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Nexus 10 magnetic Pogo charger spotted in the wild

Nexus 10 owners might be getting a cool new way to charge their devices. A new Pogo charger has been shown by a forum user on Android Central, and this charger looks quite a bit more convenient. It comes hooks onto the phone using magnets, which makes hooking the phone up a little easier and faster. It’s similar in function to the MagSafe chargers you will find on a MacBook.


The source of the rumored charger claims he works for the original and direct supplier of the pogo cable to Samsung in Korea. He said the charger will be available soon via Amazon and eBay for around $19.99-24.99. The photo looks like it could fit a Nexus 10 device, but of course, this is still a rumor, and until the magnetic charger actually hits the market, it needs to be treated as such.

If this charger does come to fruition, it could offer a cool way to charge your device while we are waiting official pogo dock for the Nexus 10. If you are not a fan of plugging microUSB into your device, this could be a cool option. It’s supposed to hit soon, so we will find out immanently.

The Nexus 10 is certainly a beast of a tablet, and it’s finally possible to get your hands on one, at least in the 16GB varient. The 32GB is still listed as “Out of Stock” on Google Play. Hopefully, this charger is more than a rumor, because it can certainly enhance the awesomeness of the tablet.

[via Android Central]

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Report: LG to debut first CPU at CES 2013, mobile version soon to follow

After licensing ARM Cortex-A9 and ARM Cortex-A15 technology back in 2011, LG’s plans for home-brewed processors are finally coming to fruition. A report from the Korea Times claims that LG will debut their new chips at CES 2013.

The milestone marks LG’s first foray into the fabless chip industry, a sector the company hopes to become a major player in. The Korean firm will not handle the production of the chips, which will first be used to power web-connected televisions. Their H13 processor will be produced in Taiwain using TSMC’s 28-nanometer technology.

A mobile version of the chip is said to be nearing the final stages of development, and will also be manufactured by TSMC. It is unclear if we will see the processor on display at CES alongside the H13 chip.

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Official Nexus 7 dock appears on ASUS Japan’s website – Coming soon to the US?

This image has no alt text

Just because I, personally, don’t see the need for docks (or even tablets for that matter), doesn’t mean that the rest of you don’t find them useful. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of discussion about docks with just about every major Android release, the Nexus 7 being no exception. Those of you that can’t stand another minute without a dock to nestle your Nexus 7 can rest easy, ASUS has finally cooked one up with your name on it. Well, actually it has their name on it, but you know what I mean.

We saw an early glimpse of the cradle many months ago and it looks like all those many months of R&D have finally come to fruition — that is, if you speak Japanese. The dock popped up on ASUS Japan’s website, where it will be available for sale sometime this month for 3,480 yen (around $42.23). No word if or when we can expect this to come stateside, but hopefully that Nexus branding means we’ll see it come to the Play Store before long. Anyone feenin’ for a Nexus 7 dock?

[ASUS Japan]

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Samsung Galaxy Camera may come to Verizon according to FCC leak

One of the more intriguing devices out there is the Samsung Galaxy Camera. It offers the quality of dedicated camera and awesome Android features of a smartphone. The one big flaw that some users could find with the device is that it is only available from AT&T. Well that might be changing soon enough, if this possible listing from the FCC is to be believed.

This new listing from the FCC shows a different LTE radio frequency of 700MHZ, which is the very same used by Verizon Wireless. The new variant called the A3LEKGC120, could be landing on Verizon, but of course, neither Verizon nor Samsung has announced anything official yet, so only time will tell if this comes to fruition. For people who want to avoid AT&T, the Galaxy Camera coming to Verizon could be a big deal.

Overall, the Galaxy Camera in its current form is a fantastic device. It comes with a 4.7-inch LCD and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean installed. It comes with a 1650 mAh lithium-ion removable battery that seems be working quiet well.

As for the camera itself, the current model comes with 16 megapixels and 21x optical zoom. That’s a pretty solid resolution that can take some beautiful shots. Check out our review on the current model Galaxy Camera to get a feel for the device. Hopefully, this Verizon version comes to fruition, but for time being, we will have to wait and see if one of the two companies involved announce something official.

