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XCOM: Enemy Unknown “Slingshot” DLC Now Available


Those who play XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be happy to hear that its Slingshot downloadable content is now available to play on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC today. To celebrate the launch of this downloadable content  Firaxis, the games creator, has launched a new trailer (which you can watch below) to show fans of the game what they’ll be able to experience in the new downloadable content. Firaxis has also released a few high-res screenshots to view as well.

The Slingshot downloadable content is going to cost players $6.99 on the PlayStation Network, PC (or the Steam client), and 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. This new downloadable content introduced three all new maps tired to Council missions, a new playable squad member with its own voice and storyline, and some other character customization options. The Slingshot downloadable content is definitely on the cheaper side of things compared to other games. If you have the game and play it on the PC, you can hit the source link below to be taken to the downloadable content.

On another note, players have been begging for a larger variety of maps. While the addition of three may not be enough, at least there’s something new and fresh to play!

Do you play XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Are you going to be picking up the downloadable content? Do you think that the addition of three new maps is enough, or should the variety be larger than that? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

source: Steam

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Slingshot Action Going Social: Multiplayer freemium iOS game Temple Raid

Temple Raid  
Developer: Cynthia Bandara  
Price: free   Download

Independent developer Cynthia Bandara today announces the release and immediate availability of Temple Raid 1.0.1 for , iPad and iPod touch. “Peace between the tribes is fading as the Shamans ask for larger and ever more impressive temples to be built for the spirits. Raid gold from other players to level up and purchase better bricks and idols. Build amazing temple structures and store your own gold safely.” This is how the game offers itself on the App Store, and it is supposed to set the scene for a multiplayer experience in which architectural creativity, aiming skills, and perseverance are challenged.

Temple Raid is a casual physics multiplayer game that offers a new hybrid of turn-based and live gameplay. The center of the game, however, is a physics sandbox on a mountain top on which the player constructs a temple from various kinds of bricks that are unlocked with each level. In addition to regular bricks, pots can be placed, and these are necessary to hold nuggets of gold, each of which is simulated to a degree that gold can even be poured from one pot into another (see trailer).


Finish reading “Slingshot Action Going Social: Multiplayer freemium iOS game Temple Raid” and see screenshots for the app on

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Rovio releases first Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay trailer

Android Central

Angry Birds Star Wars is inching ever-closer to its November 8 launch, and today they've shown a little bit more than their usual cutesy teasers. The first glimpses of Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay shows a cool secondary effect whereby the red bird Luke Skywalker can mow down structures by whirling a lightsaber about while along its collision course. Meanwhile the pink bird Princess Leia can call down laser fire as she makes her descent. AT-AT walkers on Hoth and Tusken raiders on Tatooine also make a short appearance. 

As played-out out as both Star Wars and Angry Birds merchandising may be, they're both highly-valuable brands, and it's not a huge surprise to see their creators milking either one for all they're worth. 

So, any Angry Birds players digging the new look? What about you, Star Wars fans? Does a Millenium Falcon with a slingshot on top compel you to check out the next Angry Birds? 

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Angry Birds Star Wars Teases Slingshot Equipped Millennium Falcon

We’ll be some of the first to admit that the Angry Birds series has lost its luster. There are too many variations of it, too many tie-ins to mainstream products, and too much in-your-faceness for our liking. Our feelings may have changed slightly when we saw the teaser for Angry Birds Star Wars, though. A part [...]

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Angry Birds Star Wars coming to Android November 8

Rovio seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to mobile games. They are at it again, and this time they are teaming up Lucasfilm for their next game. On November 8th, Rovio announced that it will release Angry Birds Star Wars to almost every mobile platform, including our beloved Android devices.

According to Rovio, this game will feature gameplay similar to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, but with a Star Wars theme. Rovio believes that this is the best Angry Birds game they have ever made. In a line that someone had to say, Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio said, “The force is definitely strong with this one.” Cheesy, but necessary.

“People seem to instinctively know what to do when handed a lightsaber or a bird in a slingshot, so this is a natural combination,” said Colum Slevin, Vice President and Head of Studio Operations for Lucasfilm. I did not know it was encoded in our DNA to shoot birds out of slingshots, but apparently that is the case.

