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Yelp for Android gets updated with Yelp Talk, new action bar UI

Yelp for Android gets updated with Yelp Talk, new action bar UI

Yelp on Android has reached version 3.7, and it’s gotten a little more social with the addition of Yelp Talk. Now, users can discuss whatever their recommendation-seeking hearts desire by starting and replying to threads. In addition, a fresh action bar UI element has been added to the app’s navigation, and users who’re the first to add a tip for a business will now receive a “First to Tip” commendation. To round out the update, the folks at Yelp have gussied up their logo with a hint of holiday cheer. Hit the bordering source link for the download.

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Google Music Gives Indie Artists 70/30 Rev Share, Amazing Opportunity

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If you’re an independent artists you need to listen up. Badly. Or maybe you should just tune me out and head straight to Not only is Google Music an amazing portal to buy and share music, but artists can create their own account for $25, upload their own music and provide complete details, set their own prices, and enjoy a 70/30 revenue share.

Part of me wants to quit this here technology thing and start a music group! Think of how the “Listen Free” feature could revolutionized how local and independent musicians and groups can leverage loyal fan base, encourage G+ shares, and really start to make a name for themselves.

There seems to be a ton of flexibility in how artists manage their Google Music library. They can fill in all of the artist, song, and album info their little hearts desire in addition to changing that information whenever they choose. There is no additional cost to upload tracks/albums to Google Music so whether it’s an album that took two years to create or a live gig from last week, you’re free game at getting your fans the music they want… with no limitations on quantity.

Let’s not forget that being on the Google Music store also means you’re in the hands of the 200+ Million Android users and counting, in addition to everyone leveraging the web for Google Music. If you’re an artist that tries out Google Music… let us know how you like it! And if you want to try it out, visit

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