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Photoshop Touch For Phone Review: Worth The Price, Even If You’ve Already Paid It

unnamed (1)When we first covered Adobe’s “new” Photoshop Touch for smartphones, we were skeptical – after all, the tablet version wasn’t cheap, a and an extra five bucks for what was essentially the same app seemed like a bit of a rip-off. (Adobe isn’t exactly known for their reasonable pricing in any case.) But after using it extensively, I can say that not only is it worth every penny, it’s worth it even if you already own the tablet version.

2013-03-04 16.21.45

I don’t say that lightly – in a former life I was a graphic designer, and I’ve paid entirely too much money to this particular company over the years.

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Photoshop Touch For Phone Review: Worth The Price, Even If You’ve Already Paid It was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Adobe launches Photoshop app for iPhones and iPods

Adobe has introduced a new Photoshop app for iPhone and iPod devices from Apple. The new app has been redesigned from its original appearance on the iPad to fit a sleeker, smaller display. While there is no dearth of image editing software on the iStore, Photoshop creates a whole new world for the user. The software introduces fantastic new capabilities to the iPod and iPhone. With the introduction of Photoshop for the iPhone, coupled with a fabulous retina display and a stunning camera, the resulting images will be nothing short of spectacular!

Photoshop for the iPod and iPhone comes with all its trademark features that have made it such a huge success among image editing software; layering, filters, selection tools and adjustments. The scribbling tool allows users to combine images by scribbling. The Refine Edge tool allows users to create the perfect snapshot or image. This combined with iPhone’s support of 12 megapixel images renders beautiful images once Photoshop works its magic!photo2

Another great new feature offered by Photoshop for iPhone users is its integration with other Adobe software like CS6 through the auto syncing feature provided by Adobe’s Creative cloud services that allows users to work on multiple documents from different devices. The app provided user’s free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud with an initial 2GB of storage. Users can expand storage with a premium subscription should there be a requirement.

With Photoshop in tow, Apple users can create fantastic new images and fun effects to post on their Facebook and twitter profiles! Android and BlackBerry users are eagerly waiting for Photoshop to hit GooglePlay and BlackBerry world stores. Currently all Apple devices running iOS and above can run this app.


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Photoshop Touch out now for Android phones

Imaging specialist Adobe has finally brought the full mobile version of Photoshop Touch to Android phones. Previously only usable on tablet-sized displays, the new standalone Photoshop Touch for phone Android app works on devices with smaller screen sizes — although you will need to be running Android 4.0 or higher in order to install it.

It’s no dumbed down simpleton, either, with Adobe bringing in support for layered images, camera fill direct imports from live shots, cloud-syncing with 2GB of online storage space and much more. And it looks rather nice itself:

photoshop-touch-phones-1 photoshop-touch-phones-2

Images “up to 12 megapixels” in size are supported. Presumably you’ll benefit from having something with a decent amount of onboard RAM, too. Photoshop Touch for Phones is on the Play Store here, for £2.99.

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Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch For Phones, Pisses Off Tablet Users By Making It A Separate $5 App

adobephonetouchtinyAdobe has kind of a scattershot mobile strategy. On the one hand, it released six apps back in 2011 for tablets that ranged from okay to awesome. On the other hand, it killed off five of them last year. The tablet versions cost $10 each. Pricey for an app, but Adobe knows how to bring it’s A-game. Today, it’s bringing it again with a phone version of Photoshop Touch. A distinct piece of software for $5.

adobephoto1 adobephoto2 adobephoto3

Nearly all of the features of the tablet version are available here, including layer support, selective editing, and an array of touch-friendly gestures and menus that made the original app so dang nice.

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Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch For Phones, Pisses Off Tablet Users By Making It A Separate $5 App was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Unveils The $1,300 Chromebook Pixel That Doesn’t Run Photoshop, Steam, Or Much Else You Care About

2013-02-21_18h35_55Google just launched a $1,300 laptop. That’s a pretty big deal. In fact, it’s a pretty huge deal. In double fact, if our team wasn’t about to get on a podcast (see you at 8PM EST!) I’d be sharing all manner of reasons why that’s a monumental deal. Unfortunately for you, that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, we can only talk about the device itself. So, what is it?


