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Young Jeezy Is Cricket’s Muve Music Headliner This Month

Why ya’ll trippin, I’m just fine… yup those are the lyrics to one of Young Jeezy’s most popular singles. Atlanta based Jeezy is being featured as Cricket’s Muve Music headliner this month. Jeezy has produced a special, limited edition Muve sessions album specifically for Cricket’s unlimited music program available on several of their phones including the ZTE Score and the Choir.

Muve Music customers can enjoy Jeezy’s latest work entitled “TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition” and also an exclusive Muve Music sessions surrounded by the album.

Cricket’s Muve Music is available on select devices for $55 a month and includes unlimited talk, text, web and Muve Music. Muve allows you to download unlimited tracks, songs and albums every month to be played via the selected phones.

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Samsung Opens SDK for the Galaxy Note

I think that there is no need to say that the latest Samsung’s event in London where the Galaxy Note smart-phone was announced, have had been amazing. Well, of course, its headliner was the one to make the event to be so amazing. A 5-inch smart-phone beast with HD Super AMOLED display and stylus support… what can be better that that? It appears – there is something better than that as far as Samsung has made a decision to make Galaxy Note’s S-Pen SDK available to third-party developers starting December. So, lots of interesting applications should be expected. Without any doubt, this is a very smooth move and I am very happy that Samsung did that. But to be frank, I feel a bit skeptical about this 5-incher. While I do enjoy big touch-screens, but the bigger the screen – the more it kills the battery. That’s a very simple rule. Also, stylus can be both – plus and minus. But, let us not be judgmental and leave a place for nice hands-ons.

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HTC announces its next party, Beats Audio and ‘surprise headliner’ in attendance

HTC’s Facebook page is inviting fans to a gathering on October 6th at the rock ‘n roll Roundhouse in London, ostensibly to celebrate the Beats Audio technology we’ve been listening to with the Sensation XE. Call us over-excited, but the manufacturer’s last party bore plenty of exotic fruit so we reckon those Dre-approved headphones in the flyer might be connected to yet another new handset — unless the mystery guest happens to be the aging hip-hop star himself. In any case, we’ll be there and we won’t hit a single canapé or rap pose until we’ve brought you the news.

HTC announces its next party, Beats Audio and ‘surprise headliner’ in attendance originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:25:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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LG Thrill 4G From AT&T Hands-On

The release of the AT&T LG Thrill 4G is getting closer and closer. It was recently officially announced back in June but today we are here in NYC at the AT&T event to get some live hands-on video for you guys. You might have already heard of it because the Thrill 4G is actually known as the Optimus 3D outside of the U.S. and we recently reviewed it.

The Optimus 3D (aka LG Thrill 4G) is an impressive device, You’ve got a 4.3-inch 480×800 res display, 1 Ghz dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor, Android 2.2, and a pair of 5MP cameras on the back. We expect it will get Gingerbread shortly but for now 2.2 will do. It also features glasses-free 3D on that 4.3″ display and that is the headliner here. You can record or playback videos and pictures, and play games all in 3D with no glasses. Without getting into this too much here is the video below:

LG Thrill 4G Hands-on

Watching the video it is pretty hard to make out the 3D because the cameras don’t capture it all that well but the feature sure is neat and looks pretty great for being glasses-free. The technology being used is the same as the EVO 3D we recently reviewed, and the 3D effect is very similar on both devices. Our friends at SlashGear even compared the two and you can see that by clicking here.

Sadly here at the AT&T event they still did not announce a street date, nor a price for the LG Thrill 4G but we expect to be hearing more details very, very soon. Some recent leaks suggest that the Thrill 4G will launch in July but we still don’t have an official date so stay tuned for more information.


