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LG G3 Mini expected to be smaller than the predecessor


A new rumor claims that the LG G3 Mini which is expected to break cover soon will feature a smaller display compared to the predecessor, the G2 Mini. There have been complaints among fans that the G2 Mini wasn’t exactly mini even though the name suggested otherwise, so it’s a logical move to make the successor smaller so that it fits in the niche well.

An Indian import database has revealed that the smartphone (LG D722) will feature a 4.5 inch display, smaller by 0.2 inches than the G2 Mini. While this isn’t exactly mini either, it’s a step in the right direction from LG. The import listing also mentions the smartphone to be packing a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 8GB of storage, a 5-megapixel camera and a 2,100 mAh battery.

The smartphone is revealed to have an approximate value of 13,051 INR ($217), further suggesting that this will be a low cost offering from the Korean manufacturer. Since this is only an import listing, there’s no word on when the device will be announced, but we don’t think it is far away.

LG G3 Mini

Source: Zauba

Via: Android Community

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Pictures of Huawei Ascend Mate 2 leak, will feature same display as its predecessor

Ascend Mate 2

Huawei’s powerful Ascend Mate phablet has a successor in the works, and pictures of the brand new Ascend Mate 2 have leaked online. As you’ll see in the pictures, it’s definitely a bit thinner, but has relatively the same square form factor as the original Ascend Mate.

The device will feature a 13MP main shooter, as well as a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM. It’ll also ship with Android 4.2.2 on board as well as Emotion UI. The display is rumored to be the same, so we’ll be looking at a 6.1-inch 720p screen. It’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, but it isn’t the top-of-the-line display we’d expect from Huawei if they’re looking to make a big splash in the market. Hit the source link for more pictures of the device, and even some pictures of it next to its predecessor.

Expect the device to be unveiled at CES next week.

Source: Engadget 

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Video: Galaxy Note 3 versus Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the talk of IFA 2013, but how does it measure up to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2? We've taken to the IFA 2013 show floor to compare the new and old Note, and you'll find a full hardware rundown in the video above.

From the front, the Galaxy Note series hasn't changed a whole lot. We're still dealing with an exceptionally large smartphone, though it's clear to see there's more screen to go around on the Note 3, made possible by its smaller bezels. The new Note is also a little more squared-off than its predecessor, likely part of the push to make it resemble a real paper notebook. Nowhere else is that more obvious than on the phone's back panel, which now sports a faux-leather effect, complete with stitching.

And then there are the obvious spec improvements — Snapdragon 800 compared to the year-old Exynos 4 Quad, 3GB up from 2GB and 1080p from 720. Hit the video above for the full lowdown.

And check out our Galaxy Note 3 hands-on feature for more on Samsung's latest handset.


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The world’s smallest and lightest phone now does email, is still ridiculous

The world's smallest and lightest phone now does email, is still ridiculous

Ultrapixels, styli and Retina displays — enough. Willcom’s Phone Strap 2 has arrived and it weighs 32 grams. Does it look familiar? It should, as it’s the spitting image of its predecessor, the WX03A. With the same 32mm x 70mm footprint (though it’s 1mm thicker), it’s a pretty absurd proposition but then perhaps that’s the point. The upgraded model can now handle email (oh yes!) on its one-inch display and ten-key keyboard, as well as calls and text messages. However, a tiny phone means a tiny battery and the Phone Strap 2 has just enough power to last around two hours of voice calls. If you’re looking for a music player, Bluetooth and other phone staples, we’re afraid you’re going to have to shop around for a bigger model. The phone launches in Japan on March 21st, but you’ll have to sign up for a standalone contract to (slightly oafishly) pick one up.

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Source: Willcom (Japanese)

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RK3066: A $55 mini PC Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

The 2013 annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that started last week saw the display of a wide range of new products, from 3D displays to ovens running on Android.  One device that seemed buried in the many new devices that you may not have heard of is an Android Mini-PC that goes for only $55.  The RK3066 mini-PC  is a pretty compelling device and a viable competitor to the popular Raspberry Pi computer.  The creator of the MK802, a small mini-computer that ran Android Ice Cream Sandwich has come up with small machine, supposedly a major improvement from its predecessor.


The RK3066 runs on a dual core 1.6GHz Cortex A9 processor, has 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal memory and with a microSD card slot to allow for memory expansion up to 32GB.  It also has DLNA support, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, and both microUSB and full size USB ports and a 3.5mm audio output.  The most outstanding features of this new mini-PC are the inclusion of Bluetooth and the HDMI video output which brings it close to being a real computer with Bluetooth input and output device capabilities and even audio output.

The design of the RK3066 is simplistic but elegant.  The small black box with ports is noticeably smaller than its predecessor the MK802 and has a glossy finish, bringing it closer to being a real computer.  The new gadget is cheaper too, the predecessor went for $75 but this one is $20 cheaper.