It’s a high-end laptop with an incredibly dense display. 2560×1700 in a 12.85″ screen for 239 ppi. Let me put that in layman’s terms: holy mother of crap this screen is awesome.

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Google Unveils The $1,300 Chromebook Pixel That Doesn’t Run Photoshop, Steam, Or Much Else You Care About was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Adobe Stops Updates For All Touch Apps But Photoshop: ‘Some Of Our Efforts Have Been Successful, Others Have Been Less So’


In a somewhat disappointing turn of events, Adobe has just announced (following their disappearance from the Play Store) an end to development for all their touch apps on Android except Photoshop Touch (Ideas is still alive for iOS users), meaning Adobe has essentially killed their Kuler, Ideas, Debut, Proto, and Collage apps for Android.

In a post to the Creative Cloud Team Blog, Adobe explains that while some of their efforts in “exploring how the creative process can be augmented and enhanced on touch devices” have been successful, others “have been less so.” It is for that reason the team is ceasing active development for the apps.

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Adobe Stops Updates For All Touch Apps But Photoshop: ‘Some Of Our Efforts Have Been Successful, Others Have Been Less So’ was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Photoshop, Snapseed and the best photo editing apps for Android

Android Central

Fixing pictures on your phone has become a pretty big deal lately. Big players like Facebook and Twitter are starting to bundle photo filter and adjustment tools into their apps, but there’s still a home for the dedicate photography app. There are a ton of popular ones that continue to thrive and offer armchair photographers the opportunity to share some really slick shots. As a point of comparison, I’ll be using three pictures and sending them through each of the apps to give you an idea of what to expect: one portrait, one close-up, and one landscape shot. Here are the originals.

Android CentralAndroid CentralAndroid Central

So, in order of personal preference, my top photograph editing apps are…

read more

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Snapseed launches on Android with Google+ integration, now completely free

Snapseed launches on Android with Google+ integration, now completely free

While this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, today Google put to rest any lingering doubts about keeping Snapseed alive and well. After acquiring Nik Software last September, Google’s just launched Snapseed for Android and refreshed the existing iOS app. The Android version features seamless Google+ integration (complete with support for Instant Upload) and the iOS version gains a few additional filters. Better yet, the app is now completely free on both platforms (it was $4.99 in the App Store).

If you’re not familiar with Snapseed, it’s an incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use photo editor based on Nik Software’s award-winning professional-grade imaging tools. The app provides a super-intuitive gesture-based UI to capture, tweak, enhance and share pictures. As such, it’s more advanced than Instagram, but far simpler than Photoshop Touch. It’s available for phones, tablets, Macs and PCs (no word from Google on whether the desktop version was also updated).

We spent some time with Snapseed for Android yesterday and it looks and feels pretty much identical to the iOS version — the user experience is just as polished and responsive. In the main screen, you’ll find a new button which lets you post an image directly to Google+ via the same UI as the the Google+ app. There’s a separate button to save pictures to the gallery (this also sends photos to Google+ if you’ve enabled Instant Upload in the Google+ app). Want more info? Peek at our IRL post and the galleries below.

Gallery: Snapseed for iOS

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Source: Snapseed, iTunes (App Store), Google Play

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Snapseed, The Image Editor That Google Bought After It Won iPad App Of The Year, Is Now On Android

snapseedtinyThere are no shortage of image editors on Android. Even Adobe, which makes the class-leading Photoshop, has a version of its editor on the platform. Today, though, Google gets one of its very own: Snapseed. You may recall this particular piece of software when it was demoed by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang at CES this year. At the time, it was only available on the iPad where it had won App of the Year in 2011. Shortly thereafter, Google bought the company. Now, the Android version is finally being released.

snapseed1 snapseed2 snapseed3

The feature set is pretty familiar, but the selection of filters and adjustments is one of the best, and the interface that’s designed for both phones and tablets is fantastic.

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Snapseed, The Image Editor That Google Bought After It Won iPad App Of The Year, Is Now On Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Nik Software and Google bring Snapseed app to Android

Today, Google announced that it is bringing Snapseed to Google Play. The new app is available now on Google Play. You can head to Google Play, to get the app now, although some users are getting errors when clicking on the link.

