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SmartGlass on Android can now control your TV through your Xbox One

The Xbox SmartGlass app for Android allows users to remotely control their Xbox One from their phone, and with the latest update, you can do a lot more. TV and App Channels are now showcased in an easy-to-access OneGuide page. You can also manually cruise through your TV channels if you have service now. Twitch integration helps you discover live streaming gameplay through SmartGlass. An array of smaller tweaks, such as achievement comparisons, new notification options, and an overall Home screen change round out a pretty beefy update.

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Xbox One SmartGlass beta app launches, brings OneGuide and DVR features for preview users

Are you part of the Xbox One dashboard preview program? Do you want to test out some great new features that are coming to Xbox One’s SmartGlass apps soon? Now you can, thanks to the launch of a separate Xbox One SmartGlass beta over at Google Play.


The beta already brings some rather significant goods for those of you on the latest version of the Xbox One dashboard preview. For starters, you can now browse your OneGuide listings from the app, and have your TV switch to a channel as if you were using an actual remote. Think of your smartphone or tablet as the smartest remote you’ve ever owned.

You’ll also be able to thumb through your DVR content from your device and start playback, something that required the use of your existing cable or satellite remote before. Here’s a full list of everything that’s coming:

  • An enhanced TV watching experience (that’s already available in the U.S.), which sees TV listings added to OneGuide, alongside Favorites and App Channels. This will work for people in Europe and Canada who have their TV connected to Xbox One via HDMI-in.
  • More control over Xbox One, their TV, and set-top box, including setting new recordings and watching recorded content from their DVR, all from a tablet or smart phone. Xbox SmartGlass also adds a cool new feature to show the most recently-watched channels.
  • New Kinect voice commands in Europe and Canada (already available in the U.S.) which let you control your set-top box and other AV equipment.

The new DVR features will be facilitated through a new remote control user interface that mimics that of a cable box’s. The commands will likely be transmitted over the network to the Xbox, which will use the Kinect to issue the commands to the cable box. Pretty neat setup, right? Here’s what the digital remote interface looks like on your phone:

xbox cable remote

Interested? You can find it in Google Play, but remember that it’s a beta and there may be some unknown issues lurking about. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to use any of this unless you’re in the dashboard preview program. There’s a handy in-app option for reporting issues, so be sure to exercise that option if you happen to come across anything.

[via Microsoft]

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Microsoft releases Xbox One Smartglass app into Google Play Store


Xbox Smartglass hit mobile phones just a few years ago to provide a second-screen experience while users played their Xboxes, and Microsoft recognized it was time to move along in its natural progression.

The Xbox One Smartglass Beta app has hit the Play Store, and it allows users to send feedback to the developers and preview new features.

Hit the break for screenshots of the app as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.


qr code
Play Store Download Link


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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app available in Google Play

Keep up on the latest developments in this Xbox second-screen app

If you want that second-screen experience between your Xbox One and your Android phone, but also want to ride that bleeding edge known as beta, Microsoft has you covered.

They’s released a beta version of their Xbox One SmartGlass app into Google Play, allowing users a way to preview new features and provide feedback to the folks writing the code. We do have to wonder why Microsoft didn’t use the official beta track in Google Play, but we aren’t about to second guess what goes on in Redmond.

If you’re the adventurous type who want to give the beta a try, uninstall the stable version and hit the Google Play link at the top of the post.


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Xbox One SmartGlass app for Android brings push notifications in latest update

XboxOne SmartGlass Android

The Xbox One SmartGlass app has always been pretty good, but there were always a couple of things holding it back in comparison to other versions. Namely, Android users never had the ability to receive a notification for new messages as soon as they come in. They were instead forced to check manually, which can be a drag.

But today’s update changes all of that as Microsoft has finally added push notification support, so there should be no excuse for you missing your friends’ cries to come play Titanfall when it drops March 11th. Push notifications weren’t the only new thing Android users got in today’s upgrade, though.

Microsoft has added the ability to unsnap a snapped app without having to use the remote feature. You also get a tweaked friends list that automatically shows your favorites at the top, much like the full-sized app now does on the Xbox One following the March upgrade. Microsoft has also cleaned the activity feed up a tad. Finally, you can now access all your own GameDVR clips with a new menu option instead of having to jump into your profile view.

