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Instagram launches profile pages and exposes users to the world wide web

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Instagram is great. There are a lot of things I love about the budding social network/pseudo photo hosting service and one of them is simply the archiving and sharing of your real world life through pictures — not meaningless stuff you’ve come across on the internet. Sure all that can be fun, but internet diarrhea is better left to Facebook and Google+.

One of the strangest (and best) parts about Instagram is that it was never web based, meaning there was no real way to access the site via your computer. Sure you could view people’s pictures, heart them, comment, and follow — but that was really the extent of it. Honestly, it blew my mind when I first discovered it but it quickly grew on me. There was certain level of secrecy in Instagram. Like a club that required you to have a smartphone to gain admittance. Well, now all of that is about to change.

Today, Instagram has launched their all new profile pages. These are users profiles that can be viewed via the web and quite honestly, I have mixed feelings about it. What was once reserved for “members only,” pictures of my life are now strewn across the net for everyone and anyone to view and gawk at. While it’s hard to put into words exactly what I’m feeling, the closest thing I can compare it to is someone ripping off my towel off and there I am… exposed. For the world to see. (I swear, I just got out of the pool).

In its current state, profile pages are severely limited by what they give a user access to. For instance, there’s currently no way to view your followers, or who your following — making the viewing of your friends profile pages a chore (you’re going to have to enter their user name in the URL every time. Sure there are other web-based services like web.stagram, but it would have been nice to not rely on a 3rd party.

I invite you guys if you haven’t already, to join up and friend me. Despite what the naysayers will… nay say, Instagram is a lot of fun and quickly becoming my favorite place to share my life (not what’s going on on the internet) and learn more about fellow Android peeps. I just pray Instagram will never be fully accessible from the desktop, allowing users to upload pics from their computers. It’s the one thing that’s kept the service “pure.” Oh, and limiting the amount of hashtags from #Instawhores. Before I go, here’s a quick video from one of my favorite videographers explaining what makes Instagram so great and how you can help keep it from sucking.

[Play Store Link]

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Google Event Not the only Event Cancelled Tomorrow

As we dry our tears this weekend after the news about the Google Event being cancelled due to hurricane Sandy, come to find out, there are two other events that will be cancelled as well. The T-Mobile Showcase Event was also supposed to hit NYC tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but I was REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THAT! Honestly I did not even know about it. I am sure there was no T-Mobile Nexus devices that were going to be showcased, but odds are, the Galaxy Note 2 was going to be showing its pretty big head at that event. Here is the email that was sent out:



Apologies for the late mail, but due to the expected weather in New York, T-Mobile will be postponing its showcase event (which was scheduled for October 29) to a later date.  We will keep you posted on a rescheduled date as soon as we can.

Thanks for your flexibility and patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

Dive Into Mobile had an event tomorrow as well, that will suffer cancellation due to Sandy. Many pillars of the tech community were set to speak at that event, including Andy Rubin. How often does this happen? Mother nature is not loving the tech world that is for sure. Here is what they sent out about this event:

So it indeed sucks that these events have to be cancelled, but for those of you over on the east coast please be safe and make sure you stay out of harms way. I have heard it refered to as “Frankenstorm” so that is not comforting at all. Let us know how you guys are doing over there.

Source: Android Police Android Central

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LG Optimus Elite Receiving Minor OTA Update


If you have an Optimus Elite, it’s time to hit that “check update” button – a brand-new software version (LS696ZVF) is headed out to devices this morning. It’s definitely on the minor side, and no, it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. Honestly, if you have an Elite, you’re probably going to be stuck in Gingerbread hell forever unless you’re on a custom ROM. Anyway, here’s the changelog:

- NFC driver permissions update
- Support for downloadable Sprint Direct Connect Now client from the Google Play Store
- “QuickMemo” LG application
- Sprint Connections Optimizer

Head over to the Sprint Community post to find out more.

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LG Optimus Elite Receiving Minor OTA Update was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon branded Galaxy Note II looking at Nov 29th launch Day

Well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like a new document has surfaced alluring to a November 29th launch date for the Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Note II. Earlier we saw the pre-order page for the device stating a ship date of November 27th, now we see a document listing the Note II to launch on the 29th. Both of these dates add up to equal the same thing, a late launch for Verizon.

It is hard to argue that November 29th won’t be the launch day. They could move it up a little bit, but at this point we doubt it. Other insiders have also mentioned this to be the launch day in the past. When other carrier announcements started to hit with a much earlier time frame we expected Verizon to also move theirs up too. What is causing Verizon to be late to the party? It could be a number of variables that we aren’t privy to on the inside. A few speculations include other devices being on the list for launch before the Note II. Not really one that we buy into. Honestly we think it has something to do with the production of he device and the carrier branded logo on the button. It might seem like a small addition that Verizon was able to swing to make their Note II just a tiny bit different, but it would add some more work to the production of the device.

What do you think is the cause? Have you seen a reason for the delayed launch somewhere else? Let us know, we are pretty interested in why Verizon of all carriers will be a month late to the game.

Source: DroidLife 

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Rayman Jungle Run For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes 

Rayman Jungle Run is an extreme amount of fun, the developers do a fantastic job trying to capture the spirit of last years Rayman Origins.  On the other hand, you are going to find that you don’t have full control over game because it is a one touch running game. Sort of like Sonic CD, but an entirely different game. Whatever the case, Rayman Jungle Run is going to set you back by $2.99, but is still an extreme amount of fun and is entirely worth the price that they are asking for. Honestly, this is probably one of the best casual Android games that is currently available in Google Play.

Rayman Jungle Run probably has some of the most beautiful graphics that I have ever seen in terms of mobile games (excluding all of the UDK powered games). It takes on its usual attractive “cartoony” style, but unlike a lot of fast paced games on mobile handsets, Rayman Jungle Run does a very good job at keeping a good and stable frame rate. As you can imagine, right off the bat this is a good thing for Rayman Jungle Run, as games published by Ubisoft or Namco tend to be pretty terrible mainly because they release it, and don’t due any sort of bug fixes or interaction with the community. That said, there are basically no major bugs within Rayman Jungle Run aside from a few compatibility issues with various phones.