According to Google’s announcement, “great pictures aren’t taken, they’re made.” Snapseed is an app designed for making photos interesting and fun. Snapseed is sort of like a more advanced version of Instagram; going beyond just the basic filters without crossing into the advanced territories of something like Photoshop.

The app includes basic adjustments such as crop, tune, and straighten. It also comes with plenty of filters to give your photos a more personal feel. Some included filters are drama, black & white, and vintage. Each can be applied individually or in combination.

Another cool feature of Snapseed is what they call Control Point technology. This allows you to only edit a portion of your photo. For example, you could choose to only edit the face of a subject in the picture. As you would expect, you can share your creations to Google+ and other social networks.

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Adobe Photoshop Touch Updated, Adds Optimization For 7-Inch Tablets

As you know, Adobe Photoshop Touch launched on Amazon’s Kindle Fire just a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday the app was updated in the Play Store to included optimization for 7-inch devices. The one downside is that the screen resolution is required to be 1024 x 600 at the very least, but that is good news for owners of the Google Nexus 7.

Besides the new optimization for 7-inch devices, a whole host of new features have been included in the update. Users will now be able to share their creations to both Facebook and Twitter directly from the app itself now. On top of that, new effects have been added, performance tweaks have been made, and on the visual side of things there is a improved grid layout. You can hit the Play Store link below to grab the update for Adobe Photoshop Touch for current owners.

If you don’t have the app yet, but are wanting to grab it as well it’ll cost you $9.99. It’s well worth the price and is — as you would expect — one of the best apps out there. Those who have tried to produce copies of Photoshop for mobile can not compare to how robust this app is. I highly suggest looking into it if you’ve got the cash to spend!

Have you tried some of the new features out yet? Have you tried the app on a 7-inch tablet yet? How is it fairing for you? Let us know in the comments what you think!

Adobe Photoshop Touch Play Store Download

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Daily news roundup: November 28 2012

Electrify  Note

Sailboat Champions  HTC

New phones, special deals, news from carriers, great  apps — you name it and it happens just about every day in the wide world of Android. We know that you can't spend every minute glued to your screen to keep track of it all, so here are highlights of the day all wrapped up and easy to read.

Software everywhere

Carriers and manufacturers in the news


Tomorrow, we get to do it all over again! See you then.

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Photoshop Touch update brings smoother brush strokes, optimization for 7 inch devices and more

Listen up to all you artists out there (and those who think they’re artists but really aren’t): a nice, big upgrade for Photoshop Touch has landed in the Google Play Store! The digital image editing app has received a lot of new and important additions in this latest upgrade.

Perhaps the biggest news is for tablet owners — those who prefer 7 inch slates over the usual 10 inch behemoths will be happy to know that the app has been optimized for your screen size. Your tablet must have at least 1024×600 resolution, but most mainstream 7 inch tablets should be able to meet that requirement no problem.

There equally important changes for everyone who decides to use this app, though. For starters, brush strokes are said to be a lot smoother compared to before. This should cut down on errors due to minor hiccups and will really help keep your sanity up and frustration down if this is something that was bothering you.

Other changes include the addition of two new effects (lens flare and stamp pattern), an improved grid layout for projects, tutorials and images, the ability to share through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, a new shortcut to access the last five colors you’ve used, and your usual round of unknown bug fixes and under-the-hood enhancements.

Photoshop Touch has blossomed into a great mobile rendition of the world’s most popular and extensive image editing suite. It costs $10, but those who have used it says it’s a blissful experience as of late.

You might expect it to be lacking compared to the desktop suite, and while that assessment is true to some degree (some things just can’t be done right now) you’ll be surprised to see how deep the mobile offering is. You can grab it in the Google Play Store if you’re really serious about digital imagery, and be sure to let us know how you’re liking if you do decide to download it in the comments section below.

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Photoshop Touch gets support for 7-inch screens

If you’re a frequent user of Photoshop Touch and you happen to have a 7-inch tablet lying around, then pay attention to this next bit of news. Adobe has pushed out an update for the photo editor, and one of the biggest features added in this update is support for 7-inch screens. However, just having a 7-inch tablet doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to use Photoshop Touch on it.