You should be looking for version 2.2, which is only available for devices running Android 4.0 or higher. It’s just 14MB large so you shouldn’t have much of a problem grabbing this one over your 3G or 4G connection. Find it for free in the Google Play Store right here.

[via Xbox One Daily]

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Xbox Live for Android may be updated to take on Google Play Games

A new report this morning suggests Microsoft is readying their Xbox Live platform for Android and iOS to also encompass mobile gaming. Microsoft recently posted a Software Engineer job listing, noting the new position will help build an “extensible and scalable” cross-platform offering. The service is believed to act much like Google or Apple’s current social gaming initiatives.

It seems the goal here s to make Xbox Live a touch more social, and offer better discoverability across mobile platforms. This doesn’t mean you’ll get to play Xbox games on your handheld, though; instead, it’s believed to be meant as a tool for social gaming. Find friends, challenge others, even discover online multiplayer games.

While that’s currently offered from both Google and Apple, those services lack one key feature an updated “Xbox Live for Mobile” would pick up on. With a third party involved, true cross-platform functionality would likely exist. The social aspect of Asphalt 8 on your iPad would be the same as your Nexus 5. Currently, both game platforms are propriety to their brand.

It’s believed Microsoft wants to bring Developers back into their fold, too. The simpliciy of an API for games to be on a social Xbox platform would be easy enough for Developers, and a change from Microsoft’s current rigorous certification process. Of course, asking that mobile Developers bring their iOs and Android games to Xbox also has the added benefit of bringing in new Developers while winning others back. We like the idea of Xbox Live becoming more social, we’re just not sure we want any console tie-ins, which is likely one of the bigger pushes with such a move.

Source: The Verge

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Xbox Music update brings offline playlist caching

Xbox Music all 3 screens

When Microsoft launched their Xbox Music service, it was met wit mixed reactions. On one hand, they had a pretty decent selection of tracks and the mobile and desktop apps weren’t bad. It also would be compatible with Microsoft’s latest Xbox One console. On the other hand, it was missing crucial features like offline playback.

Thankfully, you can now check that one off the list. The latest upgrade to the Xbox Music app allows you to cache entire playlists of songs for playback when you don’t have a data connection available. Furthermore, Microsoft also added a “play all by genre” feature so you can easily listen to all songs of a specific genre — sometimes you just feel like hearing all things salsa for a few hours.

The application is available as a free download in the Google Play Store, though you’ll need an Xbox Music Pass subscription in order to check it out. Microsoft allows you to try it out for free, so be sure to give it a whirl and see if it’s something you like (though we wouldn’t be surprised if you went running back to Google Play Music in the end).

[Google Play Store Download]

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U-Verse dropping Xbox 360 receiver support after December 31st

AT&T U-Verse on an Xbox 360

We hope you weren’t bent on using the Xbox 360 as a U-Verse TV receiver. AT&T is now telling customers that it will drop IPTV support for Microsoft’s older console after December 31st, leaving viewers with little choice but to use a conventional set-top box. Subscribers will get a $99 credit in return for their troubles, the provider says. We’ve reached out to AT&T for more details regarding the move, but there are no signs of an official Xbox One substitute on the horizon.

[Thanks, Chuck]

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Source: AT&T

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Microsoft Releases Xbox One SmartGlass App to Google Play

Microsoft Releases Xbox One SmartGlass App to Google Play

Xbox One

Microsoft launched the official Xbox One SmartGlass app to Google Play last night, allowing future owners of the next-gen console to utilize certain functions built right into the system. The SmartGlass app can act as a second screen for the Xbox One, enabling players to access additional content on their smartphone while playing their favorite games. You can also keep track of your friends and messages, all from within the app. 

The app also lets users take control of the console’s builtin DVR capability. You can stream your own game footage or even keep an eye out on your friends’ gameplay, all from your smartphone or tablet. It’s a powerful app, so if you planned on picking up an Xbox One, be sure to grab the app from Google Play.

Play Link

Cheers Chris!

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Xbox One SmartGlass app released ahead of Xbox One November 22 launch

Microsoft is doing its fair share of teasers and appetizers for the Friday launch of its next-gen console. This time, the pre-release fever is coming in the form of its SmartGlass app that is now being made available on all supported mobile platforms, which happily includes Android.


