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YouTube confirms paid music service, intends to block holdout labels’ videos ‘within days’

After Amazon announced Prime Music last week, YouTube is following suit by confirming its own paid music streaming service, which will debut sometime over the summer.

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Amazon Prime Music service goes official, has a collection of more than a million songs

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon has just made the Prime Music service officially available to customers of Amazon Prime just a few hours ago. Users will have a collection of over 1 million songs to choose from. The service is completely ad free as well, which is a nice touch from Amazon. Long story short, Amazon Prime customers can practically listen to any song they want, at any given time of the day using this service.

As for customers who are not subscribed to Amazon Prime, they’ll be given a free 30 day trial of the service beyond which a Prime subscription will be required. The metrics here are pretty much the same as Prime Video, but the best part here is that customers don’t have to spend a dime to access the service.

The Amazon Cloud Player app on Android and iOS will turn into Amazon Music later today, allowing users access to music with the app. Users of the Kindle Fire HD and HDX will see the app make its way with an OTA update, so Amazon has all its bases covered.

An Amazon Prime subscription will set you back by $99 per year and it includes several perks including expedited shipping on qualified items bought via Amazon. Make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime to avail benefits of this new music service. Hit the link below for more details.

Source: Amazon

Via: Android Central

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Beats Music Reportedly Growing Slower Than Expected

Beats Music Reportedly Growing Slower Than Expected

The new music subscription service on the block, Beats Music, is apparently having some problems getting its user base going. The Beats by Dre name launched its music service a mere three months ago, but adoption is not where it was projected to be so far. No specific numbers were dropped, but according to a report out of Billboard, today Beats Music’s subscription total is somewhere in “the low six figures.” Ouch.

A user base that is up to the hundred thousands may sound like good news to us, but to the Beats Music executives, that number is “disappointing” despite the “tens of millions” it put into the marketing launch. Beats representatives declined to comment on the report, but industry insiders that were interviewed said that the company was pleased with the “millions” of people that tried the 7-day trial. Now the goal is converting those free trial users into long-term subscribers.

If Beats Music is not living up to the subscription numbers that they want, what would it take to get you to sign on?

Via: Billboard

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New Widget and Social Media Improvements Live in New Beats Music Update

Beats Music has released an app update today that is sure to please many users of the music service. Mixed in with some player fixes and the ability to link and unlink your Facebook and Twitter accounts is a brand new widget.

Beats Music Widget app UpdateThe update moves the app to version 1.0.8 and comes in at 6.9MBs, so it has a fair amount of changes built in. here is the, semi, full list from the Play Store.

What’s New
You asked for it, and we listened! Some highlights in this release include:
–A brand spanking NEW WIDGET
–”FIND YOUR FRIENDS” feature lets you find and follow your Facebook friends on Beats Music
–Ability to link and unlink your Twitter and Facebook accounts
–NEW TRACKS available in The Sentence
–Offline Mode & Downloading improvements
–Player fixes
–and much, much more!

I cruised through their website at to see if I could find a more complete listing of changes and additions, but there didn’t seem to be anything listed. Regardless of what else is probably under the hood, the good news is that they are listening to what the users want. That alone can go a long ways in loyalty. If you have Beats Music, be sure to check out the update. If you still haven’t given it a shot, you may as well. hit the link to the Play Store down below and let us know what else you find in the update that they don’t list.

Get it on Google Play

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YouTube subscription music service reportedly delayed

Reports of a YouTube subscription music service being in the works have been circulating since late 2013, with Billboard reporting last October that a two-tier system would build on Google’s existing deals with record labels for its Play Music service. Now it’s reportedly hit a few snags.


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YouTube’s subscription music service has been delayed…. again


All the way back in October of 2013, we heard that YouTube was working on a subscription music service. At that time, it was believed that it was just a few months away from launching. But just two months after that report, it was delayed due to some disappointment with the overall product. That pushed the launch to early 2014. It is now April and there has been no chatter from YouTube on whether or not this service exists. Now it looks like YouTube has pushed its subscription music “debut to the second quarter or beyond,” according to Billboard.