That’s because Adobe requires that the resolution of the display be at least 1024×600, so if the resolution of your screen isn’t at least that, you’re out of luck. While support for 7-inch screens is certainly big (especially for the Nexus 7-owning masses), it isn’t the only new feature to be found in this update. For instance, Photoshop Touch users will also be getting two new effects to play around with: Lens Flare and Stamp Pattern.

Adobe has also implemented smoother brush strokes with this update, along with with an improved grid layout for projects. After applying this update, you’ll be able to access shortcuts for the last five colors you used by swiping down on Color. Finally, Adobe has delivered a number of unnamed bug fixes with this update, so if you’ve been experiencing some bugs as you use Photoshop Touch, there’s a chance they’ve been squashed.

All in all, it seems like a pretty good update for Photoshop Touch users. Support for 7-inch screens is obviously something a lot of users will get excited about, but the changes Adobe has made to brush strokes and colors will definitely be appreciated as well. The update is available right now on the Google Play Store [download link], so if you use Photoshop Touch, be sure to give it a spin!

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Adobe Photoshop Touch updated to be optimized for 7-inch tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch has updated their app and optimized it for 7-inch devices. The screen resolution of the device must meet the standards of 1024×600 for the optimization to take into effect. Other than that, here’s what you can also expect within the new update:

  • Optimized user interface for 7-inch devices (minimum screen resolution 1024×600)
  • Smoother brush strokes
  • Two new Effects: Lens Flare (under “&” menu) and Stamp Pattern
  • Improved grid layout for projects, tutorials, and images
  • New support for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other registered apps
  • Quick access to last 5 colors with new shortcut (drag down on Color)
  • Various bug fixes

The update brings the apps version to 1.4.1 and is available for $9.99 on the Google Play Store. Download links will be provided after the break!

 QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link

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Adobe Photoshop Touch updated and optimized for 7-inch devices

Android Central

Following the launch of Adobe Photoshop Touch a couple of weeks ago for the Amazon Kindle Fire, the app has been updated today in the Play Store with optimization for 7-inch devices. The one caveat is that the screen resolution must be at least 1024×600, but that puts the Google Nexus 7 right on deck. 

Besides this there's a smattering of other new features included, one of which is new ways to share your creations to Facebook and Twitter. Additionally to this there's some new effects, and enhancements to both performance and the visual side with an improved grid layout. The update is now live in the Google Play Store for current owners, and if you're picking it up for the first time it'll cost you $9.99/£6.99. 

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Photoshop Touch Updated To Support 7" Displays, Adds A Couple New Effects, Sharing Features

pstouchtinyPhotoshop Touch may not be completely comparable to Adobe’s desktop counterpart, but when you compare it to other photo editors on the Android platform, it’s still the most powerful piece of software out there. At $10, it better be, too. Today, the best just got a bit better, especially if you own a Nexus 7. The app has improved support for 7″ tablets. Though, there’s a catch: the resolution on said tabs have to be 1024×768 or higher. Sorry, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

2012-11-28 12.59.59 2012-11-28 12.52.19

In addition, there are a few other performance tweaks added to this version. For starters, brush strokes have been made smoother (great news for anyone using this with a stylus), and a couple new effects have been added, including Lens Flare (pictured above) and Stamp Pattern.

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Photoshop Touch Updated To Support 7" Displays, Adds A Couple New Effects, Sharing Features was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting Premium Suite upgrade

Samsung continues its tradition of hefty upgrades for its Galaxy Note line with the announcement of a new "Premium Suite" upgrade pack for the Galaxy Note 10.1. The upgrade pack, which also includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, introduces enhanced "multi-window" multitasking and hover-based "air view" controls for the S Pen — many features that'll be familiar to owners of the Galaxy Note 2.

Interestingly, Samsung has combined multi-view with its windowed app support, allowing multiple smaller versions of certain Samsung and Google apps to be run in windowed mode, in addition to being docked side-by-side in full screen mode.

Other additions include "easy clip," which lets you tag image cut-outs on the screen and copy them to the clipboard, various improvements to the S Note application, and an updated version of Photoshop Touch.

As the updated software is based upon Android 4.1, it also includes the standard Jelly Bean features we've come to know, including Google's "Project Butter" performance enhancements, and predictive search through Google Now.

The update is available now in Germany; other countries should be following shortly.