[via TalkAndroid]

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Samsung Galaxy Note II: 5 million units sold worldwide and counting

The pace at which Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has moved off the shelves has been dizzying. Just 24 days ago, Samsung announced that it had sold over 3 million units of the massive device. Well folks, that was before the official shopping season apparently began, because they’ve now announced that over 5 million units are now in customers’ hands. At this rate, it looks like Samsung’s initial sales estimate back in September of the Note II selling three times faster than the original Note will most likely come to fruition. While it remains to be seen how sales are per capita vs. the original Note (or if we’ll ever know), the move to make the device available on more carriers seems to have definitely paid off.

source:  Samsung

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Android 4.1.2 update for Galaxy Note may include TouchWiz Nature UX and multi-window feature

It looks like Samsung might be bringing another update to original Galaxy Note owners. The device may be over a year old, but that doesn’t mean Samsung is going to stop supporting it with new update. It looks like the original Note is going to be updated to Android 4.1.2, which will bring some awesome new features.

The update will add TouchWiz Nature UX and the multi-window feature that is available now on the Galaxy Note II. In fact, the multi-window feature is one of the main showcase features of the Galaxy Note II. This should be quite a useful update for device owners, provided it actually comes to fruition.

These rumors first started with SamMobile, and were further shown by a video on YouTube showing a Galaxy Note with the new features running on it. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of the update, but it doesn’t look like any custom firmware we’ve seen for the device previously. It seems likely that Samsung would continue to support one of its flagship devices, but we can’t be sure yet.

Samsung has not announced anything official regarding Android 4.1.2 coming to the Galaxy Note. SamMobile usually get these things right, but until we hear word officially from Samsung, we shall have to treat this as a rumor. As always, we will keep you posted and let you know if we hear anything more about these new features coming to the Galaxy Note.

[via SamMobile]

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16GB Nexus 7 nearing end-of-life, to be replaced by rumored 32GB model?

Rumors of a 32GB Nexus 7 have been heating up over the past few days. First the new version of the slate showed up in a retailer’s inventory system. Then a customer in Japan appeared to have received the larger storage option in lieu of the 16GB model that was originally ordered. Now we have this screenshot from an insider working for a hardware reseller, which indicates that the 16GB (1B16) will be phased out, with the 32GB (1B32) replacing it.

If this latest leak pans out, it likely means the 32GB model will retail for the same price as the 16GB, doubling the available storage without raising the cost of the Nexus 7. If that turns out to be true, it suggests that earlier rumors of lower-priced Nexus tablets by the end of the year could actually come to fruition, with Google and ASUS potentially dropping the price of the 8GB model. That’s merely speculation for now, however. One thing that seems nearly certain is the existence of a 32GB Nexus 7, and it seems likely to launch in time for the holidays.

[Thanks, Perry!]

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Google’s Nexus 10 Tablet Rumored to be from Samsung

In June, Google announced the Nexus 7, an inexpensive tablet with nice specifications and attractive price tag. A few days later, rumors of the Nexus 10, a larger, more powerful version of the Nexus tablet, emerged. The latest Nexus tablet is rumored to be co-branded with Samsung. Currently, Google is partnered with Asus for the Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nexus 7, which is an attractive option due to its low price tag,  is not much competition for the biggest tablets on the market. The Nexus 10, however, could provide competition to the iPad if the specifications are correct. According to rumors, the Nexus 10 will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600, exceeding the iPad’s 2,048 x 1,536 resolution.

The first indication of a Nexus 10 tablet arose when DigiTimes published a piece alleging that an inside source stated Google would produce a 10 inch tablet using touch panels from Wintek and AU Optronics. The rumors of Nexus 10 have been fueled by various indicators, including Google’s push for Android app development that targets larger tablet screens. There has been no official announcement from Google about plans to release a 10 inch tablet, however.

While there’s speculation about price, there’s no indication of what the Nexus 10 might cost, assuming it comes to fruition. Google elected to price the Nexus 7 at a price point that barely breaks even. If the Nexus 10 is priced in a similar manner, combined with high-end specs, it could prove to be a major contender in the tablet market.

