and enables high-quality pictures even in low-light conditions.”

The company took into consideration that manufacturers are trying to produce smaller and thinner devices, so it also reduced the pixel size of image sensors. Having done so, the company knew image qualities would be greatly impacted, so it developed a CMOS camera sensor to address such issue. To package it all, Toshiba offers a 13-megapixel camera sensor that brings along smaller pixels than any typical sensors available in the market today.

“The miniaturization of pixel size reduces the amount of light entering into the pixel which impacts image quality. Toshiba addresses the challenge of pixel miniaturization with its newest CMOS image sensor,” said Andrew Burt, vice president of the Analog and Imaging Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC.

Toshiba 13MP camera sensor samples will be made available in December. It will be marketed at a price of $20 per unit. Toshiba is trying to acquire a bigger piece of the pie in the mobile market. It’s just a matter of time before we can see new Toshiba devices sporting the new sensor.

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Report: Xbox 720 Scheduled To Hit Market in Next Year’s Holiday Season

The latest edition of the Xbox gaming platform series will likely hit the market during next year’s Holiday season. Xbox 720 is reportedly scheduled to be released in the late fourth quarter of 2013, a source close to situation disclosed Thursday.

The Xbox 720, which is tabbed to succeed its seven-year-old predecessor Xbox 360, could be presented for the first time at the 2013 E3 show or a separate event in June.

Microsoft has been silent during the development of their next generation gaming platform but significant information have been leaked in the last months backing up the existence of the new Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox spokesman David Dennis hasn’t spoken a single word yet about the latest product. Nevertheless, gamers have already been given a sneak of peak of what to expect in Xbox 720 after UK-based magazine Xbox World unveiled the hardware of the new console.

An upgraded version of motion sensing input device Kinect (2.0), a Blu-ray drive, and enhanced controllers, and an A/V specially designed for recording broadcast TV shows and watching are some of the new features in Xbox 720.

Once launched, Xbox 720 will have a very big shoe to fill in after Xbox 360 solidified its status as the most dominant gaming console in the U.S market over the last four or five years. Xbox 360 remains a top-seller among consoles for 15th consecutive month and has sold over 70 million units worldwide. Moreover, the console is still posting strong sales up to now with 270,000 units sold in October and 750,000 units during the Black Friday shopping spree.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is aware that sales will eventually slow down in the coming months due to competition from Sony’s PlayStation 3. The rise of mobile gaming and rapid decline video gaming industry has also prompted Microsoft to start working on its next Xbox.

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Microsoft selling four times as many Windows Phones as a year ago, won’t say what that means

Microsoft selling four times as many Windows Phones as last year, won't say what that means

It’s no secret that Windows Phone sales have been in the doldrums for much of the platform’s existence. If we believe Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer’s talk at the annual company shareholder meeting, however, the mobile OS has turned a corner. He tells investors that Windows Phone sales are about four times what they were at the same point last year, and that demand has been strong enough for initial sellouts in “many countries;” that may be an allusion to reported Lumia 920 shortages in Germany and Nokia’s native Finland, among other regions. Ballmer is quick to point to more competitive hardware as triggering the sales spike. The news is certainly positive on the whole, although we’d warn that Microsoft is pulling an Amazon — that is, declining to offer the shipment numbers that would give its grandiose claims some context. It’s easy to tout record growth when you’re starting from a small point, so we’ll refrain from calling Windows Phone the Comeback Kid until market share estimates show otherwise.

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Source: Bloomberg

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White LG Nexus 4 up for pre-order in UK

Google recently launched two new Nexus devices, the LG Nexus 4 and Samsung Nexus 10. Both the devices are great, and Nexus 4 went out of stock just few hours after putting up for sale on the Play Store.

LG Nexus 4 comes with a very reasonable price tag of just $299 for the 8 gig unlocked version and $349 for the 16 gig unlocked version. The device is offered only in black, and it looks wonderful. The color of the device like Nexus 4 matters the least to me because it is offering so much at that price point, but for those who are hoping that Google will eventually launch a new color variant of the device, or perhaps white, here’s a good news for you.

Although there is no official confirmation on the existence of white LG Nexus 4, a U.K. carrier by the name of TalkTalk has already put up the device on pre-order. What’s more interesting is that the carrier is accepting preorders for a bundle and not just white LG Nexus 4. The bundle consists of a Google Nexus 7 tablet paired with a white LG Nexus 4. That’s a great combination and would be a treat for Nexus lovers who crave for pure Android experience. You can take both the devices home after signing a 2 year contract with TalkTalk.