When it comes to gameplay, it’s pretty solid. If you remember playing Sonic at all, or even recently on your Android device, you’ll notice some extreme similarities to Rayman Jungle Run. As I said earlier, it’s a one touch running game, and you really don’t have to do anything aside from jumping. The huge difference you are going to notice between Sonic and Rayman Jungle Run, is that Rayman Jungle Run has some beautiful graphics and very vibrant “power-ups” and collectibles. Keep in mind that despite how vibrant and beautiful the graphics are, the game’s frame rate still manages to stay at a stable and steady pace. This is very important because on higher end devices, when a games frame rate drops, you can see it drastically. Thankfully Ubisoft did a fantastic job keeping things in check and releasing a near bug-free game. The quality alone, I would say, is well worth the $2.99 that they are asking for you to pay.

Rayman Jungle Run is currently available on both iOS and Android. I haven’t tested the iOS version or “port,” so points in this review may not be as accurate as it is to the Android version of the game. Rayman Jungle Run is a fantastic, vibrant, fast-paced side-scrolling game, and will offer you a good couple hours of endless fun if you enjoy games like Sonic and such. Rayman Jungle Run is known to be one of the best games on the mobile platform despite its cost.

Fantastic job with this title Ubisoft. I’m definitely looking forward to playing a lot more of the game.


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For The Casual Gamer: World of Goo

World of Goo is a game on Google Play that is one of the “Editor’s Choice’s.” World of Goo has won tons of different awards, and you might be familiar with it on the PC, as it is an indie game that is often featured on the Steam client, and is also mentioned around the internet quite often. World of Goo is interesting, it’s like a puzzle game, but at the same time has a vibrant environment to sort of “explore.” It’s a full award winning game, that has more recently come to the Android platform. Honestly, the game is strangely thrilling and rewarding, and that is what makes it fun.

To win the game, you have to drag and drop these really weird gobs of goo to build different structures and bridges to get to the end of the map. After that, you win the level and go on to the next one. I think this game really makes you think, it really makes you think on how to complete the level. It’s not another Angry Birds where you just launch them and hope for the best. World of Goo literally makes you think and requires some brain activity, which is pretty beneficial if you’re playing the game during the work day on break or something.

It’s also very much worth nothing that the game on Android is currently 60% off for World of Goo’s birthday, and is 80% off on the PC. So, wherever you purchase it, it’s only going to cost you $1.99. $2 for a casual game, that has tons of content, and the fact that it is extremely successful, is entirely worth purchasing. Playing the game, I had a lot of fun with it, and it really is for those who enjoy casual experiences, and maybe only have a little bit of time to play games.

The game is challenging, it is fun, and it is probably one of the best indie games on the Android platform. Indie games are extremely popular on the PC, they get tons of recognition and tons of publicity, but on the Android platform, it is sort of lacking. That said, World of Goo was a extremely perfect title that would work extremely well on the Android platform. Thankfully it got ported there, and is actually one of the best ports I have ever seen, it’s entirely better than what Electronic Arts ports over to Android.

Overall, World of Goo is a fantastic game if you are just looking to have a little fun before you head to bed, or if you’re looking for something to relax with during your break at work. If you’re interested in picking up World of Goo for Android, you can purchase it for $1.99 during its 60% sale on Google Play by hitting the download link below. I can honestly say that if you are looking for a casual game, World of Goo is something that you really need to look at and consider.

Give it a try, I promise you will enjoy it!

Download Link 

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Samsung Getting Ready To Invite The iPhone 5 Into The Apple vs Samsung Deathmatch

Oh boy, here we go again. I was waiting for when this would happen. Samsung is now living up to their statement earlier this month and is stepping into the deathmatch against Apple. After Apple had a massive victory over Samsung, the Korean tech giant vowed their revenge on Apple along with their most recent release, the iPhone 5. With that said, Samsung Electronics has told the courts to allow the iPhone 5 in their countersuit. In this most recent filing Samsung alleges Apple infringed on the same patents as their other handsets that includes the standards-essential 3G patents and some other specific feature patents. I think Apple could seriously be in for it here.

The countersuit is still developing, so at this point it is uncertain of whether or not the courts will allow Samsung to include the iPhone 5 in the list of devices that have been flagged. If it is not in the countersuit, I think we can all guarantee that Sammy will be starting up a completely new lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone 5. Then again, many believe that Samsung will be allowed to include the iPhone 5 amongst the many infringing devices, we should see it in there when both parties convene again this November. Ah, lawsuits. I’ve come to hate keeping up with the Apple vs Samsung one specifically. Honestly, if this lawsuit is going to continue to take place, I really think that they need a different Judge. While Koh did great with the lawsuit so far, you can really tell her patience is running low and really just wants to get this over with.

Whatever the case, when it comes down to it, it seems like Apple is trying to ban many of Samsung’s handsets for infringement, while on the flip side, Samsung is looked to try and ban multiple Apple devices on the basis of 3G and LTE standards. Man, is this all starting to get heated or what? We originally thought that the lawsuit might come to an end after the verdict, and we’d just see a couple of appeals, but it turns out that small battle is getting ready to turn into a outright war. When the two parties convene this coming November, I’m sure we can expect to see another epic saga.

Does anyone just want this deatchmatch to finally conclude, or should it go on in the name of Samsung? It really is crazy as to how long this is lasting, and at the same time was almost expected. While we all hoped for the verdict to turn out differently, Samsung is going to try and get their way in the court with this countersuit that actually might prove to be legitimate. Of course, adding the iPhone 5 to the list of infringing devices isn’t going to do much since within the first week of its release, everyone and their Mother went to go purcahse one.

Any thoughts on this crazed lawsuit? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

source: talk android



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Wirefly Compares The Samsung Galaxy S III To The Apple iPhone 5 In The Newest Schmackdown


We’ve seen Wirefly Schmackdowns before, but we’ve never seen one like this. Under normal circumstances, we watch them compare two high-end Android phones. Today, however, they’ve put mortal enemies in the ring for a fight to the death: the GSIII and the iPhone 5. Oh snap.

They compare the size, weight, display, hardware guts, and software, ultimately calling a winner at the end. Honestly, we’re not surprised at how it turns out, but you won’t find any spoilers here. Hit play and watch for yourself.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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Wirefly Compares The Samsung Galaxy S III To The Apple iPhone 5 In The Newest Schmackdown was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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LG releases Optimus G teaser, prepare for a world without Limits

Honestly, I really like the teaser ad a lot. Focusing on a world where no out numbers yes 1000 to 1. It is true too. You will find more signs and statements in your commute to work telling you can’t do something or limits then you will find telling you that you can. LG is using this as their base for the new LG Optimus G. Offering up the tag line ” prepare yourself for a world without limits”. LG hasn’t hidden the fact that the new Optimus G will have the Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor on board. Initial results are pushing this chip to the top of the charts. Lets not forget the 2GB of RAM, HD IPS Display and a 13MP camera.

