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Ice Cream Sandwich headed to AT&T’s LG Nitro HD July 31st

Looks like another device will finally get some official Ice Cream Sandwich love finally. AT&T has recently announced that the LG Nitro HD will be receiving an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update on July 31st. Along with the jump to ICS users are also going to see the new LG Optimus 3.0 UI. The Optimus 3.0 UI is pretty slick and should be a welcomed addition to the device. Don’t expect to see a nice little OTA message waiting for you when you wake up on the 31st though. Much like Samsung, LG likes to use their own PC software to update devices rather than push it out over-the-air. If you have a Nitro HD you might want to head to LG’s site and get the all the necessary tools installed now. Never hurts to be prepared. Take a quick read of the press release below for all the gritty details about what the update will bring to your device.

Beginning next Tuesday, AT&T customers who have an LG Nitro™ HD will be able to update their phone to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and will also have access to LG’s new Optimus 3.0 UI.

Optimus 3.0 is LG’s new user interface that lets Nitro HD customers unlock the phone by swiping  anywhere on the screen, allowing for additional display customization such as using your own photos as icons and shortcut images, and the addition of a “Download” category in the menu for easier organization.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) simplifies common actions and includes a new typeface optimized for high-resolution screens to improve readability.

Customers can download the update by visiting from a personal computer and following the instructions on the site.

The most noticeable changes LG Nitro HD customers will see with this update are:

• New lock screen actions let you conveniently jump directly to a specific application without unlocking the homescreen.

• The redesigned Gallery App & Photo Editor makes it easier to manage, show, and share photos and videos than ever before.

• An updated home screen folder and favorites tray that lets you group your apps and shortcuts logically by simply dragging one onto another.

• Enhanced multitasking capabilities let you instantly navigate from one task to another by leveraging a list in the System Bar that includes thumbnail images of all recently used apps.  Just tap the thumbnail to resume using that app.

• Improved text input with an updated keyboard that supports faster text input and more accurate entries with better error correction and word suggestions.

• An app that helps you easily monitor your data usage.

• Face Unlock, a new screen-lock option that intelligently unlocks your device using facial recognition software.

Additionally, in the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out updates to the HTC One X and HTC Inspire that enhance performance and in the case of the Inspire, add AT&T Address Book, HTC Sense 3.0 and Task Manager.

We’ve got more ICS updates coming, so stay tuned for the latest!

Source: AT&T

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LG Tacks On The Word “True” In The Optimus True HD LTE, Aimed At Samsung

The smartphone war between South Korean rivals LG and Samsung heats up again. This time the subject is HD. We’ve already seen the LG Optimus HD LTE in the form of the LG Nitro on AT&T however LG has snuck another word into the name of the phone and that word is True.

Why would they do that? Well according to Engadget we’re hearing that LG feels that Samsung’s HD isn’t actually true HD because of their pentile displays ala the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. LG feels their “Real Stripe HD” is actually True HD and that’s why they’ve modified the name of the already released device.

LG says that OLED has lower ppi than LG’s IPS because of the pentile structure. They contend that the Optimus LTE applies RGB stripe structure thus it’s “Real” or “True” HD.

We’ll be interested to see what Samsung will do with their next batch of displays.

more info at the source.

Sourve: Engadget

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Gameloft Sale Offers All Games For 99 Cents – Plus, Enter To Win LG Nitro HD For AT&T

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Christmas may be over but don’t tell Gameloft that. The mobile gaming company will be having a sale, starting Dec 29th, on all of their Android titles in the Market, offering them up for only 99 cents (my favorite word) each. That’s not such a bad deal seeing how some of these games can reach upwards of $7 a title.

But that’s just the half of it. Gameloft is also having a Facebook sweepstakes where they will be giving away an LG Nitro for AT&T and your choice of 3 games. Entering is easy. Simply “like” both Gameloft’s and LG’s Facebook pages and wait until January 11th for them to announce the winner. Good luck, guys!

[Twitter | Facebook | Via DroidDog]

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LG Nitro HD review

LG Nitro HD

LG is an Android manufacturer that all too often goes unnoticed. But in reality, LG has been churning out devices that can compete with the best of them. One such device is the LG Nitro HD, LG's latest flagship smartphone that has found a home on AT&T's oven-fresh LTE network. LG hasn't created a million-dollar ad campaign as Samsung has for its Galaxy S II line, and it doesn't come with a trademark catchphrase like Motorola's DROIDs. Despite its low profile, though, the LG Nitro is a remarkable device that is quite possibly one of the fastest Android experiences available on AT&T today.

Keep on reading for our complete LG Nitro HD and where it stands in the scheme of things.