Although it is not in the market yet, the MK3066 may mark the beginning of cut throat competition in the micro-PC market.  The question is, what is the demand of these devices in the market?  Does Android stand a chance, considering that most developers would rather go for Linux?  Time will tell.

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NVIDIA officially unveils Tegra 4: offers quad-core Cortex A15, 72 GPU cores, LTE support

NVIDIA officially unveils Tegra 4

One new SoC per year? That’s what NVIDIA pledged back in the fall of 2010 and today at its CES 2013 presser, it delivered with the Tegra 4′s official unveiling. The chip, which retains the same 4-plus-1 arrangement of its predecessor, arrives with a whopping 72 GeForce GPU cores — effectively offering 6x the Tegra 3′s visual output and is based on the 28nm process. It also is the first quad-core processor with Cortex A15 cores on-board, and offers compatibility with LTE networks through an optional chip. NVIDIA claims this piece of silicon is the world’s fastest mobile processor, and showed a demonstration in which a Tegra 4 went head-to-head against a Nexus 10 in loading websites (you can guess which one won).

The Tegra 4 also introduces new computational photography architecture, which adds a new engine to drive the image processing and significantly improve the amount of time it takes to calculate the necessary mathematics 10 times faster than current platforms. To show off its power, NVIDIA demonstrated HDR rendering on live video. The chip is also capable of implementing HDR in burst shots and with LED flash. The idea, NVIDIA says, is to eventually make our mobile cameras more powerful than DSLRs, and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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NVIDIA unveils Tegra 4 processor at CES conference

We’re live at CES 2013, and NVIDIA is using the show to make quite a few major announcements. After letting us know what it’s been doing in the PC gaming space, NVIDIA pulled the veil off the long-rumored Tegra 4 mobile processor. Yes, we all knew it was going to be announced, but boy does it feel great to finally have official confirmation.


As you might expect, NVIDIA is boasting some pretty awesome features with the Tegra 4. The company is calling it the “world’s fastest mobile processor” and it seems to have the statistics to back that claim up. For starters, the Tegra 4 uses four A15 cores. While the Tegra 3 was a quad core processor, that one used less-powerful A9 cores, so the Tegra 4 should be significantly faster than its predecessor.

The Tegra 4′s whopping 72 GPU cores should also help with that. Make no mistake, NVIDIA has packed the Tegra 4 with processor cores, so don’t be surprised to see this newest release in the processor family burning up the benchmarks. Couple that with NVIDIA’s 4G LTE modem processor, and you’ve definitely got a new mobile processor worth getting excited about.

To get an idea of just how much faith NVIDIA has in its new mobile processor, CEO Jen-Hsung Huang said on stage at the company’s conference that the Tegra 4 was faster than Apple’s A6X processor, which is currently featured in the fourth-gen iPad. We’re also promised improved image quality and faster HDR (along with one shot and always-on HDR features) with this new iteration of the Tegra. We shall see if this processor is the best on the block soon enough, so stay tuned.


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Samsung Galaxy Note II sales exceed one million in Korea, may hit 10M globally in Q1

By all accounts, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II has been a massive success. The oversized smartphone has now made its way into the hands of more than one million consumers in South Korea, just a month after Samsung announced that global sales had exceeded five million units. At that pace, the smartphone maker is reportedly on track to move 10 million Note IIs within four to five months of its late-September launch, compared to the nearly 10 months that it took to meet that milestone with the device’s predecessor. LG is also reporting similar domestic sales for its aging 5-inch Optimus Vu, so if you’ve taken the plunge on either 5+ inch behemoth, it looks like you’re in good company.

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Source: MK News

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Korean Galaxy Note 2 sales reportedly top one million

Android Central

It's no secret that Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 has been a big seller around the world. Last month brought news that the 5.5-inch device had shifted five million units worldwide, and now reports from the Korean press suggest that one million of those were sold in Samsung's home country. The Galaxy Note 2 launched in Korea just over three months ago in late September, preceding a wider international launch in October.

Korean news site MK reported the one million milestone today, while also stating that the Note 2 is selling three times as fast as its predecessor. After hitting one million units sold globally before the end of 2011, the original Note went on to sell ten million units in ten months.

With smartphone screen sizes set to increase in 2013, it'll be interesting to see how the Galaxy Note 2 fares in the face of the big-screened competition. Rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to diversify its Note line with a new tablet, possibly in the 7-inch area. Whatever's announced and however big it is, we'll be covering it in full in the new year.