There is still plenty to learn and know about this device. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of previous LG Android products in the past, this one could change your mind. After all, Samsung had a terrible beginning run too and then brought us the Galaxy S and the rest was history for them. Should be interesting to see if all their hype pans out to produce the best device they have ever made. We hope it does.

Take a quick watch. It is mostly all just images, signs and whatnot. You do get to see the device towards the end for a second. Although it is not turned on.

Source: AndroidCentral

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Amazon Leaks New Kindle Fire and E-Reader Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Announcement [Video]

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Those watching some kind of soccer or football game tonight were treated to an early glimpse of Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader in a teaser commercial. Nothing was officially announced — not a name, spec, nothing — it was just a short, sentimental video showing how the average consumer could enrich their lives with one of Amazon’s products. Honestly, it was quite good. Someone caught the ad spot it on their camera and uploaded the video to YouTube. You can watch it below.

If the quality of that video wasn’t up to snuff, the boys at The Verge have also gotten their hands on the raw video file. Again, the ad doesn’t reveal too much so we’ll still have to wait until tomorrow’s announcement to bring you guys all the deets. Night.

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Blood & Glory: Legends Now Available on Google Play Store

After Glu Mobile released a teaser video last week of their upcoming and newest title, Blood & Glory: Legend, they have finally decided that it was time to release the game to the public for free! The title is following up with the original Blood & Glory game. Some of the gameplay features epic one-on-one battles against the AI (Artificial Intelligence). Most of the battles will be taking place in an arena themed with an ancient Roman stadium (almost looks like the Colosseum). There are other environments in the game, but this one is the most notable one. As players go through and win battles they’ll be able to earn gold that will allow you to purchase new items, or if you so desire, you can throw down some money through in-app purchases. Honestly, this game actually looks really, really cool. It’s probably even better on a Tegra 3 powered machine.

There is also a strategic aspect to this game. You have to combine various different moves and if you select the proper equipment for your character, you will be on the road to success and eventually the champion of Rome. Outside of the game graphics, Glu Mobile is using a rather nice comic book theme to advance the story of the game, that is, if you’re interested in that type of stuff. Most of you probably just want to get on with the violence!

Is anyone interested in getting this new free title from Glu Mobile? It’s completely free and is just going to cost you a whopping 315mb. It’s much smaller than games like The Dark Knight Rises or the Amazing Spider-Man. Have you tried the game already? Let us know how you like it, we’d love to hear if its any good and worth trying out!

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Google Play
via: Talk Android

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iPhone Users Are Sad and Alone, That’s Why The iPhone 5 Will Be Perfect For Them [Video]

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Show me an iPhone user and I’ll show you someone who is more present on Instagram and Tumblr than they are in real life. Honestly, what else is the “phone” good for? I don’t know if that says more about the iPhone’s (admittedly wonderful) camera, or if iPhone users are just terribly lonely individuals with a phone that can’t do much more than snap really nice pics.

I guess that’s why Apple is deviating from their would famous “patented” rectangle design for their upcoming iPhone 5, instead opting for something a little more… bulky. But hey, if it’s one thing Apple knows, it’s not only how to work the US patent system — but it’s their customers. ;)

Okay, in all honesty I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know a few Android users who fit into this parody video as well. Maybe it’s just a sign of our times; the “internet age” or what have you, but I think this rings true with many smartphone users in general. This is what we’ve become. So the next time we’re out at an intimate breakfast/lunch/dinner with some friends or the significant other, let us try our best to put our phones down and try, you know, living.


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Motorola Opens Bootloaders, Four Device Currently Supported, More On The Way

I have some fantastic news for everyone! Well…sort of. Motorola has finally jumped on the customization train thus allowing users to unlock the bootloader on their device. Bad news is that only four devices are currently able to be unlocked. Though it will pave the way for users to install custom ROM’s, such as Cyanogen Mod 10, on their devices, you’re warranty will be permanently voided upon doing this. Oh yeah, there are many ways to keep your warranty, but Motorola actually has you sign in to your account so they have it on file that you’re phone has a void warranty.  That said, it may actually not be very beneficial to those who are seasoned in the customization areas of Android. I guess I won’t be getting a custom ROM anytime soon (time for a new phone!).

As I said, their are only four devices currently supported for the Bootloader unlock. The first two are smartphones and those happen to be the Sprint Photon Q and the RAZR developer edition. The other two devices Motorola is allowing you to unlock are tablets and are both the 3G Motorola Xoom along with the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom. They will be adding more devices to the roster as time goes on. I can only suspect that we now have this bootloader unlocking system to us because Google had bought Motorola. Just an assumption though!

The unlocking process is very simple, but at the same time requires a bit more effort than you would usually need. Those who are interested are going to need to grab themselves a free copy of the Android SDK (can find it on the Android Developers website), the Fastboot utility along with Motorola’s various USB drivers. Motola has showed us how to do the entire process on a very scary-looking series of web pages. Honestly, it’s not that bad, but they do make it seem like the end of the world is nigh. The only thing that I find terrible, is that they put it on record that you unlocked your device.

What do I mean when I say scary-looking? Well, Motorola has clearly, boldly and was outspoken that the company, “strong recommends against unlocking the bootloader and/or altering a device’s software or operating system. Doing so can have unintended, unforeseen, and dangerous consequences, such as rendering the device unusable, violating applicable laws, or causing property damage and/or bodily injury.” Motorola has said this in such a way that it has conjured up an image of any of your Motorola device’s exploding into a heap of dust the moment your bootloader gets unlocked. With the system they have set up, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Honestly, this is all very weird. Unlocking the bootloader will void one’s warranty with a Motorola smartphone or tablet. Motorola has warned that the company will no longer be responsible if you should find yourself with a bricked or broken device after you mess around with the bootloader, rooting and flashing custom ROM’s. To be honest, I think the development community might be a bit unhappy as to how Motorola is handling the bootloader unlocks. On the bright side, they live up to their promise! Right?

The unlocking process will also blank your device. The result of that is deleting every last installed application and content. Really, it could just serve as a reminder that a user should back up all of the content on a device prior to following Motorola’s unlocking process. After Motorola basically conjuring up an image of the world tearing in half after you unlock your device, either people are going to just say forget it or this will be a new motivation to best another company in its own game (I’m slightly hoping for the latter option).