The reason for its delay is quite simple. YouTube is still unhappy with the product in its current state and wants to avoid a botched launch. One would think obtaining licenses for the service would be the issue; however, YouTube has had that locked up for months now. A senior label executive told Billboard that “They feel that there’s just too much scrutiny of this product, and that they need to get it right out of the gate.” One potential issue being raised is that YouTube is deciding what to do with videos for songs that are without an actual video. The solution seems to be plugging in photos and other videos to give some depth.

The music industry’s label executives are urging YouTube to launch a differentiated service that is fully functional and competitive upon launching. And to what extent will YouTube be able to differentiate it from Google’s very own Play Music All Access. So, in a sense, Google may be going against itself.

Source: Billboard
Via: The Verge

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Rhapsody and Napster add Chromecast functionality

Rhapsody and Napster are coming to Chromecast. Rhapsody has announced the duo of Android apps will gain Chromecast functionality soon, with iOS integration coming later. This news rounds out most major music streaming providers with regard to Chromecast support.

Rhapsody says Chromecast functionality will work just as you might have thought: cast your streaming music, and it plays on your TV while you go on with other tasks on your mobile device. The library of over 32 million songs is there, with users having the ability to play tracks, playlists, or even stations.

Like other Chromecast apps, the icon sits at the top right, waiting for you to press it and cast your content. Rhapsody International’s SVP of Americas and Chief Product Officer Paul Springer says “Adding support for Google Chromecast is another example of our commitment to giving music lovers more ways to easily enjoy the music they love in the comfort of their own home without interruption”.

If you’re wondering why Napster is involved here, you’re likely not alone. Rhapsody purchased the upstart-gone-bust service in 2011 to stem competition from the likes of Spotify. They’ve always operated separately, though they’re pretty much the same service. Rhapsody says both Android apps are being updated starting today, so for those of you using either (or both…), be on the lookout for an update.

Source: Rhapsody

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Rdio Has Updated with Chromecast Support Today

Rdio updates with Chromecast support Today is sure shaping up to be a good day for current and future owners of Chromecast devices. Another music service app has just updated today that now adds in Chromecast supports. The fairly popular Rdio app is available for free and does offer a $9.99 a month subscription option as well. In a nutshell, the app offers up over 20 millions tracks to choose from. Listen to individual tracks, curated stations or create your own. You can sync your favorite playlist for offline listening anytime. Rdio also offers up a social side that allows you to follow friends, artists and other music lovers to see what they are playing and help you discover new tunes.

Give Rdio a shot for free by simply installing the app. A small disappointment is that you either need to login with Facebook or create a new account with your email address.

Get it on Google Play

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Rumors suggest Apple could be bringing iTunes app to Android

Android Apple

Credit: Mactrast

All of the major mobile players have their own music subscription service. And Apple is no exception to that fact. However, with music sales shrinking somewhat, the Cupertino giant is reportedly looking to bring its service to a broader audience, which in this case is Android.

According to a report on the Billboard magazine, the iTunes music store could soon make its way to Android in the form of a dedicated app, much like Google Play Access. This move would sound logical given that Google’s music service is available on the iOS AppStore.

This is a move which nobody would have guessed some years ago, but it’s clear Apple is in a position to do anything so as to gain some extra marketshare from Android users. However, it won’t be easy as it already has plenty of rivals to combat. So take this report with a pinch of salt, as with any rumor, but we’ll keep you in the loop if we get any new information.

Source: Billboard

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Video: A Tour of Samsung’s Milk, err New Streaming Music Service

Earlier today, Samsung announced a new streaming music service called Milk Music. All lactation jokes aside, the service turned out to be something all Galaxy owners should probably take a look at. It’s free. There is no registration or setup. And you can be listening to its over 200 genres (stations) and 13 million songs in a matter of seconds upon first launch. Of course, you have to have a Galaxy device to access it legitimately, but that shouldn’t be a problem since there are millions upon millions of you out there. 

The service features a dual-radio dial setup that allows you to quickly change genres or go station by station to find music for your current mood. You can customize the dial to show only select types of genres (up to 9) and even customize radio stations by artist or song to be added to the dial. You can manage stations, add multiple artists to a station, view a history of your played music, and adjust stations to play songs depending on how new or old they are, how popular or indie they are, and if they are your favorites.