Source: MK

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Anomaly Korea Review: Tower Defense Is Dead – Long Live Tower Offense

unnamedYou’ve probably played loads of tower defense games on Android. There’s a reason they’re so popular, though. See, tower defense games are fun and hard to screw up. Still, the same old thing can get boring after a while. So it’s nice to see Anomaly Korea show up and continue turning the genre on its head like its predecessor did. In Anomaly Korea, you play the creeps trying to get past the towers.

Gameplay And Controls

The backstory is that the aliens have invaded and they are not the nice kind that want to invite us to join a galactic federation.

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Anomaly Korea Review: Tower Defense Is Dead – Long Live Tower Offense was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Huawei Ascend D2 makes a brief pre-CES appearance

Android Central

Android Central @ CES

CES is right around the corner, and one of the devices Huawei will be showing off will be the Ascend D2, which was announced a few weeks ago. A batch of pictures have bubbled up giving us a closer look at the otherwise camera-shy D2. We all remember its predecessor, the dickwad D Quad, and it's battery-boosted bro, the D Quad XL, but the D2 stands to be a significant step up from both of them. The source of the latest batch of pictures of the device confirms it will have an HD-grade (1080p?) 5-inch display, a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 13 megapixel camera, run Android 4.1, and have a big honkin' 3,000 mAh battery. 

It's great to see Huawei continuing to push the higher-end market and get those devices into Europe and the U.S. – after all, competition is good, especially on price point. We may also see a new 6.1-inch tablet from Huawei at CES, which will be interesting to try out, to say the least.

Any of y'all happy Huawei device owners? Those that aren't, would you consider switching away from one of the bigger manufacturers if you could save a buck on your next device? 

Source: IT Home

Via: PhoneArena

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Anomaly: Korea Now Live At Google Play

One of my favorite Android games is Anomaly: Warzone Earth which is a unique strategy game designed by 11 Bit Studios. I was excited to find out that a sequel to this popular game has been released over at Google Play called Anomaly: Korea. Knowing that its predecessor set a high standard in gaming how does this sequel stack up against it?


Anomaly: Korea is not your usual tower defense game. Instead of you playing the part of the defender you will become the attacker. The premise of the game is that aliens have invaded the Korean peninsula and it is up to you to get rid of them. You will have various vehicles and weapons at your disposal to aid you in your task. You will have five abilities which you can use namely Boost, Repair, Smoke, Decoy and Airstrike as well as six different units with different capabilities.

You will play the part as the leader of the convoy as you decide on the route it is going to take. You will have to carefully decide on the route you take and make sure that your convoy takes in as little damage as possible. The good news to this is that you can alter your route while you are already travelling.

The controls are pretty much easy and all you have to do is tap on your screen. You can swipe on the screen as well to get a good view of the map and use pinch to zoom to get a closer view.

This sequel is pretty much similar to Anomaly: Warzone Earth however its added Boost feature spices things up by dealing more damage to the defenders. The graphics of Anomaly: Korea is better and comes with more visual effects. One thing unique to this sequel is its Art of War Mode which provides you with six additional levels that are quite challenging.

Anomaly Korea can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $2.99. It comes with a 294 MB file size so it might take a while for you to download. I suggest downloading it over a Wi-Fi connection so as not to incur any data charges from your mobile network.

via Google Play

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Corning Gorilla Glass: From Mobile Devices And Beyond

You might have heard the term Gorilla Glass being used in reference to smartphones. This is actually where this product got its break in the market and without the popularity of touchscreens it might still be shelved in one of Corning’s R&D departments.

corning gorilla glass

Most of the major mobile device manufacturers are using Corning Gorilla Glass as part of their display screen due to its scratch-resistance and lightness. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and HTC just to name a few have incorporated this type of glass in several of their devices.

This type of glass however preceded the smartphone by almost 50 years. It was first made by Corning in the 1960’s in what they called “Project Muscle” and was initially called Chemcor glass. This became its predecessor. During that time however there was no practical use for it. It was expensive and difficult to produce thus it was shelved. It was however used to replace the windshields in around 100 race cars during that time to reduce the overall weight

Fast forward to the year 2006 when Apple was looking for a material that will not scratch the very first iPhone. Steve Jobs contacted Corning regarding their glass which he wanted to use in the iPhone. Despite the hesitation of Corning to develop the glass to due manufacturing complexities they were able to pull it off. This is where its popularity started.

Today, the Gorilla Glass is becoming the bread and butter of Corning. Its revenue this year alone for the glass is expected to reach the US$1 billion mark. This revenue comes mostly from smartphones and tablets however the company is also branching out to other applications.

The company has also evolved their product and come up with Gorilla Glass 2 which they say is 20% thinner yet has the same damage resistant property. This makes it an attractive product to use now that mobile manufacturers are coming out with slim smartphones.

In the coming years we will see this product being used more commonly in television sets, automobiles, laptops, household appliances, architecture and just about anything that requires a glass.