SmartGlass for the Xbox One is fundamentally an app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a companion or extension of the Xbox One console, not unlike a similar app released last week by Sony for its PlayStation 4. In some ways, both apps tout the same features such as acting as a remote control for the TV and the Xbox One as well as transforming the mobile device into a second-screen. So far, only a limited number of games and apps have been announced to take advantage of this feature, which includes Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6, Dead Rising 3, Just Dance 2014, Battlefield 4, Internet Explorer, and Machinima.

Of course, the SmartGlass app is almost practically useless without an Xbox One, but Microsoft is suggesting a few ways would-be owners can prepare for the launch. For one, the app will already let users search for for games online, in the highly unlikely case that they still don’t have a game in mind for the console. They can also pretty up their Xbox Live dashboard as well as connect with friends and other gamers who are also eagerly waiting for the console to arrive.

The Xbox One SmartGlass app is available for free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store via the link below. Xbox 360 owners should take note that this app is different from the older SmartGlass app for the Xbox 360 and should be downloaded separately.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlass on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Microsoft

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Xbox One SmartGlass app hits Google Play ahead of console release

Xbox One SmartGlass

Be ready for the next generation of Xbox

Three days ahead of the retail launch of the latest Xbox, Microsoft has released a new version of its companion Xbox SmartGlass app. Just as before, the Xbox One SmartGlass app provides a second screen experience on your phone or tablet for the Xbox One in your house, giving you access to useful information on the content you're watching, your friends list, game achievements and much more.

You can also use the app to navigate the console's interface with the touchscreen, and enter text with the on-screen keyboard, which can often be drastically faster than using a standard game controller. You can grab a download of the Xbox One SmartGlass app at the Play Store link above, and stare at it solemnly as you wait for your Xbox One to arrive on Friday.

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Xbox One SmartGlass app now available for Android devices

Xbox SmartGlass app for Android

We’re barely 3 days away from the launch of the Xbox One and for those wanting to get a head start on everything the console has to offer, the new Xbox One SmartGlass app is now officially available from Google Play.

Like the original Xbox SmartGlass app before it, Xbox gamers can use Xbox One SmartGlass as a central hub for all things Xbox. Sync it up with the console and you’ll be able to message friends, track achievements, or even get game help while on-the-go. Xbox One SmartGlass also acts as a companion app for games and media, bringing the second-screen experience to your Android device.

Pinned content in the SmartGlass app syncs up with the Xbox One and while you wont be able to do much until the console actually launches, we’re sure that wont stop you from downloading anyway.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlass on Google Play

via XboxOneDaily

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Xbox One SmartGlass Is Now Available On The Play Store

xbox one smartglassWhile we’ve been hearing lots of news about the Sony PlayStation 4′s release, both good and bad, let’s not forget that there’s also another next-gen console about to be released: the Xbox One. While the console itself isn’t due out for a few more days, Microsoft has green-lit the release of its companion Android app, Xbox One SmartGlass, which much like its predecessor, will allow you to interact with your Xbox One in various ways all from your Android device including the following:

  • Navigate your Xbox One console using your device’s keyboard and touch
  • Control your media and set top box with the SmartGlass remote control
  • Browse the web on your TV using your mobile device
  • Enhance what you are watching or playing with SmartGlass companions
  • Increase performance with faster connections and reliability

xbox one smartglassThe app itself is pretty useless without the console, but if you still want to check out the app now and the get a taste of what’s to come, it’s available on the Play Store for free as we speak. Note that you’ll have to have a device with Android 4.0 or higher to install it. Hit the Play Store links below if you want to download the app.

Source: engadget


Application: Xbox One SmartGlass

Play Store Link

Price: Free


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Listen up: Comparing Xbox Music and Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music and Xbox Music

No single service has everything, but some have more features than others

A full 11 months after Microsoft let us know that Xbox Music would come to Android "eventually," we finally have access to another one of the big music services on our Android devices. While Microsoft was busy working out the kinks of finally launching its app, Google has entered the space with All Access, a subscription version of Google Play Music that gives you customizable radio features and unlimited access to every song its library.

Both of these music services offer a unique feature set, and now that Xbox Music has finally come to Android we can take a look at them head-to-head. Read on with us after the break where we break down the features, shortcomings and overall experience of Xbox Music when compared to Google Play Music All Access.