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Was this photo taken with a Sony Odin C6503?

In a string of “man, this is getting old” news, a shot of the Sony Odin C650X was faked. Everyone reported on it until the Photoshop experts claimed it was, yet again, a hoax. Well, here’s something that might not be fake — a photo that was said to be taken with one Sony C6503. This is one variant of the Odin that may be headed to Asia, and if this EXIF data is to be believed then this is even more proof it exists.

While the photo has since been removed from Picasa (we can’t even find a link to the old listing) the photo was posted to Polish site SmartFan.Pl, and taking it for a spin through several independent EXIF viewers show that it does, in fact, have the same 13 megapixel sensor that the Odin has been rumored to have all along.

The camera sensor seems to have a max aperture of 2.0, and this photo was taken with 400 ISO and 1/8 shutter speed. It sounds like a standard affair for Sony’s smartphone sensors so there’s nothing too surprising there. And other than the date the photo was taken — yesterday, if you care — there’s not much else to go on here.

It would have been nice to see the capabilities of this sensor in natural daylight situations but we can’t have our cake and eat it, too. And should this even turn out to be real we’re lucky to be able to get our eyes on something — anything — that will reaffirm our faith in its existence.

As it stands, though, we’re just scratching the surface of what’s shaping up to be a very impressive offering by Sony. It’s slated to be a 5 inch 1080p superphone that should knock our socks off when it’s unveiled, but who knows how long it’ll take before we’re treated to such a beast. Take a quick gander at the photo above.

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Artist proves Galaxy Note 2 is as nice as a Wacom tablet and Photoshop [VIDEO]

Many of us will be perfectly fine drawing out words, formulas, and basic shapes when using the S Pen on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But one artist has set out to remind folks that the Note 2 is more than just a great note-taking tool — it can be a  powerful tool to drive your creative juices.

Artist Geremy Arene used the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to draw a portrait of a character from Twilight, and he let us sit in on all 2.5 hours of it (though it’s time-lapsed to about 10 minutes, of course). The result is a very detailed portrait that could pass off as something done with a high quality Wacom tablet in the desktop version of Photoshop.

Geremy didn’t even use Photoshop for these pieces, though — it was Sketchbook Mobile that gave him the results you see above. We’re not sure if this was for any specific reason, though it’s worthy to note (hehe) that Samsung and Sketchbook have partnered up to provide creative tools on the Note devices, and the app is likely more optimized for the Wacom digitized display and stylus that the Note 2 features.

An interesting interview with Geremy took place at Phonandroid. For starters, he says his desire to do digital paintings on these mobile devices has been around for a long time, but limitations have kept him from going with these solutions full time.

He determined HTC’s Flyer simply wasn’t ready for what he wanted to do with such a device (and believe you me, it wasn’t), and while the original Galaxy Note was a stark improvement over that the stylus and display still weren’t up to the standards he required.

All of that has been rectified with the Note 2 and Note 10.1, though. The Wacom digitizer embedded in the display technology surely helps, as does the newly-improved S-Pen with its ballpoint-like tip and 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Suddenly, hundreds of designers are salivating profusely. While I could never claim such artistic prowess seeing Geremy’s work come to life on a 5.5 inch smartphone excites the bejewels out of me, so I know you designers are doing a double take on this one. Watch the time-lapsed video above, and see pieces from Geremy via the Galaxy Note 2 above and below (and be sure to stay on the lookout for our review of the device in the coming days!)

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Android Overload: Faked 5-Inch Sony Odin Pictured In The Wild, Next Version of Google Wallet Coming Soon, and More

This image has no alt text

  • Ancient Chinese relic found. Looks eerily similar to Android robot. Predates Apple by thousands of years. Your argument is invalid. [MICGadget]
  • The “next version” of Google Wallet is coming soon. Signup/invite page is now live. [GoogleWallet]
  • Sprint 4G LTE expands to new markets in Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts and Texas. [Sprint]
  • Sony C650X Odin allegedly pictured. Turns out it was just some fancy Photoshop work. [PhoneArena]
  • Sprint announces closing of $3.1 billion convertible bond. [SprintNewsroom]
  • MetroPCS now supports Google Wallet. [Twitter]
  • Camera Zoom FX receives major UI overhaul in latest update. [Play Store]
  • Android is gaining some weight. Application sizes continue to increase in memory. [TomsGuide]
  • Android malware on the rise. Mostly outside of the US, mostly outside of the Google Play Store. [eWeek]

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Sony Nexus X was a hoax

We have been seeing a lot or rumors about a Sony branded Nexus device for more than a couple of weeks now. And I am pretty sure that Sony smart phone fans have been very happy and waiting for the release of the smart phone to the market in the coming week. But what if I say that is not going to happen, any time soon at least. The Sony Nexus X smart phone that we saw on many blogs was just a hoax, which took just seven hours to prepare.