Via corninggorillaglass

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Details Of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Chip Leak – 28nm, 72 GPU Cores, Support For 2560×1600 Display Resolution


With CES coming up next month, we’re starting to see more and more leaks that will likely materialize on the tradeshow floor. It looks like Chinese site Chip Hell has gotten its hands on one of NVIDIA’s little secrets: the Tegra 4, which is codenamed Wayne.


The T4 looks to trump its predecessor in every way – much like the T3 did the T2. It uses the same 4-PLUS-1 core configuration as the Tegra 3, but it does so in a 28nm package – making it not only faster, but more energy efficient, as well. It also boasts six times the GPU cores as the Tegra 3, with a staggering 72 cores on board.

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Details Of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Chip Leak – 28nm, 72 GPU Cores, Support For 2560×1600 Display Resolution was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Star Defender 4 Is Out – It’s Like Space Invaders On Steroids


Many moons ago – way back in March – we covered a Space Invaders-type game called Star Defender 3. It looks like space didn’t stay safe for very long and now it needs to be defended again, because Awem Studio just released the sequel: Star Defender 4. And if you thought three was crazy – wait until you see all the action packed into four. It’s nutty.

Crazy, right? Like its predecessor, this one features a full array of enemies, as well as eight full missions with boss battles, bonus power-ups to help slay your foe, new weapons, and over 100 levels.

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Star Defender 4 Is Out – It’s Like Space Invaders On Steroids was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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HTC To Launch First Tegra 4 Device?


NVIDIA which is renowned for its GPUs, stepped into the mobile SoC arena with the Tegra series, most notably the Tegra 2 on the LG Optimus 2X. Then came the Tegra 3, which was a quad core chipset featuring improved graphics and better performance. HTC and LG launched smartphones running on the said chipset, although HTC saw more success all thanks to the features bundled with it. When it comes to Android, it’s the OEM customization that can make or break a smartphone and HTC was the winner, albeit not for long. And now, we have reports coming that the next generation NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset could be first seen on an HTC device much like with the predecessor.

We already know about the rumored HTC M7, which is said to be the next big thing in the world of Android. But that is reported to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chip and not the Tegra 4. Could that rumor be false? There’s no way to know but it seems very likely that HTC would go with something like a Tegra 4 over a Snapdragon S4 Pro, as having new technology in a smartphone does have its perks. The Tegra 4 which is also known as the Wayne is scheduled for a Q1 2013 release, which is when HTC is believed to launch the new flagship. Let’s see if that’s what HTC has in mind.

The new Tegra 4 chip is believed to be twice as fast as the Tegra 3, which is obvious. It will apparently have the same 4+1 architecture as the Tegra 3, but it’s the end performance that is believed to be substantially better. The clockspeed apparently will be bumped to 1.8 GHz, so one can expect some good benchmark scores from the new chip. What doesn’t go in favor of the new HTC device with the Tegra 4 chipset is the fact that the chip is believed to be designed for tablets. We saw tablets like the ASUS Transformer Prime featuring the Tegra 3 chip, but haven’t seen a whole lot of Tegra 3 based tablets after that. So it should be seen if HTC eventually does launch a Tegra 4 based smartphone or stick with the reliable Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Another theory suggests that HTC would launch a tablet, which clearly hasn’t been the company’s strong point. Considering that the Android tablet market is well settled with the likes of the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7, it would be rather unwise to launch a new competing tablet. But these are all rumors and speculations as of now, as we have no substantial evidence to go with. Regardless, it wouldn’t be wrong to guess that 2013 does hold a lot of surprises for us. It will be interesting to see how HTC will combat the dominance of Samsung in the Android ecosystem.

Source: INPAI
Via: Phone Arena

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Jelly Bean Marketshare has almost Doubled Over the Month


Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is the latest version of Android currently running only on Nexus devices. But its predecessor, also known as Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) is the one everybody is talking about. While it might take a while for manufacturers to roll out Android 4.2 to their smartphones, Android 4.1.2 is currently being given top priority. And we’ve already seen OEMs like HTC and Samsung rolling out customized versions of Android 4.1. So how much of a difference has this made on the Android world?

As you know, Google publishes the Android OS version distribution chart every once in a while. And according to the numbers from the last 14 days, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has seen substantial growth in the Android eco system. According to Google’s data, Android 4.1 running devices now make up for 5.9% of the entire Android eco system, up from 2.7%. Interestingly, Android 4.2 already has 0.8% marketshare in the Android sphere, which is good news as it has been available for only a few weeks now and only on a handful of Nexus devices.

