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MapMyRun: up the pace with this run tracking app

MapMyRun GPS Running

It's Mobile Nations Fitness Month, and that means we're going to be highlighting a few apps that can help you meet your own fitness goals. We know that not everyone is a runner, but if you are you know that it can be hard to keep up with a pace and on a schedule from week to week. MapMyRun does just what you'd expect — it gives GPS-based mapping of your runs, and offers a lot of insight into your workouts. Best of all, the app displays this great information in a clean and designed UI.

Stick around after the break and see if MapMyRun is what you need to keep up the pace.

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Activision’s 30th-Anniversary PITFALL! Rework Hits The Play Store As An Endless Runner With A Little More To Offer

unnamed (2)

Bringing its already-popular (on iOS) reimagining of the Atari classic to Android, Activision released Pitfall! to the Play Store today. For those who haven’t seen or played the newly conceptualized Pitfall, it shares very little with the original – you’ll still be dodging snakes, swinging on ropes, and jump over impossible pitfalls, but this time you’ll be playing an “endless-runner” a la Temple Run. Unlike Temple Run, however, Pitfall’s protagonist (Pitfall Harry) uses a whip to defeat whatever wild foes happen to be in his way. Harry will also find himself riding various vehicles and running through plenty of dynamic environments.

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Activision’s 30th-Anniversary PITFALL! Rework Hits The Play Store As An Endless Runner With A Little More To Offer was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Ouya announces 10 additional game titles ahead of the March console release

While the Ouya development consoles should begin shipping out in a few weeks time, the regular $99 console is not expected to arrive until next year. In fact, the last we heard, the $99 console was expected to be available in March. And while that may still be some time away, those waiting for a unit may be happy to learn of 10 newly announced games.


These 10 new games are coming by way of 10 different developers. It seems that the folks at Ouya have been running a contest for developers. Said contest ended today and with that came the announcement of the 10 games. The list of games includes the following; Fist of Awesome, MechKnight Chronicles, Syder Arcade, KidElectro, Space Runner, Legend of Dungeon, iMech Online, DustyRevenge, HolyShield! and Starbound.

Otherwise, while many will remember that the Ouya console began as a Kickstarter offering, it is also now available for pre-order. The Kickstarter offering ended up closing with $8,596,475 in funding from 63,416 backers. A pretty decent amount.

That aside though, those looking to pre-order now can expect to shell out $99 for the console and an additional $30 for each extra controller. That is not all that bad of a deal either, especially considering it is not all that much more than those original Kickstarter backers pledged. If you remember back, you could get a console and controller for $109. Now that would be $139 with both of those prices including shipping for those in the US.

[via Engadget]

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Beach Buggy Blitz Gets Updated To Support Not Just Tegra Devices, But “Most Modern Android Devices”


If you’re a fan of games from Vector Unit like Shine Runner, then you’ll want to grab Beach Buggy Blitz as soon as possible. What was once a Tegra-exclusive game, the latest Beach Buggy Blitz update now brings compatibility to all—well “most modern Android devices”— meaning most of of you will be able to get in on the sweet action. In addition, the latest update will bring some bug fixes and in the spirit of Halloween, a new “Grim Rod” car and two spooky new characters.

The update is about 44MB in size, so it’s by no means small, but definitely worth it. Hit the Play Store link or scan the QR code to grab the game today.



Play Store

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Beach Buggy Blitz updated, sheds Tegra exclusivity in the process

Android Central

Vector Unit, developers of such titles as Riptide GP and Shine Runner really outdid themselves with their latest title Beach Buggy Blitz. A completely free, yet completely amazing game, the only downside was that you needed a Tegra device to play it. Well, everyone else now has cause to celebrate. The latest update to Beach Buggy Blitz brings it to non-Tegra devices. 

Compatible with "most modern Android devices," you'll still need to try it for yourselves to be sure. But, since it's free, that's not too much of a hassle. 

For those of you who've been playing Beach Buggy Blitz for a while, there's some additional treats on board. As we approach Halloween, we get 2 new characters and a special, Grim Rod, car available too. There's also a coin doubler added to the in game purchases, along with a smattering of performance and bug fixes. 

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No Comments Announces ABC Day App Update and Discount

ABC Day  
Developer: CV. Hompimplay  
Price: $0.99   Download

Hompimplay today is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ABC Day 1.0.1, an update to their popular alphabet developed for , iPad and iPod touch. Version 1.0.1 includes support for iOS6 and small bug fixes. With this update release, Hompimplay has also reduced the price of ABC Day by 50 percents. ABC Day is available through all Apple devices and can be purchased at the iTunes App Store.

Second Runner Up for the Best Adobe Air App in the Blackberry Developer Challenge 2011, ABC Day is an outstanding educational tool that encourages kids to read, write, play and sing their way through the alphabet. Straight forward navigation permits easy gameplay and lively animations captivate children as they plunge into a vibrant undersea world.