Joking aside, this game is going to sell like crazy. It seems like everything Rovio makes is an instant success, and we expect this to be no exception. Of course, Rovio has also revealed that there will plenty of other merchandise to go along with the game, so if you are looking for a Luke Skywalker Angry Bird plush toy, they will be available soon enough.

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“Bad Piggies” Angry Birds sequel will be the MacGyver of mobile games

Rovio‘s latest creation and the sequel to Angry Birds will be called Bad Piggies. The game will focus on the viewpoint of the evil pigs that we all loathed in previous Angry Bird installments. However, it seems the infamous Angry Birds won’t be anywhere to be found. Instead, Bad Piggies will be all about building vehicles and trying to get them from point A to point B with the pigs on board. It’s a trial-and-error puzzle game that looks to be on par with Rovio’s Amazing Alex.

Slingshots are nowhere to be found in Big Piggies and it takes a completely different approach than what the Angry Birds series takes. The player creates land and air vehicles using all sorts of different parts, and you assemble them using a two-dimensional grid. You can create anything from regular cars to planes, and even assemble helicopters and rocket ships.

Bad Piggies looks to be a lot more feature-filled than the Angry Birds series. Instead of using a simple slingshot to knock down an arrangement of blocks, Bad Piggies gives you a plethora of different parts and machines to work with — the combinations look endless.

This type of game is nothing new, but Rovio seems to be adding their own twist to the genre and is hoping to get hours and hours of play time out of its fans. Check out the gameplay trailer below to see the game in action. Bad Piggies officially releases on September 27th and will be available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

[via SlashGear]

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It’s time to play the pigs, Rovio announces Bad Piggies coming September 27th

We saw a teaser over the weekend for Rovio’s latest creation and they just told us that their new game, “Bad Piggies”, will be available on September 27th on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. As far as the premise or game play, we don’t have a lot of information, but we do know that the focal point is the “second-most-loved characters in the Angry Birds universe,” the pigs. We also know that you won’t find a slingshot anywhere in the game and it will be a “totally new and unique gameplay experience.”

Executive Vice President of games at Rovio, Petri Järvilehto, said:

“There’s so much more to these pigs than what is seen in the Angry Birds games, and Bad Piggies is the first glimpse into what’s going on in the imaginative and ingenious minds of the pigs.”

Well we still have 3 weeks to go so want to guess how many more teaser trailers we will see? I’m guessing two more teasers and one full trailer.

Full press release after the break:


Espoo, Finland- September 4, 2012 

Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, today announced their newest game, Bad Piggies, launching September 27 for iOS, Android and Mac. This innovative game turns the franchise on its head by letting the fans play as the pigs – with all new, never-before-seen gameplay – and not a slingshot in sight!

“There’s a lot of empathy towards the lovable enemies from the Angry Birds games, and we’ve been constantly asked: what about the pigs’ side of the story?” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “Bad Piggies gives you the chance to play as the second-most-loved characters in the Angry Birds universe, and explore this rich world through their green eyes.”

The new game will launch on iOS, Android and Mac on September 27. Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PC versions will follow shortly.

“We’ve had a lot of fun creating a totally new and unique gameplay experience,” said Petri Järvilehto, EVP Games at Rovio. “There’s so much more to these pigs than what is seen in the Angry Birds games, and Bad Piggies is the first glimpse into what’s going on in the imaginative and ingenious minds of the pigs.”

To get in on the action and see all the gameplay news first, go, follow the pigs on Twitter and like the pigs on Facebook Stay tuned during the next few weeks, and see what the pigs are up to!

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Rovio announces Bad Piggies – swine-centric, slingshot-free action begins Sept. 27

Android Central

Following a recent teaser, Angry Birds creator Rovio has officially announced the next chapter in the popular game series — Bad Piggies. Featuring the infamous pigs from the Angry Birds games, the nature of Bad Piggies' gameplay remains a unknown, though the developer promises that there won't be a "slingshot in sight." Bad Piggies is due to launch on Sept. 27 on Android, iOS and Mac, with PC, Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions following shortly thereafter.

“There’s a lot of empathy towards the lovable enemies from the Angry Birds games, and we’ve been constantly asked: what about the pigs’ side of the story?” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “Bad Piggies gives you the chance to play as the second-most-loved characters in the Angry Birds universe, and explore this rich world through their green eyes.”