TalkTalk is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that makes use of Vodafone’s UK network. The operator expects the devices to be in stock by December 13th, and is already accepting pre-orders for the same. The bundle of Nexus devices will come for free, but the 24 month contract will force you to stay on the network till the contract ends. While on the contract, you should choose a monthly plan and the least one available is £30 per month which will offer you 100 mins, 250 texts, 200 MB data. The second plan, which will cost £35 per month will include 300 mins, 3000 texts and 1 gig of data transfer, whereas the £45 per month offers 1000 mins, 3000 texts and 4 gig of data.

There’s no image of the White LG Nexus 4 on the page, but this is not the first time we’re hearing about the existence of the color variant, and few days back, the above image which is supposedly legitimate was posted on the web. Carphone Warehouse in the UK also showed options of black or white on its dedicated Nexus 4 product page although the white option has been removed now.

It should be noted that UK O2 has an exclusivity deal on Nexus 4 in the UK until December 13th, so it is very much possible that TalkTalk will start offering the device on that day. There’s a lot of demand for the device, and we’re sure many are just waiting to have the device in their hands. There will be massive demand if the white version does hit the shelves. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: TalkTalk

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White Nexus 4 on the way soon?

I know it’ll be tough to swallow this story considering many of you can’t even get your original Nexus 4 yet, but bear with me here. New rumors are swirling that Google might soon be releasing a white version of the device, though, as another online retailer has hinted at the existence of such a concoction.

The perpetrator is TalkTalk, a Carphone Warehouse relative (the latter being the same site that originally leaked word of a  white Nexus 4 before). Its site humorously shows a black Nexus 4 in an ad that says you’ll get a white one alongside a Nexus 7, so we’re sure this is another blunder that the retailer will want to forget.

In the off chance that this ad is accurate, however, TalkTalk says new stock is expected December 13th. You can bet we’ll be checking to see if folks are receiving a device from the other side of the color wheel before then, but if you decide to order one be sure to let us know if it ends up coming in the white finish that’s being promised.

It will be interesting to see how that chatoyance back plate would look on a white slate. Someone might mistake the design for a diamond studded phone from afar, but perhaps the effect will be a lot more subtle than what’s on the black models. Head to TalkTalk if you decide you want to try your hand at getting this thing in white, but be sure to go in knowing that you might not be getting what’s advertised in the long run.

[via ModacoThanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Huawei Ascend W3 Windows Phone 8 smartphone photos leaked online

A set of alleged photos of the rumored Huawei Ascend W3 has recently been leaked with a claim that the supposed 3rd Windows Phone 8 from a Chinese company will be competing in the high end market. The photos were first posted on a China-based website, WinP, but sources were not revealed to make things clear whether or not they were legit. Huawei has yet to confirm or deny the existence of this phone as well as first two Huawei WP8 devices rumored prior to the official launching of the Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Amazingly, the photos came with a few specs and while we must take these information with a pinch of salt, there is a possibility that they can be real considering Huawei’s feat to conquer the Chinese market and take a bigger piece of the pie in the US mobile market. Huawei Ascend W3, according to the website that first published it, will come with a 4.5-inch display panel and believed to use the typical 16:9 ratio and might feature 720p HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels.

It would also come with an 8-megapixel primary camera, which is good enough for any smartphone. There is no information whether there would be a secondary camera for video conferencing, though. Running Windows Phone 8, it is almost certain this device would be powered by a Qualcomm chipset. One of the photos indicates it is also capable of connecting to 4G networks and that adds up to it having a Qualcomm processor.

Prior to the launching of Windows Phone 8 operating system, we have heard about Huawei Ascend W1 and W2, which were expected to be released on the same day as Microsoft debuts its newest systems. However, no Windows Phone 8 devices were released, instead new rumors suggest that the Chinese phone-maker is planning to release its full range of WP8 devices in 2013.

Huawei is considerably fast in releasing its new devices in China, its home country, but it is notoriously slow in bringing its devices to the US and the UK where it is trying to take a bigger portion of the market. It is this habit that would put it way below key industry players in the countries where smartphones are now being more preferred by tech enthusiasts than computers. If Huawei releases its new Windows Phone 8 devices, would you care to get a unit even if they would be priced lower than its competitors?