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Google patent delivers close-up photos when your phone can’t, Blade Runners would approve

Google patent delivers closeup photos when your phone can't, Blade Runners would approve

It’s been 30 years since we saw Deckard track down replicants by having a machine “enhance” pictures, and yet we’re still stuck with distant-looking photos when we want more detail than our smartphone cameras can manage. While we’d argue that a few phones already live in that Blade Runner future, Google has just obtained a patent that could give the rest of us a helping hand. If the zoom isn’t up to snuff, the proposed software could gauge a mobile device’s position and orientation to offer a closer, already-taken photo from a server as a substitute, whether it’s a Street View shot or a more traditional image. The geocoded system could even cue photos based on the time of day and year to provide that extra dash of authenticity. We already get a trace of the concept through photo overlays within Street View itself, although there’s no indication as to whether or not Google will link our camera apps directly to a cloud of substitute photos — suffice it to say that the industry has changed a lot since Google was using the iPhone 3G to illustrate its photography concepts.

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Google patent delivers close-up photos when your phone can’t, Blade Runners would approve originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 25 Sep 2012 17:27:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Popular iOS Runner Game ‘Subway Surfers’ Makes Its Way To Android


We’ve seen more and more endless runner-style games show up in the Play Store, and, up to this point, they have all seemed basically the same. Enter Subway Surfers, a fun and whimsical take on the runner genre that just made its way to Android from iOS.

In Subway Surfers, you play the part of a delinquent kid named Jake who’s running from an overly-grumpy inspector and his dog. You have to jump, flip, and grind from track to track on your hoverboard, picking up coins and avoiding trains as they pass by. For certain levels, you’ll ditch the hoverboard and take to the skies with your paint-powered jetpack.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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Popular iOS Runner Game ‘Subway Surfers’ Makes Its Way To Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[Video Review] Beach Buggy Blitz From Vector Unit


Recently, Vector Unit – the team behind Riptide GP and Shine Runnerreleased a new game called Beach Buggy Blitz. This one is slightly different than VU’s previous offerings, as it leaves the boat/hovercraft racing behind and takes to the beach for a fun, whimsical spin in a buggy.

We’ve been playing around with this game since its release and are pretty impressed so far. Here’s a look at what you can expect from BBB.

Editor’s Note: This is the first post from Tim Schofield – better known as QBKing77 – here at AP. Welcome him!

The game is free in the Play Store, but is currently only available on Tegra 2/3 devices.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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[Video Review] Beach Buggy Blitz From Vector Unit was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Beach Buggy Blitz [Racing]

For those of you that own a Nexus 7 or any other Android device with a Tegra CPU, we have another great game for you. This one just came out today and it’s called Beach Buggy Blitz by Vector Unit. If you’re not familiar with Vector Unit, they are the ones who brought us Riptide GP and Shine Runner. From the name, it’s obvious that it’s about racing and the beach. This racer is what we call an “infinite racer.” This means you won’t find a bunch of different tracks. You simply race and explore until your time is up. The longer you race the more you see and the cooler it gets. There are a number of caves, volcanoes, jumps, and temples. As to obstacles, you won’t find a shortage here. You will have to deal with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs, lava monsters, and even rolling boulders as a result of erupting volcanoes.

To help you out, you can race through coins (as in collect them) to use for upgrades such as better vehicles, drivers, and power-ups. For those of you that don’t like to spend money, you can eventually unlock everything the game has to offer without spending a dime, but if you want to speed things up (no pun intended) you can spend a few bucks.

If you like racing games, you will love Beach Buggy Blitz. The graphics and gameplay are great and it’s very addicting. They added enough features and made it simple enough to satisfy everyone. For controls, you can use motion, touch, or even a game controller for the full console effect. As to the game, since there aren’t a bunch of tracks to learn, the casual gamer can have a blast. Hardcores will still find it fun because there is still so much to explore, but it won’t be as daunting to casual gamers.

Beach Buggy Blitz is only available for Tegra devices and those of you that have a Tegra 3 device will enjoy extra special effects like motion blur, lens splash, dynamic headlights in caves, and real-time rendered car shadows. Here are are some pictures showing you the differences (click on images to enlarge):


If you don’t own a Tegra device, don’t fret because Vector Unit will be releasing a version to satisfy all in the coming weeks.

Check out our hands on video and hit one of the download links below to get started.


Click here to view the embedded video.


QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link

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Beach Buggy Blitz for Tegra devices is totally tubular, man (and totally free)

Beach Buggy Blitz

If you're the proud owner of a Tegra device there's a great new game you have to try, Beach Buggy Blitz. The folks at Vector Unit (the same people who brought us Shine Runner and Riptide GP) have really outdone themselves with this one. 

In Beach Buggy Blitz, you're tasked with driving from waypoint to waypoint, in an endless driving game. Along the way you'll find coins, which you can use to buy power ups and new equipment, all sorts of destructible scenery (carnage is fun), and a beautifully rendered environment. The effects, physics, and gameplay take full advantage of Nvidia's Tegra extensions, for one of the funnest driving games to ever hit Android.