It’s bare bones, yet fully featured. And again, it’s free. Plus, the app is built quite nicely.

Milk Music, even with its silly name, is completely worth a look if you have a Galaxy device.

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Amazon in Talks With Music Labels to Launch Streaming Music Service?

According to sources who spoke with Recode, Amazon is in talks with record labels to potentially launch its own streaming music service, because well, the world doesn’t have enough of them. While the talks are reportedly “serious,” they may or may not be close to landing deals, so don’t hold your breath on this one just yet.

Should Amazon reach agreements and launch a streaming service, there is a good chance it will be coupled in with their Prime membership program that currently offers free 2-day shipping on items, along with a subscription to Amazon’s Prime video streaming service. And that’s about all we know. 

Keep in mind that Android users still cannot use Amazon’s Prime video service, as there is no stand-alone app (at least an official one). Kindle owners and iOS devices have access to the service. Who knows if an Amazon streaming music service would see the same limitations, though it wouldn’t surprise me. We’re now years and years deep into Android as the king of mobile, yet Amazon refuses to give us an option.

Should something else develop, we’ll be sure to pass along the info.

For now, let’s all list out reasons for needing another streaming music service…

Via:  Recode

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Amazon reportedly bringing streaming music service to Prime members

A new report suggest Amazon is getting into the streaming music business. Much as they do with their selection of movies, sources say Amazon is in discussions with several music labels to offer the same with music. The hang-up for them seems to be an opaque pricing war. The issue for us is much more clear.

Amazon is believed to want a severe discount from the labels who license their libraries. The music labels are naturally resistant to offer an upstart service — even one with so many customers — any discount. Incumbent services like Spotify or Rhapsody would likely be displeased.

This is also believed to be part of Amazon’s Prime service, which offers the aforementioned movies along with free two-day shipping on most purchases. It could also be the reason Amazon is mulling over a price hike for the service, or offering tiered service. We’ve heard the price for Prime could reach a premium — $100 or more.

Of course, the issue for us is the lack of an Amazon digital media app for Android. There is the MP3 player, but no app for streaming movies. If they bundle it with Prime, we’d like it to be available to the 80% or so mobile device users worldwide who like Android. Otherwise, keeping it locked into the Kindle program will just relegate it to the bottom of the heap.

Source: Re/Code

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Will Samsung introduce a new music streaming service called “Milk Music” at MWC?

Blogher2012 - Music Hub poster 2

With each passing year it becomes increasingly apparent that Samsung wants to transform into a mega multimedia giant, and strive to become, well, another Apple. The company uses Android for all their top smartphones and tablets, but they often build out their own solutions for things the market place already has (such as S Voice, Samsung Apps, Media Hub and more).


It looks like they could be revamping the mSpot-based music service — dubbed Samsung Music Hub — they tried to launch a couple of years ago, though. A recent filing at the USPTO suggests Samsung will be introducing a music streaming service called “Samsung Milk Music,” and it sounds like they’re being even more ambitious than they were with Music Hub. The trademark mentions video quite frequently.

Among other music and mobile-related classifications, the application details the following system:

mobile software applications for streaming music, for accessing Internet radio, for enabling music and video broadcasting services, for accessing video-on-demand; for enabling social networking

It wouldn’t be the first time we get a music video streaming service, nor would it be the first time we’ve seen a music streaming service, but it isn’t often that those two collide into one big app. Of course, it’s all speculation until Samsung says something official about it, but we’re hoping they’ll have more to share in less than a week at Mobile World Congress once they unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Rdio And Beats Music Looking To Support Chromecast


More and more developers are adding support for the Chromecast, now that the SDK is officially available. Soon, the new Beats Music service along with Rdio are going to be supported on the Chromecast as well.

This comes from both of the services’ respective Twitter accounts. People have been asking the services whether they are looking to add support and it seems that way. Rdio had an earlier tweet that said they are definitely working on it, but it has since been deleted. They probably announced it early by mistake.

@nviccione Nothing to share at this time, stay tuned.

— Rdio Support (@RdioHelp) February 5, 2014

However, Beats Music does say that they are “working with Google” to add support to their app. This means that hopefully the service will be updated for the Chromecast soon.