Rovio's sure to launch more teaser videos to keep the hype buzzing over in the weeks ahead, so chances are we'll learn more about this swine-centric sequel before long. Let us know what you think in the comments — are you up for a fresh take on the avian-versus-boar dynamic? Or with so many existing spin-offs, have both pig and bird already jumped the shark?

Source: Rovio

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[New Game] New Orbit Has Gravity Slingshot Gameplay And Anime Storytelling

unnamedSpace-inspired physics games have been given a boost thanks to Angry Birds Space. If you’re looking for something with a little more drama and a little less pig, then New Orbit might be right down your gravity well. The 99¢ game from rookie developer Blackish combines Asteroids-style navigation, gravity-driven physics and an ambitious if not overly promising story. On that note, the full title is “NEW ORBIT: Episode 1,” so there’s probably more on the table. Luckily there are no menacing phantoms in sight.


The story is that a handful of spacefaring factions are fighting over resources after the demise of Earth, Douglass Adams-style.

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours.

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[New Game] New Orbit Has Gravity Slingshot Gameplay And Anime Storytelling was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Review: Attack of the Roasted Chickens

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

This game is absolutely insane. Ever wondered what walking roasted chickens would look like? You’ll find out in Menue Games’ new game, Attack of the Roasted Chickens. I opened up the game not knowing what to really expect. Minutes later I came to find out I was using a slingshot to shoot rocks at Roasted Chickens who were literally trying to break down my picketed fence barrier and try and kill me. I’ve never seen a game of this sorts, it is very, very unique. There’s also not a whole lot to the game. It’s your basic arcade styled shooter.

Attack of the Roasted Chickens does a great job of getting you into the game and freaking out because the charred roasted chickens are about to break down your picketed fence and murder you. The goal of the game or each level, is to kill every last roasted chicken with your slingshot full of what seems to be either rocks or pebbles. I’m not entirely sure as to what it was. After killing all the roasted chickens you just go onto the next level and fight more difficult roasted chickens.

This is another game that lacks a lot of substance. Killing these chickens to try and get a high score was quite exhilarating because of how fast they were moving and how fast they were about to tear down your barrier and kill you. After the level ended though, it felt really boring. I continued onto the next levels in hopes it’d get a lot better though. It didn’t.

The game is powered by Unity, which was cool to see. At least the graphics were decent. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot graphics wise, but it was actually pretty nice. Don’t expect realism or anything, because it definitely does not have that. It’s more of a cartoonish game that maybe a child would be interested in. I really don’t think any adult would enjoy shooting roasted chickens actively just to receive a high score. Then again, I could be totally and completely wrong on that point.

One cool option in Attack of the Roasted Chickens is the ability to buy power ups, extra life and some items that did some extra damage on the roasted chickens. One thing that they do, is it is definitely not easy to figure out how to use those power ups or extra damage items. I eventually gave up trying to figure it out because even going through the opening tutorial again didn’t even tell you.

One thing that I absolutely hate about this game, is how filled with ads it is. Everywhere you go in the game, there is at least one or two ads. When I paused the game I was instantly greeted with an add to download another app from a company I’ve never even heard of. The first time I went back to the home screen to look at items I could buy with my coins (no, you can’t buy them in the game) I was also greeted with a full screen ad which annoyed me quite a bit. I understand developers need to make money, but putting this many ads in a game is ridiculous. I want to play the game they created, if I wanted to look at ads all over my screen I could easily take off my AdBlocker on Firefox.

The amount of fun in this game is zilch. I would not even waste my time going onto Google Play and trying it out if I were you. The data I used to download it wasn’t even worth it. It’s a terrible game.



The graphics aren’t that bad really. It’s powered by Unity and has a painterly cartoon theme to it. I liked it for the style of game it was. It was definitely not something I would want to see in all my games though. It’s also something that felt like it was for a tablet and not a smartphone. It all worked the same, but everything felt very compacted together and blurred. Either the graphics need a bit more work to fix that blurry issue or they haven’t optimized it for smartphones yet.


The sound quality was terrible. I literally felt like I had to turn the music off to play this game. It really didn’t even fit the theme of the game they were going for. It sounded more of like a horror themed music. Obviously, seeing roasted chickens can be terrifying, but it did not fit the setting whatsoever. I hope they were not trying to make this game horror themed.