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Xbox Music Launches On Android

Xbox Music

Microsoft announced its music streaming service, Xbox Music is now available for Android and iOS devices. Users can also stream music free on the web.

Xbox Music brings many of the same features available on Windows 8 and Windows Mobile. Microsoft states the service “will continue to grow and evolve over the coming months.” Radio, customizable collections, discovery features and playlist curation were all mentioned as future updates.

The current mobile app features:

• Stream ad-free music from a catalog of tens of millions of songs
• Add songs, albums, and playlists to your Xbox Music collection and access them from other device
• Create playlists that sync across your phone, Xbox 360, PC, tablet, and the web
• Listen to music while using your Android phone
• Enjoy a rich visual experience for searching, viewing, and playing back music
Coming soon: download your music for listening offline

The Xbox Music Pass will cost you $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The free app can be downloaded on Google Play.


Developer:  Microsoft Corp.

Cost: Free


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Xbox Music preparing to launch on Android


Microsoft once had one use for the Xbox brand, but with Windows 8 and the new “one Microsoft” idea, the company has started using the Xbox brand for all entertainment services, including Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Live.

Xbox Music was released on Windows platforms and members could use the service for free to listen to tracks. The service is coming to Android and iOS, but with some disadvantages, including paid subscription after a certain time.

Microsoft will offer six months of free streaming on Xbox Music with ads and then will offer limited time, after the time-limit, users will have to pay a subscription fee to listen to unlimited amounts of music.

This is a good move by Microsoft, if they want to really make money on their services, having them on the two major mobile operating systems is a must. Even if Google and Microsoft are not getting along right now, Android can bring good revenue and so can iOS.

Microsoft is diving in the deep end with this music streaming service, Pandora, Spotify and Rdio already have some traction and both Apple and Google have just made their own, iTunes Radio and All Access, respectively. We wonder if the company will be able to grab any traction with Xbox Music and if the app will be featured on both platforms, considering they are rivals.


The post Xbox Music preparing to launch on Android appeared first on The Droid Guy.


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Microsoft makes Xbox Music available on Android

Android Central

It's here, but it's short on some features next to the Windows Phone version

Microsoft has today made their Xbox Music streaming service available to Android device owners for the first time. The app requires an Xbox Music account to use, but essentially it gives you access to all the same music that Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone users have had for some time now. But, while it's great that Microsoft has made it available, it's lacking in a couple of key areas when compared to its Windows Phone sibling. It also doesn't seem to like the idea of tablets, since the Play Store is highlighting a lack of compatibility with them all. 

The first of those is the lack of artist based radio. It's not the end of the world, but it does mean you're basically limited to searching for music to listen to. The bigger omission, at least for now, is offline music. Unless you're connected to an Internet connection, you won't be able to listen to your music. Microsoft has said it will be hitting iOS and Android in "coming months" but for some, the lack of it now could be a deal breaker. 

Otherwise it's not a bad app to use. It's not exactly Holo, but it looks pretty nice, with a distinct flavor of Xbox to it. It's not mimicking the Windows Phone app, though, so it's more within the user experience we're familar with on Android. Grab the app for free now from the Play Store at the link above. Besides not liking tablets, it will also only be available in regions supported by Xbox Music. 

Source: Microsoft via Windows Phone Central


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Xbox Music goes head on with Spotify: web streaming now free, iOS and Android apps out today

Xbox Music goes head on with Spotify web streaming now free, iOS and Android apps out today

Xbox Music is going free over the web today, and its long-awaited iOS and Android versions are also set to launch at some point today. The move puts Xbox Music and Microsoft on a new course, positioning the service to rival major streaming music providers like Spotify and Rdio. “The Spotify model is the most disruptive thing that’s happened in the music industry in the last five years,” Xbox Music GM Jerry Johnson told Engadget in an interview this week.

With the move to free streaming on the web — something that’s been available to Windows 8 users for some time now — Johnson and Microsoft are hoping to get in on that disruption. The first six months of streaming are entirely free, and becomes more limited after that. Like Spotify, Johnson reasons that users will be drawn in for free on the web and upgrade to the Xbox Music Pass ($10/month or $100/year). Also like Spotify, the mobile apps are essentially useless without a paid subscription. It’s unclear if streaming will be free for the Xbox One version that launches this November, though we’d bet that the first 30 days are free (like with the Xbox 360 iteration). There are some new images of what it’ll look like on Xbox One in the gallery below — it’s essentially a shinier version of the one you’re used to on your current Xbox 360.