Sadly for Google though, Gingerbread still makes up for about 50.8% of all the Android devices. The good news however is that the Android 2.3 marketshare has gone down by 3.4% as compared to the last time the distribution chart was published. Google gets the data by calculating the number of devices running on various Android versions that accessed the Google Play Store over a 14 day period (ending December 3rd). This roughly gives us an idea as to how well a particular version of Android is growing. Gingerbread is still the top dog while Ice Cream Sandwich is second with 27.5% of the Android pie. Google would like to see Android 4.0+ grab some of that marketshare from Gingerbread and decrease fragmentation, which has been on Google’s back for quite a while now. Android 4.2 is currently available on the Nexus 4, the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. All focus will be on Android 4.1, with smartphones like the Galaxy Note II and the HTC One X+ hitting the markets with the said version of Android onboard. Increased number of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 users will be very beneficial for Android 4.2. Unfortunately for Google, its flagship Android 4.2 smartphone, the Nexus 4 still remains out of stock in most parts of the world (Google Play). Let’s wait and watch how Android will evolve and grow in the coming months.

Source: Android Developers
Via: Phone Arena

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Samsung launches colorful covers for GS3 and Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S III, both are astounding devices. It has been several months since Galaxy S3 was launched, but the device is still hot and selling in good numbers. Galaxy Note II is relatively a new offering and has been doing better than its predecessor.

Since both the devices are widely sold, there are a lot of protective accessories ranging from colorful covers to screen guards available in the market, but how about something from the company itself? Samsung is offering new accessories and Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III owners looking for a colorful way to protect their device are in luck. Samsung is offering flip covers for the two devices in range of colors. The new flip covers look similar to the white ones which are already available from Samsung, except that users get to choose from a bunch of colors and choose the one which goes along with their style statement.

The protective cover which was available previously wanted you to replace the back cover and they protected only the front side of the device, but the new colorful covers protect the front as well as the back, so no more back plate scratching. I’m sure females out there who carry Galaxy S3 in their handbags would love these covers because they can match their phone with their wardrobe. Samsung is offering colors including titanium gray, marble white, light blue, pink, mint, lime green, and orange. That’s seven different colors to match whatever you are wearing.

The cover offers a folding design and is tailor made for Galaxy S3 and Note 2. The front cover should protect the screen in case of drops and the back will help you keep the phone free from scratches. The covers will also help to keep the phone free of fingerprints and dirt.
Coming to the pricing section, Samsung is selling these covers for $39.99 each, and as said before, you can choose from 7 different colors. If you want to buy multiple colors, you can choose to buy a bundle of four different colors which will cost you $99.99. If four covers are too many for you, Samsung is offering you a bundle of two for just $49.99, which is a better deal than buying a single piece because you’ll be getting two covers for just $10 extra. The price is same for both, the S III and Note II.

If you ask my opinion, the covers are overpriced and we have had better ones from Spigen before, and they have better construction too. If you do a bit of research, you should be able to buy it off the internet for relatively cheaper price as there are tons of third party accessory manufacturers for these popular devices. Also, I don’t understand the concept behind this product because they leave the sides exposed. What are your thought on these covers? Do you think they are value for money? Let us know using the comment form below.

source: Samsung

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Report: Xbox 720 Scheduled To Hit Market in Next Year’s Holiday Season

The latest edition of the Xbox gaming platform series will likely hit the market during next year’s Holiday season. Xbox 720 is reportedly scheduled to be released in the late fourth quarter of 2013, a source close to situation disclosed Thursday.

The Xbox 720, which is tabbed to succeed its seven-year-old predecessor Xbox 360, could be presented for the first time at the 2013 E3 show or a separate event in June.

Microsoft has been silent during the development of their next generation gaming platform but significant information have been leaked in the last months backing up the existence of the new Xbox.

Microsoft Xbox spokesman David Dennis hasn’t spoken a single word yet about the latest product. Nevertheless, gamers have already been given a sneak of peak of what to expect in Xbox 720 after UK-based magazine Xbox World unveiled the hardware of the new console.

An upgraded version of motion sensing input device Kinect (2.0), a Blu-ray drive, and enhanced controllers, and an A/V specially designed for recording broadcast TV shows and watching are some of the new features in Xbox 720.

Once launched, Xbox 720 will have a very big shoe to fill in after Xbox 360 solidified its status as the most dominant gaming console in the U.S market over the last four or five years. Xbox 360 remains a top-seller among consoles for 15th consecutive month and has sold over 70 million units worldwide. Moreover, the console is still posting strong sales up to now with 270,000 units sold in October and 750,000 units during the Black Friday shopping spree.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is aware that sales will eventually slow down in the coming months due to competition from Sony’s PlayStation 3. The rise of mobile gaming and rapid decline video gaming industry has also prompted Microsoft to start working on its next Xbox.

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Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 On Sale In The United States


While the United States was the first market to get the iPhone 5 on launch day, the devices available were locked to carriers and only available on a new two-year contract. Things have changed now, which may just encourage more sales. Although, it is expensive!

