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Effing Weather App Makes Mobile Phone Users Laugh Even When Its Raining

Effing Weather - Funny Local Current Weather Forecast and Temperature for Today and Tomorrow Effing Weather – Funny Local Current Weather Forecast and Temperature for Today and Tomorrow
Rating: 4.5
Price: free  App Store

Independent developer, Kevin Blakeley today is proud to announce the release of Effing Weather 2.4, an update to his fun-to-use weather app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Effing Weather provides something that no other weather app has: a sense of humor. The app gives you quality data, mixed with witty remarks, sarcasm, and just plain funny responses. The app is also easy as heck to use and its social features make sharing funny moments a breeze.

“It’s So Fricking Perfect, I Want To Play Hookie, says a new weather app that will make people laugh”

290 reviews with a 4.5+ average rating.

If you are bored of reading the same old weather forecast where you are told it is going to be sunny or rainy today then a new weather app is going to make a change to that. Effing weather which was launched in January of 2013 makes fun of the weather. Instead of telling you it is warm or cold outside, this fun weather app comes out with funny remarks about the weather which includes:

” Who effing cares what the weather is, you’re working today”
” Are you Effing kidding me?

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BBC Weather app hits Android

The BBC has launched a new Android app today, bringing us its classic weather forecast icon set along with a full mobile weather outlook. The app is simpler than many other rammed weather apps, offering a stylish prediction for the moment, which can be scrolled sideways for an hourly idea of future conditions. It also predicts wind speed, covers five days and lets you edit widget refresh frequency.

The app’s Home screen widget is particularly pretty, and we have already dedicated a permanent slot to it. The app also includes DashClock integration from the off, NFC location sharing and Daydream display for your docking pleasure. Here it all is:

image image

 image image

It’s going to rain on Wednesday, but that’s OK as I’m already getting bored of watering the runner beans. The BBC Weather app is on Google Play here.

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The Things I Love, Pt. 2: The Benefit of Android’s Widgets

Information Lock Widget on Galaxy S3 lock screen

“Ah, widgets. I’ve mentioned them time and time again – you’re probably bored of hearing it – but I love Android’s widgets. They provide you with all sorts of real-time information right on your home screen. You can view live sports scores, breaking news stories, your website’s statistics, the weather forecast, your email inbox, and lots more without opening a single app. And with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you can add widgets to your lock screen, so you get all of this information without even unlocking your device.

I know widgets aren’t perfect; some are ugly, some consume too much data, and some will drain your battery life. But once you start using them and you begin to rely on them, you wonder why other smartphones don’t have them. When I use my iPhone now, it annoys me that I have to find and open an app for basic information – such as the weather forecast” (Killian Bell, How I Fell Out of Love With My iPhone and Fell In Love With The Nexus 4).

In part 1 on Killian Bell’s appreciation of Android (called “The Things I Love, Pt. 1), I stated that Bell liked Android 4.2 and the ability to move around icons and allow pictures on your desktop to be displayed without icons covering up the photo. This article will deal with Killian Bell’s appreciation of widgets, a feature that Bell says most users cannot live without.

Widgets provide you with necessary information without opening one app. With iOS, you have to open the weather application to find out the weather for the day. With Android weather widgets, you can view the weather right from your lock screen as well as your main screen after unlocking the device by swiping from left to right.

If you want to check your email in iOS, you have to download a Gmail app for Google mail. Once you log into your email account, you can then access your email. On the other hand, Android users can access their email by adding a Gmail widget to their main pages on the Android smartphone. The email widget allows you to check your email simply by tapping on the Gmail icon. Unlike the iOS app, you do not need to log in to access your email with an Android email widget.

Widgets make the smartphone experience easier and more accessible than smartphones that lack widgets. One thing that Android 4.2 does (which I believe Killian Bell likes most) is the lock screen widgets that you can add to your Android lock screen. While the weather and information lock tickers are lock screen features that you can access in Android 4.1, Android 4.2 takes even greater advantage of the lock screen than in previous updates. If Google has its say, Android 4.2.2 may come with a new “Google Now” widget that you can access before you swipe to unlock your smartphone. While iOS’s voice command (Siri) can tell you sports scores, there is no other way to find out unless you download a free sports app and view it from your iPhone desktop.

It is a different experience with the two phones: one has an open OS (Android) and gives admin privileges to its users, while the other OS (iOS) is closed and extremely controlled – almost to the point where it starts to sound silly, as Killian Bell mentions in his article:

“Android has folders, too, but they’re not limited to just 12 apps. I’ve never understood why this is the case on iOS; having to make numerous folders because you have more than 12 games installed is just silly” (How I Fell Out Of Love With My iPhone 5 And Fell In Love With The Nexus 4).