@DJ8218521 Hi there, great suggestion. We're working with Google to add Chromecast. Upvote this feature here: -tt

— Beats Music Support (@BeatsMusicHelp) February 5, 2014

Unfortunately, Spotify is not working on Chromecast at this time. This is disappointing, as many people use the service, including myself. However, according to Spotify, this request has become “uncommonly popular” since Chromecast first launched last summer. Hopefully they change their minds soon.

So Rdio and Beats Music being added to an ever-growing roster of supported apps on makes the $35 dongle even more attractive. Unlike their old Nexus Q, the Chromecast is clearly popular among everyone from nerds to the general public. If you still don’t have one, it’s a steal at $35.

Sources: Rdio, Beats Music, and Spotify via The Verge

Play Store: Chromecast

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Beats Music review: Yet another music service, and one that still needs some work

Beats Music

Beats is trying something new, for sure, but it's got room to improve

Beats is a name that is synonymous with hip-hop music and iconic (and expensive) audio gear (and, at one time, HTC smartphones), but not exactly with streaming music. The company showed its intention of getting into the space in 2012 when it purchased MOG Music, and finally killed that service when it launched its self-branded Beats Music streaming offering.

On the surface, Beats Music checks all the boxes ​— unlimited streaming music for a flat monthly fee, a seven-day free trial for signing up, and a compliment of mobile apps and web interface. It also brings to the table something other streaming music services don't — a group of knowledgeable and popular curators to help you choose what to listen to. And that's Beats' main selling point — a human element instead of algorithms.

But with lots of features to market and a competition-matching price, will Beats Music be your choice for listening going forward? Hit the break and find out.

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Beats Music service shuts down user registration after influx of demand


Apparently the new Beats Music service wasn’t fully prepared for the amount of registrations it received after its initial announcement yesterday— the service had to temporarily halt any new registrations because of the influx of demand.

Once the service is available again, new users will be given an extra trial week. Apparently the decision to shut down registrations was an easy one, because it was apparently already in the plans in case a situation such as yesterday’s occurred.

When it’s available once again, you’ll have access to over 20 million songs (both on and offline) for $9.99 a month. With special music personalization and customization options and without any ads, Beats Music will surely be a competitor to current industry leader Spotify.

Source: Phone Arena

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Beats Music suspends new activations while they work out some kinks

Yesterday, we did a quick walkthrough of Beats Music, the new streaming music service. Today, we learn that Beats has suspended sign-ups for a bit. It seems the service was so popular that users were seeing some issues. Rather than try and muscle their way through the growing pains, Beats is suspending new sign-ups.


Via email, the team behind Beats let us know that there would be a halt to new subscribers. While this undoubtedly has to do with the service being new, and offering a free week trial, it’s oddly nice to see Beats take a step back rather than try to scale upward to meet a spike in demand. Their email said, in part:

Due to the extremely high volume of interest in our service some users are experiencing issues. Most people are unaffected but our priority is to give everyone a great experience. We prepared for issues like these, have a plan, and are going to hold off on letting more people in while we put this plan in action.

They went on to note that if you claimed your username in the weeks prior to launch, they were still holding it for you. The focus is on bringing the best service possible, not accommodating a surge of users. Rather than deal with upset users, they’d rather the ones they have fall in love with Beats.

Additionally, those who sign up this week will get an additional week of service free for the trouble. Theirs was the #1 music app on iTunes yesterday, and undoubtedly saw a lot of Android users download it as well. Beats offers no timetable for a return, but we hope it doesn’t take long for them to sort out whatever they need to.

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Get an additional week of free tunes if you sign up for Beats Music soon

With just how popular Beats headphones are, we can’t say we’re surprised that Dr. Dre’s similarly named music service has had a hard time coping with a flood of users during launch. As such, Beats Music isn’t accepting any new subscribers until the kinks are worked out, but there is a silver lining. So long as you download the app and reserve your username this week, you’ll get an additional seven days to trial the service. Once the issues are worked out, you should get an email giving you the all clear — hopefully that’s before its Windows Phone launch in a few days.

It’s not like you have to live your life in silence until then, though. Last we checked, Rdio, Spotify, Music Unlimited and Xbox Music were all working just fine.