Sadly, the iOS and Android apps don’t launch with the ability to save and play tracks offline; offline playback functionality is coming “in the coming months,” we’re told. Oh, and when Windows 8.1 launches in October, the Web Playlist tool (which creates playlists based on whatever website you’re viewing) will arrive alongside the OS update for Windows 8 users. We’d leave you with a link to Tears for Fears’ timely song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” but Xbox Music doesn’t allow users to link out. Instead, there’s a YouTube embed below. Dance with us like it’s 1985!%Gallery-slideshow83433%

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Source: Xbox Music (iTunes)

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Mattrick’s exit from Microsoft reportedly due to impending executive shuffle


So what’s next for Microsoft after the sudden departure of former Xbox chief Don Mattrick to lead Zynga? The move is reportedly related to an executive restructuring that will be announced soon, directed by CEO Steve Ballmer as part of a shift in strategy towards devices and services. Bloomberg sources suggest detailed plans of at least one possible version of the future, putting current Windows leader Julie Larson-Green at the head of hardware engineering for the company. That shift would also give Windows Phone corporate VP Terry Myerson more control over the Windows OS across platforms, and Skype president Tony Bates the lead in acquisitions and developer relations.

The report claims Mattrick was a contender for the hardware post before he left, while an earlier Fast Company article tied his exit directly to not receiving an expanded role once all the new seats are filled. The Wall Street Journal has its own speculation over who may take over all things Xbox — Marc Whitten,Yusuf Mehdi and Nancy Whitten are all name dropped — but if the rumors are true we could find out who is leading this new direction for Microsoft as soon as next week.

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Source: Bloomberg, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal

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Xbox One Kinect will scan QR and game card codes


The Xbox One Kinect has been hit with huge backlash, with many gamers feeling that private life will be watched by the camera sensor and beamed up into the cloud, despite Microsoft stating this will never happen and the user can stop the Kinect from watching.

There is a few upsides to the Kinect and one is it will be able to scan QR codes and even game card codes and automatically download the game or transaction, this will be a big advantage for those who still buy game cards and have to type in long codes on the Xbox controller.

Microsoft seems to be trying to soothe out all the trouble the Xbox One has caused, recently changing all the used game and online policies, they are now just trying to promote the games on the system and show some of the big features coming.

Via: Neowin

Source: Marc Whitten’s Twitter

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LG to release Xbox One-like device that’s always listening, even while sleeping [RUMOR]

LG could be working on an always-on voice controlled Android device for a 2014 debut. Like the Xbox One, the device would be listening — even when sleeping — ready to execute a user’s commands.

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Xbox Music redesign revealed alongside new Windows 8.1 apps

Xbox Music

Microsoft is making a few last minute tweaks ahead of Windows 8.1, but the music app seems to have had the most work done to it. The new Xbox Music interface was revealed in leaked builds of Window 8.1 along with a redesigned Windows Store for app purchasing. Microsoft have put a lot of work into the music app now you can play music in just two click rather than the six that it used to take you.

Screenshots of the new Xbox Music update shows a two panel interface that appears to improve feature like discoverability of music and the ability to quickly access your music. The service originally launched in October in Windows 8 and Windows RT, you can also access songs from an Xbox 360 as well. The new update to the app seeks to improve the previously clunky and slow interface, Microsoft said the app is a “simplified design and layout” this update will improve your experience with the app.

The redesign also includes an in-app search box and support for music files on an SD card, this expanded support will attract more users to actually using the service instead of using third party apps. All the improvements will be made available in Windows 8.1, an update that Microsoft will release as a preview version on June 26th alongside its developer conference.

Source: TheVerge


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PS4 bundles go up for pre-order, still cheaper than the Xbox One console


Amazon has finally uploaded a variety of launch day bundles for the PS4, their pre-order guaranteeing delivery on the consoles release date. After selling out of its stocks of game-free Launch Day consoles, the retailer has added more bundles  that include Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Watch Dogs available to buy with the console. There are special deals along with the purchase of specific games; those who buy Battlefield or Killzone will also get $10 off a year’s subscription to Playstation Plus.