The Good

The 720p HD display is marvelous. The processor has yet to meet a task it can't handle. AT&T's fledgling LTE network is capable of mind-blowing speeds.

The Bad

The Nitro HD's build quality feels subpar. The camera and camcorder leave a bit to be desired, as does LG's custom skin. Oh, and the battery life is a victim of the LTE vampire.


If you're an AT&T customer looking for the most beefed-up Android device the carrier has to offer, you've found it. It's thin, it's light, and it's as fast as they come. It doesn't come with the pomp and circumstance of the other "4G" devices on AT&T right now, but it quite possibly might be the network's fastest device. 

Inside this review

More info

read more

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AT&T Announces LG Nitro HD 4G LTE

LG is holding a press event Thursday evening in Manhattan and of course we’ll be there, but AT&T may have blown the big surprise today by sending out a press release about the forthcoming LG Nitro HD.

The LG Nitro HD will be the third Android phone on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. In addition to the 4G LTE speeds the LG Nitro will be the first true HD display on an AT&T smartphone.

The Nitro HD features a 1280 x 720 pixel 4.5 inch true HD AH-IPS (advanced high performance in pane switching) display. This is all on top of a 1.5ghz dual core processor. It’s got 1gb of RAM, 4gb of on board storage and a 16gb microSD card preinstalled.

The Android 2.3.5, Gingerbread, device also features an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera with HD video capability along with a front facing camera for video chatting.

The LG Nitro HD will be available Sunday for $249.99 at AT&T corporate stores and their retail partners

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LG sending invites for “exclusive launch event” December 1st, new phone coming soon

It looks like LG is all set to start doing a few of their own exclusive launch event parties for upcoming smartphones because we’ve just got word that LG will be holding an “exclusive launch event” on December 1st (next Thursday). The invite sure doesn’t give us a lot of details and everything is hidden under red drapes as you can see from the invite image but we have a few guesses already.

We have a feeling this will be the Optimus LTE known as the LG Nitro HD 4G LTE phone for AT&T. I know your first thought is wait — the Nitro HD is for AT&T but this invite is covered in red, heavily suggesting Verizon. The invite doesn’t give us any details but sadly it appears the image file was named LG Nitro according to a few other sources. A big oopsies moment indeed. We aren’t sure if this will be a device for AT&T or Verizon for sure, but we’ll know soon.

We’ve already seen plenty of the impressive LG Optimus LTE and it boasts a 4.5″ NOVA display that should be amazingly bright and rocks a 1280 x 720p display, a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM and rounded off with the usual front and rear facing cameras. The recent press images of the LG Nitro HD confirmed it was headed for AT&T so that is where we got that idea. Either way we’ll all know for sure come December 1st what LG has planned.

We’ll be sure to bring all the details come next Thursday so if this interests you stay tuned right here at Android Community.


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LG holding ‘exclusive launch event’ on December 1st, Nitro HD the likely suspect

In case you were wondering why LG hasn’t been making huge waves in the US this holiday season yet, it appears we now know the reason. The company just sent us a nice invite in the form of electronic mail, detailing an exclusive launch event on the evening of December 1st (next Thursday). LG was trying to play coy by not leaving any clues in the image, but fortunately it left the name of the image file easily seen by our prying eyes: LG Nitro. The Nitro HD has long been rumored to be the Optimus LTE for AT&T and another name for the P930, which was referenced in an XML file as having a 1,280 x 720 HD display. Sounds great, but we never know for sure until it happens — after all, we could be introduced to a $50 prepaid T-Mobile phone exclusive to 7-11. Anyone want to place bets?

LG holding ‘exclusive launch event’ on December 1st, Nitro HD the likely suspect originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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All will be revealed, LG says, on Dec. 1 (Hint: Possibly the LG Nitro)

LG Event

LG's got an event laid on for early next month in New York City. And while the invitation reads "All will be revealed on December 1," we're getting a little more than perhaps we were supposed to, as some versions of the invite image (ours was renamed) pointed toward the Nitro HD, otherwise known as AT&T's unannounced version of the Optimus LTE. And that's exciting not just for the high-speed data, but for the 1280×720 resolution as well.

Of course, we'll be there with bells on to bring you the whole thing as it happens. It's how we roll.

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December 1st Launch Event Could Introduce Us to the LG Nitro HD

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LG just launched their Optimus LTE in Canada, but have remained relatively quiet otherwise as Samsung, Motorola, and HTC all put forth their latest and greatest Android smartphones. A December 1st press event may change that. It is expected (not confirmed) that LG will launch the US version of the Optimus LTE under the guise of the LG Nitro HD on that date. The invite makes no mention of the device, but its file name tells a different story. LG Nitro it reads. We’ll be covering the event live as always and providing up-to-the-minute news and observations.

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