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LG F240K Android smartphone appears on GLBenchmark

South Korean phone-maker, LG, is currently working on yet another Android smartphone. While there is scarcity of information available for now, GLBenchmark’s website suggests the new device will have a model number F240K, or whatever that means. Apparently, the device doesn’t have a name yet and LG hasn’t actually confirmed its existence. This report is based solely on GLBenchmark’s, one of the many mobile benchmark platforms, data having posted on its website.

There are only a few things revealed about LG F240K but they are helpful enough for us to speculate what this device is made and what it’s capable of.

OS. LG F240K will be showcasing Google’s latest version of Android, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This will put LG a step ahead of its competitors knowing majority of the manufacturers are going to release their devices with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Almost everyone knows that even if a manufacturer promises to roll out an update soon after the release, it would still take at least three months to complete. So, it would be better for them to release updated devices than make promises.

Resolution. LG’s new device comes packed with 1920 x 1080 resolution, which is too high for a smartphone. But taking GLBenchmark’s word for it, we have good reason to believe F240K will have at least, 5 inches display panel. We know that the company is a reliable source of good display panels–even Apple acknowledged its ingenuity–so, we can expect the device will sport better display technology. It is most likely that LG will use Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset in this device, the Adreno 320 (or even higher) graphics processor may also come packed with it.

Clockspeed. Lastly, LG F240K is said to have a minimum clockspeed of 384MHz and a maximum of 1.5GHz. We cannot really be sure about it but it could be a Snapdragon S4 processor from Qualcomm. Knowing LG’s good reputation in the United States, this device may also be designed to run under 4G LTE network for optimum performance.

Unless confirmed by the manufacturer, all things mentioned here are mere speculations. However, GLBenchmark has a good reputation of posting accurate information about mobile phones having benchmarked using its platform so, we are almost certain about it, although we just have to wait for the official announcement for us to know the full specs of LG F240K.

[source: GLBenchmark | via: Phone Arena]

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JBL releases Lightning-compatible speaker docks for new generation iOS devices

American audio authority, JBL, is the first company to have given solution to minor problem that is bugging iPhone 5 and new iOS devices owners. It has recently unveiled the existence of its speaker docks that are compatible with the smaller Lightning connector of the new devices. So, anyone who owns an iPhone 5, the new iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch and latest iPod nano and wants to enjoy good quality music can buy one of the two speaker docks JBL is offering; you can either buy the tabletop speaker dock called JBL OnBeat Venue LT or the more compact OnBeat Micro.

JBL OnBeat Venue LT. Basically, this is the Lightning-friendly version of JBL’s previous Venue speaker docks. There may not have many differences from previous models but the new one comes more powerful with 30 watts (peak music power output) of amplification with its dual full-range drivers for high definition audio. OnBeat Venue speakers have always received good ratings from both audio lovers and average users alike. It is because JBL delivers what it promises. There is no official pricing for this dock yet but it is believed to cost around $200.

JBL OnBeat Micro. For iPhone 5 users who may want to listen to high definition and soft music late at night, JBL OnBeat Micro may be the perfect option. It is compact and extremely light with good design. JBL has designed this model to be power-economical. It can be powered by four AAA batteries for 5 hours but it offers up to 4 watts of music power output; that’s enough to make music audible even when you’re in a crowded place. It can also be powered by an AC power in case your near a source. It is reportedly priced at $100.

The good thing about having speaker docks is that your beloved iPhone, or any smartphones, will always have a good place to stay on. That means that it reduces the risk of being scratched or misplaced. For sure you’ve heard that iPhone 5′s paint can easily be scratched or chipped off. So, instead of putting it flat on your table, why don’t you get one of these speaker docks?

[source: JBL | via: PhoneArena]

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Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 officially announced for Verizon; coming soon for $130

The Samsung Stratosphere 2 (which we’re now learning is known as the Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2) has been rumored for quite some time, and we’ve had about all the leaks and rumors we care to handle at this point. Samsung has gone ahead and made it official, though, as the OEM has announced its existence.

The Stratosphere is headed straight for the big, red shores of Verizon and will pack some pretty respectable specs inside a slide-out keyboard package. You’re getting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4G LTE, NFC, global capabilities and Android 4.0,  and we TouchWiz will be on board to give it that unique Samsung flare.

Those wondering when they might be able to get their hands on this will have to wait a little while longer as Samsung and Verizon are not willing to provide availability details just yet. It’s coming, though, so if this is the one device you’ve been holding out for this holiday season then you shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Set aside $130 (that’s if you plan to sign another two years of your wireless freedom away in a legal binding contract) and read on for full press details.