With all of that said, Motorola’s way of unlocking the bootloader on your device is very straightforward and easy to do. There is something that isn’t as clear though. That would be if any other devices will be joining the roster. While I said earlier that there should be more joining soon, apparently that was a rumor and wasn’t an official Motorola statement. Still, developing an online tool to unlock four devices seems rather advanced. I really would expect to see a whole lot more devices coming in the future.

Now, if you don’t want to follow through with Motorola’s plan to keep track of devices that the bootloader is unlocked with, it may just be in your best interest to wait a bit longer. It’s not very long that the XDA community will find a easy way around the bootloader now that the tools have been essentially released to us. That said, it’s still very well possible that you may get to keep your warranty without anyone knowing along with having the peace of mind that your device isn’t going to cause World War 3 and blow up into a pile of ashes.

Here’s a link to the web page where you’ll be able to unlock the bootloader if you’re not interested in waiting on the XDA community. Just remember to back everything up, because the process will nuke everything off your device. Again, I highly suggest waiting until the XDA community gets their hands on these new bootloader unlocking steps. In the long run, I think you will be very happy with the results along with the peace of mind that your warranty is still valid and active (of course, if you end up bricking your phone, there’s no coverage or way out of that).

Have you been able to unlock your bootloader? If so, let us know how the process went for you in the comments below! Was it easy or would you just rather leave the whole Motorola process alone and wait for one of the XDA community members to find a way to bypass all of this insanity? Either way, we’d like to hear your opinion.

That said, sound off in the comments below!

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Uniquely Android: Shush!

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Uniquely Android is a series we started last week to shine the spotlight on those apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the platform and provide an experience that you wouldn’t find in most other phones. So far, we have featured Plug In Launcher and AirDroid.

When I first introduced the series, I mentioned that some of the apps featured might include a small feature set. Honestly, I wrote that knowing that one day, I’m going to be writing about Shush! The app does just one little simple task, but it does so extremely well: when you silence your phone’s ringtone, it offers you with a dialog (screenshot attached) with which you can choose for how long you want your phone on silent. After that, it puts the volume back on for you.

It’s an incredibly useful little app that I’ve used for a long, long time. It comes in handy every time I’m at the movies, in any meeting or when I used to be in class. But that’s not the only reason Shush gets a feature, it also does for the fact that the app was one of the first to be extremely polished look and UX-wise.

They didn’t offer you a HH:MM picker to choose how long you want your phone Shushed since, honestly, picking two things would end up being a pain. Their circular slider made the app a lot more user friendly and, deservedly, the app was featured extensively on the old Android Market. It has seen over half a million downloads, and maintains a 4.7 star rating.

If you’re like me in that you often forget to put your phone’s volume back on, this is a must-have app. You can download it over here.

Note: I’m shaking things up in this series by asking you to recommend some apps that you feel I should write about next week. Just mention them in the comments. I’ve got a list of my own, but would love to come across other “unique” Android apps, too.

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says no phone in the works from Them

Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but during Facebook’s recent earnings call mister Mark Zuckerberg denied it. His said, “Building out a whole phone really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.” We would have to agree with him on that. Facebook is not like Amazon where they could create an entirely new eco system that would bring in more profits. Also putting out a device that would launch Facebook from a single button is really a waste of hardware and space when any Android device can have the app and place it on their home screen. Honestly Facebook needs to stick to what they know best and improve upon their app offerings. That is where they will keep their user base and expand, not because of a new phone that might have Facebook button.

That doesn’t mean the HTC isn’t still planning to put something together though. There have been a few rumors more recently that they are working with Facebook to offer a new device. The did create and release the HTC ChaCha. It is still possible HTC wants to do something, but it definitely isn’t going be a Facebook phone like the Kindle is to Amazon. The only way we see it being a hit the second time is if HTC loads it to the gills with extremely impressive hardware. Then people wouldn’t be buying for the Facebook integration, more so for the specs. With HTC not doing so hot in the smartphone market though, we aren’t sure if they can afford to take a risk with something so specific right now, or even in the near future.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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Ashpalt 7: Heat Hits Google Play At Full Force


Gameloft released their new racing game, Asphalt 7: Heat today. Honestly, this game looks absolutely amazing and I can not wait to give it a try. Ashpalt is one of the most beautiful racing games you will ever see on Android devices and with the release of Ashpalt 7: Heat, it just reaffirms that opinion. This game looks beautiful and Gameloft always does a great job with this series. The only thing is, some users have been reporting that the game is not compatible with certain devices yet. One Google Play reviewer say that it is currently not working on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. It seems to be downloadable for my Atrix 2 from Motorola though, so I will get up a review on it soon!

Another problem is that the game is huge. It’s only 400mb less than what Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was meaning it is going to be a total of 1.4GB to download over your data connection. Who knows what else awaits you to download once you open up the game though.

As I said earlier, the graphics look pretty dang good through the screen shots. I have become not so sure of that. As I read through the reviews on Google Play. This one review concerns me especially:

“I should know by now to not trust any gameloft game to not be ridden with in app purchases and prompts to share with every social network on the planet so they get more free advertising. The graphics look nothing like the screen shots as usual, Even on my tegra powered xoom the flyover movies look horrible and full of graphical glitches. Every texture is horribly low rez so even the attempts to make buildings look more realistic with signage fails miserably. As with most games you unlock cars as you progress though the races but guess what?? Once you unlock a car you still have to buy it. “Unlocking” a new vehicle only unlocks the ability for you to buy it with in game money. Oh, you don’t have enough in game money, we’ll sell you some for REAL money!! Every time you complete a goal you are spammed for EVERY one of them to share it with everyone you know so gameloft gets more free advertising. On top of all of that the controls are very bad. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way up I have to rotate my tablet over an inch before the car even begins to respond to the turn. You spammed me for a market review so here it is….” – Jason

The Ashpalt series used to be great. If this reviewer is true in what he says I am going to be very disappointed. I’ll be getting a review up on this game in the coming days and keep everyone updated if this is true or not. Honestly, the screen shots make the graphics look wonderful, so Jason’s comment on low res textures concerns me. If you have played any Gameloft games though, you’ll know that all of their games are full of in-app purchases even if you paid for the app already.

You can purchase and download the game on Google Play.

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Review: Dead Trigger — Zombie Survival

Available On: Android, iOS
Price: Free. $0.99 on iTunes
Download: Google Play | iTunes

This is a long post. Dead Trigger has tons of gameplay options, features, thus there is a lot to say. The final verdict is located at the bottom.