The price of the PS4 bundles are still lower that the enormous price of the Xbox One’s console; the bundles with Playstation Plus are $499.90 and the bundles with a single game are $459.90. Even the most expensive Playstation bundle mentioned is still six cents cheaper than the Xbox One alone, with the Xbox One retailing at $499.96. Amazon haven’t released any bundles for the international market but they will arrive in due time.

The added functionality and the price point put the Playstation temporarily ahead of the Xbox One unless they can pull something out of their bag of tricks to entice more users. Xbox might only have their limited amount of exclusives at launch to entice people to go out and buy the Xbox One.

Source: TechRadar

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Xbox One Gamers Will Pay $59.99 for New Games


If Microsoft planned on purposely agitating their fans as much as possible, they’d bump up the price point for each individual game that a gamer may want to purchase for his or her game collection.

Luckily, (for those that still actually want an Xbox One) Microsoft has announced that new Xbox One games will only cost $59.99, making them the same price for current new Xbox 360 games.

This means that although gaming can turn out to be an expensive hobby, at least it won’t be getting any more expensive.

Video games have slowly started to rise in price over the last two decades, and paying 60 bucks for a new game would have seen as a normal act if it weren’t for the rise in smartphone gaming. Instead, gamers are often left wondering why they might consider spending $60 on a game when they can spend $2 on a game that may end up being just as enjoyable on a mobile.

I admit that mobile gaming is not close to standard console gaming yet, but would it make sense for developers to lower the prices on their games? Who knows, they may even generate more profit from shipping a larger volume of games. (Hint: Angry Birds announced a total of 1 billion downloads in 2012, making EA’s 100 million sales on its 25 year-long NFL franchise look puny.)

source: theverge

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Xbox One SmartGlass hands-on (video)

Xbox One SmartGlass handson

SmartGlass is nothing new — it’s the second screen solution Microsoft introduced for its Xbox legions. But for the release of the Xbox One console, the company decided to update the experience and extend the functionality. Culling feedback from the many developers and gamers that have downloaded the app since its initial release, Microsoft came to some near unanimous conclusions: gamers use it as an Xbox Live controller and devs love its use of HTML and Java. So where to go from there? If you’ve been paying attention to any of the company’s E3 announcements, you’ll know that the newly updated SmartGlass app now includes support for in-game DLC purchases, gameplay assists and a DVR-like replay feature. We spent a little time sifting through the new app on the showfloor, so follow along for our initial thoughts.

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Xbox One games revealed for E3 [updates]

Ryze: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is a new game from Crytek that takes the concept of leading a medieval battlefield and puts you at the forefront of the battle. Leading the charge on the beachfront, the game showed some nifty concepts and design coming to the Xbox One console.

This game will have SkyDrive and multiplayer functionality, allowing the gamer to join games.


Killer Instinct, a very old game with an incredible fan-base, will be coming to Xbox One. Killer Instinct III, from Rare, will be built for Xbox One and bring back the fighting genre everyone loved on PC.

We just watched the developer for Killer Instinct smash a gamer and he then published the fight to share, he can also quickly edit the game and share it onto the cloud.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 18.18.15

Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games will be coming to Xbox One, even though the trailer was short, it shows a stylised cartoon-like game, similar to what Insomniac did with Spyro, with a open shooter and always changing worlds.

Minecraft will be coming to Xbox One and will be ported with better maps and new features. Shows the commitment to indie games, hopefully there will be more than just Minecraft on the Arcade platform.


Forza Motorsport 5 is back and it adds better AI and incredibly new design and texture. The game, even in single player, will play like it would in multiplayer, because the AI is so fantastic. It is an impressive new game, even if we didn’t see any real gameplay.

Quantum Break was again shown off on the Xbox One, although we have yet to see any real gameplay. It does look like a fun experience however, with the ability to stop time for a limited amount of time.


Dead Rising 3 will be coming to the Xbox One, it has a redesigned engine and better graphical fidelity. The main character, Nick, fights against thousands of zombies in an open world. The gamer can build different weapons and use any number of objects as tools to defeat the zombies.

The game has new mechanics to make sure zombies are not overwhelming in the open world, flare guns and noise can put zombies in a state of france. Cars will be in the game for faster travel around the world. Dead Rising 3 will be an Xbox One exclusive.