The gameplay…I was bored. All I was doing was firing the slingshot while the rock did it’s thing. Getting a high score in that game is difficult because it’s really hard to aim with the slingshot. I’m not really even sure what to say about the game. Honestly, it was worse than Lightopus, a game that also wasn’t very fun.


This game has no replay value, not even a fun factor. I hated playing every level, it was just completely boring and wasn’t enjoyable at all. It’s missing a lot. If you want my honest opinion, I felt like either they are very new developers or the amount of time and effort put into this game was at least a month.


I really hate to bash this game, I really do. It’s just not fun, there’s no point in going back into the game to kill more roasted chickens. The roasted chickens idea was a comedic idea, but poorly executed. I would of loved for this game to do a lot better than it did. Unfortunately, it was terrible and needs a lot more improvement before it released.

SCORE: 2/10

I hope they’re able to improve upon it and hopefully next time, Menue Games will have released a better game that has some substance and has some potential.


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Angry Birds Space claims the title of fastest growing mobile game

We all can hum the theme music by memory. We all have recently rediscovered our ancient, dormant skill of the slingshot and now have cravings for green ham and bacon. No, I’m not talking about Dr. Suess, but about one of the most recognized mobile games all over the world. Angry Birds by Rovio has captured the hearts of casual and hardcore gamers everywhere with their physics-based gameplay and over 300 levels of puzzle solving fun.

Rovio’s latest installment to the AB series, Angry Birds Space, was received with such excitement that the game is now being recognized as the fastest growing mobile game yet, scoring 50 million downloads within just 35 days. This is a huge deal for the developing team and will no doubt use this momentum to continue delivering quality updates and additional levels. My only question is when are they going to add multiplayer versus mode with online chat? That would be so cool!

source: rovio

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The Slingshot Is A Mobile Phone Stabilizer, Tripod, And Universal Camera Mount, Made Of Pure Engineering Magic

2012-04-07 18h06_27Ever since we started calling camera phones “phones,” we’ve been trying as hard as we can to replace as much of our prohibitively expensive camera equipment as we can. Our phones’ sensors have been beefed up to “actually pretty good” quality, we’ve seen several different attachable lenses. Now, thanks to Kickstarter, we’ve also found the last camera mounting accessory we’ll ever need: the Slingshot, which functions as handheld stabilizer, mini tripod, and professional tripod mount.

As with all Kickstarter products, this little device isn’t for sale yet, but if anything deserves a shot at being a proper product, it’s this little guy. The bulk of the magic happens in the cradle which, according to Charles Waugh, designer of the product, is flexible enough to hold phones of any size. He even says it’s sturdy enough to hold the gargantuan Galaxy Note. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see this feat, instead only seeing the product gripping an iPhone 4 and an HTC Incredible inside a case, but it holds on to both with an impressive grip, even upside down.


The rest of the Slingshot, namely the handle, is a multipurpose tool. When you’re taking mobile video with your mobile phone, the handle gives you control of the device with a single hand, leaving the other hand free to manipulate controls, or to simply reduce camera shake. If you just want to take a steady, up-close video, two small legs pop out of the handle and create a makeshift tiny tripod. The design is one of those ideas that’s so clever, we’re left to wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

Of course, a handle with a ball joint or a tiny plastic tripod is no replacement for your expensive professional tripod with all the bubble levels and gyroscopic doodads that keep everything level. The cradle, however, can be detached from the handle and screwed directly on to any tripod with a standard 1/4-20 mount (read: just about all of them), so you can have the best of both worlds if you’d like.

So far, the project is 43 days and about $15,000 away from reaching its goal. Donations that net you a free Slingshot if the project succeeds start at $14, which is not too shabby for a product like this. Check out the source link if you want in on this action. In the meantime, I’ll be pawning off all this useless and expensive video and camera equipment I bought over the last five years because I’m a chump.

Source: Kickstarter

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The Slingshot Is A Mobile Phone Stabilizer, Tripod, And Universal Camera Mount, Made Of Pure Engineering Magic was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Visualized: Space Needle slingshot readies 35-foot Angry Bird for launch


If it doesn’t make it, we can just hit restart, yeah?