In iOS folders, you can only have 12 apps; in Android folders, however, you can have more than twelve. At the moment, I have a game folder on my Galaxy S3 that has 14 games included. And, I still have room to add at least another two games on the current folder row (which makes the folder capable of holding at least 16 games). I’m sure there are other Android users who have more games than me; you may even have more games in one folder than I).

If you are an individual who wants to try an experience worth having, it doesn’t get any better than Android widgets. I doubt after you try them that you will be able to return to iOS the same user you were before.

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KiteSurf Pro with weather forecast available on the Apple App Store

Kitesurf PRO with weather forecast  
Developer: Pantelis Zirinis  
Price: free   Download

In a move to make an app that provides kite-surfers with , Paz Labs introduces KiteSurf PRO, its breakthrough new app for iPhone that takes to the next level, by providing personalized advice on how to get the best weather conditions.

“Where to go kiting on Monday at 11:00 am?”, “Can I use my 7 meter kite?” are one of the most typical kitesurfer’s question. Conventional weather forecast applications cannot answer them, KiteSurf PRO was made for them.

Using traditional generic weather forecast applications that only provide you the wind speed and direction of a spot, kitesurfer had to make calculations, on what kite size to use, at what time and locate the best spot. KiteSurf PRO does all these calculations and gives advice on the best time to go kiting.

Using the premium upgrade (in-app purchase $1.99 USD) it gives advice on the best spot to go kitesurfing for the time provided. It compares weather forecast for multiple spots and creates a list with the best spots. The information provided is personalized for the user preferences.

KiteSurf PRO 2.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Weather category. This app is available worldwide in the English language. An iPad version is under-construction and other languages will be introduced soon. Review Promo Codes for free premium upgrade are available upon request.

Watch the Video

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Zooper Widget for Android – Weather, Battery Info, and More in a Minimal Look

Widgets are one of the easy ways to take a boring homescreen and turn it into something tasteful and useful to look at. A new widget that has been taking control of my homescreens is Zooper Widget. It allows me to add tons of info right on my screen like a weather forecast, battery stats, calendar, [...]

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Clock Stand for iPad – A Unique Desk and Sleep Companion

Clock Stand for iPad  
Developer: Emir Fithri Bin Samsuddin  
Price: $0.99   Download

Independent app developer, emirBytes is pleased to announce today that Clock Stand for iPad is available to download in the Apple’s App Store. The app is created specifically for the iPad , utilizing the touch interface. Clock Stand for iPad was created with simplicity in mind, but with many features that are very useful as a sleep companion and as your work desk companion.

The app features a very useful two-mode operation – Awake and Sleep mode – which can be switched by using the Apple’s famous “Slide to…” control. Among the useful features of the app is the automated Weather Forecast (which auto-detects your location and requests the forecast for a place near you). The latest version brings a new service since the previous weather service by Google was shutdown by Google sometime in August.


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Scope Nights: The First 5-Night Stargazing Weather Forecast for iPhone

Scope Nights  
Developer: Martin Dodd  
Price: $1.99   Download

Egg Moon Studio today is happy to announce that their first mobile app, Scope Nights, is now available exclusively for and iPod touch. Most weather apps don’t focus on night time conditions, and so Scope Nights was developed to provide a quick & easy night time for and binocular owners. Accurate weather data is gathered direct from national weather sources and weather conditions essential to stargazing are analysed and rated to show which nights will have the best stargazing conditions.

“As an amateur astronomer myself I’m extremely pleased with this initial release of Scope Nights; I’m sure stargazers will find it an indispensable tool and a welcome relief from sieving through conventional weather apps for clear skies. It’s designed to be quick and easy to use whether at home or at an observing site, and more features will be added in future updates, so it’s going to get even better.” said Martin Dodd, founder of Egg Moon Studios.


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Google revamps weather search for tablets, definite hint of Google Now

Android Central

Google has gone and pushed out a pretty nice looking, 'interactive weather visualization' for weather searches on tablets. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the new Google Now service introduced with Jelly Bean, searching for weather in a particular location in Google on your tablet, now brings up what we see here. It was rolled out to smartphone searches a few weeks ago, so it seems only right that tablets aren't left out. 

You'll get to see a pretty detailed snapshot of current, and upcoming weather information for your area. There's an hourly forecast to scroll through, equally there's also a ten-day forecast too. And, it looks pretty darn good. After all, who ever said that looking at the weather forecast had to be dull? 