You may think that the mock up was just a Photoshop rendering, but that is also not completely true. The fake smart phone was modelled using 3D modelling software, which is kind of the way implemented in industries to design new products. Talk Android writes:

Apparently, the actual process of creating the fraudulent images wasn’t as simple as photoshopping a couple of photos. Instead, the Nexus X was conceived using incredibly powerful 3D modeling tools which allowed the individual behind the hoax to stitch together pieces of previous Sony and Nexus handset designs to create the ultimate smartphone.

The base of the phony phone (see what I did there) was fabricated using the industrial design of both the Galaxy Nexus and Xperia T. The two were combined using a 3D construction model and the end result was then placed onto a virtual background. The reflection of a Galaxy Nexus was then added to portray a self-taken image.

But why was this image created and leaked on the internet? Well, reportedly, the created wanted to know what would be the customer reaction to the smart phone. And this would help the company, Sony, in deciding if it ever wants to come out with a Nexus branded smart phone. But it is surprising that it took just seven hours to come up with this awesome image.

Source: Talk Android

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Fake Sony Nexus was fake

Android Central Android Central

That 'Sony Nexus X' was an elaborate hoax, but not of the kind we expected

Remember those Sony Nexus X images doing the rounds a few days back? Remember how we pointed how that things looked a bit fishy? Well, the person who created the photos has come forward today, and it turns out they were indeed fake, as we reported at the time.

But that's not the interesting part. What's astonishing is the amount of effort that went into creating a couple of low-quality images. Turns out the images weren't the result of Photoshop trickery alone, but hours of painstaking 3D model work based on earlier Sony and Nexus designs. It was fake, all right, but not in the way we thought.

The entire process of creating the Nexus X images was laid out for all to see in an infographic entitled "The Anatomy of a Hoax." Using phones like the Galaxy Nexus and Xperia T as a starting point, the creator first fashioned a 3D model, then placed it in a virtual background, and added a reflection from the back of a Galaxy Nexus for good measure. After that, it was put through Photoshop to, well, make it look crappy enough to have come from a Galaxy Nexus camera. In total, he estimates it took a total of over seven hours work to create the images.

The reason for the hoax, apparently, was to demonstrate consumer interest in a Sony Nexus to Google, and show how the tech news echo chamber can throw basic caution and fact-checking to the wind.

This is something we're all too familiar with — we deal with shit like this on a daily basis, especially in the pre-Nexus silly season. We weren't caught out this time, though like everyone else, we have been in the past.

In any case, we encourage you to go take a look at the full infographic, if only to appreciate the effort that went into producing those tiny, blurred (and yes, fully faked) JPEGs.

Source: Anatomy of a Hoax

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‘Anatomy Of A Hoax’ – Source Of Sony Nexus X Fake Comes Clean [Update: Hoaxster Reveals Identity]


UPDATE: This story has developed a bit since initial publication, so I’ll give a brief recap for those who missed it. After publication, a disgruntled commenter called “Disgusted” posted a series of accusatory comments, suggesting that I, and by extension the entire AP team, was behind the Sony Nexus X hoax.

The reasoning for this was a Google+ post I published after the initial debunking, showing a Photoshop creation I had made to point out the ease with which such a device could be whipped up (like I did when debunking a Galaxy SIII leak way back when). This image may have been included in the debunking post, but by my estimation was not of high enough quality.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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‘Anatomy Of A Hoax’ – Source Of Sony Nexus X Fake Comes Clean [Update: Hoaxster Reveals Identity] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[New App] Photo Punch, a brand new way to play with a Photo

We all have applications that will let us turn an image from color to black and white or add various effects. What about an app that lets you mash-up two pictures to make something funny or unique? Or an app that will let you pull the face off one person and add it to another? Sure, some of you are thinking Photoshop can do that. You are correct, but it isn’t always the easiest process for many to do. Enter a new app from SK Planet Co, Ltd., called Photo Punch.