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Source: Beats Music

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Beats Music: our quick walkthrough with the new streaming music service

Beats Music launched today for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and the desktop. The experience is similarly good across all platforms, but does it warrant a $9.99/month pricetag? It’s competitively priced, and promises a lot, but we wanted to know if it could compete with incumbent services, so we went hands-on with it to find out.

Beats Music

 Oddly, the service was easier to find via the website than on the Play Store for our Android experience. Once downloaded, we simply used a Facebook account to get rolling. It initially prompts you to feed it some info, like which artists and genres you like. It takes that data and feeds you suggestions under the “Just for you” heading, which is front and center when you open the app. It’s a little straightforward, which either speaks to Beats’ design to feed you precisely what you want, or a limited catalog. They boast of 20 million tracks, but that’s not a lot when you consider the scope of music in general.

“The Sentence” is perhaps Beats’ most unique and distinct function, and one that’s growing on us. Slide to the right from “Just for you”, and you’re met with a mad-libs screen, in which you fill in some blanks. It asks where you are, what you want to do, and who you want to do it with — oh yeah, and what kind of music you want to listen to while doing so. It’s fun, and offers a really different way to discover tracks. Like a lot of things Beats, it almost straddles the line between music service and social media. We felt more like we were posting a status update or tweeting our day than searching for music. The same goes for finding artists, wherein you “follow” them to get new music suggestions, a break from adding albums and such.


Beats Music also has the “featured” and “find” you’ll see on any other music service, so those aren’t worth mention. the interface is unique, but perhaps a little restrictive. We didn’t get the feeling that we were supposed to venture outside of Beats’ recommendations, but that’s really just a commentary on the interface. We did find ourselves wanting when searching for more obscure tracks and artists, but unless you have some off the wall taste, you’ll likely find what you need with Beats Music.

The real question is the obvious one: will this get us away from our current music service? That’s not likely. Though competitively priced, and good, Beats Music isn’t compelling enough to get us away from Play Music, our go-to. It’s solid, and we really like the interface, but it’s not going to get our money. Play Music straddles a line between iTunes and streaming radio services, which we like. Beats is more a Spotify competitor, and with that, it comes down to library offerings.

Beats does offer a free week trial, so if you’re curious, check it out. It’s unique, and fun, but really subjective. AT&T is offering a Beats family plan, wherein you can get up to 5 lines access for $14.99/month, too. Beats is a decent music streaming app at a good price, but may not offer enough to get you to switch just yet.



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Fill your whole house with Beats Music on Sonos

Android Central

A quick heads up for any Sonos owners that might have taken an interest in the brand new Beats Music service; you'll be able to fill your whole house with as much of it as you can handle. Sonos already offers support for most of the leading music services out there, so we didn't for one minute expect Beats Music to be left out. Beats Music should be showing up in your Sonos Controller app – link up top if you need it – if not now, then very soon alongside the other supported services. 

That's about all there is to it. If you're in the U.S,  a Sonos owner and also curious about the new Beats Music service, sign up, turn it up to 11 and have at it. 

Source: Sonos


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Beats Music officially launches in the U.S. today for $9.99 a month

Beats Music

The Beats Music service goes live today in the U.S. with a monthly fee of $9.99 per month or $14.99 for a family of five if you’re an AT&T customer. The service was made official by Beats last week and is available right as expected on Jan 21. Dedicated applications of Beats Music simultaneously launches on Android as well as iOS, although there’s no mention of a Beats Audio app in the Google Play Store at the time of this writing.

The service is actually quite neat and they’re even giving users 7 days of free trial to try out the service before they take the call to pay the monthly fees. AT&T members of course get the added perk of getting up to 10 devices from 5 people in a family for as little as $14.99 per month, so it’s quite a capable service overall.

Beats Music will take on the likes of Spotify and Google Play Music All Access which have cemented its positions in the music streaming service, but Beats Music will hope to make some inroads given the vast collection of music and recognition it has in the music industry.

Source: Beats Music

Via: Android Central

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More information surfaces on YouTube’s new music service


We have heard for a few months now that Google will launch some sort of YouTube Music Service. It was originally rumored to be released last year, but the most recent report has it pegged for early this year.