Dead Trigger is one of those games that you just fall in love with. This is coming from someone who really does not like first-person shooter’s on smartphones and tablets. I’ve always thought it didn’t fit well with the device and was a bit more of a nuisance to play than anything. Yesterday, I actually had aton of fun playing Dead Trigger throughout the day. Madfinger Games created the zombie survival game and has done a wonderful job with it. The controls feel nice while others feel a bit clunky and awkward (this could be because I’ve only played a first-person shooter on my phone once before).

Upon installing and launching the game you’ll instantly notice some similarities to a Call of Duty game in zombie mode. Dead Trigger is much like any Call of Duty game just optimized for phones and much smaller in size. It has the survival for x amount of time objectives along with some other objectives that consist of finding the Gun Shop and stolen photos. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to be like Call of Duty, I just found that that game will probably be the one most people will relate to.

At the heart of Dead Trigger is something everyone has loved to do over the years. Blowin’ up zombies. The amount of zombies there are are amazing. Slaughtering them as they come from all corners and in some cases even from behind. I found it all to be very exciting and difficult at the same time. It was great! If you ran out of ammo, there was always a nearby zombie to drop a pack of ammo for some reason. I couldn’t understand why they were trying to help me kill his own kind, but I gladly accepted and began firing out of my Scorpion pistol again. A fairly weak pistol, but it’ll do for a good while.

More hordes of zombies began to head towards me. Great. There was no rushing to my objective this time. I quickly turned my scope on and began picking them off one by one. Why was this so thrilling? Was I going mad or have I just finally lost it after all of these years? I didn’t know, but I continued to pick off the zombies until I realized there were about four more coming at me from behind. Thank God for radars.

Finally, I was able to finish them all off. I noticed that there were no more zombies on my radar. I looked around and was able to confirm that. I decided to just continue on towards my objective until finally, they all start spawning again. This was definitely not the mission to have such a weak Scorpion pistol. I managed to get by most of them so I could get out in the open, I took a couple hits though. They started falling like flies, that’s the great advantage of normal difficulty. Great. I’ve now ran out of ammo and the ammo package is straight behind the hordes of zombies. Why I didn’t pick it up earlier, I don’t know.

I managed to do what I did earlier, get past them, but again, I took a couple hits. Quickly grabbing the ammo, I reloaded my pistol and began firing again until they were all gone. This time, there were no more spawning. I assume that’s because I was about 30 feet away from my objective. Either way, that was a good thing because I had about one life left and my gun wasn’t doing me a whole lot of good.

The piles of zombies looked absolutely disgusting and amazing at the same time. The detail on the character models was truly amazing, but at the same time, disgusting. They are zombies after all. It was all great fun. It was a great time going through the map destroying all the invading zombies. I’ve only played Call of Duty Zombies a couple times, so this style of game may get old for some, but as a fairly new player I found it to be great. The overall design of everything was fantastic. I’ll get back on to design later, I’d first like to talk about the gameplay.


The gameplay is probably the best part of Dead Trigger, to be honest. Earlier, I said the controls were near perfection and they are. There is one control that activates your scope though. Scoping is difficult on the average smartphone, I can imagine it would be a tad easier on the Galaxy Note or even a 100x better on a tablet like the Nexus 7 or ASUS Transformer Prime. A bonus to those tablets is that the performance would be better with the Tegra 3 chip thus allowing you to scope in and out better. On the average smartphone, going into scope lags a bit and so does going out of scope. This is quite a nuisance when you’re trying to watch your radar for zombies coming behind you. It’s almost like you have to time it for the delay too.

The moving is sometimes awkward also. If you try to turn to far to the left with your right hand while your left hand is controlling your soldier the camera abruptly spins around into the opposite way you were going. It’s a terrible thing when your playing a survival mode and floods of zombies are just massing around you. I’ve lost missions a couple times because of this. I don’t know if there is a fix for that or if its just where the touch sensors are on the Android device. If they can fix it, great. If not, it’ll make the game a bit more difficult but not to the extent where it’s broken and you can’t play. I probably just wouldn’t try harder modes instead of normal in that case.

Other than that the controls are superb and perfectly placed, Madfinger Games did an excellent job with the UI.

When it comes to shooting zombies, the only thing that I would really consider difficult is the aiming capabilities in Dead Trigger. Trying to move and shoot at the same time makes it very difficult to aim. If you do get the aim correct, sometimes you’ll have to scope to actually get the hit. For some reason when your moving and shooting bullets miss the zombie. I’ve gone back and tested this tons of times and each time the same thing happens. I don’t know if it’s a game bug or if I’m doing something completely wrong that I shouldn’t be doing. I do feel like it’s a game bug as I have gone in and tested it numerous times before writing up this review.

Other than that issue, I found it extremely fun to go around kill the zombies. There wasn’t much rest before waves of zombies continued spawning though. Playing on the easiest difficulty may eliminate that problem if you’re not looking for a challenge. I also found it rather hard to get ammo. When you get low on ammo, a box of it drops off of a zombie (how is that logical?!). The only thing is, due to the many zombies colliding it’s near impossible to get to that ammo box if it’s behind the wall of enemies. If it’s in front of then, it’s a tad easier, but you risk getting mauled and slaughtered to death. You’ll have to restart the mission all over again.

One thing they could improve upon with the gameplay is adding checkpoints in case of death. Especially on the really long missions. When there’s about a 20 minute mission I do and I die right before I hit the goal and am then required to spawn where I started and completely restart the mission, that’s really frustrating. If there was a sort of checkpoint system in place, that would help a ton because often on the missions you’re given you have to be really careful not to die or take a wrong step, otherwise you’ll be starting the mission over again. If its one of the more difficult missions you may experience death and resetting the mission many different times. A checkpoint system is very much needed.

As for completing objectives, there isn’t much to it. As I said earlier, at Dead Trigger’s core is just killing zombies. There isn’t much reward in finishing objectives and often the goal is to walk from point a to point b. There’s no examining the photos for background story or anything. I was disappointed in that because it felt like the objectives were then rendered pointless. Honestly, I would of much rather them made this a kill as many zombies as you can game because there isn’t much story to it all and it’s very generic.