No need to look at purchasing the iPhone 5 unlocked from other countries now. The unlocked iPhone 5 devices have just hit both online and retail stores in the United States. While I doubt we’ll be seeing any extensive lines for the unlocked variant of the smartphone, there definitely will be a few consumers headed to the store today to pick up a iPhone off-contract. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 models are available, but it will cost you $649, $749 and $849, respectively. These are essentially the same prices as the iPhone 5′s predecessor, the iPhone 4S (off-contract, that is).

If you’re someone headed to the Apple store today to grab an unlocked iPhone 5, allow me to ask you this: Is it really worth it? Especially considering the fact that you can buy two 16GB Nexus 4′s at the same price as the 32GB iPhone 5? If you went with the 8GB Nexus 4 you could get almost get 3 for the same price of 64GB iPhone 5.

Are you headed to the Apple store today to pick up an iPhone 5 off-contract? You should really check out the Nexus 4 before you do that, there are a lot of users reporting that they sold their iPhone 5 to pick up a Nexus 4 simply because it saves them a boat load of money.

Regardless of the price, the iPhone 5 is a really good phone (aside from a few software issues). Spending $850 on a 64GB unlocked iPhone 5 may be worth it to you, while it may be a waste of money to someone else.


via: GSM Arena
source: Apple

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Bing Translator now on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is an impressive operating system and better than Windows Phone 7 in many ways, and it should be because Windows Phone 8 is an evolutionary version of its predecessor. Microsoft has done a great job with the new operating system which has a totally redesigned base structure as compared to Windows Phone 7. One of the interesting apps which Windows Phone 7 has and Windows Phone 8 doesn’t is the Bing Translator.

Bing Translator is an official app from Microsoft and does all kinds of stuff you would expect an app with that kind of name to do. The app wasn’t available for Windows Phone 8 until now and Microsoft has finally decided to launch the app on the version of its Windows Phone operating system which is gaining more momentum every minute.

In case you just got your Windows Phone 8 device, this is a must have app if you’re travelling to foreign countries and aren’t an expert in the destination language. You can of course use this app in the library too, if you wish. Bing Translator can be described as a personal interpreter and has features which can be taken advantage of easily.

Microsoft has been working on voice recognition algorithm for quite some time and they have definitely improved it a lot. Bing Translator makes use of the same voice recognition algorithm to convert your speech into text, after which the text can be translated into language of your choice, provided it is supported by the service. Once translated, the text can be converted into speech, and apparently the interpretation can be “pronounced” by the application with the accent typical for the desired language.

Apart from voice recognition, which is exciting, Bing Translator also allows you to scan text using the device’s camera and display the translated text in augmented reality style, which means the translated text will overlap the base language text on the image. What’s more? The app comes free of charge, which is great. There are several more features, some of which are very basic. According to the user reviews on the app page, there are better apps than Bing Translator which does the same job in a better way, free of cost. According to a user named Vincent, a free app called “Voice Translator” by SeNSSoFT does way better job than what Bing Translator does.

“The voice on this app speaks too fast, and the volume is too low. SeNSSoFT’s “Voice Translator” has a natural, clearer, speaking voice that is defaulted to a MUCH louder volume, which can be adjusted even louder, if necessary. “

The app of course has some glitches, but then again, it is a machine, so you cannot expect it to be as accurate as a human being. What’s amusing is that the logo shows a Japanese hiragana character, but the app doesn’t support Japanese. A total of 7 languages are supported by the app, including Deutsch, English, English (United States), Español (España, alfabetización internacional), français, italiano and 中文(简体). Have you tried this app?

Download: Bing Translator for Windows Phone

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Huawei MediaPad 10 Link shows up with WiFi and Bluetooth certifications

Huawei looks to be readying their next 10-inch Android slate, according to documents filed with the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. Dubbed the MediaPad 10 Link, Huawei was even nice enough to include a picture of the tablet. While the majority of specs remain unknown, the new 10-inch MediaPad looks to carry over the high-definition IPS display of its predecessor.

Three different model numbers have surfaced for the device (S10-201w, S10-201U, and S10-202U), which likely designate the various connectivity configurations that will be available. Expect a WiFi-only model and a couple of cellular data-enabled versions.

The overall appearance of the slate keeps in line with the MediaPad 10 FHD, which we reviewed earlier this year. The best guess is we are either looking at the direct followup to that particular tablet or a low-cost take on the original setup, nixing some of the device’s high-end features (the presence of the HD display might suggest otherwise). Unless it’s announced sooner, the MediaPad 10 Link could be barreling toward a CES 2013 debut.

