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Samsung’s Mobile President: The Galaxy Nexus Was Designed With Patents In Mind


It seems that these days, Samsung must constantly be on alert for new entries in the ever-growing list of patent disputes with Apple. Sensing this, Samsung’s Mobile President, Shin Jong-kyun (who we heard from at last night’s presentation) took a moment to stress the fact that the Galaxy Nexus was designed with patents in mind – specifically, it was designed to avoid trouble with Apple. While it is a rectangular device with a touch screen, not much else seems to put it in danger.


What’s interesting is that Shin decided to speak to the subject at all….

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Samsung’s Mobile President: The Galaxy Nexus Was Designed With Patents In Mind was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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HTC Sensation XL headed to Three and O2 in the UK

Sensation XL

British networks O2 and Three will both carry HTC's recently-announced Sensation XL, according to new entries on both carriers' "coming soon" pages. The Sensation XL, a 4.7-incher with Beats Audio built-in, was unveiled at a swanky event at London's Roundhouse last Thursday. Be sure to check out our hands-on feature for more on the device itself.

Three's listing the Sensation XL with an "October" release date, however based on HTC's own timetable for the device, we'd be surprised to see it anywhere before November. Neither carrier has announced any pricing details, but based on pre-order prices of around £500 (~$775) that've been appearing over the past few days, we'd expect to see subsidized Sensation XLs given for free on contracts of around £30 per month.

Sensation XL Hands-on | Sensation XL Specs | Sensation XL Forums

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AppBrain re-invents social app discovery with the AppBrain Stream

AppBrain Stream

The AppBrain Stream

The folks at AppBrain (remember them?), those same fellows who brought the original web installer for Android to the masses, today unveiled the AppBrain Stream.  It's a lot like Facebook style social networking, but geared towards, and all about, your Android apps.  AppBrain has always been a great way to discover and share Android applications, but the new user streams and feeds really take it all to the next level.  If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the other great tools AppBrain gives us, like daily "hot" apps, personalized recommendations, app demographics, and shared user app lists, you're going to love this.

It's genuinely simple — you now have a couple new entries on your AppBrain page that show your personalized stream of app-related news and events.  You'll see things like messages from your friends when they install a new app (or uninstall an app), personalized recommendations for new apps based on what you're currently using, updates to apps you're running, even app reviews from your friends and discussion about them.  You can "like", share or add commentary to each of these entries, just like you would at your favorite social networking site.  You can also see just your activity in a dedicated list, to keep track of apps you're talking about.

There's no setup involved — if you follow someone on AppBrain, you'll see their activity in your stream.  The guys at AppBrain let us in a bit early to check it out, and I'll have to say — this has real potential.  No more relying on cryptic or less-than-helpful comments in the Market, or using a random Google search to try and find what your looking for.  Like the staff picks on the official Android Market, it will be a great way to find new apps that fit you, with the added bonus of goofing off a bit with your friends.  We've got a couple screenshots after the break, as well as a link to download AppBrain to your phone so you can join in.  And as we've said before — Google, just buy these guys already.

More at AppBrain

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Apps of the Day: Path, Zenonia 3

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The Android Market can be an intimidating place, but we don’t think it should be. We scour dozens of new entries to the Market each day and feature the best and most anticipated entries here in our Apps of the Day. Today we have a social networking alternative where popularity isn’t based on how many friends you have and the latest sequel to a popular series of action/RPG games. Read on for more.

Path - Path is a social networking app designed with privacy in mind, keeping the number of people you can share photos and messages with capped at 50. That’s right, pick and choose wisely because 50 friends and/or family members are all you get. The idea is a lot like the Circles element of Google+, allowing you to feel a little more at ease knowing that only certain people can see what you share. Path is currently in public beta. [Market]

Zenonia 3 – The followup to popular action RPGs Zenonia and Zenonia 2, Zenonia 3 is really more of the same, but that isn’t a bad thing. Fans of the first two entries will feel right at home, but the latest iteration is bigger than ever with 227 maps and 136 unique quests. The game is currently available as a “freemium” app with in-app purchases available for complete character customization. [Market]


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