What exactly will the service be, and what will it offer that’s different from Play Music All Access? Well obviously YouTube is more visual so you can expect that to be a key, but rumors indicate that it will much like Spotify in that it will sport a powerful search engine for every music taste. There will also be a function called “Art Tracks” that will offer a collage with photos of the artists as well as covers.

You can also expect both free and paid versions. The premium, or paid version, will allow you to listen to music in background mode while using the YouTube mobile app. You can also expect the premium version to offer you the ability to pin music for when you are offline.

Are you guys excited for a YouTube music service or will it be just one of too many services already out there?



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Beats Music service will go live on January 21 for $9.99 per month

Beats Music AT&TA lot of questions were left unanswered after Beats Audio split with HTC last year, in what has been a bad year for HTC. However, Beats Audio was long rumored to be launching a streaming service, but none of that materialized until the official webpage went live last month. That service has now finally come to fruition, with official availability slated for January 21 in the U.S. The service will rival the likes of Spotify and Google Play All Access with a monthly fee of $9.99. It is being said that AT&T users will have a special treat for them. For $14.99 a month, they will be able to share the service with up to 5 family members with a maximum of 10 devices. The standard $9.99 subscription will only allow you to browse and access your music through web or via the dedicated Android and iOS apps.

The folks at Beats Music are offering 90 days free trial for AT&T subscribers as an added perk, while regular users will only get to test it out for 30 days, which is still not that bad really. However, AT&T users will have to wait until the 24th of January to get access to the service while others can just as easily get the service three days prior to that, as mentioned above. Beats Music reportedly has a collection of over 20 million songs spanned across several years and of varying genres, so they’ve done their homework pretty well.

Source: Business Wire

Via: Android Community

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Spotify Now Offers Free Mobile Service On Android

Android music lovers should be pleased to hear that Spotify has just dropped the paid subscription of its music service on Android devices. Anyone can now install the app and listen to streaming music for free. Although the service has been available for free in its desktop version it is only recently that the mobile version followed suit.


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek made the announcement that the service is now free for Android and iOS devices since they first launched. He said in a press event that “Our very clear mission is getting more people to access and discover more great music. Along with more free users there will be more subscribers, and that means more revenue back to the industry.” Depending on which device is being used, consumers will be getting a different experience. Those using tablets will get the same freemium experience similar to that of desktop users. Android and iOS smartphones will be getting the “Shuffle” service which is similar to Internet radio.

So what is this new Shuffle feature all about? Right now it can be compared to Pandora, iTunes Radio, or other station-based streaming services but gives users more control over their playlist. You can choose to play songs only from a particular artist and every song that will be streamed to your device will come from that artist.

Users will still be able to access their playlists in Shuffle mode. One limitation to this is that unlimited search and listen queries is not possible.

In this new model tablets get a freemium access while smartphones get a limited free access. Ads will also be displayed on the app.

Originally Spotify cost $4.99 which gave an ad-free web experience. Users who pay $9.99 are able to listen to music across several devices aside from their desktop.

The new Shuffle play feature of Spotify comes with these features

  • Your music: Listen to all the playlists you’ve created and playlists from the people you follow. Spotify lets you discover new music, save, shuffle and share.
  • Your favourite artists: Want to listen to a certain artist? Just hit shuffle play, sit back and listen to their entire catalogue. Don’t settle for something similar. Don’t settle for just one track from the artist you want to hear every 20 minutes.
  • Discover great new playlists: Going for a jog or to the gym? We’ve got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. We know you just want the perfect music for a specific moment in time – and we’ve got you covered. There’s something for every mood, genre or moment.

via androidcentral

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Spotify on mobile goes free, replaces a paywall with shuffle play


Listen to artists or playlists at random for free

With an update to its app, Spotify has dropped the paid subscription requirement for using its music service on mobile. Although a free component was previously available to desktop users, a subset of features is now available on mobile as well. What you'll find in the free version of Spotify is what it calls "shuffle play."

That basically just means "radio," and with shuffle play you'll have the option to listen to your own (and shared) playlists, or a specific artist, in random order. This brings the free offering down to parity with something like Pandora, which offers effectively endless radio for free on mobile and the desktop.