It works — as you would expect — on Chrome, but we've also verified that it works too on the stock Android browser. Go ahead, give it a try in your browser of choice.

And, for a little pro tip, why not add a weather search for your home, work, whichever chosen location, to your bookmarks in the stock browser on your device. Add that bookmark to your homescreen, and you've got yourselves a pretty powerful local weather forecast, right at your fingertips. 

via +Google

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News: Trip Weather – Forecast for Every City of Your Tour 1.4: Plan Your Trip

download app Trip Weather – Forecast for Every City of Your Tour.  
Price: $0.99   Download on the App Store

Trip Weather – Forecast for Every City of Your Tour 1.4 for iOS is a new app which provides you with a weather forecast of any place around the world. It is very useful if you are planning to travel to different cities or countries as it gives you the whole forecast for all your cities in one view. The app uses the most reliable weather content provider for businesses and travel industry. The full weather forecast is shown for two weeks, if you want to see more the monthly average temperature will be shown.

It has user-friendly interface. The best thing about this app is that you see the all forecast for different places and dates no matter how many of them you choose. It is very easy to use: you need only to type in cities, arrival and departure dates of your journey and the whole weather forecast is formed at once. You can save your trip and the forecast will be renewed every five minutes if the Internet is available.

You should not take a lot of luggage and baggage with and pay extra-money for it, because you will know what to expect. And you will not feel any lack of things, if it is drizzly, rainy or too hot or too cold.

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My new favorite weather app: Weatherwise [App Review]

This image has no alt text

The little peek at the "Share to Google Drive" wasn’t the only good stuff that was on show during yesterday’s Android Developers’ Friday Apps Review. One of the three apps discussed, Weatherwise, really caught my attention.

What does it do?

As you’d expect, it provides the weather forecast for the locations of your choice. There’s quite a bit of information available, including a week’s forecast and a detailed 24-hour forecast.

What sets it apart?

First and foremost: the graphics. The animation is really beautiful, with several varying conditions (the developer said around 20) ranging from a thunderstorm to a nice, quite sunset. It also has a neat little parallax effect, so if you move the phone a bit, you see the bushes moving more than the tree at the back.

The developer is also monetizing it using in-app purchases of themes (there are five available currently, priced at $0.99 each). What that means is no annoying ads to spoil the experience (as is the case with 1Weather, another beautiful app).

The widgets are pretty decent, too, certainly a lot better than 1Weather’s (IMHO). You have two to choose from: a 4X4 and a 4X1 option.

What improvements I’d like to see?

First off, and this is, as mentioned in the Hangout, the most requested feature: a live wallpaper. This is a gorgeous app, and I’d love to have the option (though I barely ever use live wallpapers).

Without that, you only really appreciate the looks when you first install it, and when you show it off to friends. Once the beauty wears off, you only want to quickly glance at the forecast when you open the app.

Secondly, and this is something Reto Meier pointed out to the team in the Hangout, the buttons need to be a bit bigger. I have had issues opening the 23-hour detailed information at times.

And finally, I’d like to see the widgets display the time also. I use Beautiful Widgets, and I love the time + weather combo. I’m not going to replace that widget with Weatherwise’s.

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[New App] Weather Flow simplifies your weather forecast and adds Uniqueness

There is a large abundance of weather forecast applications in the Play Store. Everyone has their personal preference, but sometimes it is time for a change. A new weather application was just launched to the Play Store from Distinction Ltd. Some of you may know them from their popular Cocktail Flow application that brings a unique user experience to the world of mixed drinks. Staying true to their “flow-osophy” they have released Weather Flow.

The application offers an ICS style to it with a very clean and minimalistic look in both the on-screen widgets and in the weather forecast its self. On the widget front, there are two primary options, a light and a dark version. That simply refers to the background that is behind the widget. You can also alter the current temp, line under the widget and the rain or snow drop colors as Green, Blue or Red. When you tap on the weather it opens up the forecast screen. here you can use a typographic interface which is really clean with some small animations to make it look nice. You will be able to see your hourly forecast and five-day forecast on one screen as well as precipitation and wind speed/direction. You can change that look to a Rich version inside the settings. The Rich look has an amazing panning image in the background that displays what the weather looks like. You get all the same information as the typographic look, with the exception of the hourly and five-day forecasts being switched by taping on the work.

  you can very easily set up various locations from around the globe for use inside the forecast section and for your widgets. When adding a widget you are prompted to select the location that you wish it to use, assuming you have set up more than one location. The widgets update every 30 minutes, with no settings available to alter that time frame.