[Photo credit: Rod Mar]

Visualized: Space Needle slingshot readies 35-foot Angry Bird for launch originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:11:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Official Angry Birds Space Trailer is Now Out

The time is almost upon us gamers. Angry Birds Space drops this week. Are you guys ready for it? You ready to get addicted to those little birds again? We are just two days away from the release of the game and Rovio Mobile dropped the official Angry Birds Space trailer today on their YouTube channel.

The trailer is definitely in true Angry Birds fashion. The birds are enjoying their lives being not so angry, when a worm hole opens up in the sky. They then slingshot themselves into the worm hole and take on new “galactic” uniforms and are ready to take on those green pigs in space combat. Enjoy the trailer below.

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Angry Birds hang with NASA astronaut for a Space physics lesson

If you haven’t heard the first true sequel to Rovio’s smash hit Angry Birds is coming later this month, you must have been hiding inside a exogorth. To explain the physics behind the new Angry Birds Space, Rovio employed the assistance of someone who ought to know: NASA astronaut Don Pettit, currently living on the International Space Station. With the help of an Angry Birds keychain, a green balloon, a bungie cord and no gravity, he explains some of the features we’re likely to see in Angry Birds Space when it launches on March 22nd.

Most people don’t need a practical example of how the Angry Birds slingshot mechanic works, or how a lack of planetary gravity would affect its trajectory – or more accurately, how it wouldn’t affect the trajectory. But there’s an interesting demonstration of how other bodies will affect the flight of an aggravated avian after it’s launched. Apparently in the new game players will have to contend with gravitational fields from other nearby bodies in order to strike at the pigs. We can also hope for some rocket thrusters or jetpacks, which as every Star Wars geek knows, make everything better.

Check out the video below:

The latest video does seem to suggest that Rovio is very committed to educating players while they bust pigs, as does their partnership with National Geographic. We finally get to check out the actual gameplay at the end of the video, and indeed, gravity fields (along with ice birds and rockets) play a big part in the space-based action. Angry Birds Space hits the Google Play Store on March 22nd, and no, you don’t need a Samsung Galaxy Note for the free download.

[via SlashGear]

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Bring Angry Birds to Life with a USB Slingshot controller

Tired of using your fingers to launch those birds of anger at those fat green piggies? Of course you are. That is soooooo two years ago. Well that is just what Simon Ford, director of tools for mbed parent company ARM, thought when he created a USB Slinghot controller to bring Angry Birds to life.

This controller uses an accelerometer to measure the tilt of the controller, as well as a rubber stretch sensor to measure the pullback you give the slingshot. Then it maps those movements to the appropriate mouse controls to give precise aim. There is also a USB connector and an mbed NXP LPC11U24 Microcontroller, that is all fitted into an actual sling shot apparently. Eat your heart out Bart Simpson.

So just in time for Angry Birds Space to come out I guess. Maybe this controller will give people the incentive to have Angry Birds parties like three years ago when people would have Rock Band and Guitar Hero parties. Oh how I miss the days of excessive drinking and pretending to be a rockstar. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: The Verge

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Angry Birds Space to launch on Samsung’s Galaxy Note (video)

Rovio described the upcoming Angry Birds Space as its biggest launch since the original game, but has been coy about platform details until now, as Samsung has revealed it’s launching on the Galaxy Note. We’re not sure how the phablet’s 5-inch (or possible 10.1-inch) display comes into play, but the extra area can’t hurt. Other than the “Houston… we have a slingshot” tagline there’s not many other details revealed, but if you’re (still) obsessed with taking down those pigs once and for all then press play on the teaser video above.

Angry Birds Space to launch on Samsung’s Galaxy Note (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 27 Feb 2012 01:52:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Saving Yello will keep you entertained and addicted, who doesn’t love launching a Goldfish

Say hello to Yello. A poor little goldfish that was yanked from his quiet life in the fish bowl by his owner who thought he needed to go for a walk. Aren’t kids evil? All Yello wants to do is get back to the safety of his glass home so he doesn’t die. You get to help him out and cause some mischief and mayhem along the way.