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II Coming Soon to Verizon Wireless


The Samsung Galaxy™ Stratosphere® II, featuring a full QWERTY keyboard, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 4G LTE and Android 4.0, aims to balance business and a rich multimedia experience.

The Stratosphere II offers a number of entertainment features. Users can rent or purchase movies from the Samsung Media Hub™ that they can watch right on the Stratosphere II’s 4-inch Super AMOLED™ touchscreen display for high quality video entertainment. S-Beam™ uses NFC to easily share photos, and videos to other compatible devices.

On the business side, the smartphone is Global Ready with the ability to call and email from over 200 countries, has built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity when on the road and supports multi-vendor Mobile Device Management (MDM). With numerous security features like Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and on-device AES 256-bit encryption, the Stratosphere II aims to protect personal and professional information.

The Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II will be available online and in Verizon Wireless Communication Stores in the coming weeks for $129.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

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Verizon confirms HTC DROID DNA ahead of expected reveal

For those who missed the news, Verizon and HTC are set to host an event in just a couple of days on November 13. It’s there that we’re expecting to get an official reveal of the long-rumored HTC DROID DNA, but before that happens, it looks like Verizon has confirmed the handset’s existence. A new listing for a DROID DNA unboxing has popped up on Verizon’s DROID DOES website, confirming the device before it’s even revealed.

Verizon’s unboxing will apparently be happening on November 19, a date that’s before the phone’s “public launch.” So, we know that the DROID DNA won’t be launching between its reveal on the November 13 and this unboxing on November 19. The unboxing will be taking place on Verizon’s Google Plus page, so those who are interested are urged to add Verizon to one of their circles.

As if that wasn’t enough, the folks of @evleaks are back with yet another leak. The leaked images of the DROID DNA show off the front and back of device, with the handset featuring soft buttons for back, home, and multitasking. We also get another glimpse at the 5-inch 1080p screen, so soak it in everyone, because this should be one awesome phone.

Of course, we don’t yet have official details on the hardware that’s included with the DROID DNA, but we’ve heard more than a few times already that it should be similar to the HTC J Butterfly, which was announced for Japan last month. Whatever the DROID DNA is packing under the hood, we’ll find out in just a couple short days. Keep it tuned here to Android Community for more details!

[via Android Central]

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Acer Iconia Tab A220 with Tegra 3 leaks in Glbenchmark

It looks a new Acer tablet is going to hit the market. The leak comes from Glbenchmark, and it seems to confirm the existence of the Acer Iconia Tab A220. Glbenchmark has shown a real knack for finding devices before the manufactures are ready to announce them, so when we see a new device come up with that name attached, we tend to get pretty excited at the possibilities.

The alleged tablet looks to be packing some pretty solid specs. According to the leaked benchmarks, it flaunts Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for its OS. It also comes equipped with a quad-core 1.3Ghz Tegra 3 processor. The size of the tablet remains a mystery, but the screen’s resolution is 1280 x 752.

Perhaps, we could be looking at something comparable to the Acer Iconia Tab A700 that hit the market recently, just in a 7-inch version. Perhaps it could be a 10-inch tablet with a lower resolution, and thus, making it available on more of a budget. Either way, this could be a tablet worth keeping your eyes on.

If the device were to be 7-inches, that would be a pretty solid resolution. That, along with the beast of a processor, could make this tablet a serious competitor. Of course, leaked benchmarks are easy enough to fake, so we have to take this rumor with a grain of salt. Hopefully this thing turns out the be the real deal, but only time will tell. As always, we will keep you posted and let you know if anything more concrete is announced in regards to this tablet.


[via TechKiddy]

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Sony C3602 with 1.5 GHz Dual Core Chip and HD Display Leaked


As if we haven’t had enough Sony leaks this week, one more leak has emerged of a new smartphone. But all we have this time is the model number and not the actual name unlike the Odin and Yuga. The smartphone in question goes by the model number C3602 and it seems to sport some meaty specs, though not as flattering as the Yuga. The phone’s existence was revealed by a benchmark result on NenaMark, which showed the phone to be having an HD display and a 1.5 GHz dual core SoC with Adreno 225 GPU, although there’s no word on the chipset inside (we’re guessing it’s the Snapdragon S4). It seems very likely now that Sony would launch a trio of flagships in the market, much like it did a few months ago with the Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V. It does seem like a fair bet to the already crowded market, but given Sony’s rather late arrival to the scene it, it won’t be a cakewalk.