The name kind of says it all. It is allow you to ‘punch’ out a certain part of an image and add it on top of another. It only takes a few simple steps and the UI layout is super easy to use. Select a photo you want to punch something from, or take a new photo. Draw a circle around what you want to punch out and the app will access what you are circling and redraw a line around that portion. You can take it as it is or expand it to include other aspects. You can also manually draw around what you want cut out. This is easier said then done, but would work out pretty well with the Note or Note II and the use of the S Pen. Once you have your image cut out that you want, then you select a new photo to paste it on. Pretty simple.

  They take it a step further though and offer up a set of background images that you can use, a series of filters to add a little color variation, various borders and 50+ quick access stickers to stick on the image. Once you have created your new image you can instantly share your work with the world via Facebook and Twitter. It also has its own feed of creations that other users are sharing. You can view them, like them share them and leave a comment too. There were some pretty good ones being put out. There were also so pretty bad one where people are just learning the app and the options.

I spent a good hour with the app and found it to be pretty entertaining. I am not all that creative personally, but I didn’t have any issues cutting out a subject and adding it to a different background. It worked out pretty well. There were a few downsides that i noticed after I got my image all fixed up the way I wanted. First, everything seems to be linked to Facebook. You have to be signed in with Facebook to share anything. All my Punch Shot images were saved, but not the final created photo. You can only share your finished work, not keep it on your device. At least not that I could ever find. I also ran into issues with it signing into my Facebook account.  It has some potential and works great. If they can tweak it to save to device and not force Facebook into the mix at every turn, this would be a must have app. For now we would say if you are a Facebook junkie still, then this is right up your alley.

Feel free to pick up Photo Punch and give it a whirl.

Application: Photo Punch
Developer: SK Planet Co, Ltd.,
Cost: FREE

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Future Adobe Photoshop Versions Will Not Offer Windows XP Support

Adobe has officially announced that the going forward, upcoming Photoshop photo editing softwares versions will not be compatible with Microsoft Windows XP operating system. The current iteration, Photoshop CS6 version 13.0 will be the last version of the photo editing software that will work on the 11 year old Microsoft Windows operating system.

Explaining why Adobe made the decision, Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty said the following in Adobe’s official blog:
“Leveraging advances available on newer operating systems and hardware allows us to deliver significantly better performance, and focus our innovation efforts around the areas of the greatest benefit to our customers.”
“Photoshop CS6 already demonstrates that relying on a modern operating system, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics drivers can lead to substantial improvements in 3D, Blur Gallery and Lighting Effect features not available to Windows XP customers. The team hopes that by providing this information early it will help you understand our current decisions around operating system support and where we we’re headed with future releases of Photoshop. We encourage all customers who are currently using Windows XP to begin making their migration plans now so they can fully take advantage of future Photoshop innovations as soon as they are available.”

The lack of support will extend to future upgrades as well, even updates to Creative Cloud members using Windows XP will be stopped. Creative Cloud members enjoy updates from Adobe even before they are released officially, including features that will are meant to be introduced with CS7. Hence, these updates will not work on Windows XP.

This is not the first Adobe product to lose Windows XP compatibility, however. Adobe Lightroom 4, a professional photography tool, no longer offers support for Windows XP either.

Windows XP is Microsoft’s highest selling and the most popular operating system till date and even after a period of 11 years, the operating system is still going strong, thanks to three service packs which brought with them timely upgrades. However, Microsoft announcement to stop support for the old OS in a couple of years, coupled with the launch of the radically different Windows 8 will mean Windows XP will slowly but surely come to rest soon.


Source: CNET

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Android Apps Unavailable On Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The thing about technical specification sheets is that they naturally do not mention what consumers miss by purchasing the device. Save for some eagle-eyed consumers and those with technological know-how, many consumers find what they are missing once they have already bought the device and played with it for some time.