Saving Yello is a bit like Angry Birds, so if you have a serious addiction to that game you must try this one out. The game principles are simple. Pull back on Yello’s tail, take aim and slingshot him through the air. You have a limited number of shots to get him back to his fish bowl and to safety, until he gets yanked out for another level of course. The games graphics are great and the animations are superbly enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that they added in some great sounds for Yello himself along with a fun toy room sounding musical track and power-ups. Along your journey you even get to set the poor guy on fire. Fried Goldfish anyone? Other power-ups include a blowfish style approach with spikes and freezing Yello in a block of ice. All of this is necessary to get home, and no Goldfish were harmed in the making of this game.

There are 10 free levels to get you addicted to the game, then once you finish those you are prompted to pick up the full game via in-app purchase. The good news is it is only 0.99. The full version offers 50 hazardous levels over three various room decors. It is really worth your time and money. With no annoying ads and a enough levels to make that 99 cents worth it. Some have reported it freeze or lagging on the Galaxy Note, Razr MAXX and Galaxy SII. I had no issues on my Vibrant at all. Since it is free to try, it doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl on your device anyways.

Saving Yello 4
Saving Yello 3
Saving Yello 2
Saving Yello 1
Saving Yell05
Sacing Yello

Feel free to click or scan the QR code below to head to the market and get this game installed.

Application: Saving Yello 
Developer: dreamfab GmbH & Co. KG
Cost: FREE + $0.99 in-app full game purchase

Via AndroidPolice – Great find Eric.

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Space Leap: A Gorgeous Looking And Atmospheric Sounding Space Puzzler

The premise is your planet is dying, you must navigate it through space collecting life essence to sustain life along the way. If you’ve played Rocket Bunnies before, the gameplay here will feel very similar to you. Your planet will be orbiting around a star’s gravitational field and you can “space jump” and slingshot it towards another star’s gravity. Along the way though, there are asteroid belts, weak gravitational fields on other stars, unstable exploding stars, and wormholes to keep you on your toes. The soothing and atmospheric soundtrack also helps get you into a relaxing gaming mode along with its simple but challenging gameplay. Being a Feint enabled game, you’ll also be able to compete with others to complete the levels the quickest. Currently, Space Leap is free and packs 3 zones and 63 levels with more on the way. This game is sure to keep you busy for a while and impress with its good looks and smooth play. Hit up the break to check out the screenshots, video, and of course a link to download from the market. Don’t forget to let us know what you think right down there in the comments as well.

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Space Leap: A Gorgeous Looking And Atmospheric Sounding Space Puzzler

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Top Android Game: Bouncy Mouse

Best Android Apps Review –

The Bouncy Mouse Android game is a challenging, slingshot-action game where you aim to defeat Captain Cat and reclaim all of the cheese.

  • Version: 1.062
  • Size: 13.00MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free (ad-free version $0.99)

Bouncy Mouse features 30 unique levels across 3 exciting worlds (with more worlds to be added in the future). Use Bouncy Mouse’s elastic tail to launch from one magic peg to the next. Make sure to collect the small pieces of cheese along the way to maximize your score. In addition, the small pieces of cheese offer hints at where you should aim to successfully bounce off obstacles and avoid enemies like the Spiky Bees. The total number of cheese pieces collected is shown in the top right corner of the screen.

Much like the gameplay of Angry Birds, you pull back on Bouncy Mouse to launch him forward at the desired angle. Side note: it would be nice to have the ability to cancel your shot once you’ve pulled the mouse back in case you’ve made a mistake. As you make your way through each level, you have a total of 4 lives (represented with hearts) if needed. These come in handy if you run into a Spiky Bee or fall without latching on to one of the magic pegs.

For each level that you complete and collect all of the pieces of cheese, you will unlock a special item (accessible by scrolling up in the Level Select screen). For example, my Bouncy Mouse is now rocking a sombrero, eye-patch, and a glowing trail! It looks like these special items are for extra entertainment only (don’t serve any functional purpose in the game).


  • Smooth, slingshot gameplay
  • 30 levels across 3 worlds, with more to come
  • Enchanting music and sound effects
  • Customize your Bouncy Mouse

Areas for improvement:

  • Fix areas of certain levels where the mouse can slide back and forth without losing a life or any way to stop

Conclusion: A physics-based, launcher-type Android game in which you must lead Bouncy Mouse on a journey to eat the most cheese and defeat the evil, cheese-hoarding Captain Cat himself!