The data on NenaMark2 reveals that the device will have a display resolution of 1196×720 pixels, meaning there’s room for onscreen proprietary Android keys which is common these days. It appears as if the smartphone will pack Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, or maybe Sony will work on the Jelly Bean update in time for the launch. The absence of a formal name for the C3602 is rather disappointing, but we expect Sony to take the wraps off this and the other two mighty droids fairly soon. It seems as though Sony is arriving a little late to the party, although the Yuga smartphone we saw yesterday shows some promise. Sony’s presence in the U.S is fairly limited as Samsung, HTC and Motorola make up for most of the smartphones in the country. Sony’s rare appearance in the U.S is saddening, especially considering how much they bring to the table. Perhaps, Sony is more focused on Asian and European markets and rightly so. AT&T brought the Xperia ion to the country with limited success. The Galaxy S III and the One X played party spoilers for the Sony droids.

Now with this new lot of smartphones slowly revealing their existence, one would expect a slightly different approach from Sony. Let’s hope we get to see a wider roll out of these new gen Sony smartphones, especially the Yuga which is believed to have a monstrous 5-inch 1080p Full HD display. Our fingers are crossed.

Source: Nenamark, Techkiddy
Via: Phone Arena

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Google Support Confirms All Android 2.3+ Devices Will Work With Physical Wallet Card And Non-NFC Version Of App


Corroborating some pretty hard evidence of the physical Google Wallet card’s existence we revealed last week, TechCrunch noticed this morning that a definite reference to that card has appeared on Wallet’s official support site. More importantly, though, this confirms my own suspicions about the future of the Google Wallet app in light of the physical card: near-universal compatibility.

According to the support page, the new non-NFC version of the Wallet app will be compatible with any Android 2.3.3+ device, which is pretty much the vast majority of Android devices out there. This is big. This is the “circumvention” of the carriers we heard rumblings of earlier this year.

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Google Support Confirms All Android 2.3+ Devices Will Work With Physical Wallet Card And Non-NFC Version Of App was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Android 4.1.2 update for Galaxy Note may include TouchWiz Nature UX and multi-window feature

It looks like Samsung might be bringing another update to original Galaxy Note owners. The device may be over a year old, but that doesn’t mean Samsung is going to stop supporting it with new update. It looks like the original Note is going to be updated to Android 4.1.2, which will bring some awesome new features.

The update will add TouchWiz Nature UX and the multi-window feature that is available now on the Galaxy Note II. In fact, the multi-window feature is one of the main showcase features of the Galaxy Note II. This should be quite a useful update for device owners, provided it actually comes to fruition.

These rumors first started with SamMobile, and were further shown by a video on YouTube showing a Galaxy Note with the new features running on it. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of the update, but it doesn’t look like any custom firmware we’ve seen for the device previously. It seems likely that Samsung would continue to support one of its flagship devices, but we can’t be sure yet.

Samsung has not announced anything official regarding Android 4.1.2 coming to the Galaxy Note. SamMobile usually get these things right, but until we hear word officially from Samsung, we shall have to treat this as a rumor. As always, we will keep you posted and let you know if we hear anything more about these new features coming to the Galaxy Note.

[via SamMobile]

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Windows Phone sales likely to be frail despite Windows Phone 8’s existence

Daily IT newspaper, DigiTimes released a new report claiming the manufacturers that are creating Windows Phone 8 devices, also known as the Apollo, thought that sales are going to be frail in the next quarter. Such prerogative is linked to the product transitions and the tough competition from iOS and Android gadgets nowadays.

Despite the ads and product buzzes that received plenty of media attention on the launch event, OEMs still doubt if Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system could beat the dominance of Android and iOS in the mobile market worldwide.

The Finland-based telecom company, Nokia, is reportedly anticipating lower than typical holiday sales despite the demand for Windows Phone 8 models, as users still need to learn to adjust with the new platform. In addition, more new devices running on rival platforms are also ramping up these days. Nokia is among the numerous manufacturers relying heavily on Windows Phone OS.

Aside from Nokia, HTC Corporation also thinks to obtain lower revenue in the fourth quarter, despite the forthcoming release of its latest HTC 8X and HTC 8S models. The Taiwanese smartphone and tablet manufacturer expects Q4 profits to drop from $2.3 billion USD to $2.1 billion USD.