It's addictive, and it's harder than it looks. While you're power sliding around corners, and laying waste to crabs and tiki torches, the clock is ticking. If you can't make it to the waypoint before the timer runs out, your game is done and you have to start all over again.

Right now the game is for Tegra devices only, but Vector has plans to bring it to other devices "soon". If you're like me and bought a Tegra device to play great games, you just found one. Grab it from Google Play through the link above, it's free (with in-app purchases for coins if you like). There's also a quick video of the game in action after the break.

More: TegraZone

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[New Game] Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Blitz Is Exclusive To Tegra Devices For Now

unnamed (2)If you’re not familiar with Vector Unit, you should be – they’re responsible for such Android racing hits as Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Their latest title, Beach Buggy Blitz, has the player racing through a pristine tropical wonderland. You’ll see white beaches, verdant forests and adorable local wildlife, all of which will be crushed under the tires of your 4-wheel-drive PETA-punisher of choice. Like Shine Runner, there are no opponents – just get the best time. Powerups augment multiple vehicles and racers for a surprisingly complete experience. Those of you who aren’t fans of touchscreen controls will be glad to know that Beach Buggy Blitz supports tilt controls and external gamepads.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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[New Game] Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Blitz Is Exclusive To Tegra Devices For Now was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Band of the Day iOS app now available on web and Chrome Web Store

Band Of The Day – Music (Free)  
Developer: 955 Dreams Inc.  
Price: free   Download

Since launching in the Apple App Store in September 2011, Band of the Day has become one of the premier apps on iOS devices, with over 2.8 million worldwide downloads. Now, the award-winning app (App of the Year 2011 Runner Up in the Apple AppStore), developed by 955 Dreams, is available on the web and as a Chrome Web Store app.

Within the first week of launching, thousands of users have already installed the Band of the Day web app, resulting in the app rising to the top of the Trending section of the Music & Radio category in the Chrome Web Store. Like the app, its website features an elegant design that showcases one artist a day, with an expertly-picked collection of full-play songs, videos, and a preview of the in-app editorial review.


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New iOS mobile game Space Runner blast! -Modern Day Galaga and Asteroids

Space Runner Blast!  
Developer: Blue Avenue Media LLC  
Price: $0.99   Download

Blue Avenue Media is proud to introduce Space Runner Blast! 1.0 for iOS. Space Runner Blast is a fun, addictive runner set in . Tap and swipe to avoid obstacles, blast asteroids, and defeat the enemy spaceship at the end of each level. Use your coins to upgrade your weapons and shields and even purchase new ships. Fly as long as you can without exploding and then challenge your friends to beat your high score.

This arcade-style never ending runner/shooter features beautiful graphics and music as well as challenging game play. Tap a location to “jump” your ship over asteroids or swipe your finger to have the ship avoid the obstacles and enemy fire. Challenge them to see if they can fly farther than you and beat your high score.


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Jump Magic Free Ready to Leap onto iOS

Jump Magic FREE Game HD – “The Endless Platform Runner Adventure!”  
Developer: Simon Crack  
Price: free   Download, the popular go to site for free magic tricks, have announced the release of their first iOS game Jump Magic Free, “The Endless Platform Runner Adventure!”. Jump Magic Free is unlike any other jumping game you will have seen before. It’s challenging, totally addictive and sports stunning HD graphics – just watch out for the Evil Bunny. The aim? Leap, float and fly from hat to hat at high speed, collecting stars and magical power-ups as you go.

- How far can you get without running into the dreaded Evil Rabbit?
- Will you break your friends high score?
- Levels get fast and frantic – can you handle it?


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Gears & Guts brings together zombies and reckless driving

Gears & Guts hacks and slashes its way into Google Play


Gears & Guts cruised into Android today, bristling with all manner of unlikely weaponry. This free top-down action game puts players up against a horde of zombies that they have to clear out with car-mounted chainsaws, flamethrowers, and machine guns. Here's what you can expect. 

  • Wide-open combat in massive environments.
  • Sports cars, monster trucks and armored vehicles.
  • Dozens of cars and items to earn, including rare, experimental weapons.
  • One car vs. hundreds of zombies, like…
  • The Walker: Cannon-fodder, but deadly in groups.
  • The Bruiser: A walking mountain of undead flesh.
  • The Runner: Keep your speed up or they’ll drag you down.

Glu recently churned out Mutant Roadkill with an obscene reliance on in-app purchases and ads, and was also oddly about running over mindless shamblers. I've played around with Gears & Guts for a little bit, IAPs and ads aren't quite as obnoxious, though they're still a big part of the picture. If you're into gore, give Gears & Guts a shot. 

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Apps of the Week – Shine Runner, SMod Forever, Camera Launcher and more

Apps of the Week - Shine Runner, SMod Forever!, Camera Launcher and more

Android Central's editors have once again picked their favorite apps for the week. We've got a lot of games this go around, but also a few utilities you might find handy. Anyone who picked up a Google Nexus 7 will definitely want to check out our picks this week. Dig in after the jump!

