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Microsoft OneDrive now lets files be moved and shared

Microsoft has just rolled out an update to its Android app for OneDrive with some very important changes. With the ability to now share files, move them around, or even just sort them, the app takes a little step forward in catching up with the guys in the big leagues.

You kind of get an idea how young, or how late, something is by the amount of catching up it has to do in terms of feature parity with competing apps and services. The new features that Microsoft OneDrive users are getting today are things that we probably have taken for granted because we expect them to be there from the get go.

OneDrive now allows a variety of way to share files stored in its cloud space. When you select a file and tap on that share button, you won’t get Android’s conventional Sharing window. Instead, you will first have to choose to invite people to collaborate on the document, share a link to the file, or, when possible, send the file to other apps, in which case you’ll see the usual Android app list. Speaking of selection, the OneDrive list now features checkboxes, so that you can choose multiple files to share or move. The app also adds the ability to move the files to different folders, within OneDrive, of course, though the icon used for that operation is a bit confusing since it looks more like a download icon. And lastly, there is now a button that will let you sort your list of files.


These features all seem basic and may sound a bit too late for a new contender in the arena. Nonetheless, it is definitely good news to see Microsoft continuing to develop this Android app instead of leaving it by the wayside in favor of its own mobile platform.

Download: Microsoft OneDrive on Google Play Store

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Dropbox releases Sync API to application developers


I think most of us are familiar with Dropbox. Around these parts we not only use it, but we rely on it every day by keeping some essential files in one easy to share place. Easy being the key — you can get a file from any device with a web browser, or use one of the dedicated applications found on most desktop or mobile platforms. But Dropbox is more than a place to share files with your friends or coworkers, it's a piece of the cloud that's tied to you, where you can store just about any information for safekeeping. That's where today's news comes into play.

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AnySend Helps You Share Data Between Two Android Devices

AnySend provides a solution for Android users who often need to transfer files across platforms. This file-sharing app comes from Adylitica, Inc., the same developers behind the Do it (Tomorrow) app, which simplifies the task of making to-do lists.

AnySend features a minimalist user interface that is in tune with its goal of easily sharing data between two Android-based devices. However, instead of doing the process over the Internet or via an FTP connection or Bluetooth, AnySend allows the files to be transferred directly from one device to another. The catch is that these devices have to be on a single Wi-Fi connection.

Once the app file is downloaded, AnySend is a piece of cake to set up. It instantly detects the Android devices around the user’s device that also have AnySend running on them. In a few taps and changes in settings, the users will be able to share files. Then, when the user exits the app, AnySend will continue running. If there are new incoming files, the user will be informed through an alert sound, vibration, or via the status bar. Users have the options of rejecting the offer to receive files as well as cancel the file being received at any point during the process.

Unlike many file-sharing apps available, AnySend has a unique white list feature that allows users to specify trusted people with whom they often share files. This eliminates the need for those persons to be confirmed the next time they send files. AnySend furthmermore doesn’t need configurations for it to work. Once it is installed, it can be used instantly.

To give users a personalized experience as well as to help identify trusted people, users may select a username and profile picture in the app’s main settings.

AnySend is a good alternative for other file-sharing systems that can sometimes be slow and unreliable. Moreover, the app is completely free of charge from the Google Play Store, which means that it would not hurt to add it to one’s Android device.

via android authority

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Bump update allows you to share to your desktop… sort of

Bump have announced a new update for their sharing service that allows two mobile users to share files and media by simply “bumping” phones. Today, it extends beyond mobile. You can now share your stuff to your desktop. Simply tapping your keyboard’s space bar with your phone does the trick. The catch is that it’s not actually going to your desktop, but to your bump account online. From there, you can quickly download the photo to your desktop. Head to to get started and find the accompanying Android app in the Google Play Store.

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Box for Android gets update for mobile workflow

We all want to be more organized, even if those like me never really get organized. One thing that many people like is the ability to be able to access their content from wherever they are. Box for Android is an app that will let you connect to your content at the office when you are out of the office. The app has been updated to make it faster and more stabile.

The new update went live on the Android Market last Friday and can be downloaded right now. The update includes a new codebase and integration with Quickoffice. That Quickoffice integration allows you to edit documents that are saved on Box from your Android phone or tablet. The update also brings the ability to rename, delete, and share files or folders from the Android device.

The update also supports local caching of content so if you are accessing a particular document frequently you won’t need to wait for it to download each time. These sound like some very nice updates, particularly for an office that has multiple users accessing the same files.


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Box.Net Adds New Features To Android App Including QuickOffice Support

The folks at Box released an update of their Android app and Android tablet app to the Android market late last week. This new update brings a slew of new features, the most notable of which is QuickOffice support.

With’s QuickOffice support, those with accounts and the Android app you can access a document on your account, edit it and then re-upload it to

There are some other important features in the newest version of’s Android app. Now you can rename, delete and share files and folders directly from your phone or tablet. The team at has also added local caching for files that are important to you on the go.

You can get the updated app here!

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No Comments updates Android cloud app with tablet support

The cloud storage choices are growing quickly out there and if you are a fan of the cloud platform that has been around for a while for sharing mobile data on the go using smartphones the app has been updated. The new version of the Box app has been updated and it now supports Android tablets. The app was only for Android phones before and this is the first time for tablet support.