The situation is no different for the Amazon Kindle Fire. On paper, it has pretty decent specifications. However, as Gizmodo notes, those who thoroughly enjoy Android apps will find several of these are unavailable for users of the tablet.

For instance, games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto III, Shoot the Zombirds, Osmos and Oscura are all reportedly missing from the list of apps that Kindle Fire users may download.

Adobe Photoshop Touch, a must-have paid app for designers who want to do some retouching while on the go, is also absent from the list of apps available for the Kindle Fire. Users, however, can opt to download the Photoshop Express, the free version, although such app is not nearly as powerful as Adobe Photoshop Touch.

Firefox fans will also not be able to download Firefox for Android and thus lose the chance to sync their bookmarks from their desktop browser with the mobile device. Granted, Kindle Fire’s native browser called Silk is good, but it is still better to have alternatives to allow users to choose which service is better for them.

Groupon, the popular deal-of-the-day service is likewise not available on the Kindle Fire. Its absence is said to be explained Amazon’s status as a stakeholder in LivingSocial, Groupon’s competitor.

Another app is Instagram. Its unavailability on the previous Kindle Fire was understandable since that tablet did not have a camera, and therefore could not allow users to use Instagram’s features.  Even now, however, the tablet still does not allow users to view Instagram feeds from other users of the the photo-sharing social network.

Lastly, and this is obvious, Google Apps like the Play Store, Youtube, Chrome, Gmail, Wallet, Earth, Calendar, Translate, Maps, and Drive may not be used by the Kindle Fire users.

All these considered, the Amazon Appstore does offer more books and music than Google Play does. Still, there is a workaround for this issue. Users of other Android devices may simply download the Kindle app and the Amazon MP3 app from Google Play to enjoy such content.

via gizmodo

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Adobe Updates Photoshop Touch

Android users that like to use Photoshop while they’re on the run or just on a mobile device will love to hear that life just got a whole lot easier for you guys. Adobe has updated the Photoshop Touch application, which happens to be one of the better photo editing apps on the Play Store. This latest update brings in a few different language additions, new effects and some general bug fixes.

The largest addition to this game has got to be the ability to edit high res pictures, which happened to be a pretty major complain from really anyone who downloaded and purchased the app. Now you’ll be able to edit images that reach up to 12 mega pixels on your Android tablet while having the ability to keep the integrity of the photo or image. This was a fairly limiting feature in the past and the update will allow for a more wider Photoshop experience. While there isn’t as many gadgets and doodads in the mobile app, it’s still a pretty nice tool to use. Lastly, Adobe has added three new languages: Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese.

I can definitely say that this $10 investment will be worth a whole lot more than it’s ever been.

Has anyone tested out the app yet? Do you think it’s worth giving another go or do you prefer to just do all of your editing on the desktop instead of a mobile device like your tablet?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: talk android


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Adobe Photoshop Touch Update Brings Support for Larger Images

For Android users that like to use Photoshop on the go, life just got a little bit easier. Adobe updated it’s Photoshop Touch app, one of the better photo editing apps in the Play Store. The latest update brings a few new languages, new effects and general bug fixes.

The biggest addition has to be the ability to edit higher resolution pictures, which was a major criticism in our review of the app back in March. Now you can edit images up to 12 megapixels on your Android tablet while keeping the integrity of the image. This was a limiting feature in the past and the update allows for a more full Photoshop experience. Finally, they added Russian and Brazilian Portuguese as new languages.

When you consider the updates, plus the new scrolling fixes and ability to toggle between different views of the image, the $10 Photoshop Touch app is an even better investment than before. Hit the break for download links.

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link



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Photoshop Touch For Tablets Updated With Larger Image Support, UI Enhancements, And New Effects

pssmallPhotoshop Touch may be a long way from coming anywhere near the capabilities of its desktop alternative, but Adobe is closing the gap bit by bit. The 1.3 update issued today adds a handful of new features, the most important of which is support for images up to 12 megapixels in density. Even that won’t be enough to keep up with current mid-range DSLRs, but it should let designers play with the photos taken from any Android tablets in the near future. Unfortunately, the $9.99 app is still exclusively formatted for and restricted to tablets – something that Galaxy Note owners are surely a little miffed at.

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Photoshop Touch For Tablets Updated With Larger Image Support, UI Enhancements, And New Effects was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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