Make no mistake, the free version of Spotify is clearly set up to upsell you to the paid version of the service — and we're okay with that, if you see the value in the app and service and want more, you can expect to pay.

Source: Spotify


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[Weekend Poll] Do You Pay For A Subscription-Based Music Service? Which One?

unnamed (4)

With Google Play Music All Access coming to more and more countries around the world (though obviously still not all of them), Google is expanding the reach of its all-you-can-eat music platform into regions where services like Spotify reign supreme. Listening to music on your smartphone (or tablet) is probably an activity all of us partake in, too, so I’m curious to know what kind of services our readers actually like enough to pay for.

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[Weekend Poll] Do You Pay For A Subscription-Based Music Service? Which One? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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Beats Music launching in January with username reservations available now

There has been plenty of talk about a streaming music service from Beats, and well, it looks like the teaser page has gone live this morning. The service has been dubbed Beats Music and is expected to go live next month, in January 2014. Speculation suggests we will see an announcement during CES, but for now, that has yet to be confirmed.


While there are some details we still need to learn, Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers did share some facts. Coming by way of his Fistfulayen blog, he made it clear that “Beats Music is real.” Other details coming from Rogers included the following;

  • We’re in an internal, private beta with people who know and love music (including a few of my personal heroes).
  • We’re providing a few artists and other influencers access to familiarize them with the service and get their early feedback.
  • We’re making improvements based on that feedback.
  • We can’t wait to share it with the world, and are set to launch in the US in January.


As mentioned, the teaser page has gone live at Perhaps key with that, the site is open for name reservations. There isn’t much involved in the process, basically, you enter your desired username and assuming it is available — you will need to follow-up with a few slightly more personal details. Those include your name, email address and telephone number.

One interesting aspect here, it appears as if some of the specifics are still being worked on and improved. In you notice in the above list of facts from Rogers, he mentioned they have given a few artists and other influencers access and are improving based on their feedback. Otherwise, aside from Rogers, we have previously learned that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame would be serving as Chief Creative Officer.

Anyway, those looking for a bit of a history on the Beats streaming service should dive into the Story Timeline sitting below. But that aside, if you are interested in checking it out once live, you may want to register your interest (username) sooner rather than later.

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YouTube’s subscription music service delayed, eyes early 2014 launch


Remember the rumored YouTube subscription music service that was reported in October? Well, it’s been delayed. According to AllThingsD, sources close to the situation say that the service will launch in the first quarter of 2014. It was believed that the service had a chance to launch by the end of this year. YouTube has all of the music licenses ready to go, but the company is internally unhappy with the product thus far. Apparently they are trying to find “the best way to integrate user-generated content, like lipsyncs and mashups, along with conventional recordings and videos.” Upon launching, Google may have to decide how to differentiate this service from Google Play Music All Access. Until an official announcement, we’ll keep a lookout for any other updates.

Source: AllThingsD

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Nokia rebrands Music service as Mix Radio, updates Windows Phone app to match

Nokia’s Music service has been a secret weapon for Lumia owners — they get ad-free radio streaming on their phones at no extra cost. The company is driving that advantage home today by rebranding the service as Mix Radio (reflecting the service’s main feature) and launching an updated music app to match. The new Mix Radio client centers on Play Me, a personalized stream defined by a few favorite artists. There are also Pandora-style thumbs-up and thumbs-down votes to refine the selection, and it’s now easy to share mixes through email, Facebook, text messages and Twitter. As before, avid listeners can spend $4 per month to get unlimited downloads, improved quality and web listening. Current Lumia users just need to update their existing Music app to take advantage of Nokia’s smarter audio experience.

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Report: YouTube Is Set To Launch Its Own Subscription Music Service Later This Year

nexusae0_playtubetiny_thumbYesterday Billboard issued a report claiming that Google subsidiary YouTube is preparing to release a streaming music service. This service would be offered in both free and premium tiers a la Spotify, and it is reportedly a separate entity from Google Play’s music service, All Access. Specific details on date and price are not available, but Billboard claims that all the licensing deals made through All Access will be available for the new service and a launch is tentatively planned for before the end of the year.

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Report: YouTube Is Set To Launch Its Own Subscription Music Service Later This Year was written by the awesome team at Android Police.


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