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News: Onkaworks releases Canyon Rush – A New Runner for iPhone and iPod touch

Canyon Rush  
Developer: Onkaworks LLC  
Price: free   Download

Independent mobile game developer Onkaworks LLC announced that their second iPhone and iPod touch game, Canyon Rush is released on the iTunes App Store today, Friday, July 20th, 2012 and available as a free download. Canyon Rush lets players run through the desert, swiping to hop from cliff to cliff, leaping over longer and longer gulfs in what TouchArcade has called “a new runner with a cool hook.”

Canyon Rush continues in the tradition of 2D “runner” games, but, in an innovative twist, uses different planes of depth to add a new dimension to a classic genre. Instead of the typical “jump, jump, jump” action of most runners, Canyon Rush asks players to make decisions – and to make them quickly. Move forward or to the side? Dodge or Jump over? Decide now, before it’s too late!  (more…)

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Cinopt Studios LLC releases Space Junk Runner 1.0 – First iOS Game

download app Space Junk Runner
Developer: Cinopt Studios LLC
Price: $0.99
Download from the App Store
User Ratings:

Cinopt Studios LLC released their first game for the iPhone, Space Junk Runner, on May 17, 2012. Space Junk Runner takes place above a planet’s atmosphere with randomly generated platforms that appear as the spaceship continues its journey. The goal of Space Junk Runner is to jump from platform to platform as far as possible. Acceleration and jumping controls are on screen and steering is controlled by tilting the iPhone.

Space Junk Runner was developed with the Unity Game Engine and has 3D graphics. The soundtrack was produced by Bad Batteries. Space Junk Runner also utilizes the Game Center, which allows players to compare high scores with friends and globally. Space Junk Runner is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and above.


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Yard and Garden Ideas Catalog Disappoints

This app is not currently available in the App Store. Now that Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outdoors and start (or finish) those landscaping and gardening projects, we’re all looking for some ideas and inspiration. The App Store can certainly provide a variety of sources for outdoor projects, but just like in your garden, you’ll have to do some weeding. If you do a simple App Store search for “yard and garden ideas” one of the top results is the Yard and Garden Ideas Catalog by Runner Apps. Upon initial examination it appears to be a catalog of images of various garden and landscaping ideas, which could be handy solely for browsing for inspiration, but unfortunately the Yard and Garden Ideas Catalog provides no real value despite the dollar purchase price.

The Yard and Garden Ideas Catalog presents itself as an image catalog that can be filtered by yard type. The list of potential types and styles is seemingly extensive, ranging from front and back yards, to porches, patios, decks, European and American styles, waterfalls and even 1800s (for Victorian home owners). But sadly, the results for most categories are nothing more than a random, unrelated collection of photos that have nothing whatsoever to do with yards or gardens. (more…)

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Parkour inspires run and jump arcade action with Motion Runner for iOS

download app MotionRunner
Developer: Bert Studios
Price: $0.99
Download from the App Store
User Ratings:

Bert Studios, an innovative new mobile applications developer, is excited today to announce the release of Motion Runner for the iPhone and iPod touch. A unique run n’ jump side-scrolling arcade romp, Motion Runner is a dynamic adventure where player’s faith and intuition is as important as having quick reflexes. Sporting beautiful minimalist graphics, this game challenges players to get their stick-man hero across 20 obstacle filled tracks with as much style and precision as they can! Motion Runner is currently available for download on the App Store for $0.99 in the Games Category.

Motion Runner presents gamers with intuitive arcade action like they’ve never seen it before. The game’s 20 levels are split into 15 shorter stages and 5 final routes that are longer, more challenging, and designed to put players’ limits to the test! Not to be outdone in terms of accessibility Motion Runner’s first few stages also double as tutorial rounds for new players. The game features cutting-edge gesture – or more accurately “flick” – controls which set it apart from conventional run n’ jump platformers. This is approach makes the game as much about accuracy as it is about speed.


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Run In Crowd – simple runner with crossplatform multiplayer

download app Run In Crowd
Developer: Sergey Vikhirev
Price: $0.99
Download from the App Store
User Ratings:

Ursine Paw today is proud to announce the released new version of “Run In Crowd” – addictive runner with crossplatform multiplayer. Run In Crowd 1.1.2 is a game where you race alongside other players in a new world each day.

Control is very simple – tap in any point of screen to jump and double-jump. Longer you tap, higher your runner jumps. Avoid obstacles and try to run longer distance than other. Over time the run speed will increase.


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Epson Moverio BT-100 see-through Android video glasses available now

Do you love Android? Of course you do, you’re reading this website. Do you love Android so much that you want to put in on your head and go around looking like an extra from Blade Runner? Have you got seven hundred dollars that you just don’t know what to do with? Then Epson’s Moverio BT-100 might be right up your alley. The video glasses include the standard micro-projection feature for a pair of virtual screens 80 inches in diameter, but interestingly, they’re also semi-transparent, and allow the viewer to see what’s in front of him or her while wearing them. On a bright day. Presumably with no one watching.