[AppBrain Link]

Top Android Game: Bouncy Mouse is a post from: Best Android Apps Review

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Sony Ericsson Posts Disappointing Q2, Says Japanese Disasters Are to Blame

This image has no alt text

Things were looking up for Sony Ericsson as they looked to give their business a major uplift. In particular, unique and powerful devices sitting alongside entry-level desirables were expected to boost Sony Ericsson’s performance this quarter and slingshot them into the upper echelon of manufacturers as far as revenue and market share go.

Unfortunately, that slingshotting is going to be put on hold. This quarter, Sony Ericsson lost $70.5 million overall compared to the same quarter last year where they gained $17 million. They also only shipped 7.6 million devices, which $1.7 billion in overall revenue compared to $2.5 the same quarter last year.

All of this is being blamed on the Japanese earthquake that caused a series of tsunamis and disrupted many Japanese businesses. It’s been a common excuse for OEMs who have done poorly since the earthquake, but those excuses can only remain valid for so long.

To credit Sony Ericsson, they were forced to delay the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro far past their expected launch dates. However, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play which was introduced at the exact same time of the aforementioned devices, has seen great market penetration in several regions. Q3 will tell the real story of Sony Ericsson’s performance, assuming no natural disasters occur between now and October. [Engadget]

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Beer Pong Finally Makes it to the Market! It’s Even in HD

There is certainly no lack of imagination when it comes to people and drinking games. I have built an insane version of the Price Is Rights ‘Plinko‘ game into one of the biggest drinking game successes in my little town. It was so great someone stole it from us. Jerks. No matter what your favorite drinking game is, everyone has played beer pong. It always a huge success. The only downside I have experienced beer pong is the need for the ping pong ball and plastic cups. Often times we forget to pick those up. The inventive will improvise with bouncy balls and other items they can find, but it just doesn’t have the same effect.

Developer Codeglue BV released their Beer Pong HD game towards the end of June. The gaming system is loosely based on the physics from Angry Birds. We are very familiar with how to aim that slingshot. It sports 4 difficulty levels and even adds in the ‘drunken camera’ element.  I must say, if your are a beer pong lover this is a must have for your party going adventures. Check it out below.

  Click or Scan the QRCode below to find out more information about the Beer Pong HD. You can also find out info and share the application with your friends on the AndroidSPIN App Site.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Beer Pong HD
Developer: Codeglue BV
Cost: FREE

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Angry Birds RIO Beach Volley [Full Spoiler]

Today’s the day! It’s the day that the May update for the Angry Birds RIO expansion, one called Beach Volley, and it’s a whole bunch of fun in the sun for hours on end! Actually more like an hour or so if you’re cruising through it with no regard for golden watermelons or three-star perfect scores. What we’ve done, in classic Android Community fashion, is run through the game using our amazing Angry Birds professional gamer Millie the Cat! She’s made it easy for those of you so hungry for the storyline that playing the game just wont do! Have a look at all the levels on the beach below.

There’s a few things you should know about this particular expansion, especially if you’ve never played a level of RIO before. How you’ve gotten this far without playing the earlier levels I do not know, but here it is: there’s a bunch of Common Marmosets in this newest expansion (there were some in the 2nd set of levels as well,) that we’ll from here forward call monkeys because it’s easier. Millie calls them monkeys, so we’ll call them monkeys too. These monkeys effectively replace the pig enemies in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, while in the first set of levels on RIO your goal is to break cages of rare birds, freeing them from their captors. These monkeys, as the storyline goes, are minions of the captor of the birds, sent to hunt you down. This captor is a big white bird by the name of Nigel, and he wants to capture you and all your bird friends after you temporarily beat him down at the end of the 2nd set of levels.

We won’t let that happen though, will we? Heck no. All the original birds are here, plus there’s a new tosser by the name of Blu and Jewel that you’ll be using to knock out monkeys. This newest member of your team may look like two separate birds when they’re standing in line to get slingshot, but they’re handcuffed together by the leg – they act sort of like a combination between the green bird, which reverses itself and acts like a boomerang, and a yellow bird who shoots in a bee-line in whichever direction it happens to be aiming. This blue bird combo floats through the air until you tap the screen, at which time they fly straight forward and slightly up. More often than not you’ll be hitting an object before they start flying too far so you may not notice their slight upwards motion at first, but I assure you, it’s there. Blu and Jewel are extremely powerful, so make sure you’re using them against the biggest and the baddest portions of the towers the monkeys sit upon.