In order to gauge how much demand there is for the Windows Phone 8, both companies (Nokia and HTC) are said to be utilizing the early demand for WP8 handsets across the United States.

Samsung will also be joining Nokia and HTC, in manufacturing Windows Phone 8 devices in the US. The initial lineup of the Korean-based firm’s manufactured WP8 devices is set to roll out by next month.

Nevertheless, the DigiTimes’ report is somehow grilled by the recent information that said the Nokia 920 and the Samsung ATIV S are launching in Europe this weekend. Due to its rising popularity, smartphone demand in Europe has been strong since last year. If the demand is still the same, then OEMs should be expecting sales growth from their soon-to-launch Windows Phone 8 devices, particularly in the European market.

Windows Phone 8 is the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, officially announced in San Francisco on October 29th. The new platform aimed at catching up with the ruling iOS and Android platforms.

Three manufacturers including Nokia, HTC and Samsung, have already announced their first Windows Phone 8 devices, namely the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820, HTC Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S, and lastly, the Samsung Galaxy ATIV S. The first handset to roll out of the WP8 lineups is the HTC 8X, which is scheduled to go on sale on November 2nd. The rest of the handsets will follow.

While Microsoft perceives to have a promising market sales growth from the launch of its newest Windows mobile platform, recent reports claimed that the very manufacturers producing WP8 handsets still expect to make lower sales out of these devices.

Source: PhoneArena

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Archos announces 8 inch Cobalt tablet

A new competitor has stepped into the smallish tablet game today as Archos has announced the existence of the Archos 80 Cobalt. Following the naming scheme of many of its other tablets, the “80″ in its name stands for 8.0 inches, putting it in the same class as devices such as the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Acer Iconia Tab A110, and the iPad Mini. The 4:3 aspect ratio might be off-putting for some but if the 9.7 inch iPad can do it then we see no reason for the 80 Cobalt not to be able to pull it off.

The tablet sadly comes with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box instead of Jelly Bean, but it boasts a 1.6GHz dual-core processor (quad-core GPU), 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 2 megapixel rear camera with a VGA front camera, and supports a microSD card with expansion up to 32GB. Its screen resolution of 1024×768 isn’t quite HD, but its shortcomings should be negated by a lower-than-normal price point when it’s compared to similarly-specced tablets.

Judging by the photos the tablet is a bit heavy on the bezel, but its “smooth-touch, easy-grip body” should make for comfortable use. Although Adobe has respectfully bowed out of the mobile flash game Archos is touting “full” Flash 11 support. That should be a nice marketing bulletpoint now that a lot of tablets won’t be coming with that Flash stamp on the box.

Questions about build quality will still need to be answered as this is one area where Archos doesn’t tend to shine (and is probably the biggest reason why the OEM is able to sell its products so cheaply). The desirability of the 80 Cobalt will depend on a VERY attractive price with the attractive offerings Google, ASUS and Acer have brought to market so we expect this thing to be no more than $200 (but don’t take that as gospel just yet — Archos hasn’t given the official word on pricing or availability). Find more details on it at the OEM’s website. [via Facebook]

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Walmart jumps on the 32GB Nexus 7 bandwagon

Earlier today, we received pricing confirmation from Office Depot that the 32GB version of the Nexus 7 would go for $249. Well, Walmart has jumped on the bandwagon, listing the 32GB version as “in stock” on its website. They have also dropped the price of the 16Gb version to $199. While Google has not officially announced the 32GB version or the price drop to $199 for the 16GB, Walmart has both ready to ship.

We thought Office Depot may have jumped the gun on selling the new version of the Nexus 7, but this Walmart listing seems to confirm that the tablet is, in fact, ready for primetime. It seems that even though Google was forced to cancel the event where it was presumed that they would make the tablet official, retailers seem to be given the go ahead to sell the tablet. Presumably, other retailers will follow along with Walmart and Office Depot soon.

Google has actually listed the 8GB and 16GB versions as out of stock. Google Play simply has a form for users to check and see when the tablet will be available again. With retailers listing the tablets for sale, we assume Google will start selling them on Google Play soon as well.

Besides the 32GB Nexus 7, Google was also rumored to announce the Nexus 10, and the Nexus 4 from LG. Google has not announced when the event is rescheduled for, but we assume it will be after the hurricane dies down. We will keep you posted on all things Nexus 7 and Google’s upcoming Android event.

[via SlashGear]

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