The glasses use Android to get their various audio, video and networking functions to work together. Specs include a WiFi connection for browsing, Android 2.2 (really?) with Flash pre-loaded, and a 1GB on-board storage capacity plus a MicroSD card (4GB card included). Controls are managed through a wired remote with a touchpad and the standard Android navigation buttons. Android is more of a means to an end than a feature in this case – it’s used to navigate the interface and manage content, but smartphone-style apps can be downloaded from various third-party stores. Epson publishes the kernel and an SDK, but developers will have to submit apps to the company for consideration rather than going through an app sore.

Ready for the kicker? The Moverio BT-100 glasses retail for a whopping $699.99 of anybody’s money. That’s not outrageous for a head-mounted display, but it’s still a lot more than most of us are comfortable spending on a niche product. $700 will buy you a great 50-inch TV, to say nothing of a brand new smartphone. Let’s wait and see what Google does with its Glasses project, shall we?

[via SlashGear]

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Android Music A Personal Soundtrack (Music App Recomendations)

Best Music Apps for Droid
by: Sean McPherson, Guest Contributor

As an Android user, I have to admit that I envy the iPod/ iTunes way of doing things. I’ve been
making due with my simple, unassuming Android Music Player for a while, secretly suspecting
that there was so much more that could be done.

Thus, the quest for five music apps for my Droid. The goal seemed simple; a better player,
maybe an Internet radio app, a platform to bring order to the chaos of my existing music
collection, and hopefully a window on the world of new musical discoveries.

More after the break

1. Music Players is a self-explanatory category; these are the apps that will play music
files from your collection.

Top Choice: Android Music Player is, for many people, still the best bet; it integrates perfectly
with the OS, rarely needs any bugs fixed, and its range of basic EQ and audio enhancements
aren’t really all that bad. Sure, it may be visually unexciting and occasionally frustrating in its
organization. But what it lacks in extras, it also lacks in extra cost and headaches, compared to
some of the alternatives.

Runner Up: Winamp is my PC music player of choice, with even the free version offering many
features and options for customization. The Android app is a different story; EQ, browsing by
folder, Crossfade, and gapless playback are all $4.99 ‘Pro Bundle’ features. What do you get
with the ad-supported free app? A decent player, with wireless sync (including iTunes support),
Shoutcast radio, and voice control.

Honorable Mention: PowerAmp is very popular due to a good UI design; many supported
audio formats, and a 10-band equalizer that’s good enough to fool you into thinking that it
actually improves sound quality. You’ll have two weeks to get used to what makes PowerAmp
special, and then you’ll have to shell out $4.99 for it.

Dishonorable Mention: I really wanted to like MixZing, because it offers plenty of tag editing
features (automatic cleanup as well as user-controlled) and the option of arranging your music
collection by folder (Winamp is one of the few that do this, but only in the paid app). Even with
messed-up tags, MixZing will try to identify songs, as well as access album art and lyrics. Toss
in a graphic EQ and music recommendations, and you have a winner… except that MixZing just
manages to fail consistently on all of its promises. Recommendations and lyircs rely on a single,
limited source, there aren’t many supported audio formats, and the $4.99 upgrade doesn’t
even remove the ads. And finally, in addition to the usual Full Internet and Phone Identity
permissions, MixZing will also require Personal Info and Modify System Settings permissions.

2. Music Discovery apps give you new music recommendations when you tell them a
genre, an artist, or a single song that you already like.

Top Choice: Pandora is extremely popular. Powered by the “Music Genome Project,” you’ll

certainly discover plenty of new artists and tracks (and maybe also some insight as to what
makes you tick as a music lover). Unfortunately, the dark side involves the occasional clipping,
stuttering, buffering, freezing, and of course ads to interrupt the journey. The Pandora One
subscription ($36/ year, or $3/month) removes the ads, and the limit of skipping past 12 songs
per day… but not the 6 skips per station per hour limit. Permissions include personal info, ugh.

Runner Up: LastFM takes a more classic ‘social’ approach to recommendations, interpreting
your own listening choices as well as those of your friends. I do like the personalized radio
on the free PC version, but the Android app ends your free trial after 50 songs — after which
only $3 per month will coax LastFM to play any music on your phone. Permissions are pretty
extensive, too.

Honorable Mention: Slacker Radio is a lot like Pandora. You can skip six songs each hour,
select preset stations, or start with a specific artist or track and explore from there. However,
the disruptive audio ads are a serious buzzkill. Slacker Plus ($3.99 per month) removes ads
and gives you ‘unlimited song skips,’ while Premium ($9.99 per month) makes the service more
like a Spotify-type streaming player — queuing up specific songs and albums, creating your own
playlists, and ‘caching’ them for offline listening. I also have to give the Slacker site credit for
clearly showing what you get, and how much you’ll pay for it — a surprising rarity among app
3. Music Identifiers are part music player and part search engine — you find music by
singing, humming, or holding your phone up to a song playing (on the radio, in a movie,
even in the background of a store at the mall).