[via NotebookItalia]

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Unit Sales Reach 5 Million Worldwide

Nearly a month after the Galaxy Note II’s launch, the device racked up 3 million units in sale worldwide. It’s definitely not a surprise, but only a few weeks later that number skyrocketed from 3 million to a whopping 5 million units sold worldwide. While that number isn’t even close to the 20+ million units the Galaxy S III sold, it is quickly picking up speed. These numbers are bound to skyrocket as the holiday buying season has just begun, especially when one considers that the Galaxy Note II is available on just about every major carrier in the United States (including some minor ones). When consumers see the Note II’s initial success, that is also bound to trigger more interest in the device.

Samsung has released a statement saying that the Note II has been outpacing its predecessor in sales this far, which is no surprise. CEO of Samsung Mobile JK Shin previously indicated a sales goal of 20 million units for the Galaxy Note II, much like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

At the end of Samsung’s new press release, they’ve noted that that plan on continuing to innovate, which is no surprise. It does make you wonder what else the company has up their sleeves though. I personally think that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to be something that will blow consumers away.

Has anyone gotten themselves a Galaxy Note II yet? Are you impressed in the device? Do these new statistics surprise you at all?

Sound off in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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5 million Galaxy Note 2s sold worldwide, Samsung says

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We reported earlier in November that just over a month after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had sold over 3 million units worldwide. Now just a few weeks later that number has jumped up to 5 million sales worldwide, according to Samsung. It's a pretty great rate of sales, and we're sure that those will only continue to increase as the holiday buying season kicks off. Especially considering that the Note 2 is now available on all major carriers here in the states.

Samsung notes (pun intended) that the device is outpacing its predecessor — the original Note — in sales at this point. In its previous sales release, CEO of Samsung Mobile JK Shin indicated a sales goal of 20 million units for the Note 2.

Source: Samsung

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Samsung launches SCH-W2013 dual-screen flip phone

Our job here at Android Community brings us into contact with a bunch of strange devices, and today is no exception. Say hello to the new Samsung SCH-W2013, a dual-screen flip phone that’s said to cost quite a bit of money. The new phone launched on China Telecom today and seems to be something of a predecessor to last year’s SCH-W999.

Indeed, there are quite a few similarities between the two devices, most notably the dual-screen setup. Both screens are 3.7-inch displays with 800×480 resolution, so aside from the fact that there are two of them, they aren’t very impressive by today’s smartphone standards. Regardless of the underwhelming screen specs, this phone has got some pretty big star power backing it up, with Samsung recruiting Jackie Chan to help promote the new device. Check out the promotional shot featuring Chan’s seemingly ageless mug below.

Engadget says the price of this bad boy is estimated to come in somewhere between ¥18,000 and ¥20,000 – in US dollars, that’s about $2,900 on the low end and $3,200 on the high end. That’s definitely a lot of money for a phone, but remember that the W999 wasn’t exactly cheap either. Seems like those who want to take this phone home will need to plop down a hefty amount of cash first.

Luckily, the innards are pretty solid, with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. That storage can be expanded thanks to the included microSD slot, and the W2013 also features a 8MP rear-facing camera coupled with a 1.9MP front-facing snapper. Finally, the phone is powered by a 1,850mAh battery and comes running Android 4.0 out of the box. Those specs certainly aren’t terrible, but can you imagine ever paying nearly $3,000 for a phone? Let us know in the comments down below, and keep it tuned here to Android Community for more on this strange new device.

[via Samsung]

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How to convert your Galaxy Note into Galaxy Note 2

If you’re one of those Galaxy Note owners who feel they’re stuck with an antediluvian device post the release of the Note predecessor- Galaxy Note 2, here’s something to cheer about. Though you cannot port the hardware configurations of Note 2 like- 2 GB RAM, Quad-core processor or 3100 mAh battery, but you can blur the apparent difference between Galaxy Note and Note 2 by installing a Custom ROM.

The Custom ROM replaces your stock firmware with the Android 4.1.2 Note 2 ROM. It provides everything which the Galaxy Note 2 provides, ranging from the multi-window feature, Note 2 Gallery, extended settings, Airview, and much more. The ROM has been modified to support the multi-window feature for almost all apps and has pre-installed support for swipe gestures.

Improvements have been made on the default Android 4.1.2 Note 2 ROM as well. For instance, the multi-window feature now supports more apps, and the air-view has been customized to work flawlessly using Galaxy Note S-pen.

That being said, the ROM is just a juvenile attempt to developing multi-window based custom ROMs for Android phones. As the concept evolves, and becomes more popular, we would see more such custom ROMs being ported to Android devices.

Of course, you would need to root your Galaxy Note, prior to installing the ROM.  If you’re bewildered by the concept of rooting your phone, here is a complete walkthrough on the “rooting process”. We also recommend performing a ‘clean’ install of the custom ROM. If you’re a complete newbie to the world of custom ROMs, this thread on xdadevelopers is a good place to start.