Overall it is a very clean widget with just enough customization to make it your own. You won’t be spending hours sifting through themes or adjusting settings to make it work. After you install it, you should be all set with in a matter of minutes. Feel free to take a closer look at the layout and the various design elements of the application via the YouTube video we did below.

It is a rather nice weather application in our opinion. If you like it too, hit up the QR code below by either scanning it or clicking it to head to the Play Store for purchase. To find out more information about Weather Flow, Distinction Ltd and this application for your Windows Phone 7, direct your browser over to their website.

Developer: Distinction Ltd
Cost: $1.99

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Apple brings Siri voice control to the iPhone 4S

You’ve heard the rumors, and Apple has now confirmed that it will be bringing Siri voice control to its new iPhone 4S — and, yes, it will still be called Siri. That will let you use natural language to perform tasks like asking for a weather forecast or getting directions, setting an alarm or making a calendar appointment, and searching Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha for information (among many other possibilities). Described as a “humble personal assistant,” Siri will work in English (including the UK and Australia), French and German for now, and it’ll work with all built-in apps and over both 3G and WiFi. It’ll also be a beta to start with, and Apple promises that it “gets better” as it learns your voice. Unfortunately for current iPhone owners, however, it looks like Siri will only be available on the iPhone 4S (at least initially).

Update: Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple appears to have pulled the existing Siri Assistant app from the App Store. There’s also somewhat curiously no mention of Siri at all on Apple’s Canadian website, although the Siri app itself was never available in Canada to begin with. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Apple brings Siri voice control to the iPhone 4S originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 04 Oct 2011 14:17:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Apps of the Day: Optimistic Weather, Mobile Shopper 2012, and More

Looking for a few good apps for your Android device? Look no further. We’re back with another edition of ‘Apps of the Day’ to help you sort out what’s good in the Android Market. Today’s edition comes with a sense of youthful optimism and better living with a weather forecast app that will never let you down, a smartphone take on a nostalgic game, and the latest from Consumer Reports. Read on for more.

Optimistic Weather – Optimistic Weather isn’t like other weather apps. It chucks forecasts aside in favor of an outlook that is always sunny and bright. Don’t download this app if you want to get a reality check including doom and gloom updates of impending bad weather vibes. Optimistic Weather gives you one forecast and one forecast alone: sun, sun, sun! Maybe that inaccuracy makes it a bit more like other weather apps, after all. [Market]

Float - You remember that game we all used to play? You know, the one where you and a few friends attempted to keep a balloon aloft without touching the floor? Float is that game on your Android phone with many more twists thrown in. For as simple as it is, the gameplay can often be addictive. Just don’t let the balloons touch the spikes. [Market]

Mobile Shopper 2012 – Want to get the low down on a product before making a purchase? Consumer Reports has unleashed their Mobile Shopper app to help make buying decision easier.  At it’s core, the app might seem like a simple barcode scanner, but the resources to be mined once a product has been scanned add up to much more than that. It’s a bit pricey at $4.99, but you’ll get a one-year subscription to product reviews, ratings, and buying advice. [Market]

SUPPORTbuddy – SUPPORTbuddy won’t be for everyone, but for those looking to find an online, private support group to help deal with their physical and emotional health issues, it could be just the thing. SUPPORTbuddy lets your share your current condition, see updates from other, and join in on discussions about various aspects of dealing with life-changing circumstances such as cancer, depression, HIV/AIDS, and addiction. [Market]

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NEW APP: Optimistic Weather

A bit of a joke this. But a good one. Optimistic Weather lies to you about what the weather’s going to be tomorrow. That’s it. It’s not really of any particular use, but looks sweet and amused us for a few seconds just then. Here’s the maker’s description:

You can’t control the weather but you can control your optimism. Optimistic Weather is not a conventional weather forecast, it blows away those swirling charts for nothing but next day sunshine. Accurate weather forecasting is just depressing… let’s look forward to tomorrow!


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  3. Optimistic Acer raises it’s 2010 Android phone sales forecast to 3 million

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T-Mobile HTC Sensation – A little Introduction, Initial Impressions and plenty of Photos!

It’s was a nice warm summer day as the Fedex van pulled up outside my office with a little packed full of big goodness.  Inside was a brand new HTC Sensation all ready to run on T-Mobile’s high speed network inside the Charlotte boundaries.  People have compared the Sensation to the Google Nexus One and I can see why.  It’s like the Nexus One suddenly grew up and became the device everyone has been asking for.  At least that’s my opinion, as the Google Nexus One, regardless of it’s small quirks, is one of the best designed Android phone to date.  Or it was !!