[via CNET]

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TomTom Finally Releases Offline Maps And Navigation For Android, But It Doesn’t Work With Any Modern, High-End Device


I imagine there was a meeting at TomTom some months ago where it was decided, for whatever reason, that there was a need for them to bring their own maps and navigation apps to Android. Now, after who knows how long, those apps have come to fruition. Only they’re quite expensive ($38-$60), and not compatible with, well, any modern device. Not the HTC One X, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, or Galaxy Nexus. And no tablets. Or many other relevant devices.

Why? Because the apps are only compatible on devices with 480×800 or 480×854 resolutions. So, high-end phones from two+ years ago.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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TomTom Finally Releases Offline Maps And Navigation For Android, But It Doesn’t Work With Any Modern, High-End Device was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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32GB Nexus 7 Shows Up In Leaked Carphone Warehouse Screenshot


You know what I hate about the Nexus 7? Nothing. But I dislike the limited amount of storage – 16GB just isn’t enough, especially considering the size of games like Horn and The Bard’s Tale. What I’d really like to see is a 32GB version of the device, and according to a leaked Carphone Warehouse screenshot that showed up over at Droid Life, that dream may actually come to fruition.


OK, there are actually a couple of things to talk about first, so let’s start with the obvious: ZOMG a Nexus 2! That’s actually how CW lists the Nexus S, so it’s nothing of concern to, well, anyone.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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32GB Nexus 7 Shows Up In Leaked Carphone Warehouse Screenshot was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Hey Shareholders! Here’s Google’s Eric Schmidt Doing It Gangnam Style In South Korea

schmidtgangnamIf seeing a company’s executive chairman performing a vaguely-sexual, somewhat-equestrian dance for a room full of South Korean employees doesn’t make stock prices soar, I honestly can’t fathom what would. Eric Schmidt, seen below getting his white-boy groove on Gangnam style, was in Korea to discuss Google’s new product Google Pelvic Thrusts. Unbeknownst to the former-CEO, while inside Korean borders, if a person discusses any form of lower abdominal movements, the entire room is legally required to break out in the trendy song and dance.

Once the chairman was finished riding invisible bareback, he informed the team that they would be hiring Korean Demitri Martin to bring the fledgling Google Pelvic Thrusts product to fruition.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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Hey Shareholders! Here’s Google’s Eric Schmidt Doing It Gangnam Style In South Korea was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The best Android kickstarters this week: LIFX and iMpulse

Oh, Kickstarter… why must thou always take my money? The Kickstarter site has simply been a success, allowing companies to get the funding they need to produce these innovative products/services. Think of it as a portal where the company can ask us (the consumers) to pledge and “back” the project and get first dibs on these products.

It is simply too hard to say no to such great ideas, and this week we have two of the most awesome Kickstarter projects we have seen in a while. At least for Android enthusiasts. These are iMpulse and LIFX.


This is the most exciting, as we have been waiting for smart light bulbs to come to fruition. Google has been promising their own Android@Home light bulbs for a while, but with no results. It has been far past the promised release date, and we still haven’t even heard of any announcements related to the light bulb.

Like many of you, I have simply grown tired of waiting. But just as I start realizing that I am better off controlling my lighting manually, this Kickstarter project comes and “brings light” to my day!

This is because the LIFX WiFi-enabled light bulb is a treasure box! It is full of features that we simply are not expecting yet. I mean come on, at this point I am happy with a light bulb that would allow me to turn the lights on/off with my smartphone.

The creators of LIFX take things to the next step by offering lighting in multiple colors. And not just any colors, you can pick from a plethora of colors; from natural lighting colors to red and blue hues. This little guy can even give you phone notifications! Imagine the lights flashing blue (or any color) when you get an email or message. We will probably even be able to set specific colors for different types of notifications.

The LED light bulb also allows for dimming, strobe-like effects, control lighting from anywhere with internet access and even set a night light for the kids (which turns off after some time). Not to mention LED light bulbs last for over 20 years and consume less electricity.