Then there’s a couple odd levels I’d like to take you through, but we’ll get to them when we get to them below. One has a ton of umbrellas and the other is the final level with another new character ally of yours. Fun!

Level 5-1

Level 5-2

Level 5-3

Level 5-4

Level 5-5

Level 5-6

Level 5-7

Level 5-8

Level 5-9

Level 5-10

Level 5-11

Level 5-12

Level 5-13

Level 5-14

Level 5-15

Level 6-1

Level 6-2

Level 6-3

Level 6-4

Level 6-5

Level 6-6

Level 6-7

Level 6-8

Level 6-9

Level 6-10

Level 6-11

Level 6-12

In level 6-12 you’ll be challenged to bounce your birds across a sea of umbrellas in order to bowl over an otherwise-simple tower. As it turns out, you’re about to do this with a single bird. Good luck!

Level 6-12 IN FLIGHT!

Level 6-13

Level 6-14

Level 6-15

The 15th an final level of the second half of the third act of Angry Birds RIO is one with a massive set of towers in every sort of configuration, seemingly impossible to destroy without extra birds or some sort of trick or aid. As it turns out, the aid you seek is inside the big bush right in front of the slingshot on the beach. Notice how there’s no monkeys on the ground? There’s a reason for that.

Level 6-15 Luiz the bulldog!

Hooray it is the bulldog character from the RIO movie, Luiz! He’ll help you out by knocking down and out anything that hits the ground, including those wiley monkeys who might otherwise survive a short fall from the low peaks. To call Luiz all the way across the level and therefor through several items you’re much better with having knocked down, just hit that big set of beach balls on the far end. After Luiz sees the balls hitting the ground, runs over and chows down on everything in his path, you should only have a monkey or two left to deal with, of any at all. Win!

Level 6-15 Three Stars!

In the gallery below you can see the final scene showing Luiz helping your crew separate the two blue birds from one another and a few other tidbits we found interesting as we went through this iteration of the game. For more walkthroughs and spoilers like this one for Angry Birds, just hit the [Angry Birds] or [Rovio] portal.

NOTE: Also keep an eye out for “tagged” boxes, wood, sand, or anything else. These white luggage tag-like markers show you exactly where you’ll be finding the golden Watermelons in this act. Gotta catch em all!



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Rovio: Angry Birds Will Get Cross-Platform Syncing Before Summer


You know what I hate? Having to start over from the beginning of Angry Birds every time I flash a new ROM. I won’t have to deal with that for much longer, though – according to the official Twitter page of Rovio Mobile, they’re working on the greatest thing to happen to Angry Birds since the slingshot. Yes, I’m talking about syncing.


Once it’s finished and unleashed to the world, each time you flash a new ROM, get a new device, or even switch platforms altogether (I’m looking at you iOS crossovers), you will be…

Official Android Police t-shirts are now on sale, with over 25 designs to call yours. Discount coupons also available.

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Rovio: Angry Birds Will Get Cross-Platform Syncing Before Summer was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Angry Birds … the Movie?

If you’re a fan of the hysterically funny Red vs. Blue, and you can’t get enough of playing Angry Birds (isn’t it the law now?), you’re gonna love this trailer for Angry Birds … The Movie. Okay, before you get too excited, the trailer is a fake. But it’s a pretty good one. It’s a parody of the action genre. But to be honest, it’s pretty well conceived and the production values give it heft.

The story follows a covert operative who is charged with infiltrating the Pigs territory and liberate the eggs they’ve taken. And he’s given the military’s latest top secret weapon … of course, it’s the Angry Birds and a slingshot. And the puppets of the birds look pretty awesome. The story details the operative’s struggle as he uses and kills the birds in attacking the pigs fortresses. His disillusionment over his mission, and eventually his triumph.

But even though it’s meant to be rather comical, I think it would be far funnier if it had more of the Angry Birds in it. The ending has the operative saying “you wouldn’t like me Angry … Birds.” Huh? What’s the game about again guys? Don’t get me wrong, I love Rooster Teeth’s work. Red vs. Blue is some of the funniest machinima on screen. But if the name of the parody is Angry Birds, it helps to make them more of the focus. Like these guys did.


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