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Google Music’s “Twist” Revealed

As we said earlier Andy Rubin was in the hotseat yesterday at AllthingsD’s AsiaD conference.  In addition to All Things Ice Cream Sandwich, Walt Mossberg asked Andy Rubin about Google Music.

Rubin hedged a bit but revealed that they were working on something more than just downloading songs for $.99 an obvious stab at rival Apple’s iTunes service.

The Silicon Alley Insider has fund out from a record industry insider, exactly what Google is working on.  According to SAI, users of Google Music will be able to purchase music from the Google Music store. After the user purchases the song or album they will be able to share the “track” with their friends (possibly on Google+) for a limited amount of listens.

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There are a lot of social music services that allow sharing of album art and sometimes even “clips” of songs, but never the song in it’s entirety.  We’re thinking that Google is hoping that the record industry will buy into the idea that by sharing full songs in a DRM restricted streaming manor, it will encourage more downloads.

SAI’s record industry insider also revealed that Google Music will be a straight download store vs a subscription model like Spotify or Rhapsody.  It’s also being reported that Google will be paying huge licensing fees similar to what Spotify pays, in up front advances to the large record companies. Unfortunately the smaller indie labels are being left out of the food chain.

Currently Google Music allows users to upload their music to a “locker” in the cloud to be played back on connected devices.  It’s believed that Google Music will allow you to pin songs to the mobile device and listen to them without an internet connection.

source: SAI

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Rumor: Google’s Music Store Will Not Have Subscriptions, But It Will Have Song Sharing


Google’s Music service has been an incomplete experience since its unveiling at Google I/O back in May. While Music Beta does allow you to upload your songs and stream them to your Android device, it lacks any kind of storefront. Google does have a small library of featured free tunes for Music users, but I can’t say any of the albums or artists there have ever really interested me too much.

A quick note on the "rumor" status of this post before we actually discuss it – Business Insider was contacted by a music industry insider regarding…

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Rumor: Google’s Music Store Will Not Have Subscriptions, But It Will Have Song Sharing was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Reportedly Tops Apple in Smartphones Shipped for Q3, What About Number Sold Though?

According to an industry insider that spoke with the Wall Street Journal, Samsung topped Apple for smartphone shipments in Q3 of this year at roughly 20 million units. Apple reportedly topped out around 17.1 million units sold.  Ahhh wait a minute, sold vs. shipped? Pretty sure there is a difference there. We all know that [...]

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Some Say Patents the Real Reason for Nexus Prime, Ice Cream Sandwich Delay

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If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at the calendar, take a look at today’s date. It is October 11th, the day the tech world anticipated as the debut of Samsung’s Nexus Prime in conjunction with Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. But last week after the passing of Steve Jobs, Samsung and Google announced they would postpone their announcement originally scheduled to occur concurrently with this week’s CTIA events. The gist was that the announcement would be delayed out of respect for the loss of such an iconic figure in the tech world, but some are saying the cancellation of Samsung’s Unpacked event is soiled by the same patent problems that have plagued Android and its partners in recent months.

Trusted industry insider Eldar Murtazin offered his take on the situation via a tweet this morning. “Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 are under question. Google removing some features which are subject of patent war. No timeline for this job,” Murtazin reported. While there is no confirmation of accusations of patent infringing features found within the Ice Cream Sandwich source, the allegations put Google and Samsung in a tough position. It would be in extremely poor taste to pawn off the delay of a device announcement on the death of Jobs rather than simply admitting some elements of the software still needed work.

We’re not quite sure what to make of the situation, but with word ramping up that the release of the phone is now less than a month away, we have to wonder if patent issues really were a factor. After all, Google and Samsung could have still shown off the non-infringing elements of the software at the event as scheduled and then spend time fixing issues prior to the actual device’s release, rumored for November 3rd. It is also possible that Samsung and Google are waiting for the results of an October 13th court hearing to settle current litigation with Apple dealing with Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy devices. The truth is, barring Samsung and/or Google coming clean and admitting patent issues are holding up the next Nexus, we may have to simply take their word at face value for now.

[via AndroidForums, BGR]

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