The Witcher 3 will be coming to Xbox One, it will be free roam and Project Red believe there is over 100 hours of gameplay for users to sink into. Optional voice commands will be added and SmartGlass will be integrated for quick storage.

This will be a next generation RPG with tactical combat, new enemies, a huge new world and an immersive story for fans of the game. It will be coming with the Xbox One launch.


Battlefield 4 was shown off at the Xbox One event with new gameplay at 60fps. The new DICE engine makes almost all the map subject to damage and destruction.

DICE has really worked hard to make all elements feel real, from the waters to the fires on the ship, everything feels like a next generation game and the gameplay has been improved.

First map pack will be on the Xbox One.


What Lies Below is a new exploration fighter and even though the trailer was only a minute long it showed the gamer with another player, possibly showing the multiplayer and puzzle aspect to the game.


343 Industries comes onto the stage with the new Halo experience for Xbox One. They have already announced Spartan Assault and the Halo TV series.

This will be a new FPS for Xbox One, we do not believe it will be Halo 5, something more like a continuation on the Halo 4 game.


Titanfall is a new game coming from Respawn Entertainment and is another exclusive to the Xbox One. The game is a new IP and feels like Halo, mixed with Red Faction, mixed with Mass Effect.

The gameplay shows this new title is an FPS shooter with new mechanics suitable for SmartGlass and Kinect. Titan’s are large combat fighters with soliders inside and are the advanced military force.


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Xbox 360 redesigned with added benefits for Gold Members


Microsoft is committed to keeping the Xbox 360 relevant and has redesigned the console to look more like the Xbox One. The new console will come with a slightly redesigned Kinect and Xbox 360 controller.

This new redesigned console is available today from Microsoft and retail partners. We believe the console will come in different packages, with multiple storage options.

More exciting is what Microsoft is offering to Gold Members, every month two games will be given out for free to members. The first month will have Assassins Creed II and Halo III.

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Microsoft will only allow one user to play Xbox One game at a time


Microsoft is treading on murky ground when it comes to used games, with many fans of the Xbox 360 saying they will not purchase the Xbox One if it charges for used game sales.

A new report may be a welcome bit of a news for Xbox fans concerned with the used game stories. The report states Microsoft will not charge for Xbox One games, but will only allow one user access to the game.

This means if the game is sold, borrowed or given away for free, the console originally running the game will have a deactivated license and the new owner will become the sole owner.

On the lending side, this will mean a user cannot play the original game while a friend does, but once the friend is finished with the game they are allowed to give it back without being charged.

The Xbox One will completely install all the game when the disc is inserted, meaning all the data is there and the disc becomes redundant afterwards.

Microsoft has implemented this one user system to make sure nobody can give the game away or sell it while still playing it, this would lead to real damages to both the publisher and Microsoft.

Source: Polygon

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Microsoft doubling down on Xbox One games with $1 billion investment


Microsoft will be developing a lot of in house content for the Xbox One and Phil Harrison, a VP for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, said they would be spending $1 billion on content.

At the event Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be getting 15 exclusive games and 8 will be new “franchises”, meaning the games will be likely to have sequels and running TV series.

This is something new Microsoft is trying to incorporate, the idea of TV shows running alongside the actual game and having possible movies about events within the world.

While it is nice to see Microsoft take a powerful emphasis on the lore of a game, like Halo, we wonder how Microsoft will distribute the content and if it will only be available on the Xbox One.

We have already heard the Xbox One will not allow indie self publishing or used game sales in the traditional sense, so it may be harder for gamers to enjoy the gaming aspect of the Xbox as they have done previously.

Source: VentureBeat

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Call of Duty: Ghosts also coming out on PS4


Activision took up a lot of time at the Xbox event yesterday, enough to make some fans believe Call of Duty was going completely Xbox. Infinity Ward decided to hit Twitter just to make sure gamers knew the new game, Ghosts, was coming to PS4.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will also be coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but there is no signal of a Wii U launch. This goes against previous concepts that Activision would include Wii U in the line up of launch consoles.

Many had mixed reviews on the Xbox event and we can see why Infinity Ward may want to clear up any rumours they were going Xbox One exclusive, although they will launch DLC content on Xbox One first.

Source: InfinityWard Twitter

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