Top Choice: Shazam. An incredibly popular “acoustic fingerprint” identifier, Shazam works best
with prerecorded clips (i.e., not great for singing and humming). Shazam integrates well with
Amazon MP3, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter. Lyrics display tends to be a bit hit or
miss, and you’ll have to endure ads unless you pay for the $4.99 upgrade — and no matter what
you pay, Shazam doesn’t play well with WiFi-only networks. Permissions include Location Info,
which makes no sense to me.

Runner Up: Soundhound. It’s debatable whether SoundHound really identifies music more
accurately or has a bigger database than Shazam. But it’s sometimes quicker about it, and the
Midomi-powered engine does better with singing and humming. Oddly, the $4.99 paid version
still has ads, and doesn’t seem to provide any additional features. Permissions are the same as
Shazam, but at least you can turn off location in options.

4. Cloud Players make your music collection available anywhere, anytime. Obviously,
this helps with the limited storage space of mobile phones, while taking advantage of
increasingly higher-bandwidth mobile connections.

Top choice: Google Music will host 20,000 songs for free. Sure, uploading a good-sized
collection will hog your Internet connection for hours or days, but still — 20,000 songs! Any
Android Market purchases are automatically added, and you get to share them for free with

friends on Google+, as well as download anything on your cloud for offline listening. On the
minus side, unless you devote extra time to editing tags and keeping track of what’s already on
your phone, you’re likely to wind up with a big long list of disorganized tracks. Playback is good
quality, but not without pauses and glitches even with a strong connection.

Runner Up: Amazon Cloud Player is nearly neck and neck with Google. You start with 5GB
of storage space to upload music (or any other kind of file, really), and buying an album from
Amazon will get the total bumped up to 20GB. Not only that, Amazon MP3 purchases will be
added (not subtracted) to your total space (i.e., if you buy 20GB of music from Amazon, you’ll
still have 20GB free for uploads). The lack of playlist or tag management is a problem; you do it
Amazon’s way for Amazon’s songs, and uploads are stuck however they show up. Playback is
about the same as Google, too.

5. Streaming Music apps include many of the contenders from the other categories here,
but I’m more specifically focusing on the Internet Radio and On Demand aspects of the
apps (rather than their ‘discovery’ or ‘cloud’ capabilities, for example).

Top Choice: Spotify can indeed do discovery and social media pretty well (Facebook
registration is now a necessity), and you can sync your collection — wired and wireless — and
save Spotify tracks offline. Still, the main reason to use it is to stream music from Spotify’s
collection of 15 million tracks. Unfortunately, the Android app itself is NOT the best reason
to like Spotify. You may be able to live with the subscription ($10 per month) and intermittent
performance and connection issues, but unless you’re sorting and managing your music from a
PC or Mac, you may find the mobile UI too cluttered and frustrating to work with.

Runner Up: Grooveshark seems to do one thing wrong for everything it does right. The P2P
format assures smoother playback than most streaming services — but only in areas with
decent connections. It has some top-notch music recommendation and social-media features,
but the ‘open community’ database makes everything more disorganized (not to mention the
possibility of violating someone’s copyright, if that matters to you). You get decent sync options
– unless you use iTunes. You can’t get it from the Android Market, making it more of a matter
of faith, and seeing the prominent ‘unable to install?’ link on the download screen isn’t exactly
encouraging. There aren’t any ads — because after the free trial, the only way to use it is by
paying $9 per month ($108 per year).

Honorable Mention: the free TuneIn Radio app provides 50,000 radio stations, local and
global, music and talk, and anything else that comes over the airwaves. Not essential as a
music player (other than being able to change the station, you have no control over what you
hear), but it’s still a nice replacement for your FM/AM devices. Car mode allows you to control
the app via voice, and the cheap $0.99 pgrade removes ads.

Sean is a music-obsessed Droid-user that loves everything from Iron & Wine to Wiz Khalifa,
and always keeps a spare set of headphones around just-in-case. Find him contributing to or on Twitter @SeanTR.

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Xbox co-creator brings together Atari ‘dream team’ for mobile gaming startup

A new mobile gaming startup that’s yet to release a single game isn’t the sort of thing we’d normally cover ’round here, but the story behind Los Angeles-based Innovative Leisure is anything but ordinary. The man behind the company is the co-creator of the Xbox, Seamus Blackley, and he’s brought with him eleven industry veterans that he calls “the dream team from Atari,” including the likes of Van Burnham, Ed Logg, Rich Adam, Tim Skelly, Owen Rubin, and Ed Rotberg. While those names may not be familiar to everyone, you’ll surely recognize some of the games they were responsible for: Asteroids, Centipede, Gauntlet, Missile Command, Battlezone, S.T.U.N. Runner, Major Havoc and Space Duel, to name a few.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Blackley describes mobile devices as “the new arcade” and 99 cent games as the “new quarter,” adding that he’s aiming to carry on where Atari left off, “focusing on innovation in gameplay.” To help with that, the company has secured backing from THQ, which has reportedly agreed to an initial slate of ten games, seven of which are now in development (with only the iPhone and iPad mentioned as supported platforms so far). Unfortunately, details remain light beyond that, with Blackley only offering late summer or fall as an estimated release date for the first titles. In the meantime, you can find more of the backstory at the links below (THQ’s press release can also be found after the break).