One of the largest features you’ll come across in Dead Trigger is it’s extensive store. Often the weapons cost real money, but there are some really good weapons you can purchase with the in-game currency. To get the real-money items, you’re going to have to spend a few bucks on gold to be able to purchase those real-money items. This is all done through Google Play, so if you have your credit card on your Google account, with a click of a button you’ll have some gold to purchase items in the store of Dead Trigger. I should mention that you have to unlock the store by doing two or three missions first.

Feature-wise, you won’t come across much because the gameplay is really the main focus of this game. Upon finishing missions you’ll get a window popup with some background story, but again, at Dead Trigger’s core is the gameplay. The story is really not that well done, I thought. Honestly, all the zombie-themed stories are fairly generic anyway.

The last feature that really stuck out was the map. On the map you can select from a bunch of different missions that consist of main quests, challenge missions or side missions. There is literally an unlimited amount of side missions, so after you finish the main quest (that is, if you’re really interested in the story) and still want to kill zombies, there are tons of different side missions for you to play through. The random missions are great, but really lack something. It may be that I feel this game is really missing co-op, multiplayer or something similar to that.


One thing that have people up in arms is that Dead Trigger used to cost $0.99. It is now free, so a lot of people are angry that they were charged for the game and get no special bonuses because of that after making it free. Will Madfinger Games do anything about this? I hope so, otherwise their reviews are going to be literally flooded with hate. There’s already a ton of negative reviews because of this switch from paid to free.

The game is very realistic, I had a lot of fun with it, but I don’t know if I will play it a whole lot. After the thrill of killing zombies where’s off, the game really begins to lack a lot of substance. It’s a fun game and the perfect option to play if you get that urge to kill zombies at random moments of the day, but again, it lacks a lot of substance.

Dead Trigger is a pretty big file. It varies per device. On my Atrix 2, it was around 114MB, which honestly, isn’t too bad compared to the 2GB’s Batman costs to download. You should also be warned that when patches come out for the game, you’re going to have to re-download that 114mb thus it is suggested that the game gets downloaded OTA (over-the-air) via Wi-Fi.

Go to the next page to get the final verdict and overall score on Madfinger Games’, Dead Trigger.


The graphics in this game are very realistic even on my Atrix 2. Playing Dead Trigger on a Tegra 3 device will also boost the rendering process for the graphics making them look cleaner and sharper too. Thus the reason this game has a lot of different software features for Tegra 3 devices like the ASUS Trasnformer Prime exclusively. The graphics were something I would expect in a game on the PC, which blew me away. The graphics were so well done, I was absolutely amazed. I should also probably mention that because of the realism of the graphics, the blood isvery realistic, so this game may not be good for children to play because as far as I know, there is no way to turn the blood off. In fact, even in it’s major update they promised more blood.

The art style they took with the game you’ll probably notice is very much like Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 or really just your regular shooter game. Fairly generic, but as a former Call of Duty player, I thought the style was fine.


Aside from being really crisp and some pretty funny one liners from the soldier you play, there really isn’t much to say about the sound. It wasn’t a thing that really got your attention. The soundtrack? It felt pretty generic, so much so that you barely notice it’s even there. That was disappointing because usually, I love hearing the good soundtracks in games. You can’t beat a good soundtrack, especially the one from Great Big War Game (I will totally reference this until I find a much better one to reference). Nowthat was a well designed soundtrack.


As you read previously, I thought the gameplay was good. It was a bit unstable, which now that I think of it, it might be a ton better on a Tegra 3 device as my Atrix 2 is no where near as good as that performance wise. Killing zombies and everything was super fun. The only thing is, it really lacks substance between the gameplay and story. Things should of been a bit fleshed out more before finalizing the gameplay. It really is your average generic shooter at the core of it all. That’s not much to complain about though considering there hasn’t been a stable game like this on phones since forever.

Story wise, I wouldn’t expect to have much fun with. The real fun is when you get to killing all the zombies whilst setting your own personal high score since really it doesn’t have a very good one. Essentially your high score is all based around money earned to spend in Dead Trigger’s store to upgrade weapons, armor, supplies and etc. At least some local or even online leaderboards with OpenFeint would of helped fix that issue. That’s another thing that I really think was missing from Dead Trigger to really make it “great”. It’s still a good game though.

The game also lacks substance when it comes to side missions. These get boring real fast and I often felt that they were generic levels and weren’t very unique, I guess this is understandable considering they have a “unlimited” amount of side missions to do. Still, a few unique ones would of been welcomed. Basically doing the same thing over and over again often gets boring really fast. I often stopped playing after a couple of minutes after I played for quite a while the other day. It’s like playing the same levels over again, like I already did this, why am I not getting a new one?

Overall, decent gameplay, just don’t wear yourself out on it after playing for a few hours. Killing zombies is fun and all, but the lack of substance really makes Dead Trigger get boring really fast.

I’d also suggest not spending money on it until your initial hour of gameplay to officially decide if you like it or not. Gold to purchase weapons can get expensive really fast. I honestly didn’t think spending money was worth it aside from the in-game currency. There really is nothing you need in that store that costs money, you can get through the game with the in-game currency just fine.


This game has no replay value whatsoever. There is no reason ever to go back and do missions again after you beat it. Again, because of the same levels being generated over and over again along with the same tasks to do every mission, I did not find myself wanting to play the past mission over again. There was not any substance to it as I already said previously. This is really bad for Dead Trigger. Players may pick up the game for a while, buy some gold and then leave the game because there is honestly nothing to keep you coming back.

I felt as if it was more of a take my money and an hour later, never play it again kind of thing. There just simply is no replay value. Sure loading up your guns and going out on a zombie hunt is fun, but not over and over again. Especially not in a video game. They didn’t even add achievements to encourage going back to other levels to earn those. Since almost everyone is doing achievements nowadays, I felt like that is a essential part of the game. At least, to encourage replay value.

If you’re looking for re-playability like you’d fine in Great Big War Game or even your standard arcade game, Dead Trigger will not satisfy that. It’s simply a shooter you can pick up real fast, progress through levels as fast as you can and kill zombies. Again, no substance whatsoever.


Overall, the game was good. Not great, just good. I definitely wouldn’t play it every day, or even every week for that matter. It is a good game though. They did a great job at pushing device’s hardware and even adding some really cool support for the Tegra 3 chips. Things like special water effects and improved physics are among the things that are exclusive for those certain chips.

I really hope they at least try to add something like leaderboards to the game. It seems like more of a competitive thing than anything. It definitely was not a campaign type of thing.

At it’s core is killing zombies. That’s really all Dead Trigger is. Zombies and realistic graphics.