The company said that its smartphone app for Android devices had been downloaded 100,000 times already. The service has a free trial offer and it guarantees 99.9% uptime. That means you won’t have to worry about the service being offline when you need it. Box offers contact management, the ability to share files securely, and the ability to sync files from the desktop.

The mobile access allows you to share documents with coworkers and friends on the go and it lets the user share folders and files with a simple tap. The app is available for iOS devices and the new update supports the Playbook tablet as well. It also has an online workspace for editing documents.

[via InformationWeek]


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[APP] – Another Way to Share Files and Photos

If sharing your life with the world is important to you, or even having a simple and easy place to store files and photos, then might be right up your alley. You simply set up a account at, nab the application from the market and you are set.

What makes this easier to use then most service has to be its simplicity. Many applications try to over do it and offer to many things for you to mess around with. Minus makes it pretty cut and dry. With the app you can easily open it up, take a photo and upload it directly to your feed. If there are photos you want to share from you device, simply upload it.

  Once the file or photo is uploaded you can do a few things. You can set it to private or public. If you make it public, then anyone that finds you in the system can view what ever it is you have shared. Private of course means the opposite. Kinda makes Dropbox a little more of a hassle now.

What makes sharing so unique is the screen you see above. This is taken from the website. As you can see it gives you pretty much every option you could ever need to get the photo out to anyone on any medium. As far as file size restrictions, upload limit is set to 50 MB per file (25 MB files for guests), 100 files per gallery and unlimited uploads. There is no limit to the number of galleries you can create. I can’t find a cap on total amount of files though. Just the size of the file. Which means you should never run out of space for sharing or uploading.

The application was just update today with a grip of new features and fixes.

This new release v3.0 for Android adds

- Integration with Aviary ( for editing and adding effects to new camera photos before upload
- Download the original files and whole galleries (as .zip) in the background
- Listen to Audio files, view text files, and preview PDFs
- Prefetching for images/text files in galleries for a snappier, seamless experience
- Reorder and delete items in your galleries
- Fullscreen mode when viewing in image by double tapping it
- New user registration and user account support
- Interface refresh
- Visual notification of synchronization activity
- Thumbnails for galleries
- Rename, Delete/Hide, Share, Set Privacy and Upload Item for galleries from context menu or Quick Action
- Android tablet and honeycomb support
- Auto thumbnails support
- Camera support
- Many force-close fixes

If this looks like what you have been searching for, follow all the usual procedures below to get the app. Don’t forget to check out their web page at and check out their FAQ section for more detailed information.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Minus
Developer: Minus
Cost: FREE

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Updated: Dropbox for Android, Folder deletion and Image Thumbnails

Dropbox has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. I personally use it regularly to share files and folders, and just recently the app for Android has received an update to improve on an already great app:

  • Photo thumbnails in file browser
  • Folder deletion
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Security updates (thanks to Tyrone Erasmus)

The first two in that list I’ve always hope would be included in an update, and its finally happened. Head on over to to the Android Market and up date your copy of Dropbox!

Android Market

Updated: Dropbox for Android, Folder deletion and Image Thumbnails

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File Manager App For Honeycomb Tablets

I think it is needless to say that one of the first things that should be downloaded from the Android Market is not iBoobs game that was ported from iOS but something that is known as file manager. There are lots of them offered for free and for symbolic fee so you won’t have any problems by picking up one. But there is a lack of Honeycomb-optimized file managers on the market and this is true. Luckily, we are saved thanks to File Manager app. This file manager is something in the “must have” list for every person who happens to have an Android based tablet. Also, it is able to do almost anything with the files and apps on your device. So, here the list of features that you should be interested in:

3 sets of commercial icons for 60+ different file types, toolbar and menu items

Built-in text editor and swf player

Compress and decompress support

Cut, copy, paste and cancel progress dialogs

High definition (1280×800) support

List and grid view for file browsing

Multiple selection and sorting support

Search and share files

Thumbnail for photo, pictures and apk files

Do not forget to get it from the Market! There is a lot more inside.

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Google Docs Finally Gets a Native App for Android

This image has no alt text

After relegating users to in-browser editing since Android first came on the scene, Google Docs has finally made its way to mobile handsets in the form of a native app. The application itself will allow you to search through your documents and upload new files, though editing is still relegated to the mobile browser. This isn’t so bad, as Google has done a lot of work getting their online productivity suite up to speed on smartphones. The application excels in the extended features it offers.

For starters, you can now easily share files from Google Docs with the contacts in your smartphone. It’s as easy as clicking the dropdown button next to any item and selecting share. You can also star documents easily, which comes in handy when used in conjunction with the accompanying Android widget. That widget lets you go directly to starred documents or create a new document, but perhaps its best shortcut is one that allows you to upload an image to Docs. Why would we be uploading an image? Because Google Docs  features the ability to turn an image containing text into an editable file. Pretty darn nifty.

The app is available for phones running Android 2.1 and higher and can be found in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: Google Docs

[via Google]

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Share files between mobile devices with Scansfer

Scansfer just hit the Android Market last night. Scansfer uses QR code technology to allow users to scan and transfer files from phone to phone, phone to computer, and computer to phone.

If you have a file that a friend wants, you simply choose the file and Scansfer securely uploads the file to the Scansfer site and generates a private download key.  It will only be accessible by scanning the QR code that is generated. Your friend scans the QR code and the file will be downloaded to their device. If you want to upload the file to your computer you just simply log in to your Scansfer account from your computer to retrieve the file.

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Share files between mobile devices with Scansfer

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