I know I am signing up for this one. You can get a light bulb by pledging $69, or more than one if you decide to pledge more. Sign up and you should get your LIFX bulbs by March 2013. Check out the video below for more details!

iMpulse Controller

Our Android devices are fun to game with, and many times powerful enough to run console-quality games. But any gamer will tell you that no matter how amazing the graphics are or how immersive the experience is, on-screen controls can destroy the potential in mobile gaming. Your fingers do get in the way, and your actions are nos as precise as they are with physical gamepads.

I won’t go too much into detail on this one, as Chris reported it last night. But I thought it was worth a mention, as it is still one of the best ones of the week.

We don’t always want to be carrying huge controllers to play on-the-go, though, and this is why iMpulse comes in real handy. The bluetooth controller is small and can be used as a keychain! So wherever you go, you will be able to bust out your keys and start gaming like a pro.

The device can also be used as a key finder and camera remote, so it is not only good for gaming.

Wrap Up

So there we go, guys. These are some great Kickstarter projects to take your Android experience to its full potential. Soon enough my whole paycheck will start going towards Kickstarters. I am most excited about LIFX, but I am definitely signing up for both. Are you? Hit the links right below to do so, and don’t forget to tell us what you think about these in the comments section.

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Xtreamer Enters the Smartphone Market to ‘Reinvent’ Smartphone Pricing

The mention of the name Xtreamer as a company name probably makes you think it’s a company that makes music or stuff like that if you haven’t heard of it.  It is not the most popular company, at least not yet, but if its plans to enter the smartphone market come to fruition, it could rattle some feathers.  Xtreamer is a South Korean company that specializes in manufacturing digital media players for home entertainment systems.  You will of course know that South Korea is home to other successful electronics companies including LG and Samsung.

Xtreamer has plans to enter into the smartphone market and has its sights on making the cheapest high quality mid-range Android smartphone in the market dubbed Xtreamer AiKi.  Xtreamer is planning to make Xtreamer Mobile, an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone sporting a 5 inch screen, a 5 Megapixels camera, 2 SIM card slots, a powerful battery and software updates from the ClockwordMod team.  Root access to the phone for software installations and modifications will be enabled by default.  In the teaser video on YouTube, the new AiKi smartphone also features a 5 MP camera.

We don’t know much about this new smartphone, the detailed specs or even the exact stage of development or anticipated date of release but we know it is likely to trigger changes in the smartphone market especially since it seems to focus on the price issue.  These early signs such as enabled root access and software updates from a modding team show that this could be a phone specially developed for the Android hacker community and advanced users – the first of its kind.

Although Android phones are currently the cheapest high end phones you can find, users still feel that manufacturers need to drive the prices further down without strangling the features and offering users raw deals in specs and features.  What the Android community needs is a company like Xtreamer to rattle prices a little, cause discomfort and trigger a price war.  I hope Xtreamer is our savior.

You can have a look at the Xtreamer teaser video on YouTube here and let us know what your thoughts are on this new entrant into the smartphone field.

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Motorola, Intel taking us to the edge in London Sept. 18


Intel and Motorola joined forces earlier this year – now it's time to see the fruits of their labor.

That's a big announcement, eh? Motorola and Intel, the marriage first announced way back in January at CES, finally appears to be coming to fruition. (Right on schedule, actually.) So what will we see when the two companies "take us to the edge" on Sept. 18 in London? Most likely, it'll be a production-caliber Android smartphone based off Intel's Medfield platform that it's been teasing us with lo these many months, with its speed, power and promised battery savings that come from the Atom SOC.

Smartphone? Tablet? As always, we'll be there to bring you the whole thing as it happens. Set your calendars, folks!

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Retail box stickers say LG Optimus Black “upgradeable” to ICS, but is it really?

LG’s having a tough time in their quest to update their existing phones to Ice Cream Sandwich. The LG Optimus Black was one such device affected by their hardship, and new developments suggest they just might be ready to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses… or not.

You see, these retail boxes appeared — where, I have no clue — with a sticker that says the device is “upgradeable” to Ice Cream Sandwich. There are a few possible things that have happened here:

  1. For starters, this could indicate that an update is pending and is ready to go out following a round of testing and approval.
  2. This could be a retail box made when LG expected to release Ice Cream Sandwich, but not properly recycled since that never came to fruition.
  3. Someone made that sticker themselves and are just trolling the world.