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Google takes down 16 GB Nexus 7 from Play

This image has no alt text

Looks like the troubles for the 16 GB Nexus 7 continues for Google, who have decided to stop offering it from their own Play store after the shambolic pre-order situation. The 8 GB is still available, and shipping is in 3-5 days. The tablet clearly has a huge demand, with the majority preferring the 16 GB version primarily because of the lack of expandable storage.

Some have stated that the 16 GB variant is still available at some brick-and-mortar stores, like Best Buy, so if you should probably look to head over to check it up. Additionally, an interesting theory I read these stores still have stock is that Google’s sending them pretty large shipments on their demands. The stores apparently have a very tight margin on the 8 GB version, and would much rather simply offer the 16 GB.

Honestly, though, I don’t think this is the end of the 16 GB from Google Play. How much ever they would want to maintain relationships with the stores, the entire purpose of the Nexus 7 was to promote Google Play. My guess is that the stores just overstocked expecting the rush, and/or Google sent them larger shipments to make sure the device is available while they solve chinks in their own deliveries.

[The Verge]

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Samsung discusses Galaxy S III design using the language of Magnetic Poetry

Samsung discusses Galaxy S III design using the language of Magnetic Poetry

Samsung has a tendency to, well, get a bit pretentious when it comes to talking about its products. At the launch event, Sammy described the Galaxy S III as being “nature inspired” and “designed for humans.” But, we know you’ve been hungering for more head-scratching, Madlibs-esque, non sequiturs to describe the form and function of the company’s latest flagship. Thankfully, you’ll plenty of comparisons to “infinity pools” and mentions of its “minimal organic” aesthetic at the source link. Would you describe the HyperGlaze finish on the handsets as “intriguing?” We suppose that all depends on what your second adjective was. Honestly though, we’re ok with Samsung getting a little flowery, so long as it promises to stop stalking us. Click on the source link for more.

Samsung discusses Galaxy S III design using the language of Magnetic Poetry originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 01 Jun 2012 09:31:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S III launch event

If you have nothing to do for the next 1 hour and 20 minutes, here’s a thrilling film to sit down (or continue sitting down) and enjoy – the entire Galaxy S III launch event from last night. See a man talking about pebbles! See a woman taking a photograph! Hear about NFC technology!

Honestly, you should’ve been there.

Hope that plays for you. Never embedded this kind of video before.

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Canonical prepping to launch Ubuntu as smartphone OS?

Canonical prepping to launch Ubuntu as smartphone OS?

Crawling the job posting boards over at Canonical turns up a pretty interesting position, one for a Business Development Manager (Ubuntu Phone OS). Now, we’re not quite ready to jump to any conclusions here, but the wording of the listing is quite intriguing. The group is looking for a “business development lead to engage and develop strong relationships with industry partners in the run up to the launch of Ubuntu as a smartphone operating system,” with the goal of “establish[ing] a commercial ecosystem around Ubuntu as a smartphone OS.” Does this mean that Ubuntu is preparing to take on Android and iOS in the battle for smartphone supremacy (or, more likely, take on Windows Phone in a competition of also rans)? Honestly, we’re not sure. The wording is quite vague, and it could simply be the company is referring to Ubuntu for Android. We’ve contacted Canonical for comment and we’ll update if we get any clarification.

[Thanks, Mo]

Canonical prepping to launch Ubuntu as smartphone OS? originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 12 Apr 2012 15:58:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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[App Roundup] March 2012 Saw Some Pretty Sweet New Apps, Here’s The 5 We Liked Most


doubleTwist Alarm Clock

I already know that some of you may be wondering how in the world an alarm app made it into our March roundup for best newly released apps, so let’s start with a simple explanation. DoubleTwist Alarm Clock made our cut for two reasons: it’s quite possibly the most good looking alarm option on the Play Store at the moment and it keeps waking up simple by eliminating many of the useless features we find in other alternatives.

unnamed-2 unnamed unnamed-1 

Honestly, that’s pretty much it. We really dig the minimalist approach that the developers took with this. It …

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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[App Roundup] March 2012 Saw Some Pretty Sweet New Apps, Here’s The 5 We Liked Most was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Angry Birds Space HD Is Finally Available In The Play Store For $2.99, But Honestly, Rovio, Why?

abstinyMaybe you weren’t waiting up til 4am EST, eagerly anticipating the release of Angry Birds Space. That is what you have us for, after all. If you were, though, you might remember that only one version of the app made it to the Play Store that night: the free version. Later, though, Rovio released “Angry Birds Space Premium,” which is the ad-free version of the app. Now, Rovio has released Angry Birds Space HD. Sure. Why not?

abs1 abs2 abs3

This breaks Rovio’s tradition of only having one version of its app on the Play Store. As you …

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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Angry Birds Space HD Is Finally Available In The Play Store For $2.99, But Honestly, Rovio, Why? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung patents phone skins, mood swings, Amazon

Samsung patents phone skins

See that crazy faceplate with matching wallpaper that sells for two-a-penny on Amazon? Well, Samsung wants to patent something even worse. It’s so bad we had to hide it away after the break. (Honestly, don’t look at it — unlike the USPTO, you won’t get paid for your trouble.) At first we believed the hype that it was some kind of wild Super-OLED-lenticular-transparent-flexible-display concept for smartphones, but now we’re not so sure. The patent application simply refers to a printed “film layer” stuck onto a smartphone’s case, which aligns with images on the display and gives the impression of a seamless all-over skin. Refuse to believe that anyone would try to claim exclusive rights over something so old and so commonplace? Go on then, have a gander.

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Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC (update: photos)

Sure, the FCC didn’t get to tear apart the delectable white Lumia 900 we’re oh-so-smitten with, but given the cadaver activities undertaken upon a smartphone that hasn’t yet gone on sale, beggars can’t be choosers. Inside the filing you’ll find a full manual and a bevy of internal shots revealing what makes Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone tick. Also of note, is a snap revealing the exact locations of its various antennae, which we’ve conveniently culled for you after the break. Honestly, there isn’t much else to it, so have a peep at our gallery or hop on over to the source link to get all personal with Espoo’s baby.

Continue reading Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC (update: photos)

Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC (update: photos) originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC

Sure, the FCC didn’t get to tear apart the delectable white Lumia 900 we’re oh-so-smitten with, but given the cadaver activities undertaken upon a smartphone that hasn’t yet gone on sale, beggars can’t be choosers. Inside the filing you’ll find a full manual and a bevy of internal shots revealing what makes Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone tick. Also of note, is a snap revealing the exact locations of its various antennae, which we’ve conveniently culled for you after the break. Honestly, there isn’t much else to it, so have a peep at our gallery or hop on over to the source link to get all personal with Espoo’s baby.