The ROM looks beautiful, works fast, and is simple to use. Though Galaxy Note does not work as swiftly as Galaxy Note 2, it pretty much makes up for the differences. (It isn’t slower; it just isn’t that snappier)

However, at the end of the day, the ROM saves more than 600$ and provides you an interface which nearly resembles the latest state-of-the-art smartphone by Samsung.

Download the ROM


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Strong sales for Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 measure gaming industry growth

The video game industry has not been immune to the onslaught of mobile gaming, but the strong sales of Microsoft’s vaunted Halo 4 game is a positive sign. Microsoft’s flagship game is set to compete with Activision Blizzard Inc’s upcoming Call of Duty game.

The arrival of smartphones and tablets had not only affected the PC industry but also the video gaming industry, where many companies see their revenues dip significantly.  The performance of both high-end games during the upcoming holiday season will be used as a barometer to determine the future demand in this sector.

The Call of Duty series from Activision is currently the reigning best-selling game but Microsoft’s Halo 4 sales will certainly take a significant toll into its sales on Xbox console. However, Call of Duty is not an exclusive as it is also available in Sony Corp’s PlayStation, PCs, and Nintendo Co Ltd’s Wii system.

Microsoft has announced that Halo 4 has so far bagged up to $220 million in sales around the world during its launch day, breaking the record of Halo: Reach released in 2010.  Microsoft expects sales to reach $300 million during the first week.

Meanwhile, Activision upped its expectation for the release of its Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, citing strong sales this holiday. It expects that Black Ops 2 will surpass the previous record set by its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 racked up more than $400 million in sales during its release day in stores around North America. The installment hit a $1 billion mark in sales 16 days after the release.

The new Call of Duty franchise will hit stores today and will be available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. A dedicated Wii version will be made for a new Wii console that will be launched on November 18.

Avind Bhatia, an analyst from Sterne Agee, cited the good starts on some popular titles like the 15 percent rise in sales for Halo 4 compared to its predecessor, and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III that was released on October, which saw its sales numbers double over its previous installment launched last year.

Bhatia said that even a small rise in sales numbers or flat sales over last year’s offerings for Black Ops II would be a good sign for the rest of the quarter.

He said: “There’s no reason to believe the early sales won’t be strong but the question is beyond the December quarter. It boils down to the legs the game may have beyond the first few weeks or the first quarter.”

The Call of Duty series has been the biggest-selling game during the holiday season from November to December since 2008. the series has also represented about 14 percent of total software sales during the previous holiday season, said Liam Callahan, an analyst from research firm NPD Group.

Black Ops 2 will feature a Cold War backdrop as well as a futuristic setting in 2025. Gamers will also be allowed to stream gameplay directly from YouTube live.

source: reuters

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One X+ And VX For AT&T Availability Set For November 16th


The much-awaited One X+ and VX for AT&T have finally had their availability dates hammered down – both handsets will be released this Thursday, November 16th. The X+ is HTC’s refresh of its flagship One X handset, though aside from some additional memory, the first Tegra 3 processor with LTE, and a spiffy new all-black pain job, it’s basically the same phon. Those upgrades are substantial, though, and should make it a serious contender this holiday season. The One X+ ships with Android 4.1 and Sense 4+, while its predecessor is still awaiting an upgrade to the same.


The One VX is HTC’s latest midrange handset, and its lineage suggests it’s probably related to the One S to some degree, though it lacks the S’s aluminum body.

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One X+ And VX For AT&T Availability Set For November 16th was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Stratosphere II For Verizon Finally Official, Available ‘In The Coming Weeks’ For $129


We’ve seen a few leaks of Verizon’s upcoming Stratosphere II over the past couple of months, and Big Red just made the handset official. As expected, it’s a modest mid-ranger with a 4-inch display and powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Like its predecessor, the Stratosphere II will also sport a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.


This global-ready Android 4.0 handset will be available “in the coming weeks” for $129, but that’s after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a two year agreement. Woo.

[Verizon Wireless Newsroom]

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Samsung Stratosphere II For Verizon Finally Official, Available ‘In The Coming Weeks’ For $129 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II hitting Verizon for $129.99

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere IIWe saw a couple months ago in a leaked Verizon roadmap that a successor to the original Samsung Stratosphere would be hitting Verizon. Its finally been officially announced, a little later than expected, as a logical progression from its predecessor. The Galaxy Stratosphere II is again decidedly mid-range, with a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, NFC, QWERTY keyboard and of course 4G LTE, all running on Android 4.0 with TouchWiz.

There's no specific availability just yet but we do know it'll be hitting for $129.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate) — which is an odd pricing scheme for Verizon — in "the coming weeks".

Source: Verizon Newsroom

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