The sensation features a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor and it shows.  It’s still not the blazing dragon I expected, but Sense 3.0 running on the qHD display takes a lot of power and uses every inch of that processor.  The results are nothing but amazing.  If you’ve seen the weather forecast in Sense with life like clouds, sun, storms and other conditional animations, it’s a sight to be seen.  The screen is incredibly clear and everything is very easy to read.  The brightness is a little low when using the auto brightness feature, but that’s soon remedied by manually increasing the brightness to your desired taste.

The front of the device looks incredibly clean with the light sensor, speaker grill (which also houses the hidden LED indicator light) and the front facing camera across the top edge.  The bottom edge has the usual softkeys to control your android device.  Missing is any form of touch pad as seen on the Nexus One.  I’m a big fan of these as I find it makes editing text much easier than trying to guide your cursor using your finger on the screen.  I used to say that about keyboards too, but now I don’t think I’d ever use one if I had one.  So like everything else, it’s simply what you’re used too.

The nice feature that you should be ware of is the contoured glass on the front of the device.  Laying your Sensation face down on a table top means that the actual face of the phone is not touching the surface and should help prevent scratching.

HTC Sensation Front

HTC Sensation Front

The top of the device has been reversed to the usual HTC standards and the power button is now located on the left with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the right.  I know I’ll get used to it, but I keep going to the left to power the Sensation on and off.  *The picture below is taken from the back so reverse what your seeing here to fit my description.

HTC Sensation Top and Back

HTC Sensation Top and Back

The back of the device features an amazing 8mp camera and dual LED flash. The sample photo’s I’ve taken so far are incredible. The real nice feature here is the speed at which the Sensation takes your shots. As long as the phone has analyzed your scene and is ready, clicking the capture photo button was almost instant. This is a huge bonus and one of the fastest picture takers I’ve ever used.  * See the samples gallery at the bottom of the article.

HTC Sensation Back

HTC Sensation Back


On the right side edge of the Sensation is the volume rocker and USB connector.  The USB connector can also double as a HDMI output with the appropriate adapter installed.

HTC Sensation Right

HTC Sensation Right


You may be asking “How does the Sensation compare to other Android phones as far as weight and size”. You can take a look at the shots below showing the HTC Sensation, Google Nexus One and the T-Mobile myTouch 4G stacked on top of each other and then photographed from the side and the top edges of the devices.



HTC Sensation Size Comparison Front

HTC Sensation Size Comparison Front



HTC Sensation Size Comparison Side

HTC Sensation Size Comparison Side



HTC Sensation Size Comparison Top

HTC Sensation Size Comparison Top

Overall I’m very impressed with the Sensation.  It runs smooth, connects well and the phone calls are as clear as expected.  The volume could be a little louder, but that seems to be the case on almost all phone.

That’s it for my initial impressions, this is by no means a review of the device simply my feelings of the device out of the box and playing around for a couple of hours. Stay tuned for a full review in the near future.

Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the gallery of all the images you’ve just seen and a few other shots I took with the camera.  I got a little carried away playing around with the camera effects as you can see in the gallery below, but it does one picture of each effect taken from the same angle.

HTC Sensation Top and Back
HTC Sensation Back
HTC Sensation Front
HTC Sensation Right
HTC Sensation Size Comparison Front
HTC Sensation Size Comparison Side
HTC Sensation Size Comparison Top

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App review: SPB Shell 3D for Android

As we all know, the beauty of Android stems from the fact that you get a wide variety of choices when it comes to devices and interface, though the latter can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Luckily, users who are fed up with their bloated Android UI but don’t want to (or can’t) mess around with ROMs now have another easy solution. Joining the handful of Android launchers is SPB’s Shell 3D app, which installs as a replacement (but removable) home screen that comes with some nifty widgets (radio switches, backlight dimmer, weather forecast with a 3D chart, clock with over 60 skins, world time with a 3D globe, etc.) and resizeable folders.

As you can see above, the highlight of the show here is a cool-looking 3D carousel for switching between up to 16 panels, and you can trigger it by either tapping or horizontally dragging the bottom-center button. Whilst in carousel mode, you can also rearrange the panels, change their colors, or flick away excess panels. All of this required no manual reading on our end, so it’s safe to say that this is a pretty intuitive app. Read on to see what the performance is like.

Continue reading App review: SPB Shell 3D for Android

App review: SPB Shell 3D for Android originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:54:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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