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Moon Gardening – Watering Schedule Calendar and Moon Gardening Tips

download app Moon Gardening
Developer: Sergey Vdovenko
Price: $1.99
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Lifeware Solutions today is pleased to announce a new release of Moon Gardening 1.4 for iPad. The application gives you specific gardening tips based on the current Moon phase for your location and provides a convenient way to create and organize watering schedule for your plants. Version 1.7 is now translated into Russian language.

- Specific Moon gardening tips based on the current Moon phase for your location. No internet required!
- Full screen Moon Calendar: Moon phases, Zodiac elements and watering events
- Visual watering schedule for each plant
- Watering and custom alarms
- Sidereal and tropical Zodiacs
- Extensive list of internet resources for better gardening
- No internet required at all!


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Beautiful Widgets now supports tablets, looks great on Xoom [Mini Review]

Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studios has been one of, if not the most downloaded app for Android other than some games. Everyone that doesn’t have HTC Sense seems to use Beautiful Widgets. They have now updated the widget pack to support Android tablets and the new look and interface for my Xoom sure looks like. I have some pics for you all to enjoy. It just recently finished it’s BETA.

They have completely redesigned the layout, and menu’s and what not to be fully compatible with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and I must say, they did a good job. It works great, it’s smooth, and the new Moon phases sure are cool. I have Weatherbug for Honeycomb but the widget disappears every 3 minutes, very irritating when you can’t see it to remove it. So for now I’d have to recommend Beautiful Widgets.

On screen look of Beautiful Widgets on my Xoom, this is one of many different looks, you can make it completely custom, change colors, font, opacity and everything.

Next up is inside the app when you touch the sun, or the clouds. the animation into full-screen is smooth and clear and you can still see the home screen under it, me likes.

Here we have the new Moon Phase option, it is really cool and I’ve used it for the last few days just to check it out. It is really neat to see the different phases. Nice touch levelup, nice touch. They use honeycomb’s context menu on the top right of course.

Now to keep this short I’ll just show one of the settings tab, You can go in and change whatever is needed. Here is a screenshot of me changing the widget from showing weather and the sun, to my battery life instead. Options, and more options are what we get with Beautiful Widgets. That is why they are so popular.

I told you I would keep it short, and I really tried. They have just done a great job making the widgets and animations smooth and well, beautiful. So I had to show a few screenshots and what not for you all. I’m sure more updates and options will come as they tweak it for tablets, as the phone version sure has tons and tons of options. I’ve downloaded a few skins and made it look pretty funky so far, but for now I’m going to keep it simple. Go ahead and get Beautiful Widgets in the Android Market now and enjoy it, I’ve used it since my G1 days. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to click the gallery below for larger pictures.



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Beautiful Widgets for Tablets beta available again [Download]

The wonderful developers from LevelUp Studio that are famous for making one of androids most popular app downloads of all times, Beautiful Widgets has just released another download for the BETA. They have designed a Beautiful Widgets for Tablets version that runs really nice on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and looks great.

The latest 3.0 Honeycomb beta ended today, and they have just posted another link to download the latest beta version on their twitter page @Levelupstudio. It looks great, works very well on honeycomb and even has moon phases. How cool is that.

You can change the layout, as well as time and date format and many other adjustments. I think beautiful widgets is the best clock/weather/widget pack hands down for android. The latest beta is in its final stages and very limited. The beta download will only be active for 5 days but they are still working on final testing and bugs so feel free to download and enjoy it.

Beautiful Widgets 3.5 Beta 2

[via @LevelUpstudio Twitter]


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