Continue reading Xbox co-creator brings together Atari ‘dream team’ for mobile gaming startup

Xbox co-creator brings together Atari ‘dream team’ for mobile gaming startup originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 03 Feb 2012 17:38:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Shine Runner Review: Moonshine, Gators & The Bayou Hit Android Devices

Vector Unit’s Shine Runner is out to make gamers believe that smuggling goods such as tobacky, snake oil, that oh-so precious moonshine and “peter pep” is indeed worthwhile and almost fulfilling. From running through shacks to evading those wretched cops, Shine Runner is out to have gamers’ hearts race– if only for a short while. Is living a life as a rebel smuggler in the deep Bayou worth it? Hit the break to read the review and find out for yourselves.



The premise of the game is quite simple: grab your souped up boat, pile up money and acquire illegal goods from 6 different locales/shops. You start off the game with a mere $500 and as you complete each locale, you’re given a small bonus of money which you will then use to buy goods your mother would not approve of. Among the goods are crawdads, catfish, peter pep, gator tails, snake oil, tobacky and of course moonshine. All of this is done in a matter of 10 days.

There’s plenty of incentive to stop at each locale and shop too. Every one of them have money bags scattered in the area, giving you a nice means of being able to build up your stock of illegal goods. As you start the first couple of days in each locale, the bonus money bags and completion bonuses are relatively small. Move to the later part of the campaign and you will see $50 to $100 bonus money bags and huge completion bonuses to stock up on as much inventory as you can buy. The prices of the goods fluctuates too. One day you may find catfish and gator oils at dirt cheap prices and another day you may find prices for both triple or even quadruple. So gamers will have to be smart about what cargo to buy and to sell— especially when some goods and commodities are in high demand, causing obvious inflation.

There’s no buying a new boat, no upgrading your current boat or racing against others. It’s just you and the against the clock trying to grab as many goods as possible— all in the name of being the best smuggler in the land.



The graphics are just flat-out stunning. You can just tell there was so much effort and energy put in to make the game look visually appealing and look comparable to a game on a PSP or DS. Heck, it might even rival some console or PC games— that’s how good the graphics are. When you first start to play the game, you’ll immediately notice how fluid and smooth the graphics are. There’s never a drop in the frame rate, despite the vast amount of detail in the various locales/shops. Moreover, there’s so much color and detail seen during gameplay. You can immediately notice the fan spinning on the fanboat, see the birds flying through the air, find various pieces of wood breaking up into bits upon impact as you hit them and watching those darn cops fly after you run them over. The game ran buttery smooth on my Motorola Atrix 4G, which of course has a Tegra 2 chip built-in. Android users with mid-level to lower-end phones need not worry though as the game will run comfortably on any Android with Froyo or higher.

If there’s one minor nitpick it’s some slight pixelation with the trees and shrubs in the background. When approaching a wall in the game and coming up close to a tree or shrub, I noticed some slight distortion and some jagged lines. It’s not major and certainly not a deal-breaker, but it’s still something of note.


The audio is almost as good as the graphics. You’ll find in the actual menu there’s one subtle music track looping, which is intended to get you in the Dixie state of mind. While there’s only a few dixie tracks looping throughout the gameplay, it’s more than enough to pump you up for the brief action in each shop/locale. Speaking of the audio in the gameplay— it’s actually quite impressive how Vector Graphics has squeezed all the content into the game. The actual sound of the engine is low, but it’s loud enough to where you can hear it distinctly from the other boats treading in the water. Moreover you can hear the cool effects such as splashing of the water, breaking of the wood, police sirens and even a few wisecracks here and there (such as someone screaming “watch out for them gators!). Everything sounds crystal clear and adds to the overall ambiance of the game. Very impressive indeed.


Once mastered, the controls are intuitive and straight-forward. Learning the controls may be another story for some. There’s two ways to steer your boat: touch controls and tilt. I personally didn’t like either initially because I thought this game was a pick up and play type game. The tilt function is of two extremes– too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I found myself crashing into walls or hitting objects inadvertently when using the tilt function— even with the ability to adjust the sensitivity. The touch controls function is probably what most of you will end up using. Using a swiping motion with your thumbs, you are able to steer your boat left and right. The swiping motion felt most comfortable for me— not too stiff, yet not too sensitive either. It’s fairly easy and straightforward trying to maneuver around objects and especially execute those great jumps throughout the gameplay. Really the controls are just a matter of preference to you. Once you practice with the controls over and over, you’ll be running over chickens, gators and outrunning the cops in no time.