Continue reading Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC

Lumia 900 gets splayed into itty-bitty Finnish pieces by the FCC originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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MWC: And The Winner Is… Samsung X2

Samsung didn’t introduce a break through device this year, like they did last year, here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. They introduced the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Galaxy 4.2. While all three seem like great deviecs it wasn’t the, wow factor we got from the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at last years show.

We’re waiting for the Galaxy S III to release. We’re expecting it at CTIA in May in New Orleans, if not sooner.

Yesterday at Mobile World Congress the GSMA gave out their 2011 awards for “best in” categories. Now the MWC 2012 awards aren’t about this years show, rather they’re about last years sales, and innovation.  Samsung received two big awards.

More after the break

Samsung won the award for “Manufactuer of the Year” and the award for “Smartphone of the Year” for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Earlier this week Samsung announced that they had sold 20 million Samsung Galaxy S II phones in the last 10 months.

Also, in a bold show of humility Samsung Executive Hankil Yoon said in Barcelona Monday, “Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market,” Samsung is hoping to improve on that with the Galaxy TAb 2 line and the 10.1″ Galaxy Note. We also think we’ll see a quad-core Galaxy Tab by CTIA in May.

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Androids Temple Run still on its way, just not tomorrow like many Though

We see our fair share of rumors, speculations, hopes and dreams in the Android world. Be it the launch date of a new phone, ICS update or the launch of a new application or game. We hope that our deductions turn out to be true, but often times they aren’t. Many places around the web have been stating that Temple Run, a widely popular game on iOS, would be launching their Android version tomorrow, February 9th. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

Androidcommunity did a little digging and even reached out tot he developer to see what the story was. As it sits right now, there is still no release date confirmed. They are working as hard as they can on it, but they are focused on bringing a high quality functional version that we will love instead of ridicule. Honestly, I’d much rather wait for a game or application I want if it means it will run correctly. We are all still hoping for a mid February release, but only time will tell if it makes it or not. You can keep up with release date info and all the chatter at their Facebook page.

If you aren’t up to speed with why so many people are itching to get this game, check out the video below of it in action -

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The DROID X2 Finally Sees CyanogenMod 7

Honestly, whenI heard about the Droid X2 I was pretty excited because the original was a great phone, that is until the Gingerbread update that was installed but that’s neither here nor there. Well it seemed that the X2 came and went with little luster from what I remember, even though Verizon is still selling them. I believe that this was in part due to the fact that it was really difficult to customize in the beginning and partly due to the fact that Motorola over did it on new handsets in 2011. So the X2 really didn’t see any exciting news in terms of rooting and developing, even after the one-click method was released. However that is no longer the case as XDA forum member dragonzkiller has been able to successfully get CM7.2 working on the handset. It comes with the following features:

  • Full Theme Support For Every Aspect of Your Phone
  • Incognito Browser Mode
  • DSP Equalizer
  • Lockscreen Customizations
  • Lockscreen Gestures
  • Fully Customized Pull Down Toggles
  • Swipe Away Notifications

Check the source for access for the forum thread for this rom. The process is a bit involved and I recommend reading through the entire forum thread before you go any further. Dragonzkiller does say that this is an alpha rom so, as always, flash at your own risk. But with that, sit back, relax and enjoy one of the better known stable roms on your X2.


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Thinking Space Pro Is Now Mindjet Free, And Man Are We Pissed


Are you like me, and spent $5 on Thinking Space Pro (TSP), and now you see in the Android Market that it is no longer going to be supported or developed further because a company named Mindjet has bought out Thinking Space. If you are like me, then I bet you’r just as pissed off as I am about it too. We paid our 5 bucks to have all these features in Thinking Space Pro, only to find out that the company has been bought out, and their once paid app is now offered free under the name Mindjet for Android. If you want to hear the rest of my rant or leave a comment, read on past the break.

Yeah sure they are basically the same with some added extra features in Mindjet like, added icons and markers,performance improvements, and a changed format. (Honestly what does a changed format add for the casual user?) I know companies merge and get bought-out. What I, and plenty other people have a beef about,  there was now warning or notice of said buy-out. If there was I’m sure plenty of people wouldn’t have bought TSP. They all would have just been content with the free version until Mindjet came online.

Granted they are basically the same app and offer the same service with different looks. I have Thinking Space Pro and I did a review on it not to long ago. I suggested everyone try it and I’m sure some of you did, based on my review. I now feel bad for suggesting it, not because the app is crap, but because it now appears that you wasted your money on an app the is no longer going to see future development or support. Now we have to hope that Mindjet is going honor the customers of TSP and any upgrades they make to their free app stays free and we don’t have to re-buy it.

That could would be bad business for Mindjet, and I hope they see it that way. Maybe a solution would be to rewrite the  TSP app as the Mindjet app and keep it as free, and just delete the free version of Thinking Space from the Market. And then brace your customers that a new paid version will be coming out. If this is a route Mindjet takes, I give this as my advice to them. YOU BETTER MAKE IT DAMN GOOD! We, the consumers, have already paid for this app once. Regardless if you have re-released it under your own name for free. It is a slap on the face of those that paid for it in the first place. If you want us to pay for it again, it better have diamond laced borders and a plenty other bells and whistles, for us to believe in your business or your company.

It is a no brain-er, that people will spend money on an app, as long as it is worth it and they believe it will be supported. That also goes to say that the company that makes said app is trustworthy and reliable. As of right now Mindjet, you are in shady territory and need to be forthcoming with future plans. Your only other option is to wait a year or so when we all have forgotten this screwing you have given us here, and try again down the line. Don’t get me wrong I do like what you have done to your app over TSP. What I don’t like is the thought that I may have to pay for it again in the future. Maybe I’m jumping the gun here and you are the nicest app developer we have ever seen and this has all just been a big misunderstanding. Then again I do read the comments in the Market. The question is do you Mindjet? Are you listening to your customers? Only time will tell on this one folks. Believe me I will be bringing you every detail as I get it.

For what its worth, I’m including the links for both Thinking Space Pro and Mindjet. I encourage you all to read the reviews for both apps. Now even though I have been ranting about Mindjet, I do, with major reserve, recommend Mindjet while it is free. We’ll see if my recommendation holds up with future interactions.

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