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LG Optimus Black’s Commercial

For quite a long time I was expecting to see something special and unique from LG about their headliner LG Optimus Black but this commercial was like an opening for me. This time LG has really made a great job. The commercial itself says that there is a special “smart-phone championship race” when all the people go to bed. In the video you can actually identify some of the already popular devices like Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or iPhone 4, but their names were changed for some obvious and logical reasons. As you can expect, the LG Optimus Black wins the race and everyone seems to be happy about it. Frankly speaking, if my smart-phone was able to do things like that at night, I would definitely make him mine forever. Anyway, I am not going to take away all the excitement from you, so, take a look at this video and tell us – isn’t it creative?

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Samsung Rocks NYC with Phandroid Readers

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Last night in NYC, a lucky bunch of Phandroid readers and AndroidForums members joined Samsung with an exclusively awesome event featuring the Galaxy Tab 10.1. About 500 people gathered to check out the unreleased Honeycomb Tablet, meet other Android enthusiasts, and eat some awesome food.

A HUGE line was gathered outside and this was the inside when only a few had entered. Perhaps the coolest part of the event was the fact that this was TRULY a behind the scenes look into the press world. Whenever we attend exclusive press events for device releases, we have a press conference and presentation, followed by the hands-on demonstrations in rooms decorated and filled just like this. For those who attended, they got an awesome glimpse into our world, complete with a device that hasn’t yet been released.

Above is our very own Contributing Editor, Kevin Krause, along with Steven58 and TwoSpirits – two moderators of the very best Android Forums in the world. The gentlemen on the left is Manny, an AF member who ALSO walked away with a 7-inch Galaxy Tab. BOOYAH!

There were a couple tables of delicious food and we couldn’t eat it quicker than they brought it out. It was always stacked to the brim with mouth watering treats- one of our favorite parts of attending press events! The drinks were all non-alcoholic- since anyone could sign up for the event we needed to keep it safe and sound- but MAN did they serve some amazing diet coke.

The headliner of the show was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will be launched on June 8th. If you weren’t at the event and want to know more, I suggest you read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review. Spoiler: our very own Quentyn Kennemer says, “the hardware is unmatched by any tablet manufacturer regardless of what operating system they use.”

We didn’t get nearly as many pictures as we would have liked, but that’s because we were busy having an awesome time and meeting the great people who read Phandroid and post (or lurk) on AndroidForums every day.

We would absolutely love to have more events like these – and we will – but PLEASE show your thanks to our partners by tweeting something like:

@SamsungMobileUS @Netshelter @Phandroid Awesome #nycGalaxyTab Event! Next time come to [Insert Your City Here]

If you’ve got pictures or videos from the event that you’d like to share with others, please post them in the comments or E-Mail them to me and I’ll add them to the bottom of this post as they come in. Thanks everyone, great meeting you all and thanks SO much for being the best readers, members and community on the planet. You guys seriously rock!

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Sony Ericsson Plans to Take Over North America with 9 Android Phones Inside 2011

No joke, via the same source we spoke to on the importance of the Xperia PLAY, Sony Ericsson doesn’t plan on stopping with that headliner, no way! Sony plans on taking out all oncomers in the coming year with not one flagship phone, but 9 utterly amazing Android phones (which we, of course, have no further info on.) This tidbit of information is built on a talk we had with a source quite familiar with the inner workings of Sony Ericsson, a source who indeed did confirm not only Sony’s plan to release this barrage of Android phones throughout 2011, but more specifically the Xperia PLAY by the end of this quarter.

This could be big news for the world of Android as well as the manufacturers who hold sway over the points. Once Sony Ericsson, a force not quite to be reckoned with in the Android world quite yet, starts swinging their arms out to fly over North America, they’re bound to make a big impact. In similar news, Engadget has heard that the Playstation phone will be hitting the UK on March 31st, lining up nicely with this Q1 projection we’ve heard for the USA.

On the micro-bit – we’ve held the Xperia PLAY in our hands, just for a few brief moments, but long enough to say that it feels just magical. The one we held was one of two, both of them in full ready and working operation, that our source held, one with a Verizon SIM, the other with an AT&T – does this mean the Xperia PLAY will have a far-reaching a carrier release as they say the UK will? We shall see. Meanwhile, let’s get our claws out and start digging for the rest of the 9!


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