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that we still don’t have any clue on whether or not LG’s planning to release the upgrade, and mum’s the word directly out of their camp. We’d love an official stance once and for all, and we’ll be reaching out to see if they can give us an update on their rollout strategy for older phones. [Tech Covet via GSMArena]

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Sony Announces New Exmor RS Camera Sensors


Sony is known for having a heavy influence on the camera sensors found on your smartphones and tablets, but it looks like Sony will be trying to make future sensors just a little bit better. Sony announced the new Exmor RS sensor which has several components featured: two eight-megapixel sensors (one with new camera signal processing tech) and a top-drawer 13-megapixel module. Naturally if you have three topnotch sensors, they’ll need to be complimented by new lenses and the Exmor RS delivers by featuring an f/2.2 lenses alongside a refreshed auto-focus module. Oh and they will all be capable of full HDR (HD recording).

Well friends— looks like your next camera on that shiny new premium smartphone or tablet certainly will be a doozy. Expect to see the first batch of Sony’s latest fruition to surface sometime early in the next year.

source: Engadget

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Amidst apparent delay, the T-Mobile Galaxy S Blaze Q might now be the Galaxy S Relay 4G

T-Mobile was rumored to launch the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q yesterday, but as we have all figured out that never came to fruition. It seems we have a new name to attach to the device, though, as TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile will market it as the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G.

The original name did well to pay homage to the device’s slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but we can see why T-Mobile isn’t too fond of such a name in favor of one that allows them to market their “4G” network.

Marketing aside, the device is definitely expected to stay the same physically with its 4 inch 720p display (367ppi), 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and more. It’s definitely quite the looker for someone who is not ready to bow out of the QWERTY game, but it’s hard to get too excited without an official date. We’re waiting, T-Mo!

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You Could Soon Play PS3 Games on Sony Android Tablets and Smartphones

The smartphones in the market today are so powerful that they have completely revolutionized mobile gaming.  The entry of NVIDIA in the mobile device chip design and manufacture has seen the introduction of some very powerful smartphones, some as powerful as laptops.  Smartphones with Tegra 3 quad-core processors and the more powerful Mali-400 are truly super phones because of their performance.  This means that the phones can handle games with more demanding graphics – gaming on smartphones is a completely new experience.

Sony is about to take mobile gaming to a whole new level – you could soon play your PS3 games right on your Android phone or tablet.  Today, you can only go to play Store and get games specially developed or adapted for smartphones or tablets but if Sony’s plans come to fruition, you could play the actual PS3 games on your Sony device, just like it was a console.

Sony has acquired a cloud gaming company called Gaikai for $380 Million and its core plans is to turn it into a cloud gaming space to properly deliver PS3 games straight into Android smartphones and tablets.  Mobile gaming in general often have one major downside – you have to buy and download a game, which is often large in size depending on the complexity of the graphics.  Some games require one to have a WiFi connection to start the download to avoid download interruption.  However, with Sony’s plans of gaming in the cloud, a client on the phone can directly connect to the servers via 3G or 4G LTE network and enhance playing experience online.

One major issue with cloud gaming though is that in the long run it will use up more bandwidth than a downloaded game.  To avoid running into debt because of gaming, players may need to have an unlimited mobile data plan because the games alone will use up a significant number of gigs of data transfer.

Sony is working on optimizing their PS3 titles for Android devices in a move they expect will differentiate their commitment to gaming entertainment.  At the moment, they are not doing so well in the tablet or smartphone market but if they pull this off, they just might have a whole bunch of gamers waiting to buy their devices.  Sony has a large gaming audience worldwide thanks to their PlayStation consoles but with the evolution of mobile gaming, console sales are expected to take a plunge from now on.

Do you think gaming in the cloud on an Android device is a practical project?

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T-Mobile’s upcoming HTC One X+ confirmed to carry quad-core Tegra 3+ chip, HD display and Android 4.1.1


The rumor mill on this device has certainly gone a full circle. Initial rumors of this supposed T-Mobile device first surfaced earlier this year and now with the recent NenaMark2 scores that have been leaked, the HTC One X+ is truly starting to come into fruition.

As you can see, we can expect the new NVIDIA quad-core 1.7GHz Tegra 3+ processor along with a 1280×720 HD display. If you recall on our previous post covering the One X+, there was a debate whether HTC would include the Tegra 3+ or the upcoming quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor. I’m also glad to see that this test phone already includes Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, considering the current One X (international and AT&T version) are still on 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

While this device has always been expected to hit T-Mobile, there’s also a rumor that this device is also known as the HTC Evitaire and will be making its way to AT&T. Whether that’s true or not, I’m sure we’ll know more in the near future.

Seems like all we need now are some blurry cam images, don’t you think? It’s glad to see an HTC powerhouse landing on T-Mobile this fall. With the specs this great paired with such a powerful mobile CPU, I hope HTC decides to beef up the battery as well.

As soon as we learn more about this impending device, we’ll be sure to fill you in!

source: Android And Me

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Sony LT30p ‘Mint’ Smartphone Outed and Outlined


While Sony has been quietly at work developing devices like the LT29i, we now see other devices it’s had up its sleeve in full fruition. A complete preview of a device called the LT30p (also known as ‘Mint’) has surfaced and gives Sony fans a look of what will be Sony’s next premium smartphone. The Sony LT30p will feature Android 4.0 and have a 4.6-inch (1280 x 720) display with on-screen buttons, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset, 1GB RAM, 13MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 720p front facing camera, 16GB of internal memory, microSD, MHL output, NFC and a sealed battery.

The overall design of the smartphone looks to be a bit on the lackluster side, but the hope is what you see will not be the final design. After all— all those premium goodies should be featured in a premium design, right?

source: Xperia Blog

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Google Unveils Its Platform Development Kit, Offers Glimmer Of Hope For Grabbing Latest Updates Sooner For Devices


It’s no secret that owners of Android devices love major OS updates, but hate having to wait 6-12 months to update their devices to grab the latest updates. In fact, while Google pledged a commitment that Android devices of all would get major software updates up to 18-months after the initial release, it hasn’t quite come to fruition as roughly a mere 7% of all Androids are featuring Ice Cream Sandwich as the latest OS. Google has re-thought its strategy and announced its Android Platform Development Kit (PDK). The brand-spankin’ new Android PDK is more or less a group of tools to help manufacturers port the latest Android software to their devices, faster of course. Here’s how it works: Google will release the PDK to developers a few months before it launches each new version of Android, in order to get a leg up on getting the new version to its devices. What this means is Android manufacturers will have a headstart on modifying the new version of the Android OS to reflect its branding, so they won’t have to wait for Google’s official announcements in order to begin modifying the software. Owners of devices will get to see that dolled up Sense, TouchWiz, Blur— or whatever else infused flavor of Android far sooner than before. Oh and in case you’re wondering, Google has already enacted the PDK by allowing select manufacturers to try out its new Jelly Bean 4.1 beta build… before the official Jelly Bean announcement.

While it will stay take some time for most (newer) devices to receive the ICS upgrade that seems so last year at this point, owners of Android devices can look forward to the future and the fact that it is quite possible that they will see major software updates to both current and future devices, without the latest software becoming obsolete. Let’s just hope the wireless carriers don’t mess anything up and prolong what will be the faster update process with tiresome certifications and all. But hey— here’s hoping we see the beginning of something special for Android owners everywhere. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out!

source: Gotta Be Mobile

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Sony Tablet P’s Android 4.0 update to roll out May 24th

This image has no alt text

Sony’s plan to roll out Android 4.0.3 to the Tablet P in April may not have come to fruition, but the Japanese manufacturer is now stating that the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA update will be coming next week, on May 24th.

The Sony Tablet S had its update as promised, soon after Sony issued a press release in Japan. A global roll-out of the Ice Cream Sandwich was seen, and we can assume the same for the Tablet P. There might be some delays if you happen to have the AT&T version, though. The update has to go through the carrier before it hits your device.

Any device without Ice Cream Sandwich is considered outdated for most Android fans. Therefore, it is good to see that manufacturers are updating their products, even if a bit late. If you have been carrying this foldable tablet, let us know when/if the update hits your device!

[Source: Sony Via: Pocketnow]

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Samsung continues trademark spree, latest is ‘Galaxy Variant’

Samsung will have no shortage of potential names for future Galaxy smartphones if they keep registering names at their current rate. Following filings for the Galaxy Metrix, Galaxy Velvet and Galaxy Legend on April 13th, which themselves followed filings for the Galaxy Lift, Galaxy Sire, and Galaxy Perx, the Korean manufacturer has filed to have Galaxy Variant trademarked with the USPTO.

These trademark applications only account for the month of April — Samsung has filed close to a dozen more (that we know of) since the first of the year. Most include Galaxy in their name, such as the Accelerate, Express, and Thunder (also Emerge, Halo, and Stellar). Some may not make their way to a Galaxy phone (Joy, Fresh) and some may not get used at all. But if the latest does come to fruition, things will get a whole lot more confusing when we start talking Galaxy variants (or is it the Galaxy Variant?).

[via Fusible]


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Was Sony Pondering Development Of A Playstation Phone With Two Keyboards? A Patent Filed In 2010 Suggests It Was

Well well well, what do we have here? This device looks as if it is the Playstation Phone that never came to fruition. Sony was apparently out to show it still has some tricks up its sleeve back in 2010 by filing a patent for not one, but two sliders on its devices such as the Xperia Play. Many of you are wondering why in the world Sony would file a patent for two sliding keyboards. Basically, Sony was interested in creating a technology that allows for a separate gamepad and full QWERTY keyboard, so it filed for patent approval with the USPTO which is described as:

“A device comprising: an upper unit having a display screen thereon; a first slidable unit having a first keypad thereon, the first slidable unit being slidably connected to the upper unit on a side opposite the display screen, the first slidable unit being movable between a closed position in which the upper unit generally overlies the first keypad and an open position in which the first keypad is positioned generally adjacent the display screen; and a second slidable unit having a second keypad thereon, the second slidable unit being slidably connected to the upper unit and the first slidable unit; the second slidable unit being movable between a closed position in which the upper unit generally overlies the second keypad and an open position in which the second keypad is positioned generally adjacent the display screen”

As you might imagine, the design shows users would allow you to slide out the QWERTY keyboard and then pop that up in order to reveal the actual gamepad keyboard right below that. Pretty neat isn’t it?

We don’t know if there was ever patent was approved nor do we know if there’s a model or prototype out there, but hey— you have you admit the concept sure is sweet. Hit the break for an additional idea of what this concept may have looked like.



source: USPTO
via: Engadget

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Project Glass for Those of us Who Already Have Glass

One of the biggest questions when Project Glass, Google’s vision of the future of wearable smart technology, was revealed was regarding those of us who are already legally blind: how will we be able to use Project Glass with our existing eye wear? Well, they aren’t promising anything, but they did give us a quick look at how an attachable accessory could look over someone’s pair of glasses. Too much? Personally, I wouldn’t mind it. The original pair already looked very unobtrusive to me, and this accessory seems even more sleek and cool on top of a pair of frames. Let’s hope this entire project comes to fruition. [via Google+]

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Is that a 3D prototype in HTC’s EVO 4G LTE making of video? (update: nope)


An HTC Evo 4G LTE with dual cameras could only mean one thing, right? It’s unclear whether the 3D rig in the company’s intro video is simply a design mock-up, or a functional prototype of a model to come, but there’s definitely something of the sort floating around HTC’s labs. The device in question looks identical to the Evo we saw at yesterday’s Sprint launch event — kickstand and all — save for that unique dual-lens design. And if such a smartphone did come to fruition, what could we expect for a name? Sprint HTC EVO 4G 3D LTE? We sure hope not. We’ve reached out to HTC to get a better idea of what we’re looking at, but for now, this clip will have to do. You’ll find the video in its entirety just past the break, but you’ll want to skip to the 25 second mark for the 3D proto.

Update: Well, we just heard back from HTC and the company confirmed that it’s not a prototype of any future device. Apparently, it’s just an early design when HTC and Sprint were considering carrying over the 3D feature, but it didn’t make the cut. Mystery solved!

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Is that a 3D prototype in HTC’s EVO 4G LTE making of video? (update: nope) originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 05 Apr 2012 15:09:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sparrow mail app for iOS hits version 1.1, Push support to follow ‘with or without Apple’

Sparrow mail app for iOS hits version 1.1, Push support to follow 'with or without Apple'
Good news today for Sparrow iOS users. As expected, the company has updated its splendid lil’ email app to version 1.1 and loaded it with a few hotly anticipated features. Among some bug fixes, you can now make use of a built-in browser, “Send and Archive” messages, filter specific folders and labels, clear your spam and trash bins and even set which accounts you’d like to show or hide dock badges for. While the app is still sorely lacking Push support, Sparrow believes that Apple may change the privacy guidelines for its Push API, which the company plans to include in version 1.2. That said, it’s partnered with folks outside of Cupertino’s walled-garden, so that it can bring the feature to fruition “with or without Apple.” Furthermore, that future version’s other features have been detailed — it’ll include landscape support, vertical swiping through messages and localization for an additional nine countries. In related news, version 1.6 of Sparrow for Mac OS X is being readied for release, and it’ll pack support for POP email accounts. You can glide on down to the source link for further details.

Sparrow mail app for iOS hits version 1.1, Push support to follow ‘with or without Apple’ originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 04 Apr 2012 16:14:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Google Drive leak points to 5GB of free storage

Rumors of a “Google Drive” remote storage service have been around since before the current cloud craze, but if recent screenshots can be believed, it’s finally coming to fruition very soon.  Talk Android got tipped on what looks like a Dropbox-style web service from the Big G offering 5 gigabytes of free cloud storage, considerably more than some would-be competitors. The style of the webpage matches Google’s most recent updates for other web services, and the triangular logo matches the one we saw in a previous leak. This could be fake, but I kind of doubt it.

One thing’s for sure: if Google’s planning its own cloud service, it’s bound to get a hearty dose of Android integration. If the green phone logo on the screenshot above wasn’t enough, just consider their latest additions to their web stable: Google+, Google Music, et cetera. And it’s not as if they don’t have a template to copy. Dropbox, and other long-standing services already have some impressive offerings on Android and other mobile platforms.

So what could Google offer to beat these competitors? Aside from tight integration with your existing Google services, not much. True, 5GB is considerably more than Dropbox is offering, but HTC owners get 5GB automatically, and if you’re a savvy Android user you can get access to up to 50GB of storage from The best way that Google could differentiate itself would be low prices for storage expansion and integration with other Google services – like, for example, placing all the attachments from your Gmail account in a dedicated folder. There’s no indication of when or if Google Drive may be coming, but a reveal around Google I/O in June seems likely.

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[Rumor] Google’s Cloud Storage Competitor, Drive, Could Launch In First Week Of April

google drive

It has been several years since the first rumors of Google’s cloud storage service "Drive" started popping up, but for quite a while we didn’t see any of them come to fruition. Just last month, however, we saw a leaked screenshot showing off the Drive logo and its interface, leading us to believe that an official launch wouldn’t be too far off.

According to GigaOM‘s sources, Google plans to launch Drive in the first week of April, offering users 1 GB of storage space for free, with a charge for any more storage; rather paltry compared to Dropbox’s free …

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[Rumor] Google’s Cloud Storage Competitor, Drive, Could Launch In First Week Of April was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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GestureControl Gives Rooted Users Universal, Customized, Multitouch Control Of Their Tablet


One of the great advantages of using a tablet device is its display. Having a big, bright touch display allows for enhanced media enjoyment, browsing, and gaming. Logically, a large touch display should make heavy use of touch controls, implementing at least some level of universal functionality to unify the touch-centric interface a tablet display begs for. Looking to bring this idea to fruition, Good Mood Droid created GestureControl, an app that allows rooted users to control their tablet using a variety of multitouch gestures.

GestureControl, as you can see from the video above, allows users to hide Honeycomb’s status …

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GestureControl Gives Rooted Users Universal, Customized, Multitouch Control Of Their Tablet was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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