The actual gameplay is fun, but quickly becomes repetitive. As mentioned previously, you’re not racing against other computers, you certainly don’t race against other human competitors and there’s a limited number of shops/locales. It doesn’t help either that each of the shops/locales take no more than 50 – 55 seconds to complete. Multiply that by “10 Days” to complete a campaign and rack up your goods and it’s roughly 5 to 6 minutes to basically complete a game. Moreover, there’s no incentive throughout the game. It would have been nice for the game to have included add-ons such as a boat modifications or unlocking new shops/locales. Essentially, you are playing a game against yourself trying to rack up as much money and goods as you can and trying to outdo your previous totals. Of course you can save your personal records on Open Feint and try to chase the game’s achievements, but the achievements aren’t worthwhile in my opinion. It’s a shame too because with the fast-pace of the gameplay it would have made a heck of multiplayer experience or at the very least, a game worth sitting down and playing regularly in single-player mode. Don’t get me wrong folks— the gameplay is addictive and fun, but only for a short time and you’ll quickly find yourself yearning for more.


Bottom Line

Shine Runner is technically one of the best games available on Android, period. It has graphics to scream for, a solid audio soundtrack and great controls (once mastered). The only thing that’s making me reluctant to recommend this for the everyday gamer is the fact the actual gameplay is so limited. Stocking up your boat with illegal goods is fun at first, but what else is there that will warrant gamers’ attention? Sadly… there’s not much else. If you don’t mind the game being limited and repetitive, do give it a shot. After all, which other game allows you to run over gators, outrun cops and stock up on that sweet, sweet shine? You can find it in the Android Market today for a mere $2.99.

Android Market


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Android Police Presents The First Annual Andy Awards: The Best of Android In 2011 – Submit Your Nominations Now


For the first time, Android Police is having its go at a "best of the year" series, and we’re going to need your help. Android Police will be featuring a number of posts in the coming weeks leading up to CES 2012 showing off the very best of what Android has brought to people around the world over the last year. Your favorite phones, tablets, apps, and games, will all be facing off for the chance at a (probably not very highly coveted) Android Police Andy Award, recognizing the best – above the rest.

Where do you come in?…

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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Android Police Presents The First Annual Andy Awards: The Best of Android In 2011 – Submit Your Nominations Now was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Day 10 Of Google’s 10 Billion App Download Celebration, 10 New Apps For 10 Cents Each!

It’s the final day folks. This sale has been awesome. I can’t wait for the 20 Billion App Download Celebration!!! We have a few repeats, but of course some new stuff. If you missed out yesterday, there is still some time left so hit those links as well.

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Google’s final 10p discount apps – Heavy Gunner 3D, Puffle Launch and more

It’s the last day of Google’s 10p discount app promotion and, well, you can hear the bottom of the barrel being scraped. Today we get four duplicates from earlier in the promotion, plus the likes of Talking Ben The Dog. It was a good idea to begin with, at least.

Here they are. There are quite a few repeats in this list, so we’re actually getting 12 10p apps today:

Sentinel 3
Camera Zoom FX
Star Chart
Colour and Draw for Kids
Shine Runner
Puffle Launch
Talking Ben The Dog
Heavy Gunner 3D
TileStorm HD
Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom

Some half-decent games there, if you’re not planning on spending the next month seeing all the ‘Good Future’ levels of Sonic CD.


And Heavy Gunner 3D’s quite popular, if you have yet more loose change to burn. Or melt.

Link via Reddit.

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  3. Google’s 10p apps for today – Apparatus, The Sims 3, Pano and more

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10 Billion Apps promo, final day: Camera ZOOM, Shine Runner and Heavy Gunner for 10¢

It’s been a fun ride, but now it’s over: Google’s 10 Billion Apps celebration has reached its final day. For the last nine days the company has been celebrating the Android Market’s pivotal achievement of 10 billion total app downloads by discounting paid apps to a dramatic 10 cents. Some of the best-selling apps available have been put on sale by 90% or more. Today’s new apps include Camera ZOOM FX, Shine Runner and Heavy Gunner 3D.

Here’s the links for the new on-sale apps for day 10: Camera ZOOM FXHeavy Gunner 3D, Hyper Jump, Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Puffle Launch, Shine Runner, Talking Ben the Dog, and TileStorm HD. The other apps, Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Star Chart, Apparatus and Color & Draw for kids, were available on previous days as well. The Android Market home page has not been updated yet, so just use the links above to find your apps.

If you hurry, you can still get the apps from day 9 at their discounted price as well. Many users are experienceing issues verifying their purchase on phones and tablets – to avoid this, either use the web version of the Android Market, or just wait for a few hours until the hubbub dies down. If you can’t get the discounted apps to download even then, Google may just give them to you – a nice touch on the customer service front.

So readers, what’s your favorite new app from the 10 Billion Apps promotion? Check out the complete history of discounted apps in the links below, then sound off in the